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846. Name: Valentina , E-Mail: vzg1970@hotmail.com , City: Seville, Spain

Comments: I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have been doing for us for a long time. You are a true reference for all of us. I wish you the best for the present and the future. Take care of yourself. With love.

- Tue Jan 31 08:21:13 2023 (GMT)

845. Name: Katrina , City: Birmingham UK

Comments: Your work is very much appreciated over here in the UK, keep safe and well :)
- Mon Jan 23 19:58:40 2023 (GMT)

844. Name: Bill , E-Mail: rssajs@gmail.com , City: Austin

Comments: Cool!
- Thu Dec 29 12:31:36 2022 (GMT)

843. Name: Neema , E-Mail: dirgeouscrumb@gmail.com , City: Guildford

Comments: Thank you for your work
- Fri Dec 2 00:09:22 2022 (GMT)

842. Name: Ivy PM

Comments: much love to everyone of every gender, sexuality, race, religion, ideology, etc.
- Fri Nov 25 14:52:28 2022 (GMT)

841. Name: Grisi , E-Mail: grisilloret@gmail.com , City: Barcelona

Comments: Hi Lena, I hope you're fine and safe. You help me so much. Thanks for your work <3
- Sat Oct 15 18:53:49 2022 (GMT)

840. Name: Shuie Iseli , City: Cincinnati

Comments: Hello all beautiful lovelies~*

so wonderful to learn about an elder, and on a web1.0 page
- Tue Oct 11 01:54:46 2022 (GMT)

839. Name: Sophie , City: Cologne

Comments: Thank you, Lena! You are doing an impressive work for the (online) trans community! Thank you so much, stay the inspiring person you are.

I hope that you, your friends and family are safe.
Sadly, I cannot do much, but try to help however I can. Our thoughts are with you we all deeply hope for peace, safety and liberty as soon as possible. We all are one european family, and it hurts to see this happening.

Warm hugs, stay safe and all the best
- Sat Sep 3 12:34:31 2022 (GMT)

838. Name: Claire

Comments: hi Lena, hope you're safe and doing well <3
- Wed Jul 27 13:35:23 2022 (GMT)

837. Name: Valerij , E-Mail: valerygorobec1963@gmail.com , City: Nikolaev

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Elena. Hochu nachat' priem gormonov MtF. S chego nachat'?
Lena: Nachat' s podpiski na konferenciju TGrus.
- Tue Jul 19 08:38:20 2022 (GMT)

836. Name: Eleanor Sophia Johannson , E-Mail: maranatha1979@hotmail.com , City: Winnipeg

Comments: Thank you for believing in our right to exist and congratulations on finding love!
- Tue Jul 5 07:30:38 2022 (GMT)

835. Name: Dina , E-Mail: Vitruvii09@gmail.com , City: New York

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena ! Mne vas porekomendovala Mishel' s Almaty , ja sejchas nachala prinimat' gormony dlja feminizacii . Hotelos' by poluchit' pobol'she informacii
Lena: Po-anglijski v konferencii MTFHRT, po-russki v konferencii TGrus.
- Thu Jun 16 20:18:02 2022 (GMT)

834. Name: Ry

Comments: Thank you for everything legitimately have saved many lives. I hope you are doing well with the state of the world right now, please be safe and continue helping.
- Tue May 17 14:21:02 2022 (GMT)

833. Name: yub

Comments: thank you for all you do 💙💜🤍💜💙 hope you're staying safe
- Tue May 17 09:13:37 2022 (GMT)

832. Name: Laura , E-Mail: utoyuki@protonmail.com

Comments: Hi Lena, hope you're safe and well in these scary times.
- Wed May 11 12:53:21 2022 (GMT)

831. Name: Leon Ebanks , E-Mail: superdoopernerd63@gmail.com , City: ROCKLEDGE ,
Home Page URL: http://lubdan.tumblr.com/

Comments: I hope all of my trans brothers and sisters in Ukraine are safe and well. I do not have the funds in order to give more than well wishes but I hope you can make it out of this happy and safe.
- Sat Apr 30 02:27:34 2022 (GMT)

830. Name: Cynthia , E-Mail: cfaulkner028@gmail.com , City: Adelaide, Australia

Comments: Hello Lena, I am typing this from Australia. I just want to show my appreciation for what you do in providing hormones for those who cannot otherwise get them. Reading through your story has also been quite illuminating. I hope you are safe from the current conflict in Ukraine.
- Sat Apr 23 12:49:20 2022 (GMT)

829. Name: Diana , E-Mail: powneyde@gmail.com , City: St kilda

Comments: Lena
I hope that you are safe and well in this time of uncertainty. Sending my Love
- Sat Apr 23 11:27:07 2022 (GMT)

828. Name: Allie , City: Scotland ,
Home Page URL: http://alliee.xyz

Comments: hey lena! hope youre doing well right now, and youre safe.
- Thu Mar 24 21:43:51 2022 (GMT)

827. Name: Ylva , City: Sweden

Comments: Hope you are well!
- Wed Mar 23 09:09:11 2022 (GMT)

826. Name: Viola

Comments: Hi Lena,

Just wanted to thank you for your massive contribution to the community. You have helped so many people :) I hope you're safe <3
- Tue Mar 22 22:59:21 2022 (GMT)

825. Name: Nyx , City: Iceland

Comments: Hi Lena! I hope you are well, please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help! I send you a big hug! It's incredible the work you do, you have helped me a lot, thank you so much!!!
- Tue Mar 22 13:35:06 2022 (GMT)

824. Name: Cristy Antonescu , E-Mail: wofjewelry@gmail.com , City: Brasov, Romania

Comments: Hello Lena!

Hope you are safe with your family. I know things may look tough, but everything will be just fine! :)

I also want to thank you for everything and stay safe!
- Sun Mar 20 18:49:55 2022 (GMT)

823. Name: Alisa Eglite , E-Mail: alisa.lockwood1@gmail.com , City: Doncaster, UK

Comments: Hi Lena,

I just wanted to say that you're an inspiration to me and so many more transgirls. I hope you and your family is safe. Thank you for your work! Best wishes to You! 💚🙏🏻
- Sat Mar 19 10:47:17 2022 (GMT)

822. Name: Chloë , City: Netherlands

Comments: Dear Lena,

I hope you are in a safe place and doing well. You are a true hero and inspiration for many of us out there, giving hope to those in need.

Please know that many EU countries are openly accepting refugees from Ukraine. You are very welcome here!

Kind regards,
- Thu Mar 10 13:39:48 2022 (GMT)

821. Name: Charlotte Thomas , E-Mail: contact@nwa2coco.fr , City: Bordeaux, France ,
Home Page URL: https://agh.nwa2coco.fr

Comments: Hey, thank you for all you've done for the community for years now, hope you're alright and you're safe.
- Wed Mar 9 17:32:11 2022 (GMT)

820. Name: dawn

Comments: so much love and appreciation for you and your work, sending love and hope for things to settle and hope you are doing okay in the midst of the chaos 祝你平安无事
- Fri Mar 4 15:15:02 2022 (GMT)

819. Name: August , City: Canada

Comments: My love to you and yours. Thank you for everything you do for so many people around the world.
- Thu Mar 3 03:21:25 2022 (GMT)

818. Name: Emily , City: Belfast

Comments: We love you, hope you're safe
- Tue Mar 1 10:31:50 2022 (GMT)

817. Name: Amanda , City: Sweden

Comments: I hope you and yours are safe and will continue to be so, and for a swift end to the war.
- Tue Mar 1 06:24:14 2022 (GMT)

816. Name: Xana , E-Mail: xanasburneremail@gmail.com

Comments: Hi Lena, I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe with everything going on. You've been an unspeakably tremendous help to the trans community worldwide and we're all looking forward to seeing you return to some level of normalcy in the near future amidst the invasion. <3
- Mon Feb 28 07:48:06 2022 (GMT)

815. Name: Jade Estelle , E-Mail: j@montesano.dev , City: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Comments: Lena, I hope you are safe and in good health through all of this. In many ways, you've saved my life and many other girls'. You have all of our love. We wish you the best.
- Mon Feb 28 01:30:04 2022 (GMT)

814. Name: Mel , City: Baltimore

Comments: Sending you my love, Lena. You've helped so many people. Thank you so much, and I hope you are safe <3
- Sun Feb 27 00:45:16 2022 (GMT)

813. Name: Taylor , E-Mail: taylorchumis@gmail.com

Comments: Sending you all the support I can Lena, I hope the best for you and your loved ones. If you need any help please email me back, you have done more than enough for me<3
- Sat Feb 26 23:52:08 2022 (GMT)

812. Name: L , City: UK

Comments: I hope you and your loved ones are as safe and well as you can be in these times. <3
- Sat Feb 26 22:19:00 2022 (GMT)

811. Name: iwi , City: Copenhagen

Comments: Please stay safe. I am thinking of you.
- Sat Feb 26 18:25:25 2022 (GMT)

810. Name: Kiera

Comments: Hope you are ok, stay safe in all this
- Sat Feb 26 18:11:03 2022 (GMT)

809. Name: reece , City: ohio, USA

Comments: Lena,
I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. You, your loved ones, and many others are at the forefront of my mind. You are an incredible, inspiring woman. You have helped so many. Please, if you need help let us know. We will do what we can to help you.

with love
- Sat Feb 26 18:09:15 2022 (GMT)

808. Name: Vania , City: Warsaw ,
Home Page URL: http://www.ua.gov.pl/

Comments: Dear Lena,
I hope you and your family is safe and in good health. It's extremely saddening to hear all the horrible news about Ukraine and I hope this war will stop as soon as possible. If you plan to evacuate, Poland and Polish queer community will welcome you with open arms. If you need any information in this case, it's in link above. Please stay safe.
- Sat Feb 26 15:17:21 2022 (GMT)

807. Name: Jordan , E-Mail: Bantuboy@protonmail.com , City: Richmond

Comments: Hello Lena, I hope you are staying safe, I am deeply saddened by the recent news, there's not much I have but if there's anything I can do, or bring attention to, you can always write me.

God be with you,

- Sat Feb 26 02:38:09 2022 (GMT)

806. Name: Vikki , City: Moskva

Comments: Dorogaja Lena.. Derzhis'. Ochen' grustno chto nash nemoschnyj ded na verhushke reshil radi svoego chuvstva velichija razrushit' obe nashih strany. U nas budut problemy s lekarstvami v aptekah, ja ne znaju chto budet dal'she.. Dumaju, nikto ne znaet. Nadejus' chto u tebja vsjo budet horosho.
- Fri Feb 25 20:26:04 2022 (GMT)

805. Name: Hilde , E-Mail: hildek@protonmail.com , City: Netherlands

Comments: Hi Lena. I'm very sorry to hear about what is happening to your country. I hope you and the ones dear to you are safe. You've helped countless trans people around the world, including me and my friends. You are truly a hero and a lifesaver <3 I hope peace returns to Ukraine quickly.
- Fri Feb 25 19:10:53 2022 (GMT)

804. Name: Kate , City: UK

Comments: I hope this message finds you safe and well. You and all your people are in my and all of our thoughts.

I truly hope things work out for you soon and you stay safe.

Take care!
- Fri Feb 25 08:40:10 2022 (GMT)

803. Name: Ariel , City: New York

Comments: Hello Lena, I hope that you are safe and are well. Your story and spirit is one perseverance and inspiration for Trans people worldwide. You have personally helped my friends and other countless strangers around the world. Be safe in these dangerous times.
- Thu Feb 24 22:20:38 2022 (GMT)

802. Name: saya , City: new york

Comments: Thank you for being here and providing help to so many of us sisters. Your presence is a blessing to us all. Sending love. Wishing you the best; stay safe.
- Thu Feb 24 20:51:20 2022 (GMT)

801. Name: Jessica , City: Philadelphia, USA

Comments: I'm writing this on the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I hope you are safe Lena, we love you!
- Thu Feb 24 17:30:43 2022 (GMT)

800. Name: Leone , City: Tiohtia;ke

Comments: I had a huge smile on my face reading your story. I hope that you have nothing but happiness for the rest of your life. ❤
- Thu Feb 24 10:33:43 2022 (GMT)

799. Name: Aria , City: Berlin

Comments: It pained me to hear of the invasion in Ukraine today. I thought of you immediately. Without your help my transition these past few years would have been impossible. You are so important to so many trans people throughout Europe. We have never met, but I am sending you all my love. I hope you get through this.
- Thu Feb 24 09:37:10 2022 (GMT)

798. Name: Zara Hopps , E-Mail: ZaraHopps76@gmail.com

Comments: I wish you only the best
- Tue Feb 8 02:03:23 2022 (GMT)

797. Name: Ash , City: New York

Comments: Lena, thank you for everything that you do. You are an angel.
- Sun Jan 30 06:24:27 2022 (GMT)

796. Name: vik

Comments: you are an angel who has helped so many people navigate this world. you should be canonized as a Saint :-) thank u Lena !
- Sun Jan 23 20:31:58 2022 (GMT)

795. Name: mikhail sokolov , City: Chicago

Comments: Love you and your work Lena. You are a heroine among us. I'm not even trans but I support the trans community all the same! Love from a cissy
- Sun Jan 16 05:03:06 2022 (GMT)

794. Name: Jana Marie

Comments: You are a wonderful person, thank you for your work! :3
- Thu Dec 16 18:34:16 2021 (GMT)

793. Name: Valja , E-Mail: paladi1965@gmail.com , City: Hmelnickii

Comments: Ne znaju,chto pisat' v komentarii.No skazhu,chto Lena,vy molodec.Vy sdelali sebja polnost'ju.JA Vas uvazhaju!!!
- Sun Dec 12 09:02:18 2021 (GMT)

792. Name: Paladij , E-Mail: paladi1965@gmail.com , City: Hmelnickii

Comments: Da,mne 56 let.Libo mne budet zhit' dlja soboj,znachit mne zanimat'sja gormonov ili dumat' tol'ko o tom,chto mne uzhe uhodit' na drugoj mir.Mne hochu byt' pervyj.Kak eto budet,ne znaju,no nado dumat'.
- Thu Dec 9 05:14:08 2021 (GMT)

791. Name: Cathy

Comments: For many people around the world, you are a ray of sunshine, piercing through the clouds, giving hope in dark places.

Cathy <3
- Wed Dec 8 23:36:37 2021 (GMT)

790. Name: Ella Freya Ystr&#248;m , City: Copenhagen, Denmark

Comments: Dear Lena,

I have been very moved by reading your homepage and seeing your story. Thank you for sharing your life in this way. You are a pure heroine.

xx Ella
- Thu Nov 11 15:07:02 2021 (GMT)

789. Name: Paloma X. Guzman , E-Mail: guzmanpaloma21@gmail.com , City: Portland, OR

Comments: Thanks for your work in research of MtF HRT.
- Sat Oct 23 20:14:01 2021 (GMT)

788. Name: Sofija , E-Mail: cassidybychance@gmail.com , City: Dartmouth, NS, Canada ,
Home Page URL: https://linktr.ee/hiraethica

Comments: Do you ship to Canada?
Lena: Yes. Details via email.
- Tue Oct 19 02:13:09 2021 (GMT)

787. Name: Madison , City: Kansas City, MO

Comments: Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do for the community.
- Fri Oct 15 16:43:29 2021 (GMT)

786. Name: Olena , City: Strij

Comments: Djakuju.
- Tue Aug 17 19:56:10 2021 (GMT)

785. Name: Victoria

Comments: You were ahead of your time, Lena. Your actions have saved thousands of lives, and are directly responsible for other trans people in the past few years beginning compounding and providing easier access to HRT for us all.

Thank You.
- Wed Aug 4 21:29:58 2021 (GMT)

784. Name: Willow , E-Mail: wciesialka@gmail.com , City: Indianapolis

Comments: Thank you for everything you do.
- Sat Jul 31 06:13:42 2021 (GMT)

783. Name: Hava , City: London, England

Comments: Dear Lena, you've done so much for so many girls across the world and we are so grateful! So much love and sisterhood xx
- Wed Jul 14 23:33:32 2021 (GMT)

782. Name: Gabrielle , City: Tucson, Arizona USA

Comments: Thank you for providing this resource for us. I've found your page to be very encouraging and helpful. Even in the supposed modern USA it is difficult for many of us, and your page gives us hope.
- Wed Jun 30 05:53:49 2021 (GMT)

781. Name: Audrey Mbugua , E-Mail: audreymbugua@gmail.com , City: Nairobi, Kenya ,
Home Page URL: http://transgender.or.ke

Comments: Thank you for the hormone formulations. You are our Einstein. An inspiration to many across the world.
- Sun Jun 6 20:06:03 2021 (GMT)

780. Name: Emma , E-Mail: solenyaa@gmail.com , City: Chicago

Comments: Menja zovut Emma, ja amerikanka s russkimi kornjami (tak chto proshu proschenija za ljubye oshibki!). Moja devushka "Konifer" kupila u vas estradiol - tak chto ja ochen' blagodarna vam za vash sajt! Spasibo!
- Thu Feb 18 20:21:39 2021 (GMT)

779. Name: Kelisha Ashlan Meriway , City: Clearwater

Comments: Lena, you're absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for all you do for all of us and for helping get the girl in me to shine! May your life be filled with blessings!
Thank you so very much!
- Thu Jan 14 22:49:46 2021 (GMT)

778. Name: Emily

Comments: Thank you for sharing your photos
I'm about to start HRT a bit younger than you started and similar genetic background, so it makes me feel better to see how pretty you turned out
- Tue Dec 8 22:34:16 2020 (GMT)

777. Name: Taylor Chumis

Comments: Lena is a hero!
- Tue Nov 10 15:13:31 2020 (GMT)

776. Name: kitty , City: chicago

Comments: thank you
- Thu Oct 1 04:44:13 2020 (GMT)

775. Name: Alyssa (Aly) , E-Mail: alyssamtf@protonmail.com , City: South Bend , Indiana USA

Comments: Lena,

Thank you so much for giving me hope that I might finally be the woman I was meant to be.

- Mon Sep 21 18:01:10 2020 (GMT)

774. Name: Monica H. , E-Mail: civilizedScholar@icloud.com ,
Home Page URL: http://twitter.com/mollyphant

Comments: You're the Mother Teresa of transgender women. We love you from the bottom of our hearts.
- Mon Sep 7 00:17:42 2020 (GMT)

773. Name: Emma Watts , E-Mail: emmadragon1990@hotmail.com

Comments: You're amazing. Thank you for all your work and sharing!!!
- Fri Aug 21 16:37:39 2020 (GMT)

772. Name: Dion Hughes , E-Mail: dionhughes@hotmail.com , City: UK ,
Home Page URL: https://www.instagram.com/babygothix

Comments: Life saver.
I cannot begin to thank this woman enough, super informative and kind! so much love for Lena x.
- Wed Aug 5 23:09:05 2020 (GMT)

771. Name: Juliya , E-Mail: mistressjua@gmail.com

Comments: Lenochko,u vas foto sche dvadcjatirichnoi davnini.Za cej chas ljudi duzhe zminjujut'sja.Hotilosja b bachiti vashi peretvorennja za ci roki!Nu sche b hotilosja znati pro zmini vashih pogljadiv..
Lena: Po etim fotografijam menja uznajut i sejchas. U menja horoshaja gormonoterapija. :)
- Fri Jul 31 20:59:10 2020 (GMT)

770. Name: Marie Robbins , E-Mail: marie@lithiumfilms.com , City: Monroe ,
Home Page URL: marierobbins.com

Comments: Hi Lena, I am also on Facebook as Marie Robbins.
- Wed Jun 3 21:26:01 2020 (GMT)

769. Name: Jenna Lynn , E-Mail: Jenna_lynn@yahoo.com , City: Abilene, Texas, USA

Comments: I have found your knowledge in the MTF transition most interesting. Thank you for sharing.
- Sat May 9 07:15:18 2020 (GMT)

768. Name: Antonia Tingle , E-Mail: toni@memoirsbooks.co.uk , City: Cirencester

Comments: Thank you for your good advice - you are an amazing woman and I think you are probably under appreciated. A fantastic resource for all transgender women
- Sat Apr 11 14:51:29 2020 (GMT)

767. Name: Ollie , E-Mail: Nmnesv@gmail.com , City: Tokyo

Comments: Lovely page. Kind of extremely inspirational.
- Sat Apr 11 14:38:20 2020 (GMT)

766. Name: Garriet, 21y/o , E-Mail: garrietelenes@gmail.com , City: Culiacan Sinaloa, Mexico

Comments: I found your EV page on google and emailed you some hours ago.. Now I found your main page and it is beautiful, you inspire me a lot, very nice page. You also inspire me to build my own page someday.. I'll definetly buy my hrt from you (when I move city, soon c:) Take care
- Sun Mar 29 18:44:38 2020 (GMT)

765. Name: lucy

Comments: hi, good luck to everyone out there ^-^
- Sun Feb 23 10:01:43 2020 (GMT)

764. Name: Page , E-Mail: poorest.p@gmail.com , City: Allentown

Comments: howdy!
- Tue Feb 18 06:48:29 2020 (GMT)

763. Name: Mia Lyra , E-Mail: dpacain@gmail.com , City: Salzburg

Comments: Found this thanks to another friend. I live in Austria and came out as trans on the 3rd of January 2019. It is heartwarming to read through the thoughts of one my senior to such a degree. Thank you!
- Sat Dec 21 19:41:25 2019 (GMT)

762. Name: lg.ua

Comments: Lena, prostite za strannyj vopros, no Vy nichego ne slyshali o tom, kak sejchas zhivetsja transgenderam na Donbasse? Nikakoj informacii ob etom v Internete ne nashlos'.
Lena: JA znaju tol'ko bezhencev s okkupirovannoj territorii.
- Wed Nov 13 09:01:21 2019 (GMT)

761. Name: Brandii Luv , E-Mail: brandiiluv2@yahoo.com , City: Edmonton, Alberta

Comments: Wonderful that trans women can share experiences and information worldwide in the Internet age.
- Tue Nov 12 20:41:51 2019 (GMT)

760. Name: Ari , City: Europe

Comments: You are an inspiration...
- Tue Jul 2 10:29:17 2019 (GMT)

759. Name: E. Lebedeva

Comments: I wish I could take pride in my identity.
Thank you for everything.
- Mon Jun 10 20:19:00 2019 (GMT)

758. Name: Vadim , E-Mail: fansimen.vvk@mail.ru , City: Bolgarija selo Musina

Comments: Vasha istorija ochen' interesna ,po vozrastu my pochti blizki, kak i po mirovozzreniju , na nastojaschem etape ja bol'she pozicioniruju sebja kak krossdreser , sem'ja prinjala moi prichudy,doch' , syn , zhena , teschja,svobodno odevajus' v zhenskuju odezhdu ,nikto ne protiv , vsem nravit'sja,o smene pola tol'ko mechtat' ,hochu izbavit'sja ot volos, kak dumaete lazernaja metodika pomozhet,?Hochu priobresti lazernyj depiljator ,i sledujuschij etap protezirovanie grudi ,zdes' v Bolgarii horoshij centr plasticheskoj hirurgii ,Spasibo za ponimanie , S uvazheniem Vadim .
Lena: Lazer udaljaet volosy nadol'she, chem vydergivanie, no ne navsegda. V moem kommentarii k zapisi nomer 570 v etoj gostevoj knige ja opisala, kak udalit' volosy navsegda. Po-russki - v konferencii TGrus.
- Sat Jun 1 17:46:15 2019 (GMT)

757. Name: Aarica Aalexis Aandersen , E-Mail: aaricaloves@gmail.com , City: Manila, Philippines

Comments: I am a newly(3 years HRT) OUT & PROUD, 65 years of age, M2F Transgender American expat living near Manila, Philippines. I took refuge from the Hateful Trump's Amerika!

Salamat, ignat po lagi
- Wed May 1 01:07:15 2019 (GMT)

756. Name: Katja

Comments: Est' voprosy, kak mozhno svjazat'sja s vami dlja konsul'tacii. Nadejus' vy otkliknites'. Zaranee blagodarna.
Lena: Napishite na email. Podrobno.
- Thu Mar 28 04:53:47 2019 (GMT)

755. Name: Sergej , E-Mail: Serg.ustinov@inbox.ru

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena. CHital vashi soobschenija po povodu finasterid soderzhaschih preparatah na forume po bor'be s oblyseniem, ponjal chto vy izuchali voprosy s ih upotrebleniem, poetomu hotel poprosit' vas pojasnit'. Tak li effektiven finasterid v dozirovke ot 0,05 - 0,2 mg kak i 5 mg?
Lena: Da.
Budut li pobochnye effekty ot mizernyh doz pomen'she, chem ot 5 mg?
Da, hotja oni i ot 5 mg/den' byvajut redko.
Nuzhno li upotrebljat' fin 2 raza v sutki, chtoby uderzhivat' dgt na dostatochno nizkom urovne, chtoby on ne vredil volosam?
Net, odnogo raza v suti dostatochno.
Pochemu finasterid pomogaet ne vsem? kazalos' by uroven' dgt snizhaetsja, volosy vyhodjat iz ocepenenija i dolzhny rasti.
Te follikuly, kotorye sovsem pomerli, uzhe ne voskresnut. No vyjasnit' eto mozhno tol'ko eksperimental'no. Vprochem, eto netrudno i nedorogo.
Ponimaju, voprosov mnogo, no krome dumaju krome vas polnuju i jasnuju kartinu nikto ne obrisuet.
- Mon Mar 18 08:17:25 2019 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie razgovora:

A k finasteridu so vremenem ne voznikaet privykanie, esli upotrebljat' ego godami?
Net. Prinimat' vsju zhizn'.
I nuzhno li so vremenem povyshat' dozirovku?
Ne nuzhno.
- Mon Mar 18 14:55:52 2019 (GMT)

754. Name: Marija , E-Mail: belousova05@i.ua , City: Kiev

Comments: Uvazhaemye ljudi ,reshivshie smenit' pol,pishet vam obychnaja devushka,vy ne predstvljaete,kak tjazhelo byt' zhenschinoj,eto ne tol'ko odet' plat'e i nakrasitsja.V zhizni zhenschin est' ochen' mnogo neprostyh momentov,,naprimer,vy znaete ,chto 75% obychnyh zhenschin ne ispytyvajut orgazm pri polovom akte,boli pri menstruacijah ,chastye golovnye boli prisuschi tol'ko zhenschinam ,slabaja fizicheskaja sila,postojannoe udalenie volos na vseh uchastkah tela i t.d.Ah ,kak zhe vy ne ponimaete svoego schast'ja roditsja v muzhskom tele.Vsem dobra!
Lena: No vot Vy zhe ne sobiraetes' smenit' pol iz-za etih neudobstv, tak?

Transseksualy menjajut pol svoego tela ne potomu, chto im kazhetsja, chto tak budet zhit' prosche.
- Sat Mar 16 22:45:07 2019 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie razgovora:

Da vy pravy Lena, pol menjat' ja ne sobirajus',no v tele zhenschiny bol'she ne hotela by rozhdat'sja ,eto ochen' slozhno eju byt' (eto esli verit' v buddijskuju ideologiju po pereseleniju dush)procentov na 70 ja chuvstvuju sebja muzhchinoj,hotja imeju ochen' zhenstvennyj vid,no vse taki v techenii vsej zhizni 34 goda ,ja pytajus' eju stat' vnutrenne eto ne tak prosto,kogda ni kosmetika,ni jubki ,ni gotovka ne interesujut,no vse taki budu starat'sja sootvetstvovat' telu.Vy ochen' interesnaja ,nastojaschaja i vashe pogranichnoe sostojanie mne ochen' znakomo tol'ko s drugoj storony 😉
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Comments: What a fabulous lady you are Lena 💐
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751. Name: Vladimir , City: SCHelkovo MO

Comments: Zdravstvujte Elena ja zhenschina v muzhskom tele uzhe mnogo let na gormonah a effekta takogo vse net vdannyj moment p'ju regulon po 2tab. i verki 200 podskazhite mozhet chto to pominjat' ili dabavit' grud' nebol'shaja a vot popa nameste budu rada vashej konsul'tacii zarane blagodarna
- Thu Dec 27 12:22:08 2018 (GMT)

750. Name: Sasha , City: CHerkassy

Comments: Dobryj den', Lena, mozhno li s vami pogovorit' po vajberu? 063-***-**-**
Lena: Net, u menja net vajbera i t.p. Pishite na email.
- Thu Sep 6 14:29:51 2018 (GMT)

749. Name: Che Su , E-Mail: Chesu53@hotmail.con , City: West Palm Beach, FL

Comments: Do you sell EV IM online?
Lena: Yes. Details via email.
- Sat Aug 4 14:11:11 2018 (GMT)

748. Name: Anzhela , City: Har'kov

Comments: Lena,vy otlichno vygljadite kak zhenschina.Mozhet i mne povezet.
Mne 57let,ponimaju chto pozdnovato.No mozhet poluchit'sja stat'
- Sat Aug 4 14:04:13 2018 (GMT)

747. Name: Alina , E-Mail: Alina_a77@mail.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Lena, zdravstvujte!
Vozmozhno vy menja ne pomnite, mnogo ljudej vas okruzhajut, lumaju slozhno upomnit' vseh. Mnogo let nazad vy ochen' pomogli mne v moem perehode MtF, uzhe 14 let zhivu v garmonii s soboj i telom. Put' konechno ne prostoj byl, no s vashej pomosch'ju bylo prosche i legche plyt' v puchine neponimanija i slozhnostej. No teper', k schast'ju vse pozadi. Problemy konechno ostalis', dazhe i ne znaju, bol'shie ili malye, no est'. Prijatno, chto forum zhiv i vy vse tak zhe pomogaete i vedete novichkov po etoj izvilistoj doroge.
Spasibo vam ogromnoe!
- Sun May 13 18:12:54 2018 (GMT)

746. Name: yuliya , E-Mail: fundi2@mail.ru , City: Amsterdam

Comments: Lena!Uvidela Vashu stranicu i reshila Vam napisat'.Lena,ja transseksual,zhivu v Niderlandah.Hotelos' by perepisyvat'sja s vami i bol'she uznat' o Vas
- Tue Dec 19 09:37:53 2017 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie perepiski:

Lena!Bolhe 10 let ne prinimayu gormony.Ya po idee dolzyna uzhe umeret?
Lena: Otsutstvie gormonov uskorjaet starenie.
- Tue Dec 19 11:14:57 2017 (GMT)

745. Name: izabella , E-Mail: transizabella_1980@i.ua , City: Krivoj rog

Comments: privet Lena ja ts nachala prinimat' femoston 2/10 podskazhite vashe mnenie ob etom gormonal'nom preparate mnogie ego hvaljat
Lena: Ni Femoston, ni ljubye drugie gormonal'nye preparaty i hirurgicheskie operacii ne izbavjat vas ot usov i borody. Seraja ten' ot sbrityh usov i borody vidna bol'shinstvu okruzhajuschih (u kogo zrenie stoprocentnoe) cherez ljubuju kosmetiku so storony na solnechnom svete gorazdo luchshe, chem samoj sebe v zerkale v pomeschenii. Iz-za etoj teni okruzhajuschie budut vas vosprinimat' ne zhenschinoj, a muzhikom v jubke. Izbavit'sja ot etoj seroj teni navsegda vozmozhno tol'ko elektroepiljaciej, t.k. vopreki lzhivoj reklame vse ostal'nye metody udaljajut volosy tol'ko vremenno. Elektroepiljacija - eto libo para desjatkov tysjach dollarov i neskol'ko soten chasov v techenii goda-dvuh terpet' zhutkuju bol', libo elektroepiljaciju mozhno sdelat' samoj sebe besplatno, no pridetsja prilozhit' neskol'ko soten (pod tysjachu) chasov nudnogo kropotlivogo truda (u sebja doma sidja pered zerkalom) v techenii teh zhe goda-dvuh. I sdelat' eto pridetsja sejchas, do smeny dokumentov. Drugogo vyhoda, k sozhaleniju, net. Instrukcii po elektroepiljacii samoj sebe - v konferencii transseksualov, kotoruju ja vedu. Tam zhe informacija o vsjom ostal'nom svjazannom so smenoj pola, v tom chisle o smene dokumentov. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju - na glavnoj stranichke etogo moego sajta.

Kstati, ukazannogo vami pochtovogo jaschika transizabella_1980@i.ua ne suschestvuet (ja pytalas' vam napisat').
- Fri Jun 23 23:02:32 2017 (GMT)

744. Name: Aljona , E-Mail: alenazabavina76@mail.ru , City: Ekaterinburg

Comments: Zdravstvujte.Menja Aljona zovut ja pre op,skazhite kak samoj nachat' elektroepiljaciju
Lena: Instrukcii po elektroepiljacii - v konferencii transseksualov TGrus. JA otpravila vam na email priglashenie v konferenciju.
- Tue Jun 20 23:36:32 2017 (GMT)

743. Name: keri , E-Mail: musya.makarova@mail.ru , City: Zaporozhzh'e

Comments: vozmozhno kak to sdelat' operaciju esli deneg net ili prosto uzhe chtob ne muchat'sja v muzhskom tele kotoroe tebja gnetjot ubit' sebja
Lena: JA napisala na email.
- Mon Apr 3 10:41:58 2017 (GMT)

742. Name: Svetlana , E-Mail: svetlana_200680@mail.ru , City: Zelenodol'sk

Comments: Zdravstvujte Elena.
Izvinite za bespokojstvo.
Menja zovut Svetlana ja mtf ,god na zgt ,25 chasov elektroepiljacii .
ZHivu v RT g.Zelenodol'sk ,so specialistami po TS teme unas problemy ,poetomu hotela posovetovat'sja s Vami po povodu zgt.
I podskazhite pozhalujsta est' li raznica v kakoj pochtovoj sluzhbe otkryt pochtovyj jaschik dlja vstuplenija v "TGrus"
Lena: Raznica nesuschestvennaja. Kakim pochtovym jaschikom uzhe pol'zuetes', takoj i goditsja. V chastnosti, mail.ru goditsja.

O gormonoterapii - posle podpiski na konferenciju TGrus.
- Mon Nov 7 07:44:02 2016 (GMT)

741. Name: Frida Haslund , E-Mail: emhaslu@gmail.com , City: Oslo

Comments: Than you for all your information, I am in the process of learning female voice, I have had trancheal shave and find it a little bit difficult to find where it goes up and back.
I will also try to connect to the yahoo group about hrt because I totally agree about the knowledge level of most doctors.
Thank you for making this site available
Best regards
- Fri Oct 28 22:14:11 2016 (GMT)

740. Name: Milena , E-Mail: milena.artemova.76@mail.ru , City: Kiev

Comments: Lena, ja transgendernaja zhenschina. Uzhe god prinimaju zhenskie gormonal'nye. Sejchas prinimaju Diane i androkur. Po 3 Diane i 25 mn androkur ezhednevno. JAichki atrofirovano i chasto boljat. CHto vy mozhete posovetovat'? Ostavit' eti preparaty ili perejti na drugie?
Lena: Davajte vstretimsja i pogovorim. JA napisana na email.
- Thu Oct 6 17:05:41 2016 (GMT)

739. Name: Sergej , City: Samara

Comments: Privet! Ran'she neskol'ko let nazad my perepisyvalis'. Mojo imja togda bylo JUlija Zelinskaja. 14.03.2014 goda edinstvennyj synochek Ljonechka otoshjol ko Gospodu. Kruto perevernulas' moja zhizn' s momenta tragedii. Segodnja hochu vernut' prezhnee imja. Kuda by ne obraschalsja vezde otkazyvajut v vozvrate dokov na geneticheskoe imja. Pasport segodnja na imja JUlja. Zamknutyj krug v kotorom b'jus' i vyhoda net. Vrachi ob'jasnjajut, chto my ne mozhem svidetel'stvovat' protiv sebja samih. Eto i javljaetsja osnovnoj prichinoj otkaza. Hotja est' juristy v zagse, kotorye real'no mogut pomoch', gl tol'ko posle spravki ot medikov. Proigran sud v aprele 2015 goda. CHto delat'? Posovetuj.
Lena: JA znaju pro neskol'ko sluchaev (v SSHA) MtFtMtF (peredumali iz-za religii, vernulis' nazad, a pozzhe snova). V Rossii znaju pro odin sluchaj zhelavshej smenit' dokumenty obratno, no tak i ne smenivshej i pozzhe peredumavshej menjat'.
- Fri Aug 26 19:11:50 2016 (GMT)

738. Name: yyy

Comments: A esli smenit' pol za rubezhom,k primeru v Tailande,to kak poluchit' spravku dlja smeny pasporta? Otvet'te pozhalujsta.
Lena: JA znaju kak. No v operaciju smeny pola ne vhodit udalenie usov i borody. Seraja ten' ot sbrityh usov i borody vidna so storony na solnechnom svete cherez ljubuju kosmetiku gorazdo luchshe, chem samoj sebe v zerkale v pomeschenii. Iz-za etoj teni bol'shinstvo okruzhajuschih (u kogo zrenie stoprocentnoe) budut vosprinimat' muzhikom v jubke nesmotrja na operacii i dokumenty. Dlja kogo besplatnyj cirk, a dlja kogo bokserskaja grusha, na kotoroj sam bog velel kulaki chesat'. Rodstvenniki, sotrudniki, nachal'niki takogo cirka ne ljubjat. Vyletite s raboty i iz doma i okazhetes' v tupike. JA ne hochu takoj sud'by ljudjam, a takzhe ja ne hochu, chtoby menja associirovali s takim cirkom. Poetomu kak poluchit' spravku (a takzhe po gormonoterapii) ja rasskazhu tol'ko kogda vy nachnete elektroepiljaciju samoj sebe. Samoj sebe - potomu chto v kosmeticheskih salonah na nee ushla by para desjatkov tysjach dollarov. Elektroepiljaciju, potomu chto lazer, fotoepiljacija i t.p. vopreki lzhivoj reklame udaljajut volosy ne navsegda. Instrukcija po elektroepiljacii samoj sebe (a takzhe o spravkah i dr.) - v email-konferencii transseksualov, kotoruju ja vedu. CHtoby podpisat'sja na konferenciju, snachala napishite mne na email, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige.
- Mon Aug 1 15:20:29 2016 (GMT)

737. Name: Evgeniya , E-Mail: jein2003@gmail.com

Comments: privet, lastochki moi! ja zhiva, hotja i ne vse slozhilos' kak hotelos'...zhal' chto strany nashi v takih razdrajah...mechtala kogda nibud' uvidet' vas vzhivuju...vsegda vspominaju o vas s teplymi chuvstvami... udachi vam i zdorov'ja!!!
- Tue Jun 21 19:07:36 2016 (GMT)

736. Name: Lola Esteban , E-Mail: tedronai.elan@gmail.com , City: Kiev

Comments: Skazhite pozhalujsta, est' li v Kieve klub libo mesto znakomstv (vkljuchaja virtual'nye) dlja transvestitov? O sebe: to, chto nazyvaetsja "transvestit dvojnoj roli" - hozhu, odetyj baryshnej, no pol smenjat' ne nameren, tak kak mne nravit'sja imenno takoe "stojanie na grani" - bytie neobychnogo suschestva.
Lena: Est'. JA napisala na email.
- Wed Mar 2 23:11:05 2016 (GMT)

735. Name: lera , E-Mail: lera.valerievna.73@mail.ru , City: kazahstan

Comments: Lena zdravstvujte.na konec to ja nashla takih zhe kak ja .transseksual. no lesbijanka. ja dumala takih net.ochen' rada budu esli vy mne otvetite.
- Thu Jan 28 20:32:39 2016 (GMT)

734. Name: Alice/ Alisa , E-Mail: fagot1970@bigmir.net , City: Nikopol'

Comments: Dobrogo Vremeni Sutok! ja Alisa iz provincial'nogo goroda Dnepropetrovskoj oblasti, interesujus', gde poblizosti, v Dnepropetrovskoj oblasti, mozhno sdelat' operaciju po smene pola, ili, kak minimum, orhiektomiju. Zaranee blagodarna. p.s. na gormonah uzhe 2.5 goda...
Lena: Operacii po smene pola na Ukraine sejchas sdelat' negde. Nazarenko iskalechil treh pervyh pacientok, bol'she nikto k nemu ne hochet. Hrapach prekratil operirovat' transseksualov. Vot i vsjo na Ukraine.

Poka na Ukraine orhiektomija ne daet vozmozhnosti smenit' dokumenty.

Umejuschie ob'jasnjat'sja po-anglijski mogut sdelat' operaciju smeny pola v Tailande za 3500 dollarov vkljuchaja bilety na samolet i drugie rashody. Podrobnosti v konferencii TGrus. Tam zhe ob elektroepiljacii samoj sebe (nikakie operacii ne izbavjat vas ot seroj teni ot sbrityh usov i borody).
- Sat Dec 19 10:31:30 2015 (GMT)

733. Name: BeskonechnoSt' , City: potom

Comments: Privet.JA transseksual ftM. Hochu poznakomitsja s ljud'mi , kotorye tozhe imejut etu problemu ili ponimajut etu temu.Lena, esli vy mne napishite ja budu ochen' rad. Moja pochta (ja udalila - Lena)
- Thu Oct 8 11:01:57 2015 (GMT)

732. Name: Win , E-Mail: wint@i.ua , City: Vishnevoe

Comments: JA ts MTF. Poluchit' razreshenie ne udavalos', prishlos' sdelat' operaciju za granicej u maloopytnyh hirurgov , zato deshevo. Sejchas chuvstvuju rezkoe umen'shenie fizicheskoj sily i vynoslivosti. I kak pomenjat' dokumenty ? Pojti k urologu i vzjat' spravku chto sdelana neobratimaja operacija?
Lena: Popytajtes'. Esli nikto vam ne dast spravku s krugloj pechat'ju i slovami "smena pola" ili ZAGS ne primet etu spravku, to ran'she nado bylo dumat'. JA znaju, kak pravil'no zaverit' spravku ob operacii smeny pola ot zagranichnogo hirurga (v sluchae Tailanda eto nado delat' tam). Ostaetsja v tu zhe komissiju, voprosy k Vornyku na Smolenskoj.

ZHenschiny fizicheski slabee muzhchin. Za chto borolis', na to i naporolis'.
- Sun Apr 12 11:03:49 2015 (GMT)

731. Name: Marianna , City: Kaliningrad

Comments: Dobryj den', Lena! CHitala ja odnu navernjaka znakomuju vam gruppu Vkontakte (forum shimejl), i tam nastojchivo predlagajut otkazat'sja ot prijoma antiandrogenov, deskat' oni ne tol'ko ne vlijajut, no i prepjatstvujut normal'noj feminizacii. Ne mogli by vy vyskazat' svoju tochku zrenija na etot schet. JA ne proshu konkretnyh rekomendacij po rezhimu HRT, no tema dlja menja aktual'naja. S nailuchshimi pozhelanijami, Marianna
Lena: V otlichie ot pre-op ili non-op MtF TS,
shemale - eto professija: prostitutka, trahajuschaja klientov svoim penisom. Shemale finansovo zainteresovany. Vot oni i vydumyvajut naukoobraznyj povod vybrat' sebe naimenee vlijajuschuju na erekcii gormonoterapiju. Ne razbirajas' v raznice mezhdu antiandrogenami.

- Sat Apr 4 15:31:06 2015 (GMT)

730. Name: JUrij , E-Mail: vyurav@yahoo.com , City: Ukraine luck

Comments: Zdravstvujte ja rodilsja v tele mal'chika mne 34 goda mne trudno vam pisali tak kak neznaju vas i sledujuschem pis'me napishu bol'she o sebe esli pozhelanie. JA bol'she goda kak priznalsja zhene o sebe ona hristianka i skazala chto ja oderzhimyj zabrala rebjonka i dolgo ne davala viditsja mne tjazhelo tak kak ja vyros v okruzhenii religioznyh ljudej i vse otvernulis' ot menja vysmeivaja proshu vas poobschat'sja so mnoju tak kak u menja net nadezhdy v takom vozraste . JA verujuschij chelovek i verju chto mozhno esli sobrat'sja sdelat' pervyj shagi no kakie i kak ja v rasterjannosti pomogite pozhalujsta projti mne neljogkij put' hot' ja malovernyj
- Tue Mar 24 12:01:31 2015 (GMT)

Esli nedostatochno o sebe napisal skazhite ja s Ukrainy gorod Luck volynskoj oblasti eto dobavljajut do predyduschego pis'ma. So vsem uvazheniem k vam i proshu menja ne proignorirovat' otvet'te tak kak ja prosto uzhe neznaju hotite menja slushat' ili net ja pojmu
- Tue Mar 24 12:09:58 2015 (GMT)

Mozhet kto-to est' s Ukrainy ja ne vpadajut v paniku kak hotelos' by no verju v celeustremlennost' i vpolne adekvatno vizhu raznicu mezhdu tem kto ja est' na samom dele i tem kak ja vygljazhu ja verujuschij chelovek i schitaju chto vnutrennij ty tot nevidimyj chelovek v vnutri tebe namnogo cennej togo vidimogo no obschestvo zhivjot po svoim pravilam i po sebe znaju chto ja sam po sebe nikto ja neverju chto Gospod' est' zhestokaja religija kotoraja nam pihajut ja verujuschij s detstva u menja svoi vzgljady na moju situaciju i ja v mire sNIM i s soboju hot' i otchaivajus' mne skoro budit 35 i eto ne vdohnovljaet
- Tue Mar 24 12:23:46 2015 (GMT)

Prochital pro vas vy ochen' smelaja i otvazhnaja zhenschina mne neverojatno slozhno poverit' v to cherez chto vy proshli ved' na fotografijah vy ostaetes' neslomlennoj i schastlivoj sejchas na Ukraine i ne tol'ko krizis ja rabotaju na sklade v lucke net tak mnogo raboty ja fizicheski tjazhelo rabotaju i stanovljus' vse bolee grubee eto prosto ugnetaet menja ja ischu druguju rabotu no tam lshishkom malo platjat i ja nesmogu platit' za kvartiru izvenite chto tak otnimajut vashe vnimanie no mne neskem govorit' i sejchas ja pishu s raboty sam sizhu na sklade zhdu mashinu
- Tue Mar 24 12:37:05 2015 (GMT)

Bol'shoe vam spasibo chto otvetili mne o sebe vam kak napisat' vbgostevuju ilitna pochtu
Lena: Na pochtu, pozhalujsta.
- Tue Mar 24 12:46:43 2015 (GMT)

729. Name: Aleksandra , E-Mail: (ja udalila)@bk.ru , City: CHeljabinsk

Comments: Rasskazhite pro udalenie volos na lice, ja esche ne nachala prinimat' gormony, uspela prochitat' pro tupik v kotoryj mozhno popast', i gotova potratit' dazhe 3-4 goda go dobit'sja rezul'tatov gladkosti kozhi lica...
Lena: JA otvetila na email.
- Thu Nov 20 12:10:29 2014 (GMT)

728. Name: Viktor , E-Mail: (ja udalila) , City: belgorod

Comments: izvinite za bespokojstvo.ja obychnyj paren' v zhizni, no v dushe ja devushka, ja pereodevajus' v zhenskie veschi s 12 let i mne komfortno v zhenskom bel'e. hochu nachat' gormonoterapiju no ne znaju s chego nachat' i kak pravil'no postupit'. pomogite pozhalusta esli eto vozmozhno.
Lena: JA otvetila na email.
- Thu Jun 5 19:23:09 2014 (GMT)

727. Name: Super Sandhya , City: Kiev

Comments: Privet! JA Sandija iz Kieva, s detstva hochetsja byt' devochkoj. Ljublju muzhchin, no ne imeja zhenskoj vneshnosti, ne mogu vstrechat'sja s nimi dlja seksa. Kakie preparaty nuzhno prinimat' chtoby stat' devushkoj?
Lena: Davajte vstretimsja i pogovorim. Napishite mne pis'mo na pochtu, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige.
- Sun May 11 23:13:24 2014 (GMT)

726. Name: Diana Aleksandrovna , E-Mail: diana.aleksandrovna.78@mail.ru , City: Ekaterinburg

Comments: zdravstvujte Lenochka !!! takoe oschuschenie u menja pojavilos' chto ja nashla vtoruju Luizu Hej !!!! ja transseksualka s 6 let!! vy vdohnovili menja svoej chistoj dushoj i chistym ljubjaschim serdcem !! daj bog vam zdorov'e i schast'ja i garmonii v zhizni !!! s uvazheniem k vam Diana!!!
- Sun Apr 13 08:31:42 2014 (GMT)

725. Name: vitalij , City: pirjatin

Comments: zdravstvujte lena menja zavut vitalij vy ochen' ponravelis' vy takaja zhenstvinaja osobina mne ponravilas' kak vy sedite na stule v krasnom plat'e i hotelos' mne ee odet' ja tozhe s detstva s 6 let
- Tue Apr 1 18:50:00 2014 (GMT)

724. Name: Dzhejn , E-Mail: jein2003@gmail.com , City: Magnitogorsk

Comments: Lenochka! Privet vam s Urala!! CHasto vspominaju vas ! davno sleteli vse kontakty ... udachi vam i zdorov'ja!!!
- Thu Nov 28 17:03:23 2013 (GMT)

723. Name: Grigorij

Comments: Vy ochen' hrabryj chelovek. V to vremja ne mnogie mogli reshitsja na takoj shag. JA ne mogu skazat' chto odobrjaju takie veschi, no budu chesten - ja proniksja k vam uvazheniem. V konce koncov kazhdyj svoboden delat' to chto emu kazhetsja pravil'nym po otnoshenie samogo sebja.
- Tue Nov 26 15:57:12 2013 (GMT)

722. Name: Dasha (Bogdan) , City: Kiev

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena! Vy prosto super zhenschina. Na fotografijah ochen' zhenstvenny i seksual'ny)) Ochen' ponravilos' to, chto Vy pomogaete drugim ljudjam MtF, FtM i t.d.
Vseh blag Vam i schast'ja!
p.s. Dasha
- Fri Nov 15 16:08:30 2013 (GMT)

721. Name: Nonna , E-Mail: Missnonn@yandex.ru , City: Orenburg

Comments: Lena. Vy chudesny,ja tozhe hochu stat' zhenschinoj. Nonna
- Mon Oct 14 09:42:40 2013 (GMT)

720. Name: Kaajal , City: Gurgaon

Comments: Ya Kaajal, ochen hachu stat devushkay. Ya iz India, no sechas v Moscow.
- Thu Aug 22 22:46:07 2013 (GMT)

719. Name: Miranda Hathaway , E-Mail: phantasmal.fairy@gmail.com , City: British Columbia ,
Home Page URL: fairyfatale.wordpress.com

Comments: Lena, you've been such a great help. I'd love to talk with you in person sometime.

I'm working on my voice and I hope I figure it out soon.
- Wed Aug 14 08:03:09 2013 (GMT)

718. Name: Lucille Spencer , E-Mail: ls11559@yahoo.com , City: Mineola, near NYC/USA

Comments: This is the most extensive and comprehensive compendium on trans issues I have ever seen. Thanks Lena.
- Wed Jul 31 17:12:01 2013 (GMT)

717. Name: Alina , E-Mail: aleksej.savin.1971@mail.ru , City: Millerovo

Comments: JA ochen' nadejus' na Vashu pomosch',Elena i verju,chto dazhe v svoi...42goda ja eschjo uspeju pozhit' zhenschinoj!
- Mon Jun 24 10:33:56 2013 (GMT)

716. Name: Valerij , City: Orel

Comments: Lena zdravstvujte!
JA muzhchina, no ochen' gluboko v dushe, chuvstvuju sebja zhenschinoj. Ochen' hochetsja smenit' pol, no ja ne chego ob etom ne znaju. Mozhet byt' i vovse ne stoit zabivat' sebe golovu vsem tem, chto u menja na dushe, ja ne znaju.
Podskazhite pozhalujsta!

Lena: Sovetuju vzvesit', kakoe iz dvuh zol dlja vas men'shee (problemy na puti smeny pola ili terpet' vsju zhizn' - a eto chem dal'she, tem budet tjazhelee), snachala oznakomivshis' s opytom drugih transseksualov. Dlja etogo zavedite sebe pochtovyj jaschik na mail.yandex.ru (pri registracii imja ukazhite zhenskoe, a vmesto familii napishite dva slova "iz Orla") i napishite mne s nego pis'mo. Togda ja vam otvechu pis'mom, chto delat' dal'she. Moj adres elektronnoj pochty ja napisala na glavnoj stranichke etogo moego sajta.
- Tue Jun 18 07:31:07 2013 (GMT)

715. Name: Vasja , E-Mail: Suppad_87@mail.ru , City: Kirovsk

Comments: Lenochka,zdravstvujte!JA ochen' hochu smenit' svoj pol.
S chego mne nado nachat'? Podskazhite,proshu!
nuzhdajus' v vashej pomoschi!
Lena: Net takogo pochtovogo jaschika Suppad_87@mail.ru. Zavedite sebe pochtovyj jaschik na mail.yandex.ru i napishite mne pis'mo, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige. Togda ja vam otvechu pis'mom, chto delat' dal'she. Moj adres elektronnoj pochty ja napisala na glavnoj stranichke etogo moego sajta.
- Fri May 31 13:55:03 2013 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie perepiski:

E-Mail: (ja udalila)
Novaja pochta))))
JA napisala vam pis'mo. Vsja dal'nejshaja perepiska tol'ko cherez email, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige.
- Fri May 31 14:21:28 2013 (GMT)

714. Name: Alisija

Comments: Vy prosto umnica!!! Bol'shoe Vam spasibo, menja ochen' sil'no voodushevil Vash sajt, a osobenno vashi foto! JA poka tol'ko v nachale puti. (okolo 4 mes HRT)
- Wed May 15 13:27:32 2013 (GMT)

713. Name: Sierra-Legacy , E-Mail: sierra.dragonheart@yahoo.com , City: Melvindale

Comments: Hi Lena I enjoyed the posts you have give on the DIY yahoo group. I would like some advise on the best diagram to construct my own electrolosis devise that you diescribe in a post a week or so ago, and also the best hormone treatment for me a male to female transexual. Love & Light.
Lena: I think that three wires needn't a diagram. The description is here below in my answer to record number 570. After you do first 30 hours (the most difficult) of DIY facial electrolysis, for advices about hormonal treatment I need to know your age and full list of your present and past illnesses, diseases and disorders, all, no exception, during your whole life, no matter how insignificant or irrelevant you deem them.
- Sat Feb 9 21:16:10 2013 (GMT)

712. Name: Rita , E-Mail: ransi.rita@live.ru , City: Ural'sk

Comments: privetik ja rita(Aleksandr)mne 41 god!vy ocharovatel'ny a mne navernoe uzhe pozdno!!?
Lena: Na Zapade pol menjajut i v vozraste za 70. V SNG byvaet za 50. No, konechno, molodoj krasavicej ne stanete.
- Thu Feb 7 04:02:28 2013 (GMT)

711. Name: Dana Teresa Vandehey , E-Mail: terri200026@yahoo.com

Comments: Hi Lena,
I've seen your posts on Yahoo groups I am on for many years. I like your attitude and no nonsense outlook. keep up the good work of informing and helping others like us. I try as well, but sometimes listening to some people spout things like they know what they are talking about gets to me, I keep trying.

- Sun Feb 3 13:59:56 2013 (GMT)

710. Name: Anna

Comments: CHto mozhno skazat'?Kotoryj raz prosmatrivaju foto,chitaju avtobiografiju,i tiho zaviduju..Prozhila vsju zhizn' v chuzhom tele,zanimajus' ne svoim delom,no vsem i kazhdomu dolzhna i ot etogo ne ujti.Na mne sem'ja,dom,nastojaschee i budujuschee ljubimyh i blizkih ljudej.Stiskivaju zuby i molchu.Tol'ko inogda,uezzhaja podal'she ot doma,v chuzhom gorode zhivu zhenskoj zhizn'ju,pereodevajus',podkrashivajus',s interesom smotrju na mir zhenskimi glazami i otdyhaju dushoj.Kak malo i kak mnogo nado dlja dushevnogo ranovesija i schast'ja.JA ochen' priznatel'na Vam,Lenochka,budte schastlivy i zdorovy.Njushka.
- Mon Jan 21 05:47:16 2013 (GMT)

709. Name: PinkBoy , E-Mail: pinkboy27@gmail.com ,
Home Page URL: http://pinkboy.ru

Comments: JA voshischajus' Vashimi rezul'tatami! Na Vas gljanesh' i dazhe mysli ne vozniknet, chto byli muzhchinoj
- Fri Jan 18 11:13:42 2013 (GMT)

708. Name: Marina , E-Mail: ...@gmail.com , City: Kiev

Comments: zdravstvujte!u menja situacija takaja zhe, kak i u Svetlany s Sankt-Peterburga nomer 704,s toj raznicej, chto my s synom zhivem v Kieve.Podskazhite,kak tut obstojat dela s receptom?
Lena: Tak zhe, kak v Rossii. Tol'ko torgovye nazvanija na Ukraine drugie: Bikalutamid-Teva, Bikalutamid, Bikulid, Kalumid, Kasodeks, Bikalan, Bikalutera ili Bipro.
- Sat Jan 12 08:43:32 2013 (GMT)

707. Name: ZHenja , E-Mail: evgenia.yrovoe@mail.u , City: Slavgorod

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena. Sluchajno natknulas' na etot sajt. K menja problema v tom chto ja menjajus' u menja propadajut volosy na lice, na tele ih vobsche nebylo. Skelet tozhe ustroen po zhenskij. Muzhchiny menja dostali uzhe odin dazhe ridlogal menja pocelovat'.Kak pomnju sebja odevat' zhenskoe stala s 5 let potom byla tishina a v 11 let vozobnovilos'. K vracham esche ee hodila pobaivajus' ih.
Lena: Vasha problema v tom, chto vy sebja programmiruete/gipnotiziruete, chto volosy na lice propadajut. No eto samoobman. V 16 let takoe inogda byvaet ot gormonoterapii, no v 39 let iskljucheno.
- Sat Nov 24 06:56:12 2012 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie perepiski:

Spasibo chto ne ostavili bez otveta moj vopros. Elena u menja volosy ne rosli do 22 let, stroenie bol'she evnuhojdnoe chem muskulinnoe. Izminenija idut sami po sebe. Ne budut zhe ko mne zhenschiny obraschatsja v zhenskom rode, hotja ja sidela na rabote v uniseksovoj odezhde. S uvazheniem ZHenja.
- Sat Nov 24 14:18:33 2012 (GMT)

706. Name: Ljudmila , E-Mail: dav-tom@yandex.ru , City: Murmansk ,
Home Page URL: http://vk.com/konstantinovanatoliihttp://

Comments: Zdravstvujte,Lena!Net slov,skol'ko terpenija otvechat' na odni i tezhe voprosy,hotja sama snachala Vam otpravila soobschenie,a tol'ko potom sela chitat' gostevuju knigu-prochitav vse, na mnogie voprosy pojavljajutsja otvety...Spasibo za Vash nelegkij,no ochen' nuzhnyj trud!ZHdu prinjatija menja v podpischiki,nadejus' na dobruju druzhbu!Spasibo!
- Wed Nov 21 05:07:46 2012 (GMT)

705. Name: alena , E-Mail: ivanich731@gmail.com , City: tomsk

Comments: Lena ja prochitala zapisi v vashej gostevoj knige, i ne ponimaju pochemu vy ne daete ljudjam adresa i nazvanija preparatov do elektroepiljacii? Ved' kazhdyj iz etih ljudej hochet byt' zhenschinoj,a elektroepiljacii samoj sebe eto ochen' slozhno. Takzhe mozhno i vyschipyvat' i usy i borodu.
Lena: JA ob'jasnila eto v etoj gostevoj knige - v moem kommentarii k zapisi nomer 652.
- Tue Nov 6 12:36:27 2012 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie perepiski:

a ved' dlja etih ljudej eto mozhet byt' poslednij shans poluchit' ot vas pomosch'. Ljudi ved' raznye, i mysli u vseh raznye. A esli chelovek ne poluchil ot vas toj pomoschi kotoraja emu nuzhna, esli on reshil chto emu ne stoit dal'she prodolzhat' eti muchenija v chuzhom tele,a ved' glavnoe stat' zhenschinoj a ne drat' na sebe volosy, a vy ne daete toj vazhnoj informacii, chto togda emu ostaetsja? Ved' zhit' zhizn'ju togo ili inogo cheloveka ne vam.Navernoe gibel'? Lichno ja ne vizhu drugogo vyhoda.
Lena: Dlja vas stat' zhenschinoj - eto otrastit' sebe grudi? A drugie smotrjat na lico. Vidjat seruju ten' - vosprinimajut muzhchinoj. A grudi i u pivnyh alkogolikov byvajut, no ih ot etogo zhenschinami vosprinimat' ne nachinajut.

Na puti smeny pola mnogo trudnostej. Elektroepiljacija - tol'ko odna iz nih. Esli vam len' delat' elektroepiljaciju, to i ostal'nye trudnosti vy ne preodoleete. Zavisnete v promezhutochnom polozhenii - s tochki zrenija okruzhajuschih muzhik v jubke. Eto vyzovet agressiju dikarej (a dikarej vokrug mnogo). Vot chego vy sejchas dobivaetes' svoej len'ju. SHans ja vam predostavila, no vospol'zovat'sja im vam len'.
- Tue Nov 6 13:08:08 2012 (GMT)

ja uzhe provela 3 chasa za elektroepiljaciej , rezul'tatov net, odin volosok vrode by vyshel.
Lena: Poetomu nachalo gormonoterapii - tol'ko posle pervyh 50 chasov elektroepiljacii. Pervye neskol'ko desjatkov chasov trudno. Postepenno nauchites', stanet legche.
- Tue Nov 6 14:15:44 2012 (GMT)

u menja borodka primerno 7na 7sm.v obschem ob'jome, ne obojdetsja li mne deshevle elektroepiljacija v salone? bol'she volosy mne udaljat' negde za iskljucheniem nog.
Lena: V salone? Bezrabotnomu v poselke v Tomskoj oblasti? Mozhet hvatit uzhe skazki rasskazyvat'?
- Tue Nov 6 14:43:54 2012 (GMT)

spasibo vam bol'shoe za podderzhku, ne budu bol'she otnimat' vashe dragocennoe vremja.
- Tue Nov 6 15:26:06 2012 (GMT)

Lena ja ponjala chto elektroepiljacija dejstvitel'no vazhno nachat' do gormonoterapii,k nej nuzhno privyknut' i nauchit'sja provodit'. Tak chto vy pravy na vse 100%. Vy mne ochen' pomogli ponjat' eto. Bol'shoe spasibo vam za eto.
- Wed Nov 7 20:03:18 2012 (GMT)

704. Name: svetlana , City: sankt-peterburg , E-Mail: ...@mail.ru

Comments: zdrastvujte!u menja syn 12 let,hochet byt' devochkoj.igraet s kuklami,druzhit s devochkami,risuet princess,v komp'juternyh igrah vsegda igraet devochkoj.podskazhite,kuda i k kakim specialistam mozhno obratit'sja v rossii.byli u psihologa,no ona tolkom nichego ne skazala,ja tak ponjala sama rasterjalas'.podskazhite pozhalujsta,kuda obratit'sja v moem sluchae.ochen' perezhivaju.
Lena: Specialisty budut tjanut' rezinu i pod blagovidnymi predlogami otkazhutsja brat' na sebja otvetstvennost'. Budut igrat' v "obsledovanija" i ne bolee togo. No ne suschestvuet nikakogo fiziologicheskogo analiza, instrumental'nogo obsledovanija ili psihologicheskogo testa, pozvoljajuschego podtverdit' ili oprovergnut' nalichie ili otsutstvie transseksualizma u dannogo konkretnogo cheloveka. "Obsledovanija" - eto imitacija burnoj dejatel'nosti. Vam skazhut, chto vashego rebenka budut "nabljudat'". Eto i est' - tjanut' rezinu i ne brat' na sebja otvetstvennot'. Vam pridetsja vzjat' otvetstvennost' na sebja, specialisty vam ne pomogut, a budut tol'ko meshat' (vrachi ved' privykli reshat' za ljudej). V vozraste okolo 11 let nachinaetsja vyrabotka testosterona (muzhskogo gormona) jaichkami. Testosteron ne mozhet vylechit' transseksualizm, naoborot, on budet tol'ko usugubljat' stradanija. Prichem neobratimo: s kazhdym proshedshim mesjacem vash rebenok priobretaet muzhskie cherty vneshnosti (muzhskie vtorichnye polovye priznaki), ot kotoryh v sluchae prinjatija v buduschem reshenija o smene pola budet krajne trudno i chastichno nevozmozhno izbavit'sja. Nevozmozhno predskazat' zaranee, ponadobitsja smena pola ili net. No razvitie muzhskih vtorichnyh polovyh priznakov neobhodimo priostanovit' sejchas, nemedlenno, nachav prinimat' lekarstvo, blokirujuschee dejstvie testosterona na telo. Esli vash rebenok budet prodolzhat' hotet' byt' devochkoj v techenii 2-3 let podrjad (shansy na eto porjadka 95%), to znachit smena pola ponadobitsja (v etom i zakljuchaetsja ljubimoe vrachami "nabljudenie"). Esli peredumaet (bez davlenija!!!), to lekarstvo mozhno budet prekratit' prinimat', i razvitie tela v muzhskom napravlenii vozobnovitsja. Konkretno pro eto lekarstvo: veschestvo nazyvaetsja bikalutamid, prodaetsja v rossijskih aptekah v tabletkah pod nazvanijami Kalumid, Bilumid, Kasodeks, Bikalutamid, Bikalutera. Raznica mezhdu etimi nazvanijami tol'ko v cene, raznica ochen' bol'shaja, poetomu imeet smysl tschatel'no poiskat' deshevle. JA sdelala ssylki s kazhdogo iz nazvanij na poisk v piterskoj aptechnoj spravochnoj. V apteke esli vy nichego ne skazhete pro recept, a tol'ko spokojno i tochno skazhete nazvanie lekarstva (kak esli by vy Aspirin pokupali), to aptekar' vam prodast i recepta ne sprosit. Po chetvertushke tabletki 50 mg odin raz v den' ili po odnoj shestoj chasti tabletki 150 mg cherez den'. V etoj dozirovke pobochnyh effektov mozhno ne opasat'sja. Tak vashemu rebenku i ob'jasnite, chto eto lekarstvo priostanavlivaet razvitie vneshnosti v muzhskuju storonu. O detaljah processa smeny pola vy mozhete uznat' v konferencii transseksualov, kotoruju ja vedu.
- Mon Sep 24 19:37:40 2012 (GMT)

703. Name: Aleksej , City: Sevastopol'

Comments: Pervyj raz vstrechaju sajt zhenschiny, kotoraja smenila pol, a ne sajt s reklamoj klinik i uslug.
Lena umnichka.
- Thu Sep 20 07:55:17 2012 (GMT)

702. Name: Svetlana , E-Mail: deeva10@bk.ru , City: Elista

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena! Spasibo za etot sajt.Mne 31 god, i nakonec-to ja reshilas' na stat' toj kem schitaju sebja s rannego detstva.Mnogie schitali menja ne normal'noj. Tak kak ja davno pereodevajus' v zhenskuju odezhdu. No teper' ja reshila smenit' pol, ja davno k etomu shla. Izvinite za slog. Vrode gotovilas', a sela pisat' Vam pis'mo, i ne mogu najti slov. Posovetujte s chego mne nachat'. Spasibo
Lena: Nachat' s podpiski na konferenciju TGrus, posle etogo poluchite dal'nejshie instrukcii.
- Wed Sep 12 07:12:52 2012 (GMT)

701. Name: Yuriy , E-Mail: juragri1@yahoo.com , City: Krasnojarsk

Comments: Elena,Vy zamechatel'no vygljadite,da zhe i ne skazhesh',chto Vy v proshlom protivopolozhnyj pol.Kak u Vas hvatilo smelosti na takoe.???Vy molodec.Vy pljunuli na vsjo i sdelali tak,kak Vam etogo hotelos',ne obraschaja vnimanija na mnenie okruzhajuschih,hot' naverno i tjazhelo bylo po nachalu,na takoe reshit'sja.Vy umnica.S uvazheniem JUrij.
- Tue Jun 19 07:49:03 2012 (GMT)

700. Name: igor' , E-Mail: igor.ui@yandex.ru , City: dzerzhinsk

Comments: Lena zdravstvuj. napisal tebe pis'mo, ty vidimo ego ne poluchila. pomogi, zhizn' v chuzhom tele nevynosima!
Lena: Ne poluchila. Vidimo, pis'mo bylo na ne tot adres, s opechatkoj v adrese. JA napisala na ukazannyj toboj email adres, otvet' na mojo pis'mo.
- Sun Jun 3 16:07:58 2012 (GMT)

699. Name: Ksandra , E-Mail: ikrasotka@hotmail.com , City: Tel-Aviv

Comments: Zdravsvtujte Lena. Ne podskazhete, mozhet byt' znaete horoshego specialista v Izraile?
Lena: Horoshie specialisty - tol'ko ochen' nemnogie hirurgi. Ne v Izraile. Slushat' drugih diplomirovannyh vrachej (psihiatrov, psihologov, psihoterapevtov, seksologov, seksopatologov, endokrinologov) s uchenymi zvanijami - sebe dorozhe. Oni tol'ko schitajut sebja specialistami. Oni ne pomosch', a prepjatstvie, kotoroe prihoditsja preodolevat' ili obojti.
- Sun Jun 3 15:56:56 2012 (GMT)

698. Name: Viktorija , E-Mail: viktoriya.sergeeva.2012@bk.ru , City: Komsomol'sk-na-Amure

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena,ja dazhe ne znaju s chego nachat'...ja uzhe 2,5 goda prinimaju gormonal'nye tabletki, ja prakticheski uzhe zhenschina, operaciju ja ne delala, hotja i sobirajus' posle togo ka k zakonchitsja sudebnaja tjazhba, kotoraja uzhe dlitsja polgoda s oktjabrja 2011 g.,Podrug u menja takih net, kotorye by pomogli by dobit'sja togo, chtoby sud vynes reshenie o smene grazhdanskogo pola, a takzhe familii, imeni i otchestva. Nadejus' na Vashu podderzhku i v nekotorom smysle pomosch'.
Lena: Tabletok nedostatochno. Nikakie tabletki i hirurgicheskie operacii ne izbavjat vas ot usov i borody. Seraja ten' ot sbrityh usov i borody vidna bol'shinstvu okruzhajuschih (u kogo zrenie stoprocentnoe) cherez ljubuju kosmetiku so storony na solnechnom svete gorazdo luchshe, chem samoj sebe v zerkale v pomeschenii. Iz-za etoj teni okruzhajuschie (i sud'i tozhe) vas vosprinimajut ne zhenschinoj, a muzhikom v jubke, kakie by spravki ot vrachej vy by v sud ni predstavljali. A uzh bez spravki tem bolee. Izbavit'sja ot etoj seroj teni navsegda vozmozhno tol'ko elektroepiljaciej, t.k. vopreki lzhivoj reklame vse ostal'nye metody udaljajut volosy tol'ko vremenno. Elektroepiljacija - eto libo para desjatkov tysjach dollarov i neskol'ko soten chasov v techenii goda-dvuh terpet' zhutkuju bol', libo elektroepiljaciju mozhno sdelat' samoj sebe besplatno, no pridetsja prilozhit' neskol'ko soten (pod tysjachu) chasov nudnogo kropotlivogo truda (u sebja doma sidja pered zerkalom) v techenii teh zhe goda-dvuh. I sdelat' eto pridetsja sejchas, do smeny dokumentov. Drugogo vyhoda, k sozhaleniju, net. Nachalo gormonoterapii do nachala elektroepiljacii bylo katastroficheskoj oshibkoj, iz-za kotoroj vy zashli v tupik. Instrukcii po elektroepiljacii samoj sebe - v konferencii transseksualov, kotoruju ja vedu. Tam zhe informacija o vsjom ostal'nom svjazannom so smenoj pola, v tom chisle o smene dokumentov. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju - na glavnoj stranichke etogo moego sajta.
- Tue May 15 04:18:09 2012 (GMT)

697. Name: Valik , E-Mail: Arbat12@list.ru , City: Neteshin

Comments: Posovetujte proshu Vas kakie gormony nuzhno priminjat' chtob hot' vneshne nemnogo pohodit' na zhenschinu imet' figuru grud' umoljaju neotkazhite otvette na moju proz'bu
Lena: JA uzhe otvechala na etot vopros nizhe.
- Sat Apr 28 16:35:07 2012 (GMT)

696. Name: Nicole Paige , E-Mail: nicolespaige@yahoo.com , City: New York

Comments: I am an admirer of yours from various groups including crone, FFS, voicets and related TS yahoo forums. Your advice is incisive, educational, illuminating and always welcome. : )

- Sun Apr 15 14:16:11 2012 (GMT)

695. Name: Sasha , E-Mail: hot_town@meta.ua , City: CHerkassy

Comments: Ochen' hochu razobrat'sja v sebe, menja vozbuzhdajut kak devushki, tak i muzhchiny, no s detstva menja vlechjot odet' sebja v zhenskoe, nakrasit'sja i t.d. Ochen' hochetsja vygljadet' kak devushka. Eto mozhet byt' transseksualizm?
Lena: Esli vy hotite smenit' pol nesmotrja na to, chto na etom puti pridetsja preodolet' mnozhestvo prepjatstvij i terpet' lishenija, to transseksual. Esli vam dostatochno epizodicheskih pereodevanij, a polnost'ju smenit' pol vam ne hochetsja, to transvestit. Zastavljat' vas smenit' pol ili vesti za ruchku po etomu puti nikto ne budet. Horoshij pokazatel': len' li vam sdelat' elektroepiljaciju usov i borody samoj sebe - eto mozhno sdelat' besplatno (mogu dat' instrukciju), no dlja etogo pridetsja prilozhit' neskol'ko soten (pod tysjachu) chasov nudnogo kropotlivogo truda (u sebja doma sidja pered zerkalom), t.k. vse ostal'nye sposoby udaljajut volosy tol'ko vremenno. Bez etogo vygljadite kak devushka vy tol'ko v vashih sobstvennyh glazah. Seraja ten' ot sbrityh usov i borody vidna so storony na solnechnom svete cherez ljubuju kosmetiku gorazdo luchshe, chem samoj sebe v zerkale v pomeschenii. Poetomu v glazah bol'shinstva okruzhajuschih (u kogo zrenie stoprocentnoe) vy vygljadite kak muzhik v plat'e. Esli vas eto ustraivaet, to znachit ne transseksual.
- Tue Apr 3 13:38:56 2012 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie perepiski:

Spasibo za otvet, vremennyh pereodevanij mne malo,hochetsja maksimal'no vygljadet' kak devushka i chuvstvuju sebja komfortno, kogda ko mne obraschajutsja v zhenskom rode. za instrukciju po elektroepiljacii budu ochen' blagodarna, ne polenjus'. I esli ne slozhno, podskazhite, kak nachat' prinimat' zhenskie gormony
Rekomendacii po gormonoterapii ja daju tol'ko posle vypolnenija treh uslovij. Pervoe - vo vseh detaljah oznakomit'sja s social'nymi posledstvijami reshenija nachat' prinimat' gormony, putem prochtenija kak minimum treti arhiva konferencii transseksualov, v kotoroj my delimsja opytom, chtoby ne povtorjat' uzhe sovershennye drugimi oshibki, i znat' kak sebja vesti s vrachami, kotorye reshajut nashi sud'by ishodja iz vysosannyh iz pal'ca otorvannyh ot zhizni teorij, kakimi mol dolzhny byt' "nastojaschie" transseksualy. Vtoroe uslovie - stol'ko zhe vremeni, skol'ko na chtenie arhiva, potratit' na elektroepiljaciju na lice samoj sebe. Instrukcii tozhe v arhive konferencii. Tret'e uslovie (predostavit' mne ishodnye dannye, v tom chisle polnyj perechen' proshlyh boljachek) vypolnit' prosche vsego, no pervye dva uslovija tozhe objazatel'ny. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na vot etoj stranichke moego sajta.
- Tue Apr 3 14:27:28 2012 (GMT)

694. Name: ustina , E-Mail: shendrikustina@mail.ru

Comments: Mne ochen' interesno kak vy uvelicheli sebe grud',chto vy delali Budu ochen' priznatel'na. Spasibo.
Lena: Priemom gormonov. No kogda vy byli beremenny, u vas v krovi etih gormonov bylo v sotni raz bol'she, chem u menja (placenta vyrabatyvaet gormony). Poetomu prinimaja gormony, grud' vy sebe ne uvelichite, a vot rak matki zarabotat' mozhete zaprosto. Plastmassovye vedra tozhe vshivat' ne sovetuju.
- Wed Mar 21 08:30:32 2012 (GMT)

693. Name: Vova

Comments: Dobryj den' hotel uznat' kak delat' elektroepiljaciju zaranie spasibo
Lena: Napishite mne pis'mo cherez email (elektronnuju pochtu), a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige.
- Fri Mar 9 02:35:56 2012 (GMT)

692. Name: Rosalina , E-Mail: Rosalina18@rambler.ru , City: Belorusija

Comments: Spasiba Vam, Vy ochen' prekrasny ,ja rad-a i blagodaren Vam!!!
- Wed Jan 11 16:17:53 2012 (GMT)

691. Name: An'ka , City: Severobajkal'sk

Comments: Lenochka!Esli mozhno,chut' podrobnee ob elektroepiljacii.Kak i chem ejo delat'?Zabegaju k tebe v gosti na sajt uryvkami - sem'ja sledit,da i rabota ne pozvoljaet,bud' laskova - napishi eschjo raz popodrobnee,na forume ne nashla.An'ka
Lena: JA vedu ne forum, a email-konferenciju. V nej v tom chisle ob elektroepiljacii. Kak podpisat'sja na konferenciju - na glavnoj stranichke etogo sajta.
- Mon Dec 26 10:46:28 2011 (GMT)

690. Name: Dzhon Slavicki , E-Mail: johnslavitsky@gmail.com , City: Yoqneam, Israel

Comments: Uvazhaemaja Elena! Bojus' pokazat'sja famil'jarnym, no Vy - chudo! Preklonjajus' pered Vashimi vyderzhkoj i terpen'em. I, kstati, ochen' simpatichnaja baryshnja)))
JA FtM, gej.
Ljubvi, zdorov'ja, schast'ja
- Wed Nov 23 02:47:40 2011 (GMT)

689. Name: girdlle , E-Mail: girdlle@gmail.com , City: S Peterburg

Comments: ja tozhe hochu stat' zhenschinoj
- Tue Nov 15 15:50:11 2011 (GMT)

688. Name: Kari McKern , City: Sydney

Comments: All the best!!!!!!
- Thu Aug 18 07:56:17 2011 (GMT)

687. Name: Anonim22

Comments: Vy, okazyvaetsja, eschjo i v aviacionnyh voprosah specialist. Respekt.
Lena: Spasibo. Nu, v aviacionnyh ne specialist, tak, ljubitel'.
- Thu Aug 4 09:11:20 2011 (GMT)

686. Name: Madina , E-Mail: reina.tanira@mail.ru , City: nevazhno

Comments: krasivaja zhenschina!
- Sat Jul 23 18:44:24 2011 (GMT)

685. Name: Odhiambo WASHINGTON , E-Mail: odhiambo@gmail.com

Comments: Hi Lena,

I have visited your page, and looked at the photos and sincerely, I must say you made all the RIGHT choices. I am happy for you, that ultimately, you are happy as a woman, which is what you were meant to be. You are so pretty, even:)
What matters in this world is for one to be happy.
- Sat Jun 25 14:57:02 2011 (GMT)

684. Name: rodd2011 , E-Mail: rodd2011 , City: smolensk

Comments: Spasibo
- Wed Jun 15 12:39:56 2011 (GMT)

683. Name: Veronika , City: Moskva

Comments: Lena a vot takie igly www.bsmag.ru/index.php?ukey=product&productID=1736 iz nerzhavejki ne budut okisljatsja
i skol'ko nuzhno pokupat' na ves' kurs?
Lena: Imenno eti ne godjatsja: slishkom tolstye. Ponadobjatsja primerno 10 igolok K4 i 5 igolok K3, luchshe "teflon" (esli u vas allergija na metally, to "zoloto"). No nuzhno znat', kak delat' epiljaciju samoj sebe. Vse gotovye pribory dlja etogo ne godjatsja. I v vylozhennyh na raznyh sajtah instrukcijah nehvataet kriticheski vazhnyh chastej. V chastnosti, neobhodimo izmerjat' tok i podschityvat' zarjad, inache ostanetes' so shramikami i vpadinkami na kozhe kak raz na podozritel'nyh mestah, izdaleka vygljadjaschimi kak usy i boroda, i nikakaja shlifovka kozhi uzhe ne pomozhet. Sozdajte sebe pochtovyj jaschik na mail.rambler.ru (s mobilki mail-pda.rambler.ru, registracija zdes') i napishite mne pis'mo, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige. Moj adres elektronnoj pochty ja napisala na glavnoj stranichke etogo moego sajta.
- Mon Jun 13 09:06:26 2011 (GMT)

682. Name: Veronika , City: Moskva

Comments: Lena a mozhno li sozdat' nekuju model' svoego sobstvennogo
zhelaemogo obraza? I esli mozhno to kakie instrumenty t.e programmy vy by posovetovali?
Lena: Nu sozdadite, i chto dal'she?
Dobit'sja vosprijatija neznakomcami zhenschinoj vozmozhno. No gormonoterapija dlja etogo neobhodima bol'shinstvu. A vot plasticheskie operacii na samom dele malo komu nuzhny, obychno gormonov dostatochno. Vyjasnitsja eto cherez 2-3 goda gormonoterapii (i zakonchit' elektroepiljaciju). Net programmy, pozvoljajuschej zaranee izobrazit' rezul'tat buduschej gormonoterapii.

I esche vozmozhna li el. epiljacija bez garmonal'noj korrekcii?
Budut li volosy prodolzhat' rasti?
Vozmozhna, u MtF ne budut, no ves'ma maloverojatno, chto bez gormonoterapii vas nachnut vosprinimat' zhenschinoj.
Pochemu bez gormonal'noj korrekcii? Vopreki beskonechno cirkulirujuschej v sredstvah massovoj dezinformacii strashilke, gramotnaja gormonoterapija ne vredna. Gramotnaja - eto znachit ne slushat' SNGshnyh vrachej, oni v gormonoterapii transseksualizma slyshali zvon (da i bol'shinstvo zapadnyh tozhe). Bez lozhnoj skromnosti, v gormonoterapii transseksualizma ja ekspert, konsul'tiruju besplatno. Glavnoe mojo uslovie - kak raz delat' elektroepiljaciju na lice samoj sebe (ili esli u vas est' lishnie polsotni tysjach dollarov, to togda mozhno v kosmeticheskom salone).

Spasibo vam bol'shoe!
- Sun Jun 12 08:58:17 2011 (GMT)

681. Name: Veronika , City: Moskva

Comments: Lena a za kakoe vremja mozhno sdelat' elektroepiljaciju samoj sebe na lice?
Lena: Na praktike - za paru let. Esli ochen' postarat'sja, to mozhno bystree.
A vot lazernaja epiljacija ona zhe tozhe razrushaet folikul.
Eto lozh' prodavcov lazerov i klinik, ispol'zujuschih eti lazery. Na samom dele ne razrushaet, a tol'ko otpravljaet v spjachku (fazu telogena). CHerez neskol'ko mesjacev povrezhdennyj (no ne razrushennyj) follikul prosnetsja, i volos vyrastet snova. Razrushaetsja tol'ko malen'kij procent follikulov (s malen'kim rasstojaniem mezhdu chernym sterzhnem volosa i stvolovymi kletkami) i tol'ko pri pervom-vtorom seansah. Vse posledujuschie seansy tol'ko zagonjajut ostavshiesja follikuly v spjachku. Pljus povrezhdenie kozhi.
Tochno to zhe samoe s fotoepiljaciej, ELOS, "kvantovoj" epiljaciej i t.p. metodami s ispol'zovaniem intensivnogo sveta.

Pravda dorogovato.
A glavnoe, problema-to ne reshaetsja. Skol'ko seansov lazerom ni delaj, cherez neskol'ko mesjacev posle poslednego seansa prakticheski vse volosy postepenno vyrastut snova. Samoe strashnoe, chto MtF k tomu vremeni kak pravilo uzhe na full-time (kruglye sutki zhivet i rabotaet uzhe kak zhenschina). A dlja elektroepiljacii nuzhno otraschivat' volosy na lice do dliny 3-4 mm nad poverhnost'ju kozhi i hodit' so schetinoj mesjacami. So schetinoj v plat'e, predstavili sebe? Vot v kakuju lovushku zagonjaet doverie ko lzhi lazerschikov.
A vy sejchas inogda na lice delaete inogda el.epiljaciju?
Net. V otlichie ot lazerov, posle elektroepiljacii iz follikula volos vyrastaet zanovo libo cherez 2 nedeli, libo uzhe nikogda (esli popadanie tochnoe i zarjad dostatochnyj).
- Thu Jun 9 19:49:34 2011 (GMT)

680. Name: palina , City: sevastopol'

Comments: dorogaja lenochka nemogli by podskazat' kakoj vrach daet razreshenie na garmono terapiju diagnoz transeksualizm mne postavili 2008 gadu po moej pros'be mne dali napravlenie projti psihiatricheskuju ekspertizu unas v sevastopole net normal'nyh plasticheskih klinik delo v tom chto moja mama ochen' hotela devochku natashu rodila antona ona byla glupaja i molodaja ona 2 raza perebolela gripom vo vremja beremenosti ona neotkazalas' ot raboty na lotkah v torgovle i ee pichkali sid'nodejstvujuschimi garmonami chto privelo k tomu chto ja ne anton umenja net potencii ja sklonna k takim zanjat'jam kak vyshivka rukodelie umenja byla popytka zhit' zhenschinami i izetova nechevo nevyshlo dva spolovinoj goda muchen'ja dusha slezami oblevaetsja ni seks ni otnoshenija ni poluchilis' ivot sechas na moment moevo 35 letija katoroe 30 aprelja ja ponimaju chto ja ne anton a polina est' ljudi katorye pomogajut a est' katory e pytajutsja slomat' i prezirajut no mne uzhe vseravno umenja pojavilas' kakaeta uverenost' istrah proshol ne bojus' ni chevo i ada ne bojus' ljudej nebojus' nebojus' chelovecheskoj zlosti i egoiema ja hotela by vas pozdravit' s prazdnikom svetloj pashi i pozhelat' vam chtob svami bylo bozh'e blagosloven'e vsegda pozhelat' vam schast'ja i ljubvi i mira v dushe
Lena: Ni odin vrach ne propishet vam gormony, poka u vas net napravlenija ("razreshenija") na operaciju smeny pola. Iz zhelajuschih smenit' pol s muzhskogo na zhenskij eto napravlenie dajut tol'ko uzhe vygljadjaschim zhenschinami. A bez gormonov vasha vneshnost' ne pomenjaetsja - zamknutyj krug. Krome togo, ne ponimajut ukrainskie vrachi v gormonoterapii transseksualizma nichego. Bez lozhnoj skromnosti, v etoj uzkoj i ochen' specifichnoj oblasti endokrinologii ja kompetentnee ljubogo vracha v mire, konsul'tiruju besplatno. No krome gormonov, vam pridetsja dolgo i uporno trudit'sja - neskol'ko soten (pod tysjachu) chasov vstavljat' tonen'kuju provolochku vdol' kazhdogo volosa na lice (usy, boroda) i podavat' tok (ot batarejki), chtoby volosy prekratili rasti. Nikakie gormony vas ot volos na lice ne izbavjat, i drugogo puti net, kakuju by lapshu na ushi vam ni veshali. Prigotov'tes' k etomu dolgomu trudu. A sejchas sozdajte sebe pochtovyj jaschik na webmail.meta.ua ili mail.rambler.ru i napishite mne pis'mo, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige. Moj adres elektronnoj pochty ja napisala na glavnoj stranichke etogo moego sajta.
- Sun Apr 24 09:27:11 2011 (GMT)

679. Name: Valerie , E-Mail: Valerie_29@yahoo.com , City: NYC

Comments: You are so brave.....I am on my way, having began hormones six months ago and mostly living full time.

- Mon Apr 4 18:30:23 2011 (GMT)

678. Name: Dan Goss , E-Mail: dgoss66@yahoo.com , City: NJ

Comments: You are very pretty, and seem sweet!
- Tue Mar 1 22:30:03 2011 (GMT)

677. Name: Dasha , E-Mail: (ja udalila) , City: JAroslavl'

Comments: Lena zdravstvujte pomogite mne s vami svjazat'sja konfedicial'no ne znaju s kem podelit'sja esli moj adres otkroetsja skroite ego
Lena: CHtoby svjazat'sja so mnoj konfidencial'no, napishite mne na email, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige. Moj adres elektronnoj pochty ja napisala na glavnoj stranichke etogo moego sajta. Moj pochtovyj jaschik na moem sobstvennom pochtovom servere, raspolozhennom v SSHA, pis'ma mezhdu nim i moim domashnim komp'juterom peredajutsja v zashifrovannom vide (TLS). I na servere, i v domashnem kompe ja ispol'zuju UNIX, a ne Windows, poetomu virusov/trojanov/kejloggerov v nih byt' ne mozhet.
- Wed Jan 12 16:18:20 2011 (GMT)

676. Name: Rimma

Comments: Lena,zdravstvujte.
Vy molodec,ne predstavljaju Vas muzhchinoj.U vas vse ot zhenschiny prichem vse takoe nezhnoe i hrupkoe.
- Tue Jan 4 15:02:37 2011 (GMT)

675. Name: Zara

Comments: Vas i ne otlichish' ot obychnoj zhenschiny..
- Sat Dec 11 05:59:59 2010 (GMT)

674. Name: Alina , E-Mail: gretagarbo8@mail.ru

Comments: Ochen' zhenstvennaja, dazhe prochitav Vashu istoriju, ja ne obnaruzhila v Vas ni odnoj muzhskoj cherty, i dazhe na lesbijanku ne pohozha, zhenschina i zhenschina, ochen' milaja. Daj Bog Vam sil i dal'she otstaivat' svoi prava, i podderzhivat' teh kto slabee duhom, nuzhno bol'shoe muzhestvo chtob tak izmenit' svoju zhizn', bol'shinstvo ljudej bojatsja mnenija okruzhajuschih, ih osuzhdenija i prozhivajut svoju zhizn' ne v ladu s soboj, a podstraivajas' pod stereotipy.
- Sat Nov 13 10:55:26 2010 (GMT)

673. Name: patti , E-Mail: patti-d@yandex.ua , City: Luck

Comments: Sposibo za vash sajt
- Mon Nov 1 18:21:42 2010 (GMT)

672. Name: Viktor , City: Kramatorsk

Comments: U menja net komp'jutra no ja ochen' nuzhdajus' v vashej pomoschi moj nom 066*******
Lena: (nomer ja udalila)
Net, zvonit' ja ne budu. Napishite mne pis'mo s mobilki. Moj adres elektronnoj pochty ja napisala na glavnoj stranichke etogo moego sajta.

- Mon Oct 25 15:55:18 2010 (GMT)

671. Name: Nicole Paige , E-Mail: nicolespaige@yahoo.com , City: New York

Comments: I know of you from your excellent posts on Crone & other TS yahoo groups.
I was curious so I came to have a look.
Thank you
- Sun Oct 3 16:50:09 2010 (GMT)

670. Name: Rozalija , E-Mail: ailazo@2009mail.ru , City: moskou

Comments: ja ochen' davno esche s detstva ponjala chto ja transvestit no togda vse bylo zaprescheno i ochen' stroga doma odevala veshi materi tak shli gody poka odnazhdy ne okazalos' v ispani gorade barselone . zdes' vse izmenilos dlja menja ulica gei bary diskoteki gde transvestity i lizbianki neskolka let prozhela i teper reshila primenjat' priporaty . no mne uzhe 45 skazhite pozhalusta ne povlijaet na vozrast
Lena: Na vozrast? Vozrast ot "preparatov" ne umen'shitsja.
I vosprinimat' vas zhenschinoj ne budut, potomu chto ob elektroepiljacii vy ne zadumyvaetes'. Vam dazhe pochitat' etu gostevuju knigu len'.

- Mon Sep 27 22:04:47 2010 (GMT)

669. Name: Maddy Sparks , E-Mail: emailittomadeline@yahoo.com.au , City: NSW Australia

Comments: You are wonderful Lena, A very Pretty Lady.
God bless you.

Maddy Sparks
- Thu Sep 23 12:48:45 2010 (GMT)

668. Name: Petr , City: Kiev

Comments: Lena, tvoim fotkam uzhe 10 let i bol'she. Ty izmenilas' za eto vremja? Mozhesh' razmestit' bolee svezhie, chtoby uvidet' kak ty izmenilas' v luchshuju storonu.
- Tue Aug 31 19:30:26 2010 (GMT)

667. Name: Aiakss , E-Mail: Vit15205029@yandex.ru , City: Armavir

Comments: Pomogite sovetom . Hochu odet' obtjagivajuschie brjuki,no ne mogu. Vyperaet chlen. Kak ego sprjatat'?
Lena: Do operacii v sostave kostjuma unisex ja nosila tol'ko prostye (ne stretch) dzhinsy v obtjazhku poverh utjagivajuschih trusikov. K tomu vremeni ja uzhe 9 let prinimala zhenskie gormony, na nuzhnyh mestah naros zhirok.
Prekrasnye foto. A kak vam udavalos' prjatat' penis?
Dlja teh foto na pljazhe (za polgoda do operacii) zatjanula s pomosch'ju lejkoplastyrja.
- Sun Aug 8 04:24:05 2010 (GMT)

666. Name: Olja , E-Mail: radhakrishnabhaktidevi@mail.ru , City: Slavgorod

Comments: Lena Bol'shoe Spasibo!:)
Prekrasnyj sajt!=)
Ochen' rad chto chto Vy est'...!
Ljubvi, Schast'ja i Radosti!:)
- Fri Jul 16 20:30:29 2010 (GMT)

665. Name: Pavel

Comments: Pochital vashi otvety, Lena, i u menja slozhilos' vpechatlenie, chto vy vosprinimaete mnenija, rashozhie s vashimi, ves'ma agressivno. Dumaju, v vashem polozhenii, nuzhno byt' bolee lojal'noj.
Lena: Kakoe eto "moe polozhenie"?
JA ne budu podstraivat'sja pod vashe mnenie i podstavljat' druguju schjoku.

- Thu Jun 17 11:55:21 2010 (GMT)

664. Name: Aleks , City: Moskva

Comments: Zdravstvujte Elena hochu stat' parnem,chto mne delat'?
S nedavnego vremeni ja stala schitat' sebja parnem.Esli ja stanu transvistitom,eto ploho skazhetsja na moej zhizni i kakie budut posledstvija?Mne eschjo net 18.Ne znaju kak otreagiruet sem'ja i rodstveniki.Druzej u menja prakticheski net.Esli ja stanu parnem,ne stanu-li ja skuchat' o tom,chto kogda-to byla devushkoj?
- Fri Jun 4 12:28:44 2010 (GMT)

663. Name: ol'ga , E-Mail: kon2176@gmail.com , City: samara

Comments: Zdravstvujle Lena. Mne 45 ja vsju zhizn' ubegal/a ot svoej zhenskoj suschnosti, vrjad li ja reshus' na smenu pola, Pri roste 187 i 45 razmere obuvi. No mne hochetsja udalit' hotja by volosy s lica, chtoby byt' kachestvenn(ym)oj TV CD . apparat iz batarejki izgotovil/a, no chto-to ne ochen' poluchaetsja to li iglu ne podobral/a, to-li s poljusami putajus'. Igolku k minusu podkljuchat'?S uvazheniem, Ol'ga S.
Lena: Esche raz povtorjaju: podrobnye instrukcii po elektroepiljacii dlja transseksualov, transvestitov i t.p. - v konferencii TGrus.
- Sat May 15 09:49:15 2010 (GMT)

662. Name: Zalina , City: Groznyj

Comments: Zdravstvujte. Pozhalujsta pomogite mne, u menja tozhe volosy po vsemu telu rastut. Dajte sovet chto mne delat', pomogite pozhalujsta
Lena: JA uzhe otvechala na etot vopros v etoj gostevoj knige, povtorjaju: zhenschinam-netransseksualam - obratit'sja k ginekologu-endokrinologu. Krome togo, delat' elektroepiljaciju s tonen'koj provolochkoj, kotoruju nado vstavit' vdol' kazhdogo volosa do follikula ("kornja") i podat' tok.
- Mon May 3 09:51:28 2010 (GMT)

661. Name: ZHenja , E-Mail: t-lera444@mail.ru , City: tel' - aviv

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena mne uzhe 53 goda no do sih por chuvstvuju sebja zhenschinoj i zhivu dvojnoj zhizn'ju ja chuvstvuju prinadlezhaschim k zhenskomu polu s 5 let pereodevajus' i krashus' tozhe s 5 let tak kak obschajus' i druzhu tol'ko s devochkami v detstve a sejchas s zhenschinami i takimi ljud'mi kak ja sejchas operacii po peremene pola u nas v strane delajut besplatno no eto oznachaet chto ja okazhus' na ulice tak kak vy ponimaete esli ja nachnu zhit' kak zhenschina postojanno ja srazu terjaju rabotu i vse ostal'noe rodstvenniki i blizkie vse znajut no ne hotjat podderzhat' menja i kategoricheski protiv vsego i terpjat menja tol'ko potomu chto ja tol'ko doma zhenschina voobsche ne hotjat menja ponjat' druz'ja moi tozhe v takom polozhenii i pomoschi ot nih tozhe nel'zja zhdat' u menja postojannaja dipressija i prochee chto s etim svjazano chto vy mne mozhete posovetovat' v etoj situacii est' li kakoj - nibud' vyhod a to mne v golovu uzhe lezut durnye mysli vy ponimaete kakie
Lena: Bol'shinstvo transseksualov v takom zhe polozhenii. Kazhdaja reshaet za sebja, kakoe iz dvuh zol men'shee: gendernaja disforija ili problemy, stojaschie na puti smeny pola.
- Sat Apr 24 09:39:19 2010 (GMT)

660. Name: craig , E-Mail: cartercraig65@att.net , City: mmichigan

Comments: hello Lena,i just wanted to say i think you are a very classy and beautiful woman,it doesnt matter what you were or whats under the clothes,what matters is whats inside.and you are a stunning woman....love from me
- Mon Apr 19 13:57:36 2010 (GMT)

659. Name: sasha , City: kiew

Comments: ty super,ja tebe po dobromu zaviduju
- Fri Apr 16 22:23:49 2010 (GMT)

658. Name: Vicky , E-Mail: vicky_tsg_writer@yahoo.co.uk , City: Zaporoznye

Comments: Congratulations Lena. You have been very, very brave and I admire your strength and curage. I am actually british born but I have spent the past 17 years living and working in Russia and the Ukraine. I understand how people here feel about Transgender people, it is not easy.

Well done Lena.
- Fri Apr 16 09:41:41 2010 (GMT)

657. Name: Roma

Comments: Zdravstvujte!
Skazhite, Vam chto-libo izvestno o pribore dlja epiljacii Epil-Kvik? Stoit-li pokupat' ego?
Lena: Ne stoit. Eto chistoe sharlatanstvo. V oblasti udalenija nezhelatel'nyh volos (kak i lechenija oblysenija i uvelichenija grudej) naduvatel'stvo na obmane sidit i moshennichestvom pogonjaet. Navsegda udaljaet volosy tol'ko elektroepiljacija s tonen'koj provolochkoj, kotoruju nuzhno vstavit' v poru vdol' kazhdogo volosa i podat' tok. Dlja epiljacii samoj sebe goditsja tol'ko prostoj postojannyj (ne vysokochastotnyj) tok ot batarejki, bez elektroniki, nikakoj pribor ne nuzhen. Bol' pri etom gorazdo slabee, chem u medsester v kosmeticheskih salonah podzharivanie vysokochastotnym peremennym tokom, no vsjo zhe nemnozhko bol'no. I sotni chasov kropotlivogo nudnogo truda. Na teh, komu hochetsja pobystree, moshenniki den'gu i zashibajut.
- Mon Apr 12 13:39:23 2010 (GMT)

656. Name: Rita , E-Mail: rita2001@gmail.com , City: Toronto

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena,
sovershenno sluchajno natknulas' na vashu stranichku, iskala subsidized housing -eto gosudarstvennoe social'noe zhil'e dlja prestarelyh grazhdan. Iskala ja ego dlja svoej svekrovi, prozhivja s nej vmeste 4 goda.
Koli uzhe zashla na vashu stranicu, ne mogu ujti s nee, ne skazav kakaja vy sil'naja,smelaja i celeustremlennaja zhenschina. Na fotografijah vy vygljadite ochen' zhenstvenno i milo. Zdorov'ja vam, ljubvi i dolgih let zhizni.
- Wed Apr 7 19:28:37 2010 (GMT)

655. Name: R. , E-Mail: (ja udalila)

Comments: Uvazhaemaja Lena! JA ochen' mnogo uznal s pomosch'ju vashego resursa, odnako s nekotoroj opaskoj otnoshus' k voprosu svoego rassekrechivanija! S detskogo vozrasta ja oschuschaju svoju prinadlezhnost' k drugomu polu, odnako bojus' reakcii okruzhajuschih menja ljudej! Esli Vam ne slozhno, svjazhites' so mnoj po etomu adresu dlja bolee ser'eznogo obschenija! Nadejus' s Vashej pomosch'ju obresti sebja kak lichnost'! Novaja lichnost'! Zaranee blagodarju! ZHdu otveta s neterpeniem!
Lena: Esli Vam nuzhna informacija, to rasskazhite mne o sebe pis'mom (email), a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige. Menja ne interesujut Vashi familija, domashnij adres, telefon, mesto raboty.
- Tue Apr 6 12:52:47 2010 (GMT)

654. Name: ajsha , E-Mail: chechenka68@mail.ru , City: stokholm

Comments: zdrastwujte u mienia rostut usy ja nie znaju chto mnie delat pomogite esli mojete
Lena: Obratit'sja k ginekologu-endokrinologu. Krome togo, delat' elektroepiljaciju s tonen'koj provolochkoj, kotoruju nado vstavit' vdol' kazhdogo volosa do follikula ("kornja") i podat' tok.
- Wed Mar 17 11:25:14 2010 (GMT)

653. Name: Eria

Comments: Lena, a transgendery iz stran SNG mogut prosit' ubezhische na Zapade /esli est' fakty presledovanij, i t.d./? V kakie strany luchshe obraschat'sja i kak prohodit process etot?
Lena: JA by ne sovetovala na takoe nadejat'sja.
- Sat Mar 13 17:42:47 2010 (GMT)

652. Name: Elja , E-Mail: Ellochka@ro.ru

Comments: Prochitala bol'shuju chast' konferencii. Ne mne, konechno, sudit', ibo takih sajtov edinicy, tol'ko blagodarit' po idee nado, chto i delaju. No, zrja Vy tak. Vy govorite, chto nado snachala sdelat' epiljaciju, a potom vse ostal'noe. Da, ran'she ja byla na etom zaciklena. Pincetom vyschipyvala vse volosy na lice i nogah po volosku. A sejchas mne plevat' na nih. Glavnoe chuvstvovat' sebja vnutri devushkoj, a dlja etogo bez gormonov ne obojtis'. U nekotoryh zhenschin rastut usy, no oni zhenschiny. Mne plevat' esli letom ja vyjdu v shortikah s zhenskimi ljazhkami, popoj i sis'kami, no s schetinoj na lice. Poshli oni vse nafig, kto menja osudit. Menja naoborot gnobili imenno kogda ja pytalas' stroit' iz sebja muzhika, davili vplot' do ugroz raspravy. A kogda ja rasslabljajus' i nachinaju chuvstvovat' sebja devushkoj, dazhe prosto skazav sebe: "JA - devushka", to okruzhajuschie nachinajut po dobromu otnosit'sja. Stranno, pochemu to u mnogih naoborot. JA i na pljazhe razdevalas' vystavljaja svoju sis'ku pervogo razmera. Narod smotrit, no bez kakih libo zamechanij.
Tak chto, ja schitaju, chto prezhde vsego nado skazat' sebe vnutri samoj: "JA - devushka", i zhit' s etim. Esli komfortno zhit' s etim, to nachat' pit' gormony, chtoby uzhe polnost'ju chuvstvovat' sebja devushkoj, dazhe mysli izmenjatsja. Esli chuvstvuesh' sebja otlichno, no mozhno dvigat' dal'she.
A lichno ja naprimer ne budu epiljaciju delat' i chto, mne nel'zja pit' gormony. Pila, p'ju i budu pit', esche i dozu uvelichu. Dlja menja oni kak narkotik, bez nih nachinaet kolbasit'. Eto tak zhe kak zimoj pri avitaminoze ochen' hochetsja soku vypit'. A mne vot estradiol kak vitamin, bez nego nikak.
Lena: Konferencija - eto ne zdes' v gostevoj knige. Konferencija - eto obschenie cherez email: vy pishete pis'mo na special'nyj email adres konferencii, eto pis'mo avtomaticheski rassylaetsja vsem podpischikam konferencii (sejchas 350 chelovek), zhelajuschie otvechajut, dobavljajut, otvety tozhe rassylajutsja vsem podpischikam konferencii. Eta gostevaja kniga ob'emom 0,5 megabajta, a v arhive konferencii 80 megabajtov teksta.

Na pljazhe mozhet i sojdet, no Vy ne vsju zhizn' provodite na pljazhe. Kogda vy v odezhde, okruzhajuschie smotrjat na lico. Uzkie usiki u zhenschin byvajut, no vot seraja ten' na meste sbritoj borody - net. Eta seraja ten' vidna so storony na solnechnom svete cherez ljubuju kosmetiku gorazdo luchshe, chem samoj sebe v zerkale v pomeschenii. V sochetanii s drugimi chastichno muzhskimi chertami lica obschee vpechatlenie sozdaetsja - muzhik v jubke, besplatnyj cirk. Rano ili pozdno narvetes' na kompaniju kozlov, ischuschih na kom kulaki pochesat'. :-(
Nu a uzh na rabote vas skoro raskusjat, dazhe esli smenite dokumenty. I vygonjat po ljubomu povodu ili bez povoda.

Vyschipyvanie ne izbavljaet polnost'ju ni ot togo, chto na oschup' volosy koljutsja, ni ot seroj teni, potomu chto uzhe nachavshie rasti zanovo, no esche ne dorosshie do poverhnosti kozhi volosy uzhe prosvechivajut cherez chastichno prozrachnuju kozhu, a gormonoterapija delaet kozhu esche prozrachnee. Elektroepiljaciju dostatochno sdelat' odin raz, i bol'she tratit' vremja na vyschipyvanie uzhe ne pridetsja, v konechnom itoge Vy sekonomite vremja. Elektroepiljaciju vozmozhno i real'no sdelat' samoj sebe besplatno (instrukcii - v konferencii). Eto dolgaja i nudnaja rabota. Vam banal'no len'. No lenjas', vy sovershaete katastroficheskuju oshibku. Ne nastupajte na eti grabli, davno izvestnye uchastnicam konferencii. Mnogie lenjatsja kak Vy, cherez nekotoroe vremja do nih vsjo-taki dohodit, no vremja upuscheno. Poka Vy esche ne smenili dokumenty, u vas esche est' vozmozhnost' otraschivat' volosy na lice (chto neobhodimo dlja elektroepiljacii) i neskol'ko mesjacev hodit' so schetinoj. Posle smeny dokumentov vy okazhetes' v lovushke, vyletite s raboty i iz doma i okazhetes' v tupike. JA takie istorii nabljudala. JA ne hochu takoj sud'by ljudjam, poetomu mne prihoditsja zanimat'sja tak skazat' shantazhom: tem MtF, kto lenjatsja delat' elektroepiljaciju, ja otkazyvajus' dat' rekomendacii po gormonoterapii. V klouny - bez menja.
- Thu Feb 18 03:33:18 2010 (GMT)

651. Name: Joanne Lee , E-Mail: joannelee27@hotmail.com , City: SYDNEY

Comments: Very interesting.Its a pity that my age prevents me from SRS, but I am transitioning as far as possible
- Fri Feb 12 05:23:13 2010 (GMT)

650. Name: Ramuna , E-Mail: norontock@gmail.com , City: N

Comments: Zdrastvujte JA hotel by byt' zhenschinoj ja ne mogu cherez eto perestupit' , t.k. okruzhajuschie i vse takoe , da kazhetsja chto deneg na operaciju i vse dela mne ne najti ..
Lena: Operacija v Tailande - ot 3500 dollarov vkljuchaja dorogu i edu. V Rossii est' deshevle, no kachestvo tak sebe.
Vobschem nastojaschij tupik . A tak vse kak u vseh maminy chulki v detstve i sejchas nechto podobnoe .. Tol'ko vot nemnogo drugoe s orientaciej . ja by hotel byt' zhencinoj - no lezbijankoj . A potomu hochu sprosit' . Vozmozhnoli takoe chtoby posle garmonoteropii ostalas' normal'naja potencija . Toest' chtoby grud' vyrosla i formy okruglilis' , no muzhskie no pisja ne usohla i ostals' stojat' .
Maloverojatno (eto individual'no i nepredskazuemo).
I kstati pochem eti garmony , gde ih luchshe preobretat', i dolgoli ih prinimat' ? Lena zaranee sposibo .
Ot 110 rublej v mesjac, v obychnyh aptekah, vsju zhizn' (vopreki cirkulirujuschej v sredstvah massovoj dezinformacii puzhalke, eto ne vredno, esli ne slushat' sovetskih vrachej, propisyvajuschih dejstvitel'no vrednye gormony).
- Wed Jan 20 00:37:04 2010 (GMT)

649. Name: marina , E-Mail: deep4art@yahoo.com

Comments: Hello, Lena!
It was amazing to read your profile/your story...
I am a gay woman from Russia and having some doubts lately about my body. I need to research more and talk to other people to give my thoughts right direction....
Would love to talk to you...
- Tue Jan 19 17:35:56 2010 (GMT)

648. Name: oleg , E-Mail: pet_oleg87@mail.ru , City: Almaty

Comments: Zdrastvuite. ya poka mzhchina. no hochu smenit pol. uzhe bolshe goda dumayu no ne rshayus. chto vy b mne posovetovali. zoranee sposiba.
Lena: JA otvetila pis'mom na email.
- Sun Dec 20 22:52:20 2009 (GMT)

647. Name: Katherine , E-Mail: katherine_h@rocketmail.com , City: Fayetteville, NC

Comments: Hi Lena!
I truly appreciate the advice you provide on the CRONE. Love your website, very informative. Please take care. Hugs.

- Sat Dec 5 13:28:32 2009 (GMT)

646. Name: Nikolaj , City: Moskva

Comments: Dobryj den', Elena!

U menja k Vam vopros. Gde-to 2 mesjaca ja prinimal po tri tabletki estrofema v den'. U menja nemnogo nabuhla grud' i snizilas' potencija. Teper' ja vstretil devushku i reshil ostat'sja muzhchinoj. Skazhite, snizhenie potencii - eto uzhe navsegda ili ona vosstanovitsja, tak kak ja perestal prinimat' zhenskie polovye gormony? CHto mne delat' dlja vosstanovlenija potencii? Zaranee blagodarju za otvet.
Lena: Skazhite devushke, chto Vy trans. Ne ostanetes' Vy prosto muzhchinoj vsju zhizn'. Ne obeschajte nikogda ne prinimat' gormony i nikogda ne delat' operaciju. Esli vy ne skazhete sejchas, devushka budet schitat' sebja obmanutoj, i konchitsja eto razvodom s otbiraniem detej (i zhilploschadi). Nikomu (ni ej, ni detjam, ni Vam) ot etogo ne budet luchshe. Skol'ko takih istorij ja uzhe videla... :(

A nachinat' nuzhno ne s gormonov, a s elektroepiljacii na lice. Prjamo sejchas.
- Sun Nov 29 22:00:47 2009 (GMT)

645. Name: Jana Ilsen , E-Mail: y.j.ilsen@online.nl , City: Haren, NL

Comments: Dear Lena,

Nice to meet you here. I've visit you several times on your site and I'm stunned about the lot of HRT-information you are given us.
To me you are a spirit who is very honoust and gave what she have really to give.

I thank you for your honousty and I'm very glad with you in spirit.

Hugz, Jana
- Mon Nov 9 11:30:17 2009 (GMT)

644. Name: emmanuelle bediat , E-Mail: a.bediat@btinternet.com , City: london

Comments: hi.nice to read your page.i will come to kiev in january.hope to see you there.i m a post op.i never have any probleme.i suppose i m bless.
- Sun Oct 25 20:18:56 2009 (GMT)

643. Name: QQQ

Comments: Vy ocharovatel'naja zhenschina
- Fri Oct 16 13:54:42 2009 (GMT)

642. Name: Slava , City: Kiev

Comments: Vy prosto super. Vy mne ochen' ponravilis'.
- Wed Sep 30 15:55:14 2009 (GMT)

641. Name: Mihail , E-Mail: welik707@yahoo.com , City: CHernomorsk

Comments: Uvazhaemaja Elena,skazhite pozhalujsta byvajut li fantomnye boli posle SRS?
Lena: Naschet FtM - ne predstavljaju, chto mozhet bolet'. Naschet MtF - amerikanskij hirurg Schrang pisal pro udalenie jaichek: "remove both testicles and spermatic cords all the way back to the external inguinal rings; otherwise, painful cords could result which I have seen happen a number of times", t.e. chto nuzhno udalit' kak mozhno bol'shuju chast' semennyh kanatikov, inache neudalennye chasti mogut bolet'. Eto vsjo, chto ja slyshala iz kakim-to bokom otnosjaschegosja k fantomnym boljam. Horoshie hirurgi iz golovki penisa delajut klitor i/ili drugie erogennye zony. Primerno za nedelju posle operacii mozg perestraivaetsja na novuju konfiguraciju tela.
- Wed Sep 16 17:08:29 2009 (GMT)

640. Name: AnnA , City: ukraina

Comments: zdravstvujte,ja uvazhaju vash vybor i vybor ljudej so shozhimi... problemami. ved' sami vo vvedenii Vy skazali, chto eto zabolevanie( uvy(

mne interesno vot chto. skazhite, chto ischut transvestity, muzhchiny, v otnoshenijah s normal'nymi muzhchinami. Govorjat li oni im, kto oni na samom dele. ved', skazhem, pri virtual'nom obschenii takie... zhenschiny... govorjat ot zhenskogo imeni. na chto oni nadejutsja? Prostite, ja dumaju, moj vopros ponjaten... Spasibo...
Lena: Nea, ne uvazhaete. Otsjuda i voprosy. Kotorye na samom dele ne voprosy, a popytka samoutverzhdenija. Pochuvstvovat' sebja vyshe kogo-to.

Nazyvat' vseh transvestitov skopom bez razboru "muzhchinami" bez ogovorok - eto uproschenie, privodjaschee k neponimaniju.

A nazyvajuschih v virtual'nom obschenii imja ili vozrast ili semejnoe polozhenie ne po pasportu, ili professiju ne po trudovoj knizhke, ili drugie rost-ves i t.d., govorjat, neskol'ko desjatkov procentov. CHto oni ischut? Na chto oni nadejatsja?
- Tue Sep 8 18:03:13 2009 (GMT)

639. Name: Valerij , E-Mail: lesbica@yandex.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Dobryj den', Elena!

Skazhite, pozhalujsta, kak Vy schitaete, menjat' svoj pol - eto skoree trusost' (begstvo ot problem) ili smelost' (vyzov obschestvu i prirode)?
Lena: Menjat' pol svoego tela - eto sozdat' sebe kuchu problem. Tak chto eto ne begstvo ot problem, a naoborot.
U menja i moih znakomyh nikogda ne bylo celi brosit' vyzov obschestvu. Esli nekotorye predstaviteli obschestva vosprinimajut nas kak vyzov - ih problemy.
A "priroda" v etom kontekste - termin religioznyj (jazycheskij).

JA ne silen v biologii, no soglasno ucheniju evoljucii, kak mne kazhetsja, transseksualizm vedet k degradacii vida.
Transseksualov 0,2%. Geev na porjadok bol'she. Sredi procvetajuschih vidov zhivotnyh tozhe.
Nu i, nakonec, men'she narodu - bol'she kislorodu. Planeta davno perenaselena. CHislennost' naselenija prodolzhaet rasti. My otravimsja sobstvennymi othodami.

Transseksualy - nepolnocennye predstaviteli Homo sapiens, poskol'ku ne mogut rozhat' detej.
Mogut (do smeny pola). No ja ne schitaju eto dostoinstvom, poka est' siroty v detdomah. A oni est'.
Ot togo, chto transseksual rodit rebenka do smeny pola, ne budet horosho ni rebenku, ni transseksualu.

JA sam stradaju ot etoj "bolezni" i ne nahozhu ee dobrodetel'ju. Vot sizhu i dumaju, chto esli ja smenju pol, vozmozhno, ja prosto sdamsja v ugodu svoim prihotjam i t.p. JA ne smogu rodit' rebenka, kotoryj mog by uluchshit' mir, sdelat' sebja i ego schastlivym. Kak pechal'no.
Rodit' - uma ne nado.

Vsego Vam dobrogo!

S uvazheniem,
- Sun Sep 6 18:27:10 2009 (GMT)

638. Name: Vita , City: Toronto

Comments: Moi muzh ochen' ozabochen svoei vneshnost'u. Kazhetsia, chto bol'she nichego ego ne interesuet krome pohoda v sportzal, pitania po narashivaniu mishz i kruchenia pered zerakalom. Neskol'ko raz ia ego zastavala odetim v moi trusi.Bol'she nichego zhenskogo v nem ne nabludaetsia, no ia nikak ne poimu on mal'chik ili devochka. Pomogite razobrat'sia.
Lena: Zametnye myshcy - eto muzhskoj vtorichnyj polovoj priznak. A takzhe sposob samoutverzhdenija.
- Thu Aug 20 20:17:39 2009 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie perepiski:

Da, naverno. No pochemu togda on tak boleznenno otnositsia k poiavleniu volos na tele i begaet na lazernuiu terapiu kazhdii mesiaz chtob sovsem nigde ne bilo volos, ved' po-moemu dlia muzhchini volosi ne dolzhni sozdavat' diskomforta.
Takaja moda sredi kul'turistov. Mol chtoby kazhdyj vystup kazhdoj myshcy byl luchshe viden.
Ia ponimaiu chto u kul'turistov osobie vzgliadi na eti veshiIa, no togda zachem razgliadivat' sebia v zhenskih trusah...
Mozhet byt', ne v ljubyh zhenskih trusah, a tol'ko obtjagivajuschih i podcherkivajuschih muzhskie genitalii, a takzhe ne skryvajuschih okruzhajuschie myschcy?
U menia vot nikogda ne voznikalo zhelania napialit' murzhskie trusi. Ia kazhetsia sovsem zaputalas...Chto vi dumaete, Lena? S blagodarnost'u, Vita.
- Fri Aug 21 13:47:51 2009 (GMT)

Lena, spasibo vam za ob'iasnenia. Kazhetsia, teper' vseo poniatno.Da i vobshem kakaia razniza kto ti po polu, vazhno -kto ti po suti. Kstati vashi glaza ne imeut pola -oni porosto chelovecheskie. Dai bog vam schast'ia!
- Mon Aug 31 18:41:01 2009 (GMT)

637. Name: kristina , E-Mail: molo123@one.lv , City: Riga

Comments: zdravstvujte Lena,ja hotela sprasic mi mozem poopsjaca s vami po internetu ja sama iz Latvij i zdes nekovo netu kto pojmjot, ja uze upotrebljaju 7 mesjacov gormoni no oni kakto mne neochen pomogajus sto mne delac? vi moglibi pomoch?s uvozenijam kristina.
Lena: Napishite mne pis'mom (email) podrobno, chto imenno, po skol'ku i kak chasto vy prinimaete, i s kakoj cel'ju. Prichem pishite russkimi bukvami, luchshe s Rambler-pochty.
- Wed Aug 12 20:11:39 2009 (GMT)

636. Name: Valerij

Comments: Esli k vam obratitsja za pomosch'ju to kak?
Lena: Zavedite sebe pochtovyj jaschik na mail.rambler.ru i napishite mne ottuda pis'mo - rasskazhite podrobno chego vy hotite i o sebe (ne anketnye dannye, a chto kasaetsja vashej pros'by). Moj email adres ja napisala na glavnoj stranchike etogo sajta. Takaja elektronnaja pochta (email) - kak raz dlja konfidencial'nogo obschenija, a ne kak zdes' v gostevoj knige ljuboj ljubopytnyj prochitat' mozhet.
snachalo hotelos' by pozvonit' po telefonu zhelatel'no
po sotovamu.zaranie spasibo...
Neznakomym ljudjam ja nomer moego telefona ne daju. Da i dorogo by vam razgovory iz Rossii oboshlis'.
registrirovatsja na sajte ja na umeju.
CHto imenno v processe registracii vam neponjatno? Tam vsjo raz'jasneno po-russki. Vam pridetsja zaregistrirovat'sja na Rambler-pochte i napisat' mne pis'mo. Zvonit' ja vam ne budu.
- Mon Aug 10 20:25:02 2009 (GMT)

635. Name: Gay , E-Mail: AtomGay@List.ru , City: ZHeleznogorsk Krasnojarskogo kraja

Comments: Ochen' hochetsja pozhelat' vam svego luchshego, ot dushi.
Buduchi geem ja stalknulsja s transeksual'nymi ljud'mi, ih problemy, i tot pressing kotoryj ispytyvajut ot obschestva oni namnogo vyshe davlenija na geev i lesbijanok, ja schitaju chto nuzhno prodolzhat' i rabotat' nad dostizheniem zaschity nashih prav i svobod, i dlja etogo, nam L-G-B-T nuzhno byt' vmeste i podderzhivat' drug druga.

Spasibo vam za vashu otkrovennuju istoriju, ot vsej dushi zhelaju vam schast'ja! =)
- Sun Aug 9 05:25:21 2009 (GMT)

634. Name: Martina , E-Mail: martinastoutjongen@hotmail.com , City: Belfast

Comments: Dear Lena, you are truly an inspiration to me! I am so encouraged after reading your site and so envious (sighs!!!!) of your determination and feistyness. You are a wonderful person and also a very beautiful person in every way. very kind wishes, Martina.
- Fri Jul 24 19:33:22 2009 (GMT)

633. Name: Sasha , City: penza

Comments: privet Lena menja zavut Sasha mne 26 let ja hochu pomenjat' pol no nichego ob etom ne znaju emejla u menja poka net
Lena: Sdelaj sebe email - zaregistrirujsja na mail-pda.rambler.ru i napishi mne ottuda pis'mo. Moj email adres ja napisala na glavnoj stranchike etogo sajta.
- Thu Jul 23 13:10:58 2009 (GMT)

632. Name: SonjaTG , E-Mail: SonjaTG@spaces.ru , City: Kirovograd ,
Home Page URL: Vodafon Live!

Comments: Zdravstvujte Elena!U menja voznikla problema,vchera moja zena zastala pereodetim v zenskoe bel'je moego 8miletnego sina,na eto on otvetil:menja nikto ne lubit,odnoklasniki ne hotjat so mnoj druzit,mozet esli ja stanu devochkoj menja budut lubit?!Ponimaete,moej zene itak so mnoj ne legko,ja ved tozeTS,menja eshe ona prinjala,a sina...Ja teper i sam neznau chto ej skazat ili podderzat i sina ne mogu rugat,ja ved takoj samij.Chto delat?Pozalujsta podskazite!
Lena: Skazat' mozhno, chto "stat' devochkoj" - eto ochen' dolgij (gody) i trudnyj process. I vsjo eto vremja bol'shinstvo okruzhajuschih budut ljubit' esche men'she. CHto diplomirovannye "specialisty" i oficial'naja medicina - eto ne pomosch' transseksualam, a prepjatstvie, kotoroe prihoditsja preodolevat'. Detjam i podrostkam smenit' pol na Ukraine voobsche ne pozvoljajut.

Naschet dal'nejshego nashego obschenija - ja napisala pis'mo na vash pochtovyj jaschik (E-Mail).
- Thu Jul 9 08:47:16 2009 (GMT)

631. Name: Sonja , E-Mail: SonjaTg@spaces.ru , City: UA,Kirovograd ,
Home Page URL: Vodafon life!

Comments: Zdravstvujte Elena!Menja zavut Sonja,v realnoj zizni Sasha,jaTS.Ja ochen hochu stat normalnoj zenshinoj,mne kazetsja inogda, chto ja, kogda nibud sojdu s uma, ot misli,chto imenno ej mne nikogda ne stat.Samaja bolshaja i edinstvennaja prichina,eto moja sem'ja,kotoryu ochen lublu.Pravda svojej zene ja obovsem priznalsja i k bolshomu udivleniu,ona menja prinjala.No po preznemu hochet videt vo mne muzchinu,cheloveka za kotorogo vihodila zamuz.I ja ee ponimau,no kak mne dalshe bit?S bolshim uvazeniem,Sonja.
- Wed Jul 8 20:01:34 2009 (GMT)

630. Name: Sonja , City: Kirovograd ,
Home Page URL: vodafon live!

Comments: Zdravsvujte Elena!Vi bolshaja umnica i ja Vam chesno zavidyu po dobromu,chto Vi nashli v sebe sili plit protiv techenija!Kak bi ja hotela bi vse pomenjat v etoj zizni,stat tem kem ja est,no est ochen mnogo"no".Vi umnica!!!
- Sat Jul 4 23:22:35 2009 (GMT)

629. Name: Den , E-Mail: tambov.tk@mail.ru , City: tmb ,
Home Page URL: http://loveplanet.denisbeta.info

Comments: Ofiget', smelo. JA konechno ne otnoshus' k transseksualam, no uvazhaju takih ljudej. Derzaj, Lenka! Deniskabeta
- Sun Jun 28 20:50:15 2009 (GMT)

628. Name: XL700

Comments: Spasibo, chto na zemle est' takie ljudi kak vy Lenochka!
- Sun Jun 21 15:43:43 2009 (GMT)

627. Name: Ksjusha , E-Mail: lunara@waper.ru , City: Zernograd

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena! Blagodarja Vam,sovsem nedavno,ja v polnoj mere osoznala svoe istinnoe "JA"! Nachinaja so shkol'nogo vozrasta,ja vse bol'she chuvstvovala vnutrennij konflikt mezhdu svoimi vnutrennimi oschuschenijami i tem,chego trebovali,ot menja,okruzhajuschie ljudi. Buduchi podroskom,ja stala ostro chuvstvovat' svoju uscherbnost'. Mne stalo neprijatno moe izobrazhenie v zerkale ili na foto. Ved' tam byl sovsem ne tot chelovek,kotorogo ja hotela videt'... Mne vsegda govorili:"Bud' muzhchinoj". A ja nikogda im ne byla. Dazhe moj vnutrennij golos,s kotorym ja vsegda razgovarivaju v odinochestve-zhenskij... CHtoby ne ostat'sja v odinochestve,ja sozdala sem'ju s zhenschinoj,u kotoroj uzhe byl rebenok. Tri goda nazad rodilsja nash obschij syn. JA ljublju detej i,do nekotoroj stepeni,svoju zhenu. Razocharovyvaet lish' to,chto ona menja ljubit,kak muzhchinu,a ja mechtaju,chto by ona ljubila menja,kak zhenschinu! Ved' ja-lesbijanka... JA bogotvorju zhenschin,zhazhdu ih,a osobenno-lesbi... K muzhchinam chuvstvuju neprijazn'... Sovsem nedavno nashla etot sajt,kotoryj na 100% dokazal moi mnogoletnie dogadki... CHto delat' dal'she-neznaju. No,kazhdyj novyj den' prinosit novye razocharovanija... ZHivu lish' ljubov'ju k svoim blizkim... Ogromnoe Spasibo vsem,kto s ponimaniem otnositsja k nashej probleme! Ksjusha.
- Thu Jun 11 17:36:36 2009 (GMT)

626. Name: Ivana , E-Mail: elconono@yahoo.com , City: Houston ,
Home Page URL: NA

Comments: Dear, i would like to see more pictures of you and to be your friend.

- Fri May 22 23:07:14 2009 (GMT)

625. Name: ismet bekirov , E-Mail: ismet-b@yandex/ru , City: simferopol'

Comments: proshu vashego razreshenija vylozhit' foto i istoriju na sajt i.ua mne interesno uznat' naskol'ko taleranten nash narod
Lena: Net, ne razreshaju.
- Fri May 15 13:49:01 2009 (GMT)

624. Name: Jim Beaux , City: Milton Keynes, England ,
Home Page URL: http://transnewsgold.blogspot.com/

Comments: Excellent site.

Thank you for a clear picture of what happens in the Ukraine.

And thanks for posting your personal story.

Best wishes.
- Wed May 13 16:04:27 2009 (GMT)

623. Name: Dmitrij , E-Mail: parapilot69@yahoo.com , City: Moskva

Comments: Zdravstvujte Elena. U menja voprosy po epiljacii lica i t.d.. Narod s mnogih sajtov sovetuet obraschat'sja k vam, kak k znajuschemu cheloveku. Mogli by vy chto-to posovetovat' ili porekomendovat'. S chego nachat', kak i chto delat'?
Lena: Transseksualam i transvestitam - otvety v konferencii (sm. nizhe). Ostal'nym - voprosy po epiljacii pishite mne cherez email, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige.
- Sat Apr 25 07:27:46 2009 (GMT)

622. Name: Kovano , E-Mail: fallenpalladin@mail.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: I snova zdravstvujte!
Prochitala gostevuju knigu.
Elena! Saljut Vam kak cheloveku sil'nomu, smelomu i terpimomu (velikodushnomu)!
Kak u Vas hvataet sil na konferenciju, hvataet terpenija otvechat' i t.d.!!! Stol'ko usilij dlja pomoschi drugim nuzhdajuschimsja! Eto nepodrazhaemo!
U menja prijatnyj kul'turnyj shok.
P.S.: mozhet byt' eto imenno ta samaja Nastojaschaja ZHazhda ZHizni zastavljaet dvigat'sja ljudej k kakim-to dostizhenijam? (Vash sajt i resursy v celom schitaju monumental'nym trudom, dostojnym publikacii v tverdom pereplete)

S uvazheniem, Kovano!
- Sat Apr 18 19:21:54 2009 (GMT)

621. Name: Kovano , E-Mail: fallenpalladin@mail.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Ahh-ha-hah! Elena! JA ochen' rada videt' Vash otvet ortodoksal'nomu mistiku po povodu Tvorca)))
- Fri Apr 17 18:50:56 2009 (GMT)

620. Name: Anna , E-Mail: annabelyaevskaya@yandex.ru , City: Kramatorsk

Comments: Zdravstvujte,Lena!U menja ne tak davno pojavilsja v zhizni ljubimyj chelovek,sejchas eto devushka,ej 30 let,no ona davno schitaet sebja muzhchinoj.JA ne lesbijanka,ja prosto poljubila etogo cheloveka vsem serdcem.Ona zhe hochet sdelat' operaciju po smene pola,obraschalas' v Kievskuju kliniku,proshla obsledovanie,no ja bojus' poterjat' ee,ved' eto risk dlja zdorov'ja i zhizni.S drugoj storony-ne imeju prava ee "lomat'"kak lichnost'.Kak pravil'no postupit'?Zaranee blagdarju za sovet
Lena: Net, eto ne risk dlja zdorov'ja i zhizni. Naoborot: otkaz v lechenii (smenoj pola) privodit k smertnosti 50%. Ot suicida.
- Mon Mar 23 21:24:11 2009 (GMT)

619. Name: Laura Jackson , E-Mail: laurajackson49@hotmail.com , City: Los Angeles

Comments: Bolshoyeh spasiba for all of your help & advice on the Crone list. As regards TS issues you are surely "The Sage of Kiev"!
- Tue Mar 10 19:26:28 2009 (GMT)

618. Name: Valika , E-Mail: Valika@valika.cz , City: Liberec

Comments: Zdravstvyjte dorogaja Elena!hotel bi i ja ctobi y menja polycilos stat Zensinoj,ja yze s etoj mislej zivy kazdij den vsu svou soznatelnyu zizn,xotja ja ese molod.Pozalyjsta ja Vas ocen prosy posavetyjte mne cto delat!ja prosto shozy s yma ot misli cto ostanys v muzskom oblicai.Vi otlicno vigljadite i ja ocen rad za Vas cto polycilos to za cto borolis!
Lena: CHto delat' - nachat' s elektroepiljacii na lice. Esli ne polenites', to rasskazhu chto dal'she. Napisannogo vami email adresa ne suschestvuet. Zaregistrirujte sebe pochtovyj jaschik na mail-pda.rambler.ru (esli u vas net komp'jutera, tol'ko mobilka) i napishite mne pis'mo ottuda, vyshlju vam instrukciju po elektroepiljacii samoj sebe.
- Sat Feb 14 20:15:00 2009 (GMT)

617. Name: Mihail

Comments: Lena Vy malo togo, chto sovershili bunt protiv tvorca, no eschjo i vozvodite zlo v dobrodetel', Bog nesomnenno nakazhet Vas po zaslugam.
Lena: Davno vy s nim vstrechalis'? Rasskazhite, interesno. :)
- Fri Feb 13 13:19:00 2009 (GMT)

616. Name: Antonina Marovdi , E-Mail: marovdi@rambler,ru , City: Kiev

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena!
Menja zovut, Tonja. JA rabonaju na telekanale "Ukraina", i hotela by sprosit', ne soglasites' li vy na interv'ju, gde by vy mogli rasskazat' svoju istoriju zhizni. JA dumaju, chto eto pomozhet mnogim tem, kto sejchas sbilsja s puti, i ischet vyhod. Zaranee, spasibo!
Lena: Net. Internet - eto hot' kakoj-to intellektual'nyj cenz, a televizor smotrjat vse. I kozly, ischuschie na kom kulaki pochesat', tozhe.
- Wed Feb 11 13:34:29 2009 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie perepiski:

Elena, mozhet my s vami vstretimsja i pogovorim. Pover'te, my ne hotim nichego plohogo. S uvazheniem, Antonina!
K sozhaleniju, i u menja, i u moih znakomyh transseksualov v osnovnom negativnyj opyt obschenija s zhurnalistami, nezavisimo ot togo, chto oni govorili snachala. Prosto ne hochetsja nastupat' v ocherednoj raz na te zhe samye grabli.
- Thu Feb 12 10:22:51 2009 (GMT)

615. Name: Alex , E-Mail: azhidelv@mail.ru

Comments: Privet, u tebja est' foto 2008g. Hochetsja uvidet' na skol'ko ty izmenilas'!
Lena: Netu. Mozhet na novyj god i sdelaju.
- Fri Dec 19 08:27:33 2008 (GMT)

614. Name: Diana Dvoezerskaja , City: Tomsk

Comments: Lenochka, pomogite pozhalujsto podpisat'sja na konferenciju u menja ne poluchaetsja.
Lena: Napishite mne togda ja napishu vam podrobno chto delat' dal'she. Moj adres elektronnoj pochty ja napisala na glavnoj stranichke etogo moego sajta.
- Tue Dec 16 10:20:45 2008 (GMT)

613. Name: Diana Dvoezerskaja , E-Mail: Transssi@mail.ru , City: Rossija. g.Tomsk

Comments: Zdrastvujte! Skazhite pozhalujsta ja god prinimaju andrakur po 50 ml. i sinistrol 2 ml. u menjadosih dosihpor rastet volos na lice. volos konechno stal ton'she ne takoj grubyj. Hodila na foto epiljaciju uverjali chto cherez 5 seansov vse proidet kak roslo tak i rastet. Pomogite mne pozhalujsto chto delat'? ZHivu uzhe drugoj zhizn'ju skoro poluchu pasport na novoe imja. Spasibo zhdu otvet! :)
Lena: Zdravstvujte, Diana,

Sprosite eto u teh, kto posovetovali vam Androkur i fotoepiljaciju
i prednamerenno ne posovetovali vam podpisat'sja na konferenciju TGrus, hotja znali o nej. JA ser'ezno, sprosite.

Vy v lovushke, iz kotoroj vyhoda net. Te, kto uchastvujut v konferencii TGrus, znajut, chto obhodnogo puti net, nikakie gormony ne pomogut (i hirurgicheskoe udalenie jaichek tozhe), foto- (i lazernaja) epiljacija udaljajut volosy tol'ko vremenno, prihoditsja sdelat' elektroepiljaciju, a dlja etogo mnogie mesjacy hodit' so schetinoj na lice. Znajut i delajut elektroepiljaciju zaranee. I vam pridetsja eto sdelat', dlja chego na eti mnogie mesjacy vernut'sja k staroj zhizni. Tak chto ne toropites' s pasportom.

Kak sdelat' elektroepiljaciju na lice samoj sebe besplatno - tozhe v konferencii.
- Fri Nov 14 03:49:26 2008 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie razgovora:

JA ne predstavljaju vernut'sja k staroj zhizni ja ne smogu hodit' v muzhskoj odezhde. JA v shoke ja sejchas umru. A skol'ko primerno elektroepiljaciju delajut god, dva? I kakoj moschnosti dlja etogo nuzhen elektroepiljator chtob navernjajaka eta gadost' ushla s lica. Ona mne protivna ja ustala tak zhit' kazhdoe utro smotrju na sebja so slezami.
Nu tak vy sprosili vashih sovetchikov?

Esli postarat'sja, to v god mozhno ulozhit'sja. No eto ne dlja lenivyh.
Dlja elektroepiljacii samoj sebe ne nuzhen nikakoj fabrichnyj elektroepiljator (oni dlja etogo ne godjatsja), vse nuzhnye chasti (krome igolki) u vas doma uzhe est'. Povtorjaju: instrukcii - v konferencii TGrus.

- Fri Nov 14 21:05:22 2008 (GMT)

612. Name: Kyanite

Comments: JA voshischen Vami! Vy prekrasny, miledi!
JA sam podumyvaju o smene pola, no v obratnom porjadke, odnako poka eto tol'ko mysli i ja mogu lish' voshischat'sja Vashej smelost'ju.
- Thu Oct 23 12:52:54 2008 (GMT)

611. Name: Becky Taylor , E-Mail: beckyt33@comcast.net , City: Richmond ,
Home Page URL: http://myspace.com/luvhermusic

Comments: Just stopping in to say hey and express appreciation for your extensive research and willingness to share it.
- Tue Sep 30 17:27:42 2008 (GMT)

610. Name: JULJA , E-Mail: mt@samaradom.ru , City: Samara

Comments: Zdravstvujte!
Menja zovut JUlja,34,MTF, iz Samary.
Bol'shoe spasibo za sozdanie sajta,gde raskryvaetsja problema identichnosti pola.
V nashe vremja mnogo dostupnoj informacii, no horoshih sajtov s uzkoj tematekoj mozhno pereschitat' po pal'cam. Bol'shoe spasibo! nadejus',chto Vy i dal'she prodolzhite eto ne ljogkoe delo : bukval'no po krupicam sobirat' informaciju dlja nuzhdajuschihsja v pomoschi. S nailuchshmi pozhelanijami! JUlja.
- Mon Sep 29 21:27:01 2008 (GMT)

609. Name: Vaida

Comments: You are cool and interesting person. There is so much information over here.
- Sun Sep 14 23:01:51 2008 (GMT)

608. Name: Aleksej , E-Mail: Lena: JA udalila. , City: Petropavlovsk-kamchatkij

Comments: Hochu stat' zhenschinoj kak mne byt'?
Snachala prochitat' etu gostevuju knigu.
...nadcatyj raz mne uzhe nadoelo povtorjat'.

- Thu Sep 4 07:56:45 2008 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie perepiski:

A kakie tabletki po sovetuesh'?i kakie gormonal'nye izminenija dolzhny proizojti?
Otvechat' lentjajam mne len'.
- Thu Sep 4 21:25:07 2008 (GMT)

JA ne lentjaj.prosto ja ne znaju s chego nachat'.a vy otkazyvaetes' mne pomoch.
JA vam skazala prochitat' - vy propustili mimo ushej. Lentjaj. Ot'javlennyj. Otkazyvajus'.
- Thu Sep 4 22:43:59 2008 (GMT)

607. Name: Arkadij , City: Kazahstan Lena: A vrat' zachem?

Comments: Kak vas ran'she zvali Lena?
Zachem vam eto?
Pochemu by ne postavite vashu foto? Gde by eschjo byli muzhik. Interesno vas uvidet' kak by izmenilis'.
Prazdno ljubopytnym ne pokazyvaju. Vot predstav'te, chto vy rodilis' s urodstvom, dolgo i uporno lechilis', vylechilis'. Posle etogo, hoteli by vy vystavit' fotografiju "do" na obozrenie kazhdomu ljubopytnomu?
JA vygljadela ne tak, kak hotela.

- Tue Sep 2 19:59:58 2008 (GMT)

606. Name: Erica , E-Mail: smoothbuddy1@yahoo.com , City: Lincoln, CA

Comments: I remember your messages on the DIYS group from a few years ago. You were always honest and helpful.
- Tue Sep 2 18:55:05 2008 (GMT)

605. Name: sasha , E-Mail: cak77@yandex.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Spasibo chto est' esche na zemle takie ljudi kak vy Lenochka!
- Tue Sep 2 13:10:12 2008 (GMT)

604. Name: JUlja , City: Germanija

Comments: Kak ja ob'jasnju moim podrugam kto ja? JA dazhe ne znaju kak nachat' i chtob oni eto ponjali.
Oni menja znaju chto ja devochka, ja ih 11 let ne videla i teper' u menja est' snimi kontakt i mne a hota chtob oni menja NE JUlja nazvali a po drugomu. JA hochu im skazat' dva slova >ja transseksual< a potom chto delat' ?? Oni na verna eto i ne pojmut.
Lena: Esli vy prinimaete gormony i u vas uzhe chisto muzhskoj golos i usy s borodoj, to mozhete skazat' im "menja zovut Toni, v proshloj zhizni ja byl devochkoj JUlej" - oni sprosjat "znachit JUlja umerla?" - otvetite "v nekotorom smysle da". No prigotov'tes' k tomu, chto sredi nih mozhet najtis' schitajuschaja, chto ona znaet luchshe.
A esli gormonoterapiju ne nachinali, to shansov na eto namnogo bol'she.

U menja e-mail netu.
Sdelajte (zdes').
- Fri Aug 29 15:24:53 2008 (GMT)

603. Name: toni

Comments: ja s vami soglasen
- Fri Aug 29 15:07:19 2008 (GMT)

602. Name: toni

Comments: a est' eschjo huzhe kogda dva pola, vot im pravda tjazhelo. ja smotrel po teliku eto, kakie u nih problemy.
Lena: I u transseksualov do lechenija dva pola (mozga i ostal'nogo tela). Tol'ko eto snaruzhi ne vidno - vot i vsja raznica. Esli vam ne vidno, to znachit nepravda, tak chto li po-vashemu?
- Fri Aug 29 14:54:05 2008 (GMT)

601. Name: Lana , E-Mail: penningtonlana@rambler.ru , City: Sperry USA

Comments: Vcu zhizn' xochu dobavit' rocta. Mozhete pomoch c informaciei?
Lena: A ja vsegda zavidovala tem, kto nebol'shogo rosta. :)

Nu v principe vozmozhno nogi perelomat' (bukval'no) za bol'shie den'gi i hodit' v apparatah Ilizarova polgoda-god, no stoit li ono togo?
Gormony nikakie ne pomogut.

- Mon Aug 18 02:10:47 2008 (GMT)

600. Name: Luiza , E-Mail: maksi40.68@mail.ru , City: belorussija.kobrin

Comments: ja ochen' ochen' hochu byt' zhenschinoj.kak mne priobresti gormony
Lena: Napishite mne cherez email (a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige), skol'ko chasov elektroepiljacii na lice vy uzhe sdelali. Na sluchaj, esli niskol'ko: vy 2 chasa chitali etu gostevuju knigu, i v upor ne zametili? V klouny - bez menja.

Voprosy po elektroepiljacii - cherez email.
- Sat Aug 9 10:44:36 2008 (GMT)

599. Name: Aleksej

Comments: Vy ocharovatel'ny i ochen' zhenstvenny ja vam zaviduju...
Lena: Vot i ja tak zavidovala tem, kto reshilis' ran'she menja.
- Thu Aug 7 17:21:10 2008 (GMT)

598. Name: Martin Bichsel , E-Mail: foto@martinbichsel.ch , City: Bern, Switzerland ,
Home Page URL: http://martinbichsel.ch

Comments: Dear Lena,
almost a year has gone since I have visited Kiev and met you and your lovely friends K. S. & A. I want to thank you again for having it made possible.
I am still working on my photoproject about transsexuals, I am still interested to meet TS. If you could put a little note to your site, it might help to find my portraits. Interests can take a look into my work on: http://martinbichsel.ch/portraits/erik.htm
Thank you very much and hope to meet again.
- Tue Aug 5 09:22:42 2008 (GMT)

597. Name: Kot Bazilio , E-Mail: kot_samposebe@yahoo.com , City: Washongton, DC

Comments: Da vy - ocharovatel'naja devushka! Gde moi 17 let? SHutju. Ljublju zhenu i synovej.
- Thu Jul 31 23:28:04 2008 (GMT)

596. Name: Elena Anatol'evna , E-Mail: shans_klub@bk.ru , City: CHeljabinsk

Comments: Pomogite izbavit'sja ot rosta volos.
JA zhit' ne hochu. Zamuchili eti volosy.
JA devushka, no volosy rastut po muzhskomu tipu (na lice, rajon grudi, nogi). U menja diagnoz polikistoz jaichnikov.
Uv.Elena, pomogite. Mne 30 let.
Lena: JA otvetila pis'mom.
- Tue Jul 29 16:30:37 2008 (GMT)

595. Name: TANYAufa , E-Mail: tanyaufa1@yandex.ru

kakie gormony ja dolzhna prinimat' chtoby u menja vyrosla zhenskaja grud' i ja stala zhenstvennee? mne 31 ja m!
Lena: Nu vyrastet u vas grud'. I chto vy budete s grud'ju delat' v povsednevnoj zhizni kak muzhchina - na pljazhe, na rabote, na ulice, pri vstrechah s kompanijami kozlov, ischuschih na kom kulaki pochesat'?

ZHenstvennee ot gormonov vy ne stanete, potomu chto prilozhit' neskol'ko soten chasov kropotlivogo truda, delaja elektroepiljaciju na lice samoj sebe, vam len' - tak?
A lishnej pary desjatkov tysjach dollarov na elektroepiljaciju v kosmeticheskom salone u vas navernjaka net. Nesmotrja na lzhivuju reklamu, foto- i lazernaja epiljacija udaljajut volosy ne navsegda, a tol'ko na neskol'ko mesjacev posle poslednego seansa, skol'ko seansov ni delaj. Drugie metody epiljacii - voobsche obman, nichem ne otlichajutsja ot brit'ja ili vydergivanija: vse volosy vyrastut zanovo cherez polmesjaca. Okruzhajuschim na solnechnom svete seraja ten' ot sbritoj (i dazhe vydernutoj) schetiny na vashem lice vidna cherez ljubuju kosmetiku gorazdo luchshe, chem samoj sebe v zerkale v pomeschenii. Vidja etu seruju ten', okruzhajuschie budut vosprinimat' vas muzhchinoj nesmotrja na grudi, drugie effekty gormonoterapii, operacii, odezhdu, kosmetiku i dokumenty. Da i dokumenty vy nikak ne pomenjaete, ili za ispol'zovanie poddel'nyh dokumentov popadete v muzhskuju tjur'mu, eto s grudjami - predstavljaete, chto tam iz vas otmorozhennye sdelajut? V konechnom itoge poluchitsja muzhik v jubke (s tochki zrenija okruzhajuschih) - dlja kogo cirk, a dlja kogo i bokserskaja grusha. JA ne hochu imet' nichego obschego s takim cirkom. Poetomu lentjajam ja rekomendacij po gormonterapii ne daju. Komu ne len' - napishite mne pis'mo, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige. No pridetsja dolgo i uporno trudit'sja, delaja elektroepiljaciju samoj sebe (doma, sidja pered zerkalom). Nikakoj special'nyj pribor dlja etogo ne nuzhen.

- Sun Jul 20 09:29:53 2008 (GMT)

594. Name: Matrix , E-Mail: italy-plitka@mail.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Lena, privetik. U menja est' kucha voprosov k Vam, no sejchas hotja by parochku. JA zapisalas' cherez nedelju na pervyj priem k d-ru Matevosjanu Stepanu Narbeevichu. Na Vashe mnenie, horoshij li on specialist? Mne 36, v den' p'ju po 2 tabletki proginovy ili femostona, v zavisimosti ot togo, chto est' v apteke. Ne malo li eto?
Zaranee blagodarna.
Lena: Matevosjan - podlec. Krome togo, iz interv'ju: "S. Matevosjan utverzhdaet, chto iz pjati chelovek utverzhdajuschih, chto oni prinadlezhat k protivopolozhnomu polu, tol'ko odin okazyvaetsja transseksualom, u ostal'nyh - shizofrenija.". To est' s verojatnost'ju 80% on Vas zapishet v shizofreniki (prichem Vam on ob etom ne skazhet) i budet muryzhit' do beskonechnosti, ne zabyvaja tjanut' den'gi - vot v etom on specialist. Naschet gormonoterapii i ostal'nyh voprosov ja ob'jasnila nizhe.
- Wed Jul 9 13:58:24 2008 (GMT)

593. Name: Natal'ja Sergeevna , E-Mail: ns-bs@mail.ru , City: Izhevsk ,
Home Page URL: ne znaju

Comments: CHitala vsju noch' naproljot.Voshischalas',udivljalas',sozhalela. Podozrevala, chto VY (TY)gde-to est', suschestvuete vo vselennoj. Horosho, chto nashla VAS. JA nedavno vyshla guljat' v "Elekronnye Ljudi". I srazu (cherez nedelju poiskov k vam)popala. Intuicija menja ne podvela, za gody bor'by obostrilas' do ochen' bol'shih (sverh tonkih) velichin. Dalee i bolee podrobnee cherez "mylo". O sajte: Ochen' nuzhaja info,prosto zhiznennovazhnye, neobhodimye znanija dlja nuzhdajuschihsja,proverennye i isprobovannye na sebe. I vsjo taki, Lenochka,vy s bleskom vypolnjaete svoju DUHOVNUJU rol' vozlozhennuju na VAS! S udovol'stviem i\ili po neobhodimosti
poseschu(esli pustite) vash forum.Podpishus' objazatel'no. Vsju zhizn' ja vas iskala i zhdala vstrechi (ne tol'ko v El-nnyh ljudjah). Ocenka: Otlichno po pjatibal'noj shkale. Otvetov zdes' ne zhdu. Esli po"mylu", budu rada. S voshischeniem i uvazheniem: N.S. 17 ijunja 2008g. 11chas.14min. (vremja mestnoe).
- Tue Jun 17 06:14:43 2008 (GMT)

592. Name: Aleksandr -Aleksandra , E-Mail: avertyagin@yandex.ru , City: Sevastopol' Bahchisaraj

Comments: Zdravstvuj Lenochka prosto spasibo za to, chto ty est'. Za to, chto, nesmotrja na vse nevzgody i trudnosti vsjo zhe dobilas' svoej celi i pomogaesh' drugim najti i samorealizovat' sebja. JA ochen', ochen' za tebja tak rada.
- Fri Jun 13 17:49:12 2008 (GMT)

591. Name: anna , E-Mail: miks30@inbox.ru , City: riga

Comments: ja vot uzhe dva mesjaca upotrebljaju estradiol iz ampul(JA EGO EM)i esche ja em tabletki "proginova".
Lena: Hleb s hlebom.
no pochemu u menja golos ne menjaetsja
Eto s zhenskogo na muzhskoj golos gormonoterapiej menjaetsja. A s muzhskogo na zhenskij nikakie gormony golos ne izmenjat.
i volosy na lice zhe dolzhny ischeznut'????!!!!
Ne dolzhny. JA mnogokratno raz'jasnjala v etoj gostevoj knige.
mozhet esli dol'she est' to togda ischeznut usy i golos stanet zhenskim???
Net. Grudi vyrastut. No vosprinimat' vas okruzhajuschie budut prodolzhat' muzhchinoj, nesmotrja na grudi. Imenno iz-za golosa i seroj teni na lice ot sbrityh usov.
a u nas tut goromnoy tak chisto kak narkotiki trudno dostavat' ej ej kto by mog podumat'.
Hoteli v Evrosojuz? Poluchite i raspishites'.
- Tue Jun 10 19:59:16 2008 (GMT)

590. Name: margarita , E-Mail: chanelblond@mail.ru , City: moskva

Comments: och interesnyj sajt
- Sat Jun 7 08:29:08 2008 (GMT)

589. Name: oleg , E-Mail: olegk@email.lt , City: Vil'njus

Comments: Zdravstvujte!Nemogu,poka perepisyvat'sja po el.pochte.Problema s otpravkoj pisem!
Lena: Poprobujte napisat' mne na moj zapasnoj adres el.pochty, ukazannyj rjadom s osnovnym na glavnoj stranichke etogo sajta. Esli tozhe budut problemy, to zaregistrirujte sebe esche odin pochtovyj jaschik na besplatnom pochtovom servere mail.rambler.ru i napishite mne ottuda.
- Wed May 28 21:35:44 2008 (GMT)

588. Name: Serafima , E-Mail: serafimasspb@rambler.ru , City: Sankt-Peterburg

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena! JA ochen' rada, chto nakonec-to nashla Vas - cheloveka, s kotorym mogu podelit'sja svoimi problemami i zadat' nabolevshie voprosy. Zaranee ochen' Vam blagodarna, esli Vy otkliknetes' na moe pis'mo. JA s detstva hotela stat' devochkoj, s godami eta potrebnost' usililas'! Dlja nachala, proshu Vas posovetujte, kakie gormony nado prinimat', chtoby umen'shit' muzhskie polovye priznaki.
Lena: Nikakie gormony ne izbavjat vas ot seroj teni na lice ot sbrityh volos. Eta ten' vidna so storony na solnechnom svete cherez ljubuju kosmetiku gorazdo luchshe, chem samoj sebe v zerkale v pomeschenii. Iz-za etoj teni bol'shinstvo okruzhajuschih ne budut vosprinimat' vas zhenschinoj nesmotrja na ljubye gormony, operacii, dokumenty, odezhdu i kosmetiku. Vopreki lzhivoj reklame, foto- i lazernaja epiljacija udaljajut volosy ne navsegda: na dol'shee vremja, chem vydergivanie, no ne bolee 2 let (obychno ot pary mesjacev do polugoda) posle poslednego seansa, skol'ko seansov ni sdelat'. Pervye odin-dva seansa ubivajut nebol'shoj procent volosjanyh follikulov, no vse posledujuschie seansy uzhe ne ubivajut esche follikuly, a tol'ko dosrochno otpravljajut ih v spjachku - v fazu telogena. Kogda faza telogena konchaetsja, nachinaetsja faza anagena, t.e. povtornyj rost volos. Edinstvennyj sposob izbavit'sja ot etoj seroj teni navsegda - eto elektroepiljacija s tonkoj provolochkoj, kotoruju nuzhno vstavit' vdol' volosa do follikula (kornja). Elektroepiljacija v kosmeticheskih salonah ili u chastnopraktikujuschih medsester - eto para desjatkov tysjach dollarov i neskol'ko soten chasov terpet' zhutkuju bol', t.k. medsestry delajut kazhuschimisja bystrymi (neskol'ko sekund na volos), no zhutko boleznennymi i dajuschimi bol'shoj procent povtornogo rosta (t.e. kazhdyj volos nuzhno obrabatyvat' po mnogu raz, kakzhdyj raz s ozhogom i bol'ju) metodami thermolysis ili flash. Elektroepiljaciju vozmozhno sdelat' samoj sebe, no dlja etogo pridetsja prilozhit' neskol'ko soten chasov kropotlivogo truda - stol'ko zhe vremeni, skol'ko v salone, no besplatno i sovsem ne tak bol'no: dlja elektroepiljacii samoj sebe goditsja tol'ko metod galvanic (prostym postojannym tokom ot batarejki) - on tol'ko kazhetsja medlennym (do minuty na volos), no verojatnost' ubit' follikul s pervogo raza gorazdo vyshe, ne bol'no i men'she verojatnost' povredit' kozhu. Ochen' mnogie professional'nye medsestry s mnogoletnim opytom elektroepiljacii ostavljajut na lice shramiki i vpadinki navsegda, potomu chto ih pribory dejstvujut po principu mikrovolnovoj pechki, podzharivaja follikul - poluchajutsja ozhogi. Dlja elektroepiljacii samoj sebe metodom galvanic ne nuzhen nikakoj pribor voobsche. Gotovye pribory (ispol'zujuschie drugie metody) ne godjatsja dlja epiljacii samoj sebe, t.k. trebujut bol'shej tochnosti popadanija.

Na elektroepiljaciju na lice ujdet goda dva, esli ne lenit'sja. Glotat' gormony - ni uma, ni truda ne nado, no gormony podejstvujut ran'she, chem vy zakonchite elektroepiljaciju. A kogda u vas vyrastut grudi, vam pozarez ne zahochetsja vylazit' iz plat'ja. Esli vy pojdete po legkoj dorozhke, glotaja gormony i otkladyvaja elektroepiljaciju na potom, to vy zagonite sebja v lovushku: dlja elektroepiljacii volosy na lice neobhodimo otraschivat'. Predstav'te sebe mesjacami hodit' so schetinoj na lice v plat'e. Predstavili?

Poetomu rekomendacii po gormonoterapii (v gormonoterapii transseksualizma, bez lozhnoj skromnosti, ja ekspert mirovogo urovnja) ja daju tol'ko posle vypolnenija dvuh uslovij. Pervoe - vo vseh detaljah oznakomit'sja s posledstvijami reshenija nachat' prinimat' gormony, putem prochtenija kak minimum treti arhiva konferencii transseksualov, v kotoroj my delimsja opytom, chtoby ne povtorjat' uzhe sovershennye drugimi oshibki, i znat' kak sebja vesti s vrachami, kotorye reshajut nashi sud'by ishodja iz vysosannyh iz pal'ca otorvannyh ot zhizni teorij, kakimi mol dolzhny byt' "nastojaschie" transseksualy. Vtoroe uslovie - stol'ko zhe vremeni, skol'ko na chtenie arhiva, potratit' na elektroepiljaciju na lice samoj sebe. Prjamo sejchas, ne otkladyvaja na potom. Instrukcii tozhe v arhive konferencii. V konferencii zhe vy smozhete podelit'sja svoimi problemami i zadat' nabolevshie voprosy. Tam vam smogu otvetit' ne tol'ko ja. Krome togo, otvety na mnogie voprosy vy prochitaete v arhive konferencii. Konferencija pochtovaja - cherez elektronnuju pochtu (email). Vy zdes' mne napisali ne pis'mo, a v gostevoj knige. Napishite mne pis'mo na moj adres elektronnoj pochty, ukazannyj na glavnoj stranchike etogo moego sajta.
- Tue Apr 22 13:53:35 2008 (GMT)

587. Name: crystal

Comments: you go girl
- Sat Apr 19 02:47:32 2008 (GMT)

586. Name: diana

Comments: Your story is wonderfully human and honest, thanks for being so inspirational.
- Wed Mar 19 21:48:42 2008 (GMT)

585. Name: Jane-Maree Paula Howard , E-Mail: paula_2j@yahoo.com , City: Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand

Comments: Hi Lena :-)

I've been reading your posts on Crone and TS-BREASTS for several years now - I went post-op in Bangkok (Dr Preecha Tiewtranon - very good!!) December 2002.

I really appreciate your encyclopedic knowledge of the biochemistry background to HRT, your advice to other TS women, and your sometimes bluntly expressed ( :-D ) opinions on the medical fraternity. I've relayed some of your advice to my psychiatrist (who's very happy with my outcome) and whenever I have an appointment with him, I get to chat to his students and interns and I try to make sure they understand where TS people are at and what we need from medical people. Your advice is immensely useful, and when I remember to, I recommend your web-page.

Hugs & Kindest regards

ps: if your ever get to go on a world trip on a ship like the "Sapphire Princess" or the "Statendam", you may well be visiting Port Chalmers, my home town.
- Fri Mar 14 01:29:03 2008 (GMT)

584. Name: Alex , E-Mail: Alsobscom1@webtv.net , City: Vermont....U.S.A. ,
Home Page URL: http://N/A

Comments: Hello Lena.....
After reading your story....WOW....I salut your
wonderful spirit.It must take so much courage,to live in this overly-oppresive culture you're in.It made me so thankful for what I have in U.S.I have great respect for your incredible intelegence.I'm so happy for you....finding your sweetheart....you look so happy together.....tell her I say hello.
Since i'll never meet you....all I can do is send you both my heart.....and the next time you feel a gentle wind,blowing softly on your cheekz......know that it's just me there,cheering you on.
Sweet Kisses.......Alex.....Vermont,U.S.A.
- Mon Mar 10 01:32:21 2008 (GMT)

583. Name: Vasilij , E-Mail: Net , City: Kobrin.belarus.

Comments: JA ne mogu dostat' gormony pomogite
Lena: Gormony byvajut raznye. Zaregistrirujte sebe pochtovyj jaschik na mail.rambler.ru ili pda.rambler.ru i napishite mne na moj email.
- Sat Mar 8 09:59:42 2008 (GMT)

582. Name: Vika , City: Kiev

Comments: Molodec!!!tak derzhat'!ja ispytavaju gordost' za takih ljudej kak VY!!
- Sun Mar 2 12:57:05 2008 (GMT)

581. Name: Josephine Shaffer , E-Mail: josephineshaffer@aol.com , City: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Comments: Dear Lena i'm a male who want's to be a female really, really bad i know i have a male genitals so want to get rid of i just don't know what to do i've crossdressed as a girl in 1960 i was 10 years old then i started breaking my oenis that's how bad i wanted to a female i did about everything to break it if know what i mean i don't care now what a doctor would think if told her, i know one thing i own a lot of clothes like dresses, skirts, and so forth, and so on, and wear make-up that girls, and women often use.
Lena: I replied to a similar record number 570 below.
- Fri Jan 18 19:50:27 2008 (GMT)

580. Name: vladislav , City: moskva

Comments: CHem stanavljus' staree tem tjazhelee zhit'!!!
- Fri Jan 18 11:06:01 2008 (GMT)

579. Name: Diet Girl , E-Mail: sola@mail.ru , City: Kiev ,
Home Page URL: http://ondiet.ru

Comments: Hochet'sja skazat' neskol'ko slov podderzhki. Pochemu stol'ko ottorzhenija neponjatno. Ljudi zhivut i borjatsja za sebja nikomu ne meshaja. Eto postupok!
- Wed Jan 9 11:34:48 2008 (GMT)

578. Name: tanja , E-Mail: sidorenko_2000@pochta.ru , City: HAR'KOV

- Fri Dec 14 21:45:39 2007 (GMT)

577. Name: Anastasija

Comments: Uvazhaemaja Lena, ja vse-taki vas ne ponimaju.
Lena: Ne ponimaete. Potomu chto vy ne transseksual.
JA zhenschina, no chestno govorja, esli by imela muzhskoe telo, to mogla by zhit' i byt' vpolne schastlivoj, v konce-koncov, nevazhno kakoe telo, glavnoe chto na dushe.
Delo ne tol'ko v tele, no i v otnoshenii okruzhajuschih tozhe. Byt' vpolne schastlivoj? Nu-nu. John Money tozhe byl uveren, chto Bruce Reimer (1 2 3 4) budet zhit' i byt' vpolne schastlivoj zhenschinoj. Uvy.
Operacija po smene pola - eto vmeshatel'stvo v gormonal'nuju sistemu
Priem obychnyh protivozachatochnyh tabletok po ih prjamomu naznacheniju - ne men'shee vmeshatel'stvo v "gormonal'nuju sistemu", s bol'shim riskom.
i ogromnyj udar po immunitetu.
Vy sputali polovye steroidy s kortikosteroidami. I to, i drugoe - gormony, no ih dejstvie na immunitet i drugie sistemy sovsem raznoe.
Vam pridetsja vsju zhizn' teper' sidet' na iskusstvennyh gormonah.
Da. Kolju sebja v popku raz v nedelju. Mnogie drugie transseksualy predpochitajut tabletki. Prinimat' odnu tabletku polivitaminov ili dve tabletki (polivitaminov i gormonov) - bol'shaja raznica? A polivitaminy ja rekomenduju prinimat' vsem ljudjam, kruglyj god. Nabrat' neobhodimoe kolichestvo kazhdogo iz vitaminov i mikroelementov s sovremennoj pischej nereal'no.
Vsju zhizn' trjastis' iz-za legkogo grippa.
Vy ne zametili, chto ja sdelala operaciju 9 let nazad, a zhenskie gormony nachala prinimat' 18 let nazad? Uzhe pora bylo by pomeret' ot grippa po vashej logike, a ja tut koposhus', na voprosy otvechaju - ne stranno, a?
U vas pojavjatsja rannie vozrastnye izmenenija.
Kak raz naoborot. Vozrastnye izmenenija uskorjajutsja ot nedostatka polovyh gormonov, v chastnosti pri klimakse (ja ne budu ustraivat' sebe klimaks).
A glavnoe, nikogda v zhizni u vas ne mozhet byt' detej...
Voobsche deti - mogut byt'. A esli by peredacha imenno moih genov sledujuschemu pokoleniju dlja menja byla takoj vazhnoj, to ja by zavela rebenka do operacii.
I radi chego vse eto?
Dlja ustranenija gendernoj disforii. U vas ee net, poetomu predstavit' sebe, chto eto takoe, vam trudno.
CHtoby nadet' novuju trjapku i pokrasovat'sja na sajte?
Vy ne zametili, chto poslednjaja fotka - 2001 goda?
Neuzheli vsja zhizn' ogranichivaetsja tol'ko etim? Neuzheli net dlja vas drugogo schast'ja na svete?
Est'. Moja ljubimaja. :)
Vy chelovek, duhovnoe suschestvo, vam dana zhizn' -
JA ateistka. Hotja sredi transseksualov mnogo verujuschih.
prekrasnejshee, chto mozhet byt'... I vy sokraschaete ee bezzhalostno
Net nikakogo sokraschenija. Sovsem (esli ne slushat' bezgramotnyh vrachej, propisyvajuschih etinilestradiol, neadekvatnye dozirovki i t.p.).
Naoborot: vo-pervyh, gramotno vybrannye dozirovki gramotno vybrannyh polovyh gormonov udlinnjajut zhizn', zamedljajut starenie. Vo-vtoryh, transseksualizm - bolezn' s 50% smertnost'ju, esli bez smeny pola. Nu rasskazhite kazhdomu samoubijce, kak prekrasna zhizn' i kakoj greh ee prekraschat' - mnogo budet tolku?

tol'ko dlja togo, chtoby imet' vozmozhnost' nadet' druguju odezhdu...
Vozmozhnost' nadet' druguju odezhdu est' i bez smeny pola.
Kak takoe vozmozhno?
V smysle ne puschat'? Transseksualy, uvy, privykli k takim moralizatoram, svjato verujuschim, chto esli im eto ne nado, to nikomu eto nizzzja pozvoljat'. :(
- Sun Dec 2 20:58:27 2007 (GMT)

Prodolzhenie razgovora:

Uvazhaemaja Lena, bol'shoe spasibo za vashi otvety, mne ochen' interesno popytat'sja ponjat' ljudej, kotoryh ja ne ponimaju. Ochen' nadejus', chto na vashem zdorov'e i pravda ne otrazitsja takoe obshirnoe vmeshatel'stvo,
Naprimer operacija po povodu appendicita - bolee obshirnoe vmeshatel'stvo. Operacija smeny genital'nogo pola s muzhskogo na zhenskij - ne polostnaja. Bol'shinstvu transseksualov plasticheskie operacii ne nuzhny. Grud' (samaja nastojaschaja) vyrastaet sama blagodarja gramotnoj gormonoterapii.
i pechen' ne sjadet ot postojannogo priema gormonov.
Esli ne slushat' sovkovyh vrachej, obychno propisyvajuschih dejstvitel'no vrednyj etinilestradiol, to ne sjadet. Kstati, v prinimaemyh sotnjami millionov zhenschin protivozachatochnyh tabletkah soderzhitsja etot samyj etinilestradiol v dozirovke, vlijajuschij na pechen' v neskol'ko raz sil'nee, chem prinimaemye transseksualami drugie gormony. A nekotorye estrogeny (zhenskie gormony) na pechen' ne vlijajut sovsem. JA znaju kakie.
No u menja, vsvjazi s etoj temoj, voznik vopros, na kotoryj ne nahoditsja otveta, bylo by ochen' interesno, esli by vy vyskazali svoe mnenie.

Vot, naprimer, obscheizvestnyj fakt, chto v Tailande ochen' bol'shoe chislo tranvestitov i transseksualov (ili togo, chto javljaet soboj nechto srednee mezhdu nimi).
Maloizvestnyj, no fakt: transseksualov vo vseh stranah porjadka dvuh chelovek na kazhduju tysjachu. I v Tailande, i vo vseh ostal'nyh stranah. Transvestitov esche bol'she. No v Tailande kul'tura otnositsja k takim ljudjam terpimee, chem vo mnogih drugih stranah. Tol'ko poetomu tam oni bolee zametny i izvestny.
Izvestno takzhe, chto nemalyj procent iz nih - eto deti iz bednyh semej,
V Tailande voobsche nemalyj procent bednyh semej.
mal'chiki, kotoryh roditeli, mozhno skazat', prodali ih v maloletnem vozraste.
A v tak nazyvaemyh "civilizovannyh" stranah roditeli detej-"izvraschencev" zabivajut (remnem i t.d.), chtoby ne vysovyvalis', a potom poran'she iz doma vygonjajut. Tol'ko potomu, chto pokupatelej net, v etih stranah eto ugolovschina.
Let v 7 im udaljajut nizhnie rebra, chtob poluchilas' tonkaja talija,
v perehodnom vozraste ih nachinajut kormit' gormonami. Takzhe v molodom vozraste delajut grud'
Vot vam esche odno dokazatel'stvo, chto eto skazki: na samom dele ne nuzhno "delat' grud'" (implantirovat' protezy), grud' vyrastaet sama ot gormonoterapii. I talija suzhaetsja. Osobenno esli nachat' v perehodnom vozraste.
i otpravljajut na ulicy i v kluby zanimat'sja prostituciej. Vot u menja vopros: pochemu eti transvestity, esli ih sprosit', vse kak odin utverzhdajut, chto oni zhenschiny?
Potomu chto transgendernyh detej mnogo (vo vseh stranah). Net nikakih problem dlja takoj "kar'ery" otobrat' imenno ih - takie deti ne sbegut ot takogo "rabotodatelja". A netransgendernye sbegajut, vot ih na etoj "rabote" i ne ostaetsja.
Pochemu nikto ne muchaetsja iz-za togo, chto zhivet "ne v svoem tele"? Ved' navernjaka, esli i ne vse iz nih, to hotja by chast' iznachal'no chuvstvovali sebja mal'chikami, ne mozhet priroda tak chasto oshibat'sja, i imenno v Tailande.
Priroda chasto tak oshibaetsja, i ne tol'ko v Tailande.
Mozhet, vse-taki, vash postulat, chto nevozmozhno zastavit' cheloveka pochuvstvovat' sebja licom drugogo pola, esli eto ne zalozheno v nem prirodoj - ne sovsem veren?
Zastavit' - na kakoe-to vremja mozhno. U raznyh ljudej na raznoe vremja. Poetomu transseksualy reshajutsja na smenu pola v raznom vozraste. Vot i Dzhonu Money snachala kazalos', chto Brenda rastet schastlivoj devochkoj.

I esche, mne ochen' interesno uznat', chto vse-taki chuvstvuet chelovek, kotoryj schitaet, chto on ne v svoem tele. Slozhnye terminy - slozhnymi terminami, no v zhizni tak poluchaetsja, chto i samye slozhnye psihologicheskie ponjatija razbivajutsja na prostye chelovecheskie emocii, kotorye kazhdyj, v principe, sposoben ponjat'.
Nu ob'jasnite cheloveku, u kotorogo nikogda ne rabotalo obonjanie, kak pahnet roza.
Kakie emocii rukovodjat transseksualami?
Do smeny pola im nekomfortno v sobstvennom tele i v ozhidaemoj ot nih okruzhajuschimi social'noj polovoj roli.
Nekomfortno, neprijatno, "ne mojo eto".

Stesnenie pereodevat'sja s muzhchinami?
Eto sledstvie, a ne prichina.
No ved' eto, v konce-koncov, ne tak vazhno, v Germanii i Finljandii est' obschestvennye sauny, obschie dlja muzhchin i zhenschin. ZHelanie stroit' svoemu polu glazki? No ved' eto neser'ezno.
Seksual'naja orientacija i gendernaja autoidentifikacija - raznye veschi. Est' kak MtF (M->ZH) s vlecheniem k muchzhinam, tak i MtF-lesbijanki, FtM s vlecheniem k zhenschinam i FtM-gei. Gomoseksualami nazyvajut teh, u kogo net gendernoj disforii. Obychnym gejam komfortno v muzhskom tele i muzhskoj social'noj polovoj roli, kak i lesbijankam v zhenskoj.
Zavist' k zhenschinam i ih narjadam?
I eto sledstvie zhenskoj gendernoj autoidentifikacii, a ne prichina.
ZHelanie pokupat' zhenskie veschi? No ved' eto prosto trjapki.
Eto simvol priznanija (okruzhajuschimi i soboj), chto zhenschina.
ZHelanie, chtoby okruzhajuschie obraschalis' k vam v zhenskom rode? No ved' eto zhe melochi, v nekotoryh jazykah zhenskogo roda voobsche net.
Naprimer? Skazhem, v anglijskom tozhe est' he/she, him/her, demonstrativnye sir/madam.
V obschem, ne ponimaju vse ravno, naverno ja slishkom individualist, a tut mehanizmy na bolee nizkom, zhivotnom urovne, chto-to vrode raspredelenija na samcov i samok v stae, i nesposobnost' igrat' rol' samca... JA ne prava?
Vot zdes' pravy.
- Sat Dec 22 02:23:11 2007 (GMT)

576. Name: Timur , City: SPb

Comments: Elena, ja FtM, poka operaciej ne zanimajus', tk nuzhno zakonchit' uchebu, no dumaju. U menja neskol'ko znakomyh, govorjaschih o sebe v muzhskom rode, na moi voprosy oni otvechajut, chto eto modno. CHto za bred? Zanjat'sja nechem?
Skol'ko sebja pomnju, vsegda hotel byt' muzhchinoj, poetomu podobnye "igry" razdrazhajut.
Na konferenciju podpishus'. Spasibo Vam za Vash nelegkij trud!
- Wed Nov 21 14:56:10 2007 (GMT)

575. Name: Yury , E-Mail: nik_1@yahoo.com , City: Portland

Comments: Comments:
> Gorzhus' VAMI,Lena.:)))))
> Gospod' OBJAZATEL'NO VAS nagradit za pomosch' drugim!!!!!
- Nagradit? CHem on mozhet nagradit' za sodomskij greh, adom, chto-li? -:)
Lena: Privedite tochnuju citatu iz Biblii, v chem imenno zakljuchaetsja "sodomskij greh". Ne po pamjati, ne po sluham, ne po ch'im by to ni bylo ustnym zajavlenijam, ne po kakim-to drugim knizhkam. Navernjaka etu knigu Biblii vy voobsche nikogda ne chitali. Tak najdite i prochitajte vnimatel'no. I privedite zdes' citatu.

Drugim chitateljam etoj gostevoj knigi: obratite vnimanie: citaty net. Potomu chto net v Biblii opisanija, v chem zhe etot greh zakljuchaetsja. Tol'ko "ZHiteli zhe Sodomskie byli zly i ves'ma greshny pred Gospodom.". I vsjo. CHto takoe greh - kazhdyj sudit po sebe: svoi dejanija grehom takie moralisty ne schitajut, kakimi by oni ni byli. A voobsche v Starom (Vethom) Zavete (imenno v nem upominaetsja Sodom) opisany takie pravila, chto kazhdyj nyneshnij moralist ih narushaet, to est' po logike JUrija greshnik. Citiruju pervye popavshiesja primery:

"Ne nadevaj odezhdy, sdelannoj iz raznyh veschestv, iz shersti i l'na vmeste."
To est' noshenie odezhdy iz smesovyh tkanej - po Vethomu Zavetu greh.

"Sdelaj sebe kistochki na chetyreh uglah pokryvala tvoego, kotorym ty pokryvaesh'sja.

Esli najden budet kto lezhaschij s zhenoju zamuzhneju, to dolzhno predat' smerti oboih, i muzhchinu, lezhavshego s zhenschinoju, i zhenschinu.

Esli budet molodaja devica obruchena muzhu, i kto-nibud' vstretitsja s neju v gorode i ljazhet s neju, to oboih ih privedite k vorotam togo goroda, i pobejte ih kamnjami do smerti."
To est' po Vethomu Zavetu ubivat' preljubodeev - objazannost' pravednika. Ne vypolnjaesh' objazannost' - znachit greshnik.

Tak chto: "Ne sudite, da ne sudimy budete.".
- Fri Nov 16 08:21:52 2007 (GMT)

574. Name: prajakta , E-Mail: prajaktaprajakkta@yahoo.co.in , City: mumbai,INDIA

Comments: Hats off for ur courage.U looks so cute that i felt like falling in ur love.
- Mon Nov 12 17:18:15 2007 (GMT)

573. Name: Vladimir , E-Mail: alien_0500@mail.ru , City: Belaja Cerkov'

Comments: Privet! Vy mne ochen' nravites'! JA davno ischu takuju podrugu kak Vy!Vy ne mogli by dat' mne paru sovetov po povodu travesti? JA tozhe s detstva pereodevajus' v zhenskuju odezhdu, a k finalu ne mogu prijti... Kak mozhno s Vami poblizhe poznakomit'sja? S uvazheniem, Alina.
Lena: Esli vy hotite oznakomit'sja s opytom drugih transseksualov, poluchit' prakticheskuju informaciju o smene pola i sovety kak eto mozhno sdelat', to podpishites' na konferenciju TGrus - uznaete vse detali. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na vot etoj stranichke moego sajta.
- Sat Nov 10 13:36:22 2007 (GMT)

572. Name: Tat'jana , City: Moskva

Comments: Gorzhus' VAMI,Lena.:)))))
Gospod' OBJAZATEL'NO VAS nagradit za pomosch' drugim!!!!!
- Thu Nov 1 18:39:52 2007 (GMT)

571. Name: will tillmon , E-Mail: watheghegwat@yahoo.com , City: Huntsville, Alabama

Comments: Hi Lena...I hope you don't mind me stopping by to say hello.

- Mon Oct 22 15:39:27 2007 (GMT)

570. Name: larissa , City: garwood nj

Comments: i am a pre op male to female transexual i have recently started taking female hormones what i would like to know is at what point should i start to feel that i am making progress toward my goal of becominng what i really want tobe a woman i made some progess as i have began to develop breasts i have gone from being flat chested to a size 38b i was tickled pink getting my first training braand i was like a giddy schoolgirl filling a larger size bra i just love and adore my soon to be 38c breeasts and my goal is to be a 38d cup i wont realy feel that i made progress until that ugly piece of meat betwen my legs is cutoffi have been telling friends and family that i can wait to get my hole put in i plan on having my sexchange operatiom overseas in europe also have been saying that i cant wait to go abroad and come back a broadi just simply love it that my breasts bounce swing and jiggle even when i am wearing a good support bra
Lena: If you are concerned only with breasts and genitals then you make a clown out of yourself. Until you complete facial electrolysis, most people will consider you a man in a dress regardless of any size breasts, what is between your legs, clothing and makeup. Only after you complete facial electrolysis (takes about 2 years), you'll make a real progress toward your goal. Despite deceptive advertising, laser and flash-lamp (IPL) hair removal removes hair for longer time than plucking but for no more than 1-24 months (usually 2-6 months) after last session, no matter how many sessions. The only really permanent method of facial hair removal is needle electrolysis. Professional electrolysis costs about $20K. You can do it by yourself for free. Several members of the Russian-language T* mailing list I run cleared their faces by Do-It-Yourself electrolysis at home. No device needed at all. How to:

I got the idea and some tips from Bernadette (docfont@) on the unfortunately terminated since then TSDoItYourelfers mailing list, I devised even more DIYish :) details. Bernadette did it with "Inverness One Touch" device (about $30) which consists from 9V battery, variable resistor as current regulator and a buzzer (on a simple digital IC) just for convenient count of time. The main thing is that it's neither flash, thermolysis nor blend, but plain galvanic method, i.e. pure DC, a simple electrochemical process: part of water molecules in the body is dissociated to H+ ion (proton) and OH- ion, an electron from the needle joins with the H+ ion resulting in hydrogen atom, two hydrogen atoms join into hydrogen molecule, hydrogen gas bubbles out (too little of it to inflame), OH- ions (i.e. lye) remain near the needle (mostly where resistance in lower, i.e. along blood vessels), erode follicle and fuse the vessels. Unlike other methods of needle electrolysis, galvanic forgives small misses, less likely damages skin and gives much higher probability of successful killing the follicle on the first try, i.e. way less regrowth. Galvanic seems slower (almost a minute per follicle, though really it's not slower considering less regrowth) and low-tech, but the real reason why pure galvanic is almost never used by professional electrologists is that devices for it are too simple and therefore unprofitable for device makers and sellers, so they brainwash electrologists. Impatient customers add to that and as a result endure much more pain. Galvanic not just gives least regrowth and least risk of skin damage and equipment is cheapest, galvanic is also far less painful. Bernadette improved the device by increasing voltage of the battery (AC/DC adapter is absolutely not suitable! not just because of safety rules, but because AC power supplies not only 50 or 60 Hz, but also harmonics and receives radio-frequencies, they easily pass through transformers no matter how much electronics and cause unnecessary pain, skin irritation, twitches; they also smelt tissue during inserting driving the needle past the target), but used the same second electrode - a small metallic plate at a side of the needle holder touching it after inserting the needle, but the touching disturbs needle placement. No such devices here, so I devised another, more convenient way: no device at all. A 9V battery, a cheap ammeter (about $7 if new), three wires (two of them come with the ammeter), a needle in a DIY pen-like holder and a stainless steel spoon (or shovel for serving cake) as second electrode, that's all, no switch (important), no variable resistor, no electronics (though I do know how, my hobby was amateur electronics, my speciality in college was electronics, I worked as a computer technician etc.). In this case the simpler the better, resist the temptation to make improvements. If you haven't an ammeter able to measure current up to 1 mA (milliampere) then buy a cheap Chinese pocket-sized digital multimeter, for example on eBay (search for "pocket digital multimeter", in the search results choose "Sort by:" - "Price + Shipping: lowest first", about $7 with free shipping worldwide, looking about like this, if same then use the bottom two sockets, at the beginning of each session rotate the center switch clockwise for 4 clicks to the 2000 position - then current strength is shown as integer number in microAmperes; at the end of each session turn the switch back to the OFF position). Plus of the battery to the spoon, it's very important, else you'll give yourself permanent tattoo with rust. Minus of the battery to the ammeter, the probe at the end of another wire from the ammeter is good as a needle holder: put a 1 cm long piece of shrink-wrap plastic tube 3-4 mm in diameter onto the bare metal tip of the probe at the end of the wire, insert the thicker part of the needle into the same tube, heat the tube with hot air above a small flame, the tube tightens and holds the needle.
As usual, facial hair must be grown for 3-5 mm above skin surface; before and after each session disinfect face, fingers and instruments with alcohol. Sit before a magnifying mirror (about 10 cm between face and mirror) with good lighting with a lamp directly to the face (it's essential), place a clock with seconds near the mirror, put the spoon down onto the floor. Pluck a couple hairs with tweezers in order to see how deep follicles are and remember how much force you have to apply. Slid/insert the needle along a hair until the needle reaches the follicle, don't pierce a new hole in the skin. Usually you feel resistance when needle reaches the follicle, it's enough deep. Needle can pierce follicle - it's admissible, but don't push needle more than 2-3 mm deeper than follicle. After insertion of the needle, hold it in place and then (not sooner!) step by a bare foot on the spoon completing the circuit. Unimportant visible effect: the lye reacts with skin oil making a little soap, the hydrogen gas makes foam from it, a little white foam bubbles up along the needle. Unlike if a switch is used (abrupt change of current), the surface of contact between the foot and the spoon increases gradually preventing painful jerk. Adjust current strength (by surface of the contact between foot and spoon and strength of pressing on the spoon) so that after 30-40 seconds of current the hair can be pulled out with tweezers effortlessly without resistance (unlike plucking), it's a sign that the follicle was killed. A hitch (like when plucking) means a miss or insufficient charge, the hair with regrow. Current strength in microAmperes multiplied to time of passing the current in seconds is called "charge" in microCoulombs. Quantity of lye produced with the current is directly proportional to charge. The charge per hair must be below 20 thousand microCoulombs, else skin is damaged (small scars and indentations forever). If 20 thousand microCoulombs = 20 milliCoulombs is not enough for easy sliding the hair out then that means that you miss the target, more precision is needed.
First 10-20 hours will be difficult, but you'll master hitting the invisible target, it's not rocket science, others managed. Suitable training place is front surface of the chin, but not in the pit at the center just below the bottom lip (a relatively painful place, as well as mustache, especially along the lip and just under the nose, but still bearable without anesthetic; other places are practically painless). Don't try to train on the body because hairs there are thinner and grow at an acute angle to skin surface, much more difficult to insert needle along. Next treated hair must be at least 3 mm from previous, don't treat every hair in succession, skip, else over-treated skin can be damaged. After first 20-30 hours (training), treat all mustache (skipping) at each session because hair there are most viable and numerous. Don't move needle when current is flowing because with current the needle easily melts skin through anywhere past the target. You'll bend needle, especially at first - don't throw it away, unbend with another pair of tweezers with the ends covered with soft plastic tubes. After many bendings-unbendings a needle breaks, then take another needle. Pain during inserting usually is a sign of a miss - the needle pierced pore surface and went past the target. With the galvanic method skin usually doesn't need special care except dis-infecting with alcohol before and after each session. Try to avoid water on treated areas for 3 days if you can. If you can't then don't wipe the skin, let it to dry by itself. In case of scabs (like after a scratch, just small and round) don't tear scabs off, let them to fall off by themselves in order to prevent scars. The second electrode (a spoon, shovel or a plate under a foot) must be stainless steel, not aluminium. Copper is less preferable because stains skin. Ready-made needles can be bought where electrologists buy them. For the beginning 0.004" (0.1 mm) diameter needles (sometimes called "size 4") seem optimal. Needle tip shape is important. A good (probably the best) manufacturer is Ballet, google search for:
"Ballet needles" OR "Ballet electrolysis"
Some other manufacturers are Sterex, WYC. As last resort an about 0.1 mm diameter wire made from stainless steel, tungsten or nichrome can be used instead of ready-made needle. Or wires from some dead incandescent lamps - not those conducting current to the spiral, but thinner wires welded into the glass rod at the center buttressing the spiral. Or from some small wire loops (often included into sewing needle sets) used for easy inserting a thread into a needle eye. Copper wire is unsuitable instead of a needle because too pliant. Ready-made needles are way better than a piece of wire.

- Fri Oct 19 21:56:27 2007 (GMT)

569. Name: Tuncha , E-Mail: grichanova@gmail.com , City: Saint-Petersburg, Rus ,
Home Page URL: http://tuncha.ru

Comments: U vas ochen' krasivye i dobrye glaza!
- Thu Oct 18 07:46:33 2007 (GMT)

568. Name: aleksey , E-Mail: kav2584@yandex.ru , City: moskva

Comments: Dorogaja Lena!k sozhaleniju pochta u menja ne rabotaet. ja rodilsja mal'chikom. V rannem vozraste bral u maminy kolgoty i odeval ih v shutku. no skazhdym godom mne hotelos' netol'ko odevat' kolgoty no i vsju ldezhdu. v klase 9 ja ponjal chto somnoj proishodit ja hotel stat' devushkoj. kak i vsem normal'nym muzhchinam mne nravjatsja devushki! no zhit' muzhchinoj ja nehochu. ja hochu byt' vsegda i vzde byt' devushkoj! ja zhivu s roditeljami, no neznaju kak skazat' im ob etom? da esche professija muzhskaja milicioner, no sobirajus' uvol'njat'sja. nachinaju gormonoterapiju samostojatel'no, bez vmeshatel'stva vrachej. hotel by uznat' posle smeny pola kuda mozhno pojti rabotat'?
Lena: Otpravljajte pis'ma s web-sajta mail.yandex.ru. Esli ne mozhete poluchit' dostup k vashemu pochtovomu jaschiku kav2584, to zaregistrirujte sebe esche odin pochtovyj jaschik na drugom besplatnom pochtovom servere mail.rambler.ru i napishite mne pis'mo s togo web-sajta. Bez email nichego ne poluchitsja.
- Wed Oct 17 01:03:26 2007 (GMT)

567. Name: aleksey , E-Mail: kav2584@yandex.ru , City: moskva

Comments: hochu stat' devushkoj!
Lena: Rasskazhite mne o sebe podrobnee pis'mom. Moj email adres - na vot etoj stranichke.
- Tue Oct 16 15:53:53 2007 (GMT)

566. Name: Svetlana , E-Mail: asur2004@Iinbox.lv , City: riga latvija

Comments: zdravstvuite.nakonecto nawla to cto xotela davno-edinomiwlenikom.toljko u menja v drugom problema.JA zencina i xocu statj muzcinopi.u menja estj vtoraja polovinka ona vsjo eto znaet.i budet zdatj menja.podskazite kak vsjo eto sdelatj?s cego nacatj.ja gotova poiti na vsjo zaranie spasibo.sait obaldennii
Lena: JA otvetila pis'mom.
- Tue Oct 9 15:27:38 2007 (GMT)

565. Name: Il'ja , E-Mail: kuznya2005@mail.ru

Comments: Elena, posle togo, kak ja prochel vai soobschenija, ostavlennye na forume volosy.com ja by hotel obratit'sja k vam s pros'boj pomoch' mne razobrat'sja v odnom voprose, svjazannym s primeneniem lekarstva Finast.
Menja ochen' interesuet sovmestimy li zanjatija sportom s upotrebleniem etogo preparata dlja bor'by s oblyseniem? Ne povliijaet li ego priem na snizhenie sportivnyh rezul'tatov, v chastnosti rosta myschc?
Budu priznatelen za otvet!
Lena: Kul'turisty (bodybuilders), prinimajuschie androgeny i anabolicheskie steroidy imenno dlja rosta myshc, upotrebljajut i finasterid. To est' oni schitajut, chto ne povlijaet. JA eto mnenie ne proverjala potomu, chto menja etot vopros ne interesuet. Mozhete porassprashivat' v anglojazychnyh forumah bodybuilder-ov (ih mnogo, naprimer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) i v magazinah, prodajuschih komponenty i oborudovanie dlja prigotovlenija upotrebljaemyh bodybuilder-ami zelij (naprimer 1 2 3 4 5). Nekotorye iz etih ssylok mogli ustaret'.
- Tue Oct 9 11:34:24 2007 (GMT)

564. Name: Lena , City: Sankt-Peterburg

Comments: JA ne znaju, s chego nachat'... Moj muzh priznalsja, chto v dushe on-zhenschina! Dlja menja eto byl takoj shok. JA ochen' ego ljublju, no prinjat' ego zhenschinoj ne smogu.Nashej docheri 3 goda,ona tozhe ochen' ljubit papu,i sejchas u nee proishodit polovaja identifikacija, ona govorit:"Mama-zhenschina, papa-muzhchina."
Muzh govorit, chto on ne hochet delat' operaciju, no v glubine dushi ja bojus', chto vse-taki odnazhdy on reshitsja na eto.Sejchas u nas vse horosho, no mne nespokojno, i eto otravljaet mne zhizn'.Prosto ne mogu bol'she derzhat' eto v sebe, ja ochen' emocional'nyj chelovek, a podrugam o takom ne rasskazhesh'.
Lena: Programmirovanie polovoj identifikacii mozga proishodit vo vnutriutrobnom periode, na sroke 3 mesjaca. Vsjo, chto potom, na polovuju autoidentifikaciju rebenka povlijat' ne mozhet. Dlja rebenka smena pola roditelem - odin iz soten novyh faktov, uznavaemyh kazhdyj den', nichego osobennogo, eto u vzroslyh predrassudki i zamorochki, a deti tem legche i prosche vosprinimajut bez kakih by to ni bylo problem, chem mladshe. To est': ob'javljaja tekuschij vozrast rebenka "kriticheskim" (a potom i sledujuschij vozrast, i sledujuschij...), vy dejstvuete po principu "a tam ili shah pomret, ili ishak", ne reshaja problemu, a tol'ko ee usugubljaja.

Vy reshite dlja sebja, chto dlja vas glavnoe v drugoj polovinke - penis s koshel'kom i "chto sosedi skazhut" ili ljubov' i zabota.
- Wed Oct 3 06:24:00 2007 (GMT)

Posledujuschaja perepiska:

Da, ja soglasna, mnenie ljudej dlja menja igraet nemalovazhnuju rol',no delo ne v etom.JA ne lesbijanka, moj muzh dolzhen byt' muzhchinoj!
Moja ljubimaja tozhe byla absoljutno uverena, chto ona ne lesbijanka, do teh por, poka ne poljubila menja. Ochen' mnogie ljudi na samom dele biseksual'ny, no ne podozrevajut ob etom. A vozglas "dolzhen byt'" krichit skoree opjat' zhe o "chto sosedi skazhut". Dlja vas tak vazhno, chto skazhet p'janyj dvornik djadja Vasja? On i na "slishkom umnyh" tozhe vymatjugaetsja. A intelligentnye ljudi pojmut, esli vy sami ne budete stydit'sja vashej ljubvi. Esli vy ljubite lichnost' vashej drugoj polovinki, to izmenenija vneshnosti (proishodjaschie ne mgnovenno, a v osnovnom v techenii 2-3 let) projdut dlja vas ne tak boleznenno, kak vam kazhetsja sejchas. Tol'ko esli muzhskoj zapah i schetina dlja vas vazhnee lichnosti, vy dvoe budete muchat' drug druga.
Vy dlja sebja davno vse reshili, a ja hochu, chtoby vse u nas bylo,kak ran'she, kogda ja nichego ne znala.
JA hochu, chtoby bylo kak ran'she, chtoby moju rodinu ne rastaschili na udel'nye knjazhestva.
JA ponimaju,chto vy cherez mnogoe proshli,
(V konferencii TGrus) ja navidalas' mnogo istorij, pohozhih na vashu.
no ja-to etogo ne hochu.JA prosto ne predstavljaju, kak mne zhit' bez nego,esli on reshitsja na smenu pola,
Togda ne brosajte vashu druguju polovinku. Ljubov' dragocenna, ee legko poterjat' i ochen' trudno najti. Vam povezlo, chto vy vstretili svoju ljubov'. Ne brosajtes' eju.
i ne znaju, kak zhit' s tem,kem on stanet.
Tak zhe, kak sejchas. Nu melochi eto - odezhda, imja, bumazhki, rod v obschenii, pered licom ljubvi. V etih glazah budet ta zhe ljubov' k vam i zabota. Transseksualizm - bolezn', smertel'naja v 50% sluchaev - eto iz-za otkaza ot lechenija ili popytok lechit' ugovorami, shantazhom, psihologicheskim nasiliem, zaryvaniem golovy v pesok. Pri lechenii smenoj pola smertnost' 2%. Ne predajte svoju ljubov'.
- Wed Oct 3 06:50:32 2007 (GMT)

Moj muzh govorit, chto ne hochet delat' operaciju, chto on ne hochet stat' zhenschinoj, no v to zhe vremja on govorit, chto v dushe on-zhenschina. JA nichego ne ponimaju, hotja my otkrovenno govorili obo vsem. No, navernoe, nedostatochno otkrovenno.Glavnyj vyvod,kotoryj ja dlja sebja sdelala,tot, chto nam s vami vse-taki drug druga ne ponjat', i vse voprosy luchshe obgovorit' s ljubimym.Kstati, dlja malen'kogo rebenka nevazhno, kto u nego roditeli, a vot kogda rebenok podrastaet... Nashe obschestvo slishkom zhestoko k tem, kto ne takoj, kak vse, osobenno, esli ty zhivesh' v malen'kom gorodke, pust' dazhe pod Piterom.
Vy hotite, chtoby vasha dochka vyrosla posredstvennost'ju? Esli net, to u nedoumkov sredi okruzhajuschih vsegda najdetsja za chto schest' "ne takoj, kak vse", i byt' zhestokimi. Ne za odno, tak za drugoe. A vot polovinku vy mozhete (ne daj bog) poterjat' v odin den', i eto mozhet dazhe vygjadet' ne samoubijstvom, a neschastnym sluchaem. Tak chto esli vasha polovinka v buduschem zahochet kakih-to polumer (a mozhet i ne polu-), to ne otgovarivajte, ne davite na dolg/sovest'. I luchshe ob'jasnite sejchas, chto ne budete protiv, esli.
Gendernaja disforija legche so vremenem ne stanovitsja. Esli kotel zakuporit', to on mozhet vzorvat'sja.

- Wed Oct 3 13:43:19 2007 (GMT)


Lena: I know. But only two surgeons (one in USA and one in Thailand) do really trim (others just shave the Adam's apple often spoiling the voice or tauten the vocal folds/chords with temporary poor results), and chances to get the box (larynx) broken are quite high. Plenty of horror stories on the discussion mailing list about TS voice surgeries.

Knowing what to shift by will is enough effective and safe. For technical details read all quoted text here.
- Fri Sep 21 03:46:32 2007 (GMT)

562. Name: andrej , E-Mail: k.a.r.r@tut.by , City: minsk

Comments: Privetstvuu Lena xorosaua stranichka ua obzatelno podpisus na konferenciu a poka ua o4en xo4u poobs4atsa s toboi po icq moi nomer 308441963
Lena: Po ICQ ne obschajus'.
- Tue Sep 11 14:00:16 2007 (GMT)

561. Name: Anzhela , E-Mail: merki@belnet.ru , City: Belgorod

Comments: Lena ty molodchina ja toboj gorzhus'. O sebe ja MtF transseksual prinimaju gorional'nye preparaty 2 mesjaca posle nachala priema pochuvstvovala sebja luchshe nachala rrasti grud' no roditeljam ja bojus' ob etom skazat' oni konservativny po etomu ja prepodnesu im eto kak to chto u menja proizoshlo gormonal'noe narushenie a tam ja dumaju vse uladitsja tvoe mnenie na etot schet spasibo zaranee.
Lena: Nichego samo ne uladitsja. Gormony ne izbavjat tebja ot seroj teni na lice ot sbrityh volos. Iz-za etoj teni tebja zhenschinoj vosprinimat' ne budut nesmotrja ni na kakie gormony i ni na kakuju kosmetiku. Edinstvennyj real'no (ne v lzhivoj reklame) rabotajuschij sposob udalit' volosy s lica navsegda - elektroepiljacija. Skryt' ee ot roditelej tebe ne udastsja. Nachat' elektroepiljaciju tebe neobhodimo nemedlenno, potom pozdno budet. Eto rabota na paru let v luchshem sluchae. A perejti na zhenskuju odezhdu na publike tebe zahochetsja ran'she. Dlja elektroepiljacii volosy na lice nuzhno otraschivat' do dliny hotja by 3-4 mm nad poverhnost'ju kozhi. Postojanno, mesjacami. Predstav' sebe, kak ty budesh' hodit' s usami i borodoj v plat'e - predstavila? Elektroepiljacija v salone u medsestry - eto para desjatkov tysjach dollarov. Ili sama sebe, besplatno, no pridetsja prilozhit' neskol'ko soten chasov kropotlivogo truda. Pridetsja, zolotoj rybki ne budet. A paren' (kak tebja budut vosprinimat' okruzhajuschie iz-za etoj seroj teni na lice) s grudjami - eto znachit po mneniju okruzhajuschih debilov izvraschenec, kotorogo sam bog velel izbivat' pri kazhdoj vozmozhnosti, i velikolepnyj povod samoutverdit'sja na etom izbienii. Podpishis' na konferenciju TGrus - uznaesh', kak pravil'no delat' elektroepiljaciju na lice samoj sebe, i opyt drugih transseksualov, v chastnosti naschet otnoshenij s roditeljami. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na vot etoj stranichke moego sajta.
- Sat Sep 8 17:30:42 2007 (GMT)

560. Name: OL'ga , E-Mail: shalava72@inbox.ru , City: Aktjubinsk(Kazahstan)

Comments: PRivet!! Umnichka! VSEGO samogo tebe nailudshego!!! Pust' u tebja vsjo budet horosho!!! HOtelos' by poznakomit'sja...mozhno? JA transvestit... mne 37... mogu vyslat' foto...razumeetsja...Spasibo.
- Fri Aug 31 18:14:39 2007 (GMT)

559. Name: Persian Princess , City: ...province

Comments: Krasota!!! JA dobilas' svoego i schastliva i zhelaju schast'ja vsem! Adamjan Ruben Tatevosovich - hirurg iz NCH samyj luchshij vrach na svete,sovetuju vsem delat' SRS u etogo zamechatel'nogo doktora, eto kachestvenno i nedorogo.
Lena: Esli ne bylo oslozhnenij, to svoj hirurg - samyj luchshij na svete, spasitel' i blagodetel'. Odnako te, u kogo oslozhnenija byli, tak ne dumajut. Oslozhnenija byvajut (i neredko) i u Adamjana tozhe, kak i u drugih.
A chto kasaetsja gormonoterapii, to mogu skazat' odno: DIVIGEL' - RULIT!!!
Esli den'gi devat' nekuda, to mozhno i Divigel'.
Dazhe ne veritsja, chto ja teper' nastojaschaja devochka...
- Thu Aug 9 23:52:48 2007 (GMT)

Dal'nejshaja perepiska:

Divigel' - dorogoj preparat, s etim ja soglasna, no v poslednee vremja on podeshevel v bol'shinstve Moskovskih aptek, 200rub(6.5$) za upakovku iz 28 paketikov po 1g.
Krome togo u menja ot Sinestrola dazhe na samyh minimal'nyh dozah nachinaet kolot' pechen'...,
Prover'sja na hronicheskie gepatity.
a na Divigele dazhe pri 3-6g. v sutki vse normal'no. K tomu zhe na Sinestrole grudi prakticheski ne boljat, a ot Divigelja, dazhe ot 1g. pojavljaetsja bol' pri nadavlivanii na soski.
JA delala nedavno analizy na gormony,
Tebe opredelenno den'gi devat' nekuda.
Vse mnenija o tom, kakie urovni estradiola i testosterona dolzhny byt' u TS, - potolochnye.

tak vot Estradiol u menja okazyvaetsja 746 pmol'/l, i kak skazala vrach, eto bol'she chem byvaet pri beremennosti u zhenschin.
Pri beremennosti byvaet do 40000 pg/ml = 147000 pmol'/l. Privykaj k mysli, chto vrachi lgut i/ili nekompetentny.
(a ja to vsego mazhu Divigel' po 3 paketika v sutki)
Srednestatisticheskij (mezhdu raznymi pacientkami) srednij (v techenie sutok) uroven' ot 1 g takogo gelja raz v sutki - 125 pmol'/l, no est' kolebanija v techenie sutok (100-250), a glavnoe esche bol'shie mezhindividual'nye razlichija.
JA dumaju eto ot togo, chto Estradiol v vide gelja, sposoben nakaplivat'sja v organizme, i dejstvuet namnogo dol'she.
Estradiol iz gelja nakaplivaetsja v kozhe nenadolgo, i tam ne dejstvuet. A popav v krov', dejstvuet ochen' nedolgo (period poluraspada porjadka 3 chasov).
A 600rub. v mesjac eto ne tak uzh i mnogo, ja ran'she na internet tratila bol'she, a sejchas reshila na internet-trafike sekonomit', pomen'she sidet' za komp'juterom, i poetomu mne na Divigel' vpolne hvataet, s etim problem net.
- Sat Aug 11 17:15:50 2007 (GMT)

Analizy na gormony mne sdelali besplatno v oblastnoj poliklinike, po strahovomu medicinskomu polisu. Eto mozhno sdelat' v ljuboj oblastnoj poliklinike ili bol'nice, esli kto ne znaet...., prosto nuzhno obratit'sja k endokrinologu. CHto kasaetsja nekompetentnosti vrachej-eto da.
- Sat Aug 11 22:12:29 2007 (GMT)

558. Name: dmitrij , E-Mail: qwaddi@yandex.ru , City: n.novgorod

Comments: zdravstvujte elena
vy udivitel'naja zhenschina
schast'ja vam i ljubvi
- Tue Jul 24 15:15:38 2007 (GMT)

557. Name: Graf von Talionis , E-Mail: fever_of_hell@mail.ru , City: Vladivostok

Comments: Uzhe ne znaju komu plakat'sja po chasti gendernoj disgarmonii svoego fizicheskogo i mental'nogo pola. Uchityvaja to, chto operacija dlja FtM-transseksualov kuda slozhnee i dorozhe, chem dlja MtF eto znachitel'no otravljaet mne zhizn'. U menja net sredstv i vozmozhnosti, tak kak ja zhivu vo Vladivostoke. Znachitel'no uhudshaet situaciju moj rost - ja rostom vsego 164 ili 165 sm, a sgormonami svjazyvat'sja ne zhelaju.
Lena: Kakimi imenno gormonami i pochemu ne zhelaesh'? Ob'jasni podrobno.
Hotja gormony rosta ne nuzhno prinimat' vsju zhizn' i oni ne blokirujut estestvennyj obmen veschestv, svojstvennyj moemu polu - i eto sluzhit prichinoj vsjo zhe poprobovat', t.k.naskol'ko ja ponjal - eto edinstvennyj sposob mne pomoch'.
Slova "obmen veschestv" - shamanskoe zaklinanie. Ispol'zuetsja, kogda nechego skazat' po suschestvu. A ty vsjo-taki postarajsja sformulirovat' po suschestvu. CHego imenno ty boish'sja ili ne hochesh'?
Tak zhe menja ochen' interesuet operacija na golosovye svjazki (dlja ogrubenija golosa) ili zhe v luchshem sluchae fonohirurgicheskoe ponizhenie tonal'nosti golosa i izmenenie ego tembral'nyh harakteristik...
Golos snizit' i tembr izmenit' v muzhskuju storonu netrudno, ne nuzhno nikakih operacij (da i netu takih operacij), no chto ty budesh' delat', kogda po telefonu tebe perestanut verit', chto u tebja vot takoe pasportnoe imja? Pomenjat' dokumenty - sovsem ne tak legko, kak mozhet pokazat'sja.
Podskazhite, chto mne delat',
JA uzhe stol'ko raz povtorjala v etoj gostevoj knige, chto delat', mne uzhe nadoelo.
inache ja uzhe prosto sojdu s uma, okruzhajuschie stali zamechat' za mnoj chastuju razdrazhjonnost' i sklonnost' k depressivnomu sostojaniju. I mne eto sovsem ne nravitsja...
i eschjo vopros - kakov minimal'nyj vozrast, pri kotorom vrachi berutsja za etu problemu, ne operajas' na vozrastnoj predrassudok? ved' ne vse mudrecy stary i ne vse, kto star - mudrecy...
U kazhdogo vracha svoi predrassudki. Ne tol'ko naschet vozrasta.
- Sun Jul 22 10:18:57 2007 (GMT)

Dal'nejshaja perepiska:

Amin'... Itak, po suschestvu! JA ne hochu ispol'zovat' muzhskie gormony, potomu chto ih nuzhno prinimat' vsju zhizn'. To est' eto blokiruet vyrabotku moih prirodnyh gormonov.
A hirurgicheskaja operacija istochnik etih "prirodnyh" zhenskih (v sluchae FtM) gormonov voobsche likvidiruet.
Eti zhe, prinimaemye, - ne vyrabatyvajutsja, a vvodjatsja iskusstvenno - poetomu esli odnazhdy ja ih ne prijmu - budut strashnaja veschch'! - sindrom otmeny...
Nu, esli dlja tebja eto nastol'ko strashnaja vesch', to znachit sejchas tvoi razgovory o "depressivnom sostojanii" - preuvelichenie. I ssylka na stoimost' operacij - tozhe otgovorka.
Smena dokumentov avtomaticheski proizojdjot posle hirurgicheskoj smeny poly, ja zhe poka, k sozhaleniju, na nachal'noj stadii, hotja po etomu povodutozhe nemalo psihuju, kogda kto-to nazyvaet menja po pasportnomu imeni, sama ponimaesh', hochetsja udavit'sja ili udavit' etogo cheloveka, sklonnogo videt' tol'ko vneshnjuju obolochku i ot nejo skakat'... dazhe ne vneshnjuju, chto tam, a imenno BIOLOGICHEKUJU... hotja poroju sejchas, kak ni stranno, vneshne mne verjat, zato menja vydajot golos... poka ja nashjol tol'ko uprazhnenija dlja togo, chtob sdelat' svoj golos vyshe i zhenstvennee, - mne zhe nuzhno obratnoe.
Tak delaj obratnoe rekomendovannomu v teh uprazhnenijah.
Eschjo nashjol uslugi kakoj-to kliniki, no ona ne z moego gorodu, jopt... koroche, mne kak vsegda "povezlo", tak chto esli netrudno - rasskazhi popodrobnee, kak mne izmenit' svoj golos.
Ty govorila, chto nuzhno oznakomit'sja s opytom drugih transseksualov, non- i post-opov osobenno... ja-to oznakomilsja,
Poverhnostno oznakomilsja. Vot i rezul'tat tvoej leni.
no bol'shinstvo ih shli snachala k psihologam, a potom naznachalis' na gormonoterapiju. U menja, k sozhaleniju, malost' inoj sluchaj...v nashem gorode takogo ne proishodit - za etim pridjotsja ehat' v stolichnye goroda.
Esli by ty ne polenilsja i potratil vremja na znakomstvo vser'ez, to zaranee znal by, chto vo-pervyh, psihologi i psihiatry - ne pomosch', a prepjatstvie, kotoroe prihoditsja preodolevat', a vo-vtoryh, chto esli s umom, ispol'zuja opyt drugih, to sovsem ne nuzhno ehat' v stolichnye goroda.
Vse nashi psihologi vmesto pomoschi nachinajut tupo otgovarivat' - a po zakonu protivorechija eto dazhe duraka zastavit otstaivat' chto-to vumnoe... Da, vracham svojstvenny predrassudki i sejchas oni nikak ne mogut ponjat', chto "taktika ugrozy vo imja ubezhdenija" uzhe slishkom ustarela... est' te, kto poprostu ne boitsja pojti na chto-to radi sebja zhe. CHto zhe luchshe - strashennyj skal'pel' ili zhe zagublennaja zhizn'?..
- Sun Jul 22 20:55:49 2007 (GMT)

Nikakih preuvelichenij. K sozhaleniju... mne "vypala chest'" stat' oshibkoj prirody.
Nu pochemu zhe? nekotorye zh delajut operacii po smene pola bez gomonoterapii i zhivut i zdravstvujut i im eschjo i luchshe. ZHivut kak zhili, tol'ko teper' ih fizicheskaja obolochka sootvetstvuet vnutrennej.
Gde eto ty takih otkopal? Pokazhi. Ne znaju takogo ni odnogo. Ty chto dumaesh', chto lico i figura menjajutsja operacijami?
Krome togo, posle udalenija gonad (jaichnikov v sluchae FtM) bez gormonoterapii vredno, poluchitsja po toj samoj strashilke "transy dolgo ne zhivut".

Pro stoimost' - eto strannaja otmazka. Ochen' chasto vsplyvajuschaja... mozhno ot nejo otvertet'sja? mne uzhe sny snjatsja... nehoroshie takie... tam bol' pri operacii tak jarko chuvstvovalas', a ja ne otstupal... Hot' kakoj-to progress etoj real'nosti, perehodjaschij v druguju.
JA prekrasno znaju, chto psihiatry eto problema i pregrada. Rad, chto v etom nashjol podtverzhdenie... tol'ko naschjot stolichnyh gorodov ja tebja ne sovsem ponjal - vo Vladivostoke takogo ne delajut.
Esli odin raz prijti, poprosit' podderzhki, poluchit' ot vorot povorot i poverit' chto ne delajut - znachit ne delajut. A esli dejstvovat' s umom i znaja v detaljah opyt drugih - to v ljubom oblastnom centre mozhno dobit'sja vsego, chto nuzhno. No eto ne dlja lenivyh.
A sponsirovat' menja, dumaesh' kto-to budet?)
Sponsory - eto mif. Skazka. Fantazii.
Kstati, naschjot operacij na golosovye svjazki - ih delajut, oni sejchas dazhe imejut spros. Tol'ko eto dorogo...
Delajut - eto sovsem ne znachit, chto pomogaet.
Golos legko menjaetsja na muzhskoj gormonoterapiej. No neobratimo. A pasport na muzhskoe imja tebe na golovu ne svalitsja. A bez bumazhki ty bukashka, urodec, izvraschenec v glazah rabotodatelej.

Ne vsegda po-moemu metod "delat' obratnoe", chtoby dostich' protivopolozhnogo effekta - srabatyvaet. Pereryl internet (a eto somnitel'nyj istochnik informacii, no za neimeniem drugih...) Tebe neizvestny tochno eti uprazhnenija?
Tol'ko naschjot opyta - eto ne len'. JA s trudom orientirujus' v internete na nekotoryh sajtah da i v celom.
Internet - eto daleko ne tol'ko sajty. Bol'shinstvo pol'zovatelej Interneta v SNG platjat po vremeni soedinenija (cherez modem po telefonu). Dlja nih obschat'sja, platja za vsjo vremja sidenija za komp'juterom, dorogo. Poetomu pridumali pochtovye programmy, pozvoljajuschie za paru minut oplachivaemogo vremeni soedinenija v den' obmenjat'sja pochtoj s pochtovym serverom, potom otkljuchit'sja i spokojno ne toropjas' chitat' i pisat' pis'ma. Sootvetstvenno pridumali i pochtovye konferencii, v kotoryh obschenie proishodit cherez elektronnuju pochtu. Pis'ma, otpravlennye uchastnikami pochtovoj konferencii na adres konferencii, avtomaticheski rassylajutsja vsem uchastnikam konfrencii. Oni chitajut, mogut otvetit', otvety tozhe rassylajutsja vsem, takim obrazom v konferencii odnovremenno proishodit obsuzhdenie neskol'kih tem, prichem kazhdyj uchastnik konferencii mozhet chitat' i pisat' pis'ma v udobnoe dlja nego vremja, ne trebuetsja odnovremennosti, v otlichie ot chatov. Blagodarja dostupnosti takoj formy obschenija, v pochtovoj konferencii TGrus bol'she uchastnikov, chem v ljubom web-forume i tem bolee chate. Bol'she uchastnikov - bol'she opyta, bol'she vozmozhnostej ispravljat' oshibki. A sajt - eto mnenie odnogo cheloveka - avtora sajta. I nikto ego oshibki ne popravit. Esli ty platish' za dostup k Internetu po vremeni soedinenija, to nauchis' pol'zovat'sja pochtovoj programmoj Thunderbird, "The Bat!" ili "Outlook Express". Outlook Express vhodit v komplekt Windows, no cherez nego legche podhvatit' virusy, chem cherez Thunderbird ili Bat.
Prosti moju dotoshnost', esli ja tebe dokuchaju.
Potrudis', pozhalujsta, podpisat'sja na pochtovuju konferenciju TGrus i oznakomit'sja s opytom drugih transseksualov, prochitav arhiv konferencii.
- Wed Jul 25 09:20:14 2007 (GMT)

Na mojo schast'e my taki ustanovili bezlimitnyj internet...
Da ja ne takoj uzh lenivyj, jaizmuchennyj zhizn'ju) gy..
Eh, pridjotsja, vidat', muchit'sja s gormonami... trudno vsjo-taki ispravljat' prirodu. Esli b tol'ko my mogli vybirat' telo, v kotoroe my poselimsja!..
Lico mozhno izmenit' operaciej (tol'ko eto dorogo uzh bol'no)
Operacii ne mogut sdelat' iz zhenskogo lica muzhskoe (naoborot tozhe ne mogut). Eto mozhet tol'ko gormonoterapija.
a figuru kakim-nibud' bodibildingom... esli dolgo i uporno.
I bodibilding tozhe bez muzhskih gormonov ili anabolikov ne pomozhet.
Nu a operacija na svjazki ponizhaet ili povyshaet tembr...
Na slovah hirurgov. No ne v real'noj zhizni.
vsjo by bylo vynosimo bez gormonov, esli by ne udaljalsja istochnik.
Esli tebe nuzhen istochnik, to zabud' o smene pola.
Hotja muzhik s mesjachnymi eto konechno ochen' "veselo"... hotja oni u menja i tak pochti ne idut, heh...
Horosho, skol'ko by ne poluchal ot vorot povorot budu dobivat'sja.
Dobivat'sja naobum - budesh' poluchat' ot vorot povorot do beskonechnosti. Poslushav to, chto ty mne tut pishesh', ni odin psihiatr tebja na smenu pola ne pustit.
Tol'ko by probrat'sja snachala k oblastnomu centru...
Vladivostok - oblastnoj centr (stolica Primorskogo kraja).
Naschjot pasporta - soglasen. Biologichka v universitete zajavila mne chto ja budu ne muzhchinoj a urodom pohozhim na muzhchinu. Nu, ja by tak ne skazal. Na nekotorye fotografii posmotrish' - ne poverish', chto kogda-to eto bylo zhenskoe telo i lico.
Na fotografijah - v opredelennom rakurse, v opredelennoj odezhde. I eto, konechno, te, komu povezlo s ishodnoj vneshnost'ju, nu i sily oni dlja dostizhenija takogo vida prilozhili nemalye, i opytnomu zapadnomu hirurgu uplatili beshenye den'gi za mastektomiju. Sovetskie hirurgi tak ne umejut (s nezametnymi shramami i pravdopodobno vygljadjaschimi soskami i areolami).
Ssylka na konferenciju postojanno peresylaet menja na tvoju biografiju, gde napisano, kak podpisat'sja i t.p. A kak ejo samu-to chitat'?.. e...
Posle podpiski poluchish' instrukcii.

Dal'nejshaja perepiska - cherez email (elektronnuju pochtu), a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige.
- Thu Jul 26 04:54:12 2007 (GMT)

- Thu Aug 2 05:54:12 2007 (GMT)

556. Name: rabinya Kattie , E-Mail: bxts@rambler.ru , City: Tashkent ,
Home Page URL: http://uztransik.narod.ru

Comments: Zdravi jelayu prekrasnaya Elena!
vashi deystvie zaslujivaet uvajanie
hotelos bi nayti lyudey kak vi u nas
v uzbekistane
- Mon Jun 18 11:50:30 2007 (GMT)

555. Name: Marishka , E-Mail: flor821@rambler.ru , City: Krivoj Rog

Comments: Zdravstvujte!
JA hochu sdelat' operaciju po smene pola i mne hotelos' by informaciju po etomu povodu.
Zaranee blagodarna Vam.
Lena: Informacija o smene pola - v konferencii TGrus. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na moej stranchike po vot etoj ssylke.
- Mon Jun 18 10:36:38 2007 (GMT)

554. Name: Nastja , E-Mail: nastena-kmx@yandex.ru , City: Tjumen' ,
Home Page URL: http://nastia-kmx.3dn.ru

Comments: JA hochu nachat' gormonoterapiju chtoby prevratit'sja v devushku mne 15 let s kakih gormonov sleduet nachat' chtoby ne umeret' chtoby bylo podeshevle i chtoby byl efekt.
Lena: Konsul'tacii po gormonoterapii ja daju tol'ko tem iz russkojazychnyh transseksualov, kotorye oznakomilis' so vsem posledstvijami (v pervuju ochered' social'nymi), prochitav kak minimum tret' arhiva konferencii TGrus.
- Tue Jun 12 08:35:50 2007 (GMT)

553. Name: Dally , E-Mail: dally_74@mail.ru , City: Rubejnoe ,
Home Page URL: http://transex.ru/dally?1=1&afolder=self

Comments: Da ja transvesit uzhe bolee poloviny zhizni
ob etom znaet moja zhena, no ejo eto ne ochen'-to....
Hochu menjat', menjat'sja samomu i pomoch izmenitsja k
luchshemu drugim.
ZHivu s buddijskim podhodom k zhizni.
Obozhaju detej, devushek da i prosto horoshih i krasivyh ljudej.
- Fri Jun 8 16:54:47 2007 (GMT)

552. Name: Alla , E-Mail: all2039@yandex.ru

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena!Vy stol'ko znaete pro gormonoterapiju, poetomu ja reshilas' napisat' Vam i sprosit' neskol'ko sovetov. Mne 20 let, ja zhenschina, u menja disbalans gormonov:rastut volosy na zhivote, grudi, spine i na lice, bedra uzhe, chem plechi, malen'kaja grud'.
Lena: Prezhde vsego, Vam nuzhno vyjasnit' prichinu girsutizma (izbytochnogo rosta volos na tele). "Disbalans gormonov" - otpiska, a ne diagnoz. Vam nuzhno sdelat' obsledovanie (nachinaja s UZI) nadpochechnikov (ne pochek) i jaichnikov i dobit'sja ot vrachej konkretnogo diagnoza, a zatem lechit', prichem lechit' ne girsutizm (sledstvie), a prichinu. Lishnie volosy - eto ne edinstvennaja problema. Vpolne vozmozhno, chto lechenie pomozhet i s figuroj (ne srazu, a za neskol'ko let).
Mozhno li s pomosch'ju gormonal'nyh tabletok uvelichit' grud', okruglit' bedra? Esli da, to s pomosch'ju kakih? I mozhno ih primenjat', esli u menja erozija shejki matki?
JA specializirujus' na gormonoterapii dlja transseksualov. Nalichie matki i jaichnikov delaet situaciju suschestvenno slozhnee, legche navredit', netrudno doigrat'sja do raka matki (chto transseksualam MtF ne grozit, poskol'ku matki net). Za Vash sluchaj ne voz'mus'.
- Sun Jun 3 11:52:46 2007 (GMT)

551. Name: Cristiana , E-Mail: cristianastjohn@yahoo.com , City: Auberry, Calif. USA

Comments: This is a very good webpage. I hope it will help the situation for TS persons in your country, and everywhere that there is anti-TS discrimination. Thank you, Lena!
- Wed May 30 20:45:18 2007 (GMT)

550. Name: Put' Svobody , E-Mail: put_svobody@mail.ru , City: Moscow

Comments: Net takogo "volch'ja guba". Est' zajach'ja guba. Est' volch'ja past'.
Lena: Spasibo, ja popravila. JA imela v vidu cleft palate - teper' budu znat' pravil'nyj russkij perevod.
- Thu May 17 11:24:14 2007 (GMT)

549. Name: Maksim , E-Mail: maximus177_88@mail.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: JA paren',18 let, s detstva mne govorili chto ja pohozh na devochku, gormonov nikogda ne prinimal, no vsezhe pohozh na devchenku,mnogie govorjat paren' eto ili devochka, inogda prihodjat mysli smenit' pol, chto posovetuete v dannoj situacii?
Posovetujte gde mozhno kupit' gormony, i otdajut li bez recepta a to ja stesnjajus' v apteku idti i sprashivat', ja ne ponimaju pochemu ja, osobenno lico bol'she pohozhe na zhenskoe, hot' ja i hudoj, mozhet eto tak v DNK zalozheno?
Lena: JA otvetila pis'mom.
- Mon May 14 21:00:58 2007 (GMT)

548. Name: noobaSE , E-Mail: whiteknower.at.gmail.com

Comments: Skript stibril, ibo prikol'nyj. Budem posmotret' =)
- Thu May 10 20:05:15 2007 (GMT)

547. Name: Katja , E-Mail: mitrik85@mail.ru , City: Omsk

Comments: Celyj chas provela v vashej gostevoj knige i mnogoe dlja sebja ponjala! Vo-pervyh reshila napisat' svoj gorod i elektronnyj adres, potomu kak vy projavili ne djuzhuju smelost' i rasskazali samoe sokrovennoe o sebe. Eto dostojno uvazhenija! Vo-vtoryh, hot' ja i ne prinadlezhu k chislu ljudej ne dovol'nyh soboj i svoim telom, no vyrazhaju vam ogromnuju blagodarnost' za neposil'nyj vklad i neocenimuju pomosch' vsem nuzhdajuschimsja! ved' vy ne ostavili bez otveta prakticheski ni odin krik o pomoschi ili dazhe prosto ljubopytstvo. Iz vsego prochitannogo ja ponjala, chto vy ni razu ne pozhaleli o tom chto smenili pol. I eto navernoe dlja vas samoe glavnoe! V obschem, absoljutno iskrenne voshischajus' vami i zabiraju svoi slova o tom, chto vy agressivny v svoih otvetah, obratno! Edinstvennoe, chto navernoe nemnozhko ogorchaet, tak eto to, chto vy ateistka! Hotja ja i sama ne osobo verujuschaja, no vse zhe....Pochemu tak proizoshlo? Vot ja naprimer ne kreschenaja, ne hozhu v cerkov' i ne moljus' tol'ko potomu chto roditeli kak to ne privili. No v nechto bozhestvennoe vse ravno verju. A vy pochemu?
Lena: O prichine horosho skazal, kak ni stranno, monah (po familii Okkam). U menja est' i moja sobstvennaja teorija, pochemu mnogie ljudi sklonny verit' v bozhestvennoe. No, k sozhaleniju, opyt nauchil menja, chto diskutirovat' na etu temu ne stoit, ibo privodit tol'ko k konfrontacii.

P.S. A potom ja vstretila signaturu, kotoraja mne ponravilas':
"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."
-- Stephen Roberts

- Tue Apr 10 17:05:08 2007 (GMT)

546. Name: Katja

Comments: Elena! vy menja ne pravil'no ponjali! ja esche raz povtorjus', chto absoljutno adekvatno i s ponimaniem otnoshus' k izmeneniju pola i k gomoseksualizmu. Moj vopros tak i zvuchal: ne kazhetsja li vam, chto mnenie teh, kto osuzhdaet vas, mozhno tozhe ponjat'. A dalee ja rasshifrovala ih mnenie, upomjanuv degradaciju i regress! No eto ne znachit, chto ja vas osuzhdaju. JA priderzhivajus' nejtraliteta v dannom voprose i ne zanimaju nich'ju storonu. ja schitaju, chto kazhdyj chelovek imeet pravo na schast'e. Ni v koem sluchae ne hotela vas obidet', esli tak poluchilos', to izvinite.
A chem vy mozhete ob'jasnit' to, chto nekotorye, vernee skazat' mnogie, schitajut eto izvrascheniem?
Lena: JA uzhe otvechala na etot vopros nizhe: Osuzhdajut nepohozhih na sebja. Ne priznajut, naprimer, za ljudej negrov. Nepolnocennye mol oni. A tut v nazvanii est' koren' "seks". I hotja transseksualizm - eto ne naschet kak ili s kem trahat'sja, iz-za etogo kornja valjat v odnu kuchu. Slovom "izvraschenie" nazyvajut seksual'noe povedenie, otlichajuscheesja ot normy (sama ideja normirovat' seksual'noe povedenie - chisto religioznaja). A chto takoe norma - kazhdyj ponimaet po-svoemu. I sudit po sebe. Tem, kto pytajutsja utverzhdat', chto "izvraschenie" - eto "neestestvennoe" povedenie, rekomenduju zadumat'sja, chto naprimer predvaritel'nye laski ne javljajutsja estestvennymi, eto produkt kul'tury. A vot gomoseksual'nyj seks praktikuet ves'ma znachitel'nyj procent mnogih vidov zhivotnyh v dikoj prirode, kuda uzh estestvennej.
I mozhno li voobsche nadejat'sja na to, chto obschestvo kogda nibud' primet eto?
Opjat' zhe, povtorjaju: U kazhdogo cheloveka svojo mnenie po kazhdomu otdel'no vzjatomu voprosu. V shkole uchat, chto rasizm - eto necivilizovanno. S teh por, kak nachali prosveschat' ob etom, procent rasistov umen'shilsja, no ne do nulja. O tom, chto schitat' gomoseksualizm i transseksualizm izvraschenijami - tak zhe necivilizovanno, poka uchat ne v kazhdoj shkole. No s pojavleniem obschedostupnoj informacii na etu temu procent neprosveschennyh postepenno umen'shaetsja. Vot i u etogo sajta eto odna iz glavnyh celej.
I, pozhalujsta, ne ischite v moih slovah izdevatel'stva i uprekov! JA prosto proniklas' etoj problemoj i teper' ona mne ne daet pokoja.
- Thu Apr 5 16:22:51 2007 (GMT)

545. Name: Katja

Comments: Kstati otvechaju na vash vopros: hotelos' by mne imet' sem'ju s vneshne muzhchinoj, kotoryj vedet sebja ne po muzhski? Tak vot ja s etim stalkivajus' kazhdyj den'. Muzhchiny poshli takie chto poroj ja sama sebja chuvstvuju sil'nym polom.
- Wed Apr 4 15:45:13 2007 (GMT)

544. Name: Katja

Comments: Spasibo bol'shoe za vashi kommentarii! Prochitav vashi otvety na voprosy ljudej, mne pokazalos', chto vy nemnogo agressivny?!
Lena: JA ne podstavljaju druguju scheku. I otvechaju po suti. Kogda na moi otvety nechego vozrazit', prosche ob'javit' moi otvety agressivnymi.
i ja dazhe navernoe ponimaju pochemu. ved' ne kazhdyj, a vernee skazat' malo kto mozhet vas ponjat' i ne osudit'.
A vy ne govorite za drugih.
JA speshu vas zaverit', chto ja ne hanzha i k takogo roda vescham otnoshus' s uvazheniem i ponimaniem!
Obzyvat' degradaciej i regressom (sm. nizhe vashu predyduschuju zapis') - eto vy nazyvaete uvazheniem i ponimaniem?
Esli vas ne zatrudnit, otvet'te na vopros: v kakom oblike ili v kakom sostojanii vam legche zhit' (v tele muzhchiny ili v tele zhenschiny)?
Mne - konechno, sejchas, t.e. v tele zhenschiny. Inache by ne bylo smysla ispravljat' telo.
JA imeju vvidu obschestvennoe mnenie, izmenilos' li ono po otnosheniju k vam s vashim vtorym rozhdeniem?
A kak eto "obschestvennoe mnenie"? U kazhdogo cheloveka svojo mnenie po kazhdomu otdel'no vzjatomu voprosu.
Tem, kogo ochen' volnuet, a chto skazhet p'janyj dvornik djadja Vasja, rekomenduju zadumat'sja, chto osuzhdat' vsegda najdetsja za chto. I za to, chto "slishkom umnyj", i za to, chto ne sootvetstvuet stereotipam muzhskogo (v sluchae MtF) ili zhenskogo (v sluchae FtM) povedenija.
Hotja lichno mne, krome kak v etoj gostevoj knige, s negativnym otnosheniem za poslednie 8 let stalkivat'sja ne prihodilos'. V detstve okruzhajuschie samcy obez'jan pubertatnogo vozrasta nado mnoj izdevalis', ne poluchaja otpora. No pol tela menjajut ne radi "obschestvennogo mnenija", a dlja ustranenija vnutrennej disforii.

- Wed Apr 4 15:27:21 2007 (GMT)

543. Name: katja

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Elena! Ne znaju smotrite li vy Dom2,
Lena: Net.
a ja vot smotrju. Nedavno na proekt prishla Erika. Ona transseksual. Mne stalo interesno, kak proishodit izmenenie pola, chto chuvstsvuet chelovek pri etom. I vot nashla vashu stranichku. Ne znaju kakim muzhestvom i hrabrost'ju nuzhno obdadat', ili kak nuzhno nenavidet' prirodu-mat', chtoby reshit'sja na takoe.
Znaete, chto takoe "zajach'ja guba" i "volch'ja past'"? Ih tozhe u nekotoryh ljudej, kak vy vyrazilis', "priroda-mat'" delaet. Tozhe vrozhdennoe nenasleduemoe ispravljaemoe hirurgicheski sostojanie, kak i transseksualizm.
JA iskrenne voshischajus' vami i vsemi ostal'nymi transseksualami. No ne kazhetsja li vam, chto eto protivorechit zakonam prirody?
Procitirujte. S nomerami punkta-paragrafa.
ne kazhetsja li vam, chto ljudi, kotorye eto osuzhdajut i ne priznajut vo mnogom pravy.
Osuzhdajut nepohozhih na sebja. Ne priznajut, naprimer, za ljudej negrov. Nepolnocennye mol oni.
Ved' eto svoego roda degradacija, regress?
A samoubijstvo po-vashemu znachit progress. Vypolnili prednaznachenie (u mnogih transseksualov est' deti) - i pust' osvobozhdajut mesto dlja takih, kak vy?
Prichem v osnovnom na takuju operaciju reshajutsja v bol'shinstve sluchaev muzhchiny.
Na samom dele transseksualov MtF (M->ZH) i FtM (ZH->M) primerno odinakovoe kolichestvo. A sovkovye vrachi uvereny, chto FtM-ov v neskol'ko raz bol'she. Potomu chto prihodjat k nim bol'she FtM-y. Potomu chto v uslovijah, kogda zhenschiny - ljudi vtorogo sorta, a "ne nastojaschij muzhchina" - povod dlja fizicheskoj raspravy, mnogie MtF ne reshajutsja chto-libo predprinjat', konchajut samoubijstvom (eto prosche), spivajutsja.
A ved' ih itak men'she, chem zhenschin! CHto esli muzhchin sovsem ne ostanetsja? CHto vy dumaete po etomu povodu??
Dva cheloveka iz kazhdoj tysjachi - eto takaja zametnaja ubyl'?
Krome togo, vot lichno vy hoteli by sozdat' sem'ju s vneshne vrode by muzhchinoj, no kotoryj ne vedet sebja po-muzhski?

- Tue Apr 3 15:48:07 2007 (GMT)

542. Name: ZHenja

Comments: Est' eschjo odna bolezn' nazyvaetsja NATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!

U MENJA VSJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Tue Mar 27 08:17:28 2007 (GMT)

541. Name: ZHenja

Comments: Lena TRANS eto NE BOLEZN'!!!
Ty prosto gomo-ZHENSCHINA!!!

Lena: Drugoe nazvanie gomoseksual'nyh zhenschin - lesbijanki. JA tak i napisala na etom sajte, chto ja lesbijanka.
A naschet togo, schitat' li transseksualizm bolezn'ju - vopros spornyj. S odnoj storony, naprimer levshej bol'nymi schitat' ne sleduet. No s drugoj storony, levshej i ne lechat. A transseksualam dlja ne neschastnoj zhizni nuzhno lechenie - gormonal'noe i hirurgicheskoe. Tak chto ja bol'she sklonjajus' k takoj formulirovke: ja byla bol'noj, no vylechilas'. :) Ne dumaju, chto zhenschiny, kotorym udaleny matka i kak obychno zaodno jaichniki (i poetomu im nuzhno prinimat' gormony, kak i transseksualam), schitajut sebja bol'nymi.

- Tue Mar 27 07:53:18 2007 (GMT)

540. Name: julja , E-Mail: vog-0011@rambler.ru , City: moskva

Comments: Vy Molodec! JA muzhschina a na operaciju u menja deneg net
chto vy mne mozhete skazat' na eto?
Lena: Ne deneg u vas net, a informacii i/ili zhelanija. No ne hotite - ne nado, ja ser'ezno.
- Fri Mar 23 05:45:06 2007 (GMT)

539. Name: Katja

Comments: Skazhite pozhalujsta vozmozhen li otkat posle sdelannoj SRS, i k komu iz vrachej s etim obraschatsja? SRS byla sdelana poltora goda tomu.
Lena: Otkat vneshnosti vozmozhen iz-za neadekvatnoj gormonoterapii. Vrachej, dejstvitel'no kompetentnyh v gormonoterapii pri transseksualizme, v SNG net (vprochem, daleko ne tol'ko v SNG). Bez lozhnoj skromnosti, ja kompetentna v gormonoterapii pri transseksualizme MtF (M->ZH) luchshe ljubogo vracha v mire, konsul'tiruju besplatno. Pishite mne na email.
- Fri Mar 23 01:13:23 2007 (GMT)

538. Name: Alora , E-Mail: ktv01@013.net.il , City: Israel

Comments: Molodec.Ochen' ponravilos'
- Sat Mar 3 01:01:16 2007 (GMT)

537. Name: MIHAIL , E-Mail: mihailhlopov@rambler.ru , City: olenegorsk

Comments: Lenochka pytalas' otpravit' pochtu kak ty i skazala pishet oshibku 503 ochen' hochu s toboj poobschat'sja mne nuzhna tvoja pomosch'
Lena: Nauchis' pol'zovat'sja pochtoj. Poprosi druzej tebja nauchit', pri neobhodimosti zaplati za uslugi mestnogo specialista po komp'juteram. Kogda nauchish'sja, napishi mne pis'mo. Pis'mo, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige. Moj adres pochty - na glavnoj stranichke moego sajta po vot etoj ssylke.
- Fri Mar 2 15:36:45 2007 (GMT)

536. Name: MIHAIL , E-Mail: mihailhlopov@rambler.ru , City: Olenegorsk

Comments: Privet Lena ja ot Tani pomogi razobrat'sja v sebe OCHEN' HOCHU STAT' ZHENSCHINOJ LJUBYMI PUTJAMI!!!!!!!
Lena: Razbirat'sja v sebe pridetsja samoj, no posle oznakomlenija s opytom drugih putem prochtenija arhiva konferencii TGrus. Tam zhe detali kak stat' zhenschinoj. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na moej stranichke po vot etoj ssylke. Vypolni tu instrukciju vnimatel'no, akkuratno i polnost'ju, ne ostanavlivajas' na poldorogi.
- Thu Mar 1 22:29:28 2007 (GMT)

535. Name: Al'bina , E-Mail: aljabera@mail.ru , City: Voronezh

Comments: Posmotrela fotografii.
- Wed Feb 28 11:42:16 2007 (GMT)

534. Name: Tat'jana , E-Mail: tien2006@yandex.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: JA bukval'no na dnjah poznakomilas' s tonkoj, izumitel'noj mudroj ZHenschinoj.ju ejo zovut Irma. I ona skazala mne, chto do 30 let byla muzhchinoj. JA potrjasena tem podvigom, kotoryj vy sovershili... Bud'te blagoslovenny!! Sily tebe, Lenochka, zdorov'ja i prekrasnoj ljubvi!!! Iskrenne.
- Fri Feb 23 21:20:10 2007 (GMT)

533. Name: Elenna2008 , E-Mail: Elenna2008@rambler.ru , City: Glush

Comments: Lena izvini ja opjat' obraschajus' k tebe pomogi pochta ne otpravljaetsja. uzel"smt"ne najden proverte vedenoe imja servera.Uchetnaja zapis'"pop"server"smt"protokol SMTPport25zaschita(SSL):net oshibka soketa :11001kod oshibki:0h800sssor.Mne dejstvitel'no ne komu obratitsja za pomoschju podskazhi gde iskat' etu oshibku esli smozhesh to daj instrukciju poshagovyh dejstvij za ranee tebe sposibo i ja stoboj ne poschajus' ja budu prilezhnoj uchinicej
Lena: Instrukcija po nastrojke pochtovoj programmy "Outlook Express" na sovmestnuju rabotu s Rambler-pochtoj - po vot etoj ssylke. Goditsja programma "Outlook Express", vhodjaschaja v komplekt Windows. Nazvanija pohozhie, no programmy raznye. Esli ne spravish'sja, to ischi mestnyh specialistov (oni est' v ljuboj glushi) i plati im. Esli v tvoem komp'jutere ne ustanovlena samaja poslednjaja versija antivirusnoj programmy ili esli tebja ne nauchili kazhdyj den' obnovljat' ee bazu dannyh o virusah, to tozhe ischi specialista i plati. JA tebja bol'she za ruchku vodit' ne budu. Dal'she budu zhdat' ot tebja pis'ma, zdes' v gostevuju knigu bol'she ne pishi.
- Wed Feb 21 12:40:00 2007 (GMT)

532. Name: Elenna , E-Mail: Elenna2008@rambler.ru

Comments: pytalas' potpisatsja da tol'ko sama uchus' pol'zovatsja internetom da i voobsche kompjuterom pochemuto kemp ne otpravljaet pochtu vydaet kakujuto oshibku popytajus' sozdat' pochtovyj jaschik po tvoej sylki esli mozhesh podskazhi chto mne delat' dejstvitel'no GLUSH ne susvetnaja
Lena: JA telepatka, no ne nastol'ko, chtoby uvidet', kakuju imenno oshibku.
- Wed Feb 21 06:43:42 2007 (GMT)

531. Name: Natali , E-Mail: K061048R@meta.ua , City: Uman

Comments: Lenochka zdravstvuj. JA voshischajus' tvoej krasotoj,tvoej smelost'ju i reshitel'nost'ju v etom ochen' nuzhnom dlja mnogih, takih kak my,dele.JA nezamedlitel'no popytajus' podpisat'sja na konferenciju. Do vstrechi. S uvazheniem NATALI.
Lena: JA popytalas' otvetit' na tvoe pis'mo - a mne soobschenie, chto etogo pochtovogo jaschika ne suschestvuet. Ty ego udalila, chto li, ne razobravshis'? Sozdaj sebe novyj pochtovyj jaschik na sajte mail.rambler.ru i napishi mne ottuda.
- Tue Feb 20 10:10:55 2007 (GMT)

530. Name: Elenna2008 , E-Mail: elenna2008@rambler.ru

Comments: Lena izvini vela tebja nemnogo v zabluzhdenija podpisatsja ja ne mogu Moja rodstvenica katoruju ja eschjo ne videla nahoditsja uzhe v bol'nice i ona ne znaet chto ja otkryla ejo tajnu ot etogo chto ja uznala mnenie mojo o nej ne izmenilos' ja odinakovo otnoshus' ko vsem ljudjam.U kazhdogo est' skilet v shkafu ja ne iskljuchenija.Ona dobraja,otzyvchivaja i posle bol'nice hochet priehat' k nam JA ne hochu ne narokom obidet' ejo i u menja molo informacii ja bojus' za nejo iejo zdorov'ja.V poiskah informacii ja zabrela k vam.
Lena: Boish'sja za ee zdorov'e - nauchi ee pol'zovat'sja elektronnoj pochtoj i rasskazhi ej pro konferenciju TGrus. Vrachi, mnjaschie sebja specialistami, propisyvajut pervye popavshiesja gormonal'nye preparaty v sluchajnyh (daleko ne vsegda razumnyh: mnogo - ploho, no i malo - tozhe ploho) dozirovkah, hotja est' namnogo bezvrednee i bezopasnee (i v to zhe vremja deshevle). V uchebnikah, spravochnikah i instrukcijah pro lechenie transseksualov ne pishut.
- Mon Feb 19 09:43:21 2007 (GMT)

529. Name: Elenna2008 , E-Mail: elenna2008@rambler.ru

Comments: Lena ty prekrasna sporu net ne kazhdaja natural'naja zhenschina tak prekrasno vygljadit Lena otvet' pozhalujsta na moj vopros chto za operacii nuzhny dlja izmenenija pola s m-zh i kak oni mogut otrazitsja na zdorov'e.JA ochen' perezhivaju za svoju(svoego)rodstvenicu.I chem ja mogu ej pomoch posle operacii. Elenna
- Mon Feb 19 09:28:37 2007 (GMT)

528. Name: 1 , E-Mail: 1 , City: 1

Comments: Lena, ja hotel by pomenjat' pol. To est' byt' devushkoj, polnost'ju smenit' dazhe gentalii,chtoby vse bylo kak u devushki.
Vyjti zamuzh, rodit' rebenka.
Lena: Rodit' nevozmozhno. Vyjti zamuzh - maloverojatno. Ob ostal'nom ja v etoj gostevoj knige uzhe ne raz pisala. Esli vam len' prochitat', to mne len' povtorjat'.
- Fri Feb 16 19:18:17 2007 (GMT)

527. Name: Elenna2008 , E-Mail: elenna2008@rambler.ru , City: glush

Comments: Zdravstvuj Lena s praznikom tebja s dnjom vljubljonyh Lena chtoby smenit' pol s m-zh posle gormono teropii skol'ko nuzhno zdelat' operacij chtoby bylo vsjo tip-top i kakie
Lena: S dnem vljublennyh pozravljajut svoih vljublennyh.
Prezhde, chem dumat' o gormonoterapii i operacii, nuzhno delat' elektroepiljaciju na lice. V "glushi" (da i ne tol'ko v glushi) elektroepiljaciju imeet smysl delat' samoj sebe, doma. Detal'nye instrukcii kak - v arhive konferencii TGrus.
Tabletki glotat' - ni truda, ni uma ne nado. No tol'ko glotaja tabletki i bol'she nichego, ty zagonish' sebja v tupik - i s raboty vyletish' (a den'gi tebe esche oh kak ponadobjatsja), i operacii ne sdelaesh', potomu chto etu operaciju prosto tak za den'gi ne delajut. I ehat' v Moskvu, kak tebja mnogie budut posylat' - tolku ne budet: obderut tebja tam kak lipku i vybrosjat, nichego ne dob'esh'sja. CHtoby dobit'sja, podpishis' na konferenciju TGrus i prochitaj ee arhiv. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na moej stranichke po vot etoj ssylke.

- Thu Feb 15 15:00:10 2007 (GMT)

526. Name: Andrew aka Andrej

Comments: ubljudki i u nas est', okazyvaetsja...
pojdi pristrelis', izvraschenec!
Lena: Da, ubljudki i u nas est', ty naprimer. Gotovye ubit' (ili hot' popytat'sja do samoubijstva dovesti) ljubogo okruzhajuschego, kogo oni ne ponimajut.
Slovo "izvraschenie" oznachaet narushenie religioznogo tabu. Kakoe konkretno ja po-tvoemu religioznoe tabu narushaju? Procitiruj tvoe ljubimoe svjaschennoe pisanie, ukazhi nomer punkta-paragrafa (naprimer v Biblii glavy i stihi pronumerovany). Ty voobsche verujuschij? Somnevajus' ja odnako (verujuschie "pristrelit'sja" nikomu ne posovetujut). JA vot ateistka. JA po-tvoemu objazana sobljudat' imenno pochitaemoe toboj (da i nepohozhe, chtoby pochitaemoe) svjaschennoe pisanie? Ih voobsche mnogo raznyh. Ty i inovercam (buddistam naprimer) tozhe posovetuesh' "pristrelit'sja"?

- Mon Jan 8 16:44:33 2007 (GMT)

525. Name: Dana , E-Mail: DanaC819@adelphia.net , City: Buffalo

Comments: Love your site
- Wed Nov 29 03:27:27 2006 (GMT)

524. Name: Josephine Shaffer , E-Mail: josephineshaffer@aol.com , City: Johnstown, Pa.

Comments: I want to sign this because it's about me i want to be a female. At age of ten i dressed up as a girl, i wanted to put my mother's dress, and under garments to make myself completely a girl i like to do that today i'm thinking of how i am going to have the sex reassignment surgery done so i can physically be a female without a doubt.
- Tue Nov 21 20:26:22 2006 (GMT)

523. Name: Ira

Comments: Ty molodec
- Tue Nov 14 13:41:31 2006 (GMT)

522. Name: Emil Christov , E-Mail: emil_christov@abv.bg , City: Sofia

Comments: Dear Lena,

Your story sounds really inspiring and I hope many people all over the world could read it. As it is still quite complicate to manage a normal TS life in our postcomunist countries I hope we can very soon meet more people who have the courage to stand behind the idea of being truly them-selves. God bless you!

Emil, Bulgaria
- Fri Nov 3 10:22:28 2006 (GMT)

521. Name: Kimrey , E-Mail: COLEMAN07@AOL.COM , City: Lancaster Calif

Comments: I am a FTM working in Ukraine. Thank you for your courage.
- Sun Oct 29 15:29:08 2006 (GMT)

520. Name: Liza , E-Mail: wow02@yandex.ru , City: Novosibirsk

Comments: Zdrastvujte, menja zovut Liza,mne 18 let i ja transseksualka,prinimaju gormony 6 mesjacev, rezul'taty est' no ne znachitel'nye,mopogite pozhalujsta ja tak bol'she ne mogu, u menja otvraschenie k moej vneshnost', ja hochu byt' devushkoj, a v zerkalo smotrit otvratitel'noe ne ponjatno chto,ja nadejus' na vashu pomosch', zaranie spasibo
Lena: Ty zhe 7 minut chitala etu gostevuju knigu. I v upor ne uvidela? V kotoryj raz povtorjaju: oznakom'sja s opytom drugih transseksualov, prochitav hotja by tret' arhiva konferencii TGrus, i srochno nachni elektroepiljaciju na lice samoj sebe (instrukcija v arhive konferencii). Posle etogo dam individual'nye rekomendacii po gormonoterapii. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na moej stranichke po vot etoj ssylke.
- Fri Oct 20 16:18:37 2006 (GMT)

519. Name: Vadim , E-Mail: tetley2005@yandex.ru

Comments: Stranno...., pochemu ne rabotaet ssylka na podpisku? Elene, u menja problemy s podpiskoj na konferenciju.
Lena: Esli vy ne chitaete ni svoju pochtu, ni instrukciju po podpiske, to v takom sluchae ja nichem pomoch' ne mogu. Lichnuju perepisku cherez gostevuju knigu ja vesti bol'she ne budu.
- Mon Sep 18 09:49:27 2006 (GMT)

518. Name: Vadim , E-Mail: tetley2005@yandex.ru , City: koms

Comments: Zdravstvujte Elena!
Menja zovut Vadim, mne 30 let. Mechta vsej moej zhizni, eto smena pola.
Bol'she terpenija ne hvataet, nahoditsja v chuzhom tele. JA ne znaju s chego nachat', k komu obratit'sja iz vrachej, i.t.p., pozhalujsta, podskazhite. Tot gorod v kotorom ja zhivu (Komsomol'sk-na-Amure), prosto bol'shaja derevnja. Mne kazhetsja, chto zdes' prosto net takih specialistov.
I eschjo odin vopros Lena, -"Eto pravda, govorjat, chto chelovek smenivshij pol, nikogda bol'she v zhizni ne ispytaet togo orgazma, chto prisush' ljudjam s prirodnoj polovoj prenadlezhnost'ju?"
Zaranee, bol'shoe Vam spasibo, i daj Vam Bog schast'ja, i udachi!

S uvazheniem Vadim.
Lena: Eto nepravda v bol'shinstve sluchaev. V bol'shinstve, no daleko ne vo vseh. Zavisit ot napravlenija (M->ZH ili ZH->M), masterstva hirurga i kak povezet.
Ostal'noe sm. nizhe.

- Sun Sep 17 13:15:52 2006 (GMT)

517. Name: Viktorija , E-Mail: gothic-vampire@mail.ru , City: Odessa

Comments: kuda mne obrotitsja, po vaprosu transseksualizma. i gde v kievi najti nuzhnyh speceolistov.
Lena: JA uzhe otvechala na etot vopros v etoj gostevoj knige vot zdes'. V arhive konferencii TGrus i informacija kak podgotovit'sja k posescheniju schitajuschih sebja specialistami monopolistov, i ih adres.
- Thu Sep 7 23:38:11 2006 (GMT)

516. Name: Natasha The Terrible , E-Mail: natashagroznaya@hotmail.com , City: Laguna Woods, CA, USA

Comments: I found your site very interesting. I am happy that you have found someone to love, and who loves you.

It must be very difficult to have to go through the one year transition period, but it is also required in the United States. I had to go through it. The name change and the documentation changes came after surgery.

I wish you health, happiness and all that is good.
- Sun Aug 27 01:40:08 2006 (GMT)

515. Name: Katjushka , E-Mail: katrik.06@mail.ru , City: Odessa

Comments: Dobryj den',Lena!
JA hochu u vas sprosit' ,chto mne delat',chto b rosla grud'???
Lena: Esli u vas est' matka, to k endokrinologu ili ginekologu. Esli netu, to vstrechnye voprosy: tol'ko grud' i vsjo? Bol'she vas nichego ne interesuet? Esli vy otrastite sebe grudi, no ne udalite volosy s lica elektroepilciej (a ne brit'em i ne vydergivaniem), to nikto vas zhenschinoj vosprinimat' ne budet. Esli budete vyhodit' na publiku v zhenskoj odezhde, to budete tol'ko naryvat'sja na neprijatnosti ot vsjakih idiotov. A esli v muzhskoj odezhde, to chto vy sobiraetes' delat' s grudjami - prjatat' oto vseh? V ljubuju zharu v rubashke i zhilete sverhu? CHto budete govorit' na medosmotrah? Ljubimomu cheloveku?
Dal'she: vy gotovy prjamo sejchas navsegda rasproschat'sja s fertil'nost'ju (zhiznesposobnost'ju spermy, t.e. sposobnost'ju zachat' rebenka)? Gotovy k snizheniju (v nepredskazuemoj stepeni, vplot' po polnogo ischeznovenija, chastichno neobratimo) potencii (sposobnosti dostich' erekcii) i muzhskogo libido (polovogo vlechenija)?
Esli u vas est' otvety na vse eti voprosy, to pishite mne cherez email, a ne zdes' v gostevoj knige. Moj email adres - na glavnoj stranichke etogo sajta.

- Fri Aug 11 16:38:57 2006 (GMT)

514. Name: Aleksej , E-Mail: 222@bk.ru , City: DV Blagoveschensk

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena!
U Vas ochen' tjoplaja stranichka, spasibo bol'shoe. JA zavtra idu k endokrinologu i rad, chto popal na Vashu stranichku segodnja. Eto pridajot mne sily.
Spasibo Vam:)
- Wed Aug 2 11:02:15 2006 (GMT)

513. Name: Zinaida , E-Mail: zubnaya_shetka@mail.ru

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena! JA, k schast'ju, sovershenno obychnaja, zdorovaja dvadcatiletnjaja devushka v devich'em tele. Mozhet byt', ja tut i lishnjaja, no vse zhe mne hotelos' by vyrazit' svoe voshischenie Vami i vsemi ljud'mi "ne v svoem tele", kotorye zhivut s etim, tem, kto nahodit vyhod. Uspehov Vam!
- Wed Jul 5 11:47:07 2006 (GMT)

512. Name: Heather Caroline Huffman , E-Mail: heather_caroline@hotmail.com , City: Derby, Kansas USA

Comments: I am very impressed and applaud you Lena. I love the name Lena because that was my adopted grandmother's name. Your story is one of courage and triumph over great difficulties and odds. And dearest lady you are a very pretty girl as well. I hope to write more but my e-mail service is down currently.
- Wed Jun 14 17:31:31 2006 (GMT)

511. Name: Cveta Jasmina , E-Mail: cvetoslava@cvetoslava.de , City: Hamm/Germany ,
Home Page URL: http://cvetoslava.de

Comments: Hello Lena,

You have a beautiful homepage. I am glad that progress has slowly come to the East. I wish you the very best.


- Wed May 31 08:44:10 2006 (GMT)

510. Name: MILANA

Lena: ZHenschinam-netransseksualam uvelichit' grud' preparatami vozmozhno tol'ko esli ginekolog ili endokrinolog diagnostiruet nedostatochnuju vyrabotku gormonov jaichnikami. Rekomendacii po gormonoterapii transseksualam ja daju tol'ko individual'nye i stavlju uslovija: snachala oznakomit'sja s opytom drugih transseksualov, prochitav hotja by tret' arhiva konferencii TGrus, i sdelat' kak minimum pervye tri desjatka chasov elektroepiljacii na lice samoj sebe (instrukcii ja daju). Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na moej stranichke po vot etoj ssylke.
- Sat May 27 12:08:12 2006 (GMT)

509. Name: leonid , E-Mail: traident777@inbox.ru , City: tel - aviv

Comments: posmotrel vashi fotografii vy nastojaschaja zhenschina u vas hvatilo muzhestva peremenit' pol a ja vot dolgo ne reshalsja dozhil pochti do 50 let i vot teper' hochu pomenjat' pol potomu chto tak zhit' bol'she nevynosimo i tak kak ja skol'ko sebja pomnju chuvstvuju sebja zhenschinoj i esche k tomu zhe sejchas zhivu v za granicej i ne znaju k komu obratitsja po etomu povodu nikto nichego ne znaet ja imeju vvidu russkojazychnoe obschestvo chto by vy posovetovali mne v etoj situacii
Lena: Sovetuju to zhe, chto i ostal'nym: oznakomit'sja s opytom drugih transseksualov, prochitav hotja by tret' arhiva konferencii TGrus. Sredi uchastnikov konferencii TGrus est' i neskol'ko chelovek iz Izrailja. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na moej stranichke po vot etoj ssylke.
- Sat May 27 06:03:00 2006 (GMT)

508. Name: valera , E-Mail: alera 013 e-mail.ru , City: Kirovsk Len obl

Comments: Lenochka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ja v dikom vostorge pered vami!
mechtaju no ni kak ne mogu reshit'sja notja by skazat' o
svojom zhelanii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Probuju zaregestrirovat'sja! otvet poka ne poluchil.
no vsjo ravno ja vam ochchchen' blagodaren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JA ne odin nenormal'nyj!!!
- Wed May 24 17:31:27 2006 (GMT)

507. Name: sergej , E-Mail: www.jahoo.com@paplaujos , City: vilnius

Comments: zdravstvujte lena mne 40 let ja uchitel' po religii i religija zapreschaet dazhe ob etom dumat', no zhizn' diktuet drugie uslovija ot detstva ja sebja chuvstvuju devochkoj i nahozhus' v bezvyhodnoj situaciii JA horosho upitannyj muzhchina dazhe mozhno skazat' bezobrazno tolstyj,no v dushe chuvstvuju sebja hrupkoj slaboj zhenschinoj.JA zhenat,no detej ne imeju.Proboval obratitsja mnogo kuda, no vser'joz menja nikto ne vosprinimal. JA ne znaju chto delat', libo i dal'she peredevat'sja kak zhenschina(bel'jo,kolgotki i t.d) libo eto vopros ser'joznee Dazhe hochu pokonchit' s soboj
Lena: Hotite stat' hrupkoj zhenschinoj - snachala pohudejte, putem ne fizkul'tury, a rezkogo snizhenija summarnoj kalorijnosti s'edaemoj za den' pischi (pochti do polnogo golodanija), kazhdyj den', postojanno. Eto takoj test na silu voli. Dlja smeny pola nuzhno namnogo bol'she sily voli (odna elektroepiljacija chego stoit, ne govorja uzh pro neizbezhnuju pri takoj rabote smenu professii). Vot kogda pohudeete do takogo vesa, kotoryj vy hoteli by imet' kak zhenschina, vot togda i obraschajtes' ko mne, no ne zdes' v gostevoj knige, a cherez email. Sledujuschim etapom budet elektroepiljacija na lice. JA ne bog i ne zolotaja rybka, trudit'sja pridetsja vam samostojatel'no, ja tol'ko rasskazhu kak.
- Wed May 17 14:09:10 2006 (GMT)

506. Name: sergej , E-Mail: www.jahoo.com@paplaujos , City: vilnius

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena Dlja menja to chto vy pishite, eta tema ochen' blizka,no skol'ko ja ne pishu vidimo nikto vser'joz eto ne vosprinimaet. JA ot detstva chuvstvuju sebja devochkoj, a teper' zhenschinoj,no telo imeju 40 letnego horosho upitannogo muzhchiny. JA svjazan s religiej, no mne eto ne pomogaet reshit' moej problemy. JA uchitel' po religii zhenat,detej net i mozhet byt' vsvjazi moej problemy.JA peredevajus' kak zhenschina i tol'ko togda chuvstvuju sebja chelovekom. JA vsjo sdelal by chtoby stat' zhenschinoj. Pomogite mne
- Wed May 17 13:46:20 2006 (GMT)

505. Name: Maya , E-Mail: maya_nitis@hotmail.com , City: Memphis ,
Home Page URL: http://www.ntzoke.blogspot.com

Comments: Dear Elena,
i was just searching the net for: transter, a trans friendster type group, when i stumbled on your site. I am so excited to see it! It's really wonderful. I moved from Lugansk in 1992, when I was a teenager, and I have been in the States ever since. I am part of the queer and trans community here, and I have wanted to learn about what it is like in Ukraine for a long time.
The discourse in communities here is both different and similar to the ones you describe. I will write more about that later, as I read more of your beautiful site. I have not been back to Ukraine since I left but I want to come very much. I will be in France this July, after I finish my master's, and I hope to go to Ukraine some time, perhaps, next year.
Thank you, Maya
P.S. I hope to write in Russian next time.
- Wed May 17 05:12:45 2006 (GMT)

504. Name: Valja iz SHadrinska , City: SHadrinsk, razumeetsja...

Comments: Davno ne zahodila na tvoju stranichku. Pomnju, kak natknulas' na nejo v pervyj raz i ochen' dolgo ne reshalas' tebe napisat'. Bozhe, kak davno eto bylo... :) I kak ja blagodarna tebe za vsjo to, chto dlja menja sdelala i prodolzhaesh' delat'... ZHizn' izmenilas', propali depressii i nastroenie u menja pochti vsegda pripodnjatoe. Izmenilas' i ja - vneshne... ;) Spasibo tebe, Lenochka! :)
PS. Pochemu ty ne raduesh' nas svoimi novymi fotkami, a? ;)
Lena: Davno? Poltora goda. :)
Pozhalujsta. JA rada za tebja.
Vsjo konferenciej zanjata.

- Fri Apr 28 05:13:44 2006 (GMT)

503. Name: PAVA

Comments: Zdras'te!!!Vy klassnaja zhenschina.Po fotkam vidno srazu,chto vy ochen' dobry.JA sama paren',mne sejchas16 let.Nadejus' chto skoro tozhe stanu normal'noj devushkoj.
- Thu Mar 30 08:13:01 2006 (GMT)

502. Name: veta klee , E-Mail: vetaklee@list.ru , City: Gulf Breeze

Comments: Po moemu vseakie gadosti pishut liudi, kotoryh obshestvo uje polomalo, naveazalo svoi stereotipy, no v dushe oni takie je kak i my, oni ne mogut eto priznat' i poetomu beseatsea. Lena vy molodets. Uvajaiu. I gorjus' vami!
- Mon Mar 6 19:36:01 2006 (GMT)

501. Name: Marija

Comments: Preklanjajus' pered vashim muzhetsvom i to kak vy shli k svoej celi! Vy prekrasny!
- Tue Feb 14 17:08:28 2006 (GMT)

500. Name: Alex_Nord , E-Mail: alexgrayx@yandex.ru

Comments: Vstretiv takuju krasivuju zhenschinu, s dobrymi glazami i laskovoj ulybkoj kazhetsja dikost'ju, chto ona rodilas' mal'chikom.
- Sun Feb 12 20:12:37 2006 (GMT)

499. Name: lena , E-Mail: lena@kien.uk , City: england

Comments: how are you?
- Tue Feb 7 14:39:35 2006 (GMT)

498. Name: Lija , E-Mail: lija.dian@rambler.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: S Novym Godom i Rozhdestvom!
- Wed Jan 4 18:57:45 2006 (GMT)

497. Name: h.

Comments: Hi Lena, just want to thank you for the websites. Like to read about your life - and like to see that beautyful woman. Wonderful in your red long dress, sitting on the chair. Wow, like to wear it by myself. but I am only dressing sometimes at home or going out at night in shorts, pantys and other funny feminin cloths.
visible like a man, without wigg or makeup.
but I always like to read the stories of other transgender people. Wish You a good new year.
- Fri Dec 30 18:32:32 2005 (GMT)

496. Name: Aleks , E-Mail: Lena: JA poka udalila. , City: Lugansk

Comments: Lena! Vy prekrasny i Vasha uverennost' v sebe i Vashe muzhestvo vyzyvajut ogromnoe uvazhenie! JA ne reshilsja na eto. Esli Vas ne zatrudnit, napishite mne, esli v Luganske transseksualy i kak s nimi mozhno poznakomit'sja?
Zaranee blagodaren! Spasibo!
S nastupajuschimi prazdnikami Vas Elena i vseh posetitelej stranichki!
Lena: Snachala rasskazhite mne (cherez email) o sebe i zachem Vy hotite poznakomit'sja s transseksualami.
- Wed Dec 28 21:10:31 2005 (GMT)

495. Name: Alexsandr(a) , E-Mail: sasha_s@list.ru , City: Kyiv

Comments: Zdravstvujte.
JA hotel by sprosit', stoit li ne prinimat' himiju, a srazu pojti na orhiektomiju, i v sluchae odnostoronnej orhiektomii, uroven' muzhskogo gormona snizitsja v 2 raza, ili jaichko budet tjanut' nagruzku na sebja. Gde mozhno sdelat' operaciju (soglasen obbegat' vseh psihoterapevtov), i kakie zhenskie gormony nesteroidnye (bez osoboj aktivnosti) mozhno potom prinimat', grud' ja hochu malen'kuju. Ochen' nadejus' na Vash otvet. Spasibo.
Lena: Esli odnostoronnej, to ne snizitsja. Ostavsheesja jaichko budet rabotat' za dvoih, potomu chto est' mehanizm obratnoj svjazi cherez gipotalamus i gipofiz.
"Himiju" prinimat' pridetsja, prichem vsju zhizn'. Vopreki nekompetentnym sluham, eto ne vredno, esli gramotno (schitajuschie sebja professionalami vrachi, k sozhaleniju, naznachajut samye vrednye i opasnye preparaty). Na Ukraine dokumenty mozhno smenit' tol'ko posle polnoj operacii, a orhiektomiju esli i vozmozhno sdelat', to tol'ko podpol'no, za ochen' bol'shie den'gi i riskuja. Poetomu prosche dobivat'sja srazu polnoj operacii - SRS (udalenie osnovnogo ob'ema tkanej penisa i oboih jaichek, sozdanie vlagalischa).
Nesteroidnye estrogeny nastol'ko zhe aktivny, kak steroidnye, a bezvrednyj nesteroidnyj antiandrogen dazhe aktivnee steroidnyh (no dorozhe). Malen'kaja grud' - pozhalujsta, eto netrudno.
Operaciju mozhno sdelat' v Kieve, do etogo pridetsja dokazyvat', chto ne verbljud, kak minimum goda poltora, vkljuchaja mesjac bezdel'nichanija v psihbol'nice (byvshem psihonevrologicheskom dispansere). Prezhde, chem idti k vracham, nastojatel'no rekomenduju uznat' o vseh posledstvijah i podgotovit'sja, detal'no oznakomivshis' s opytom drugih transseksualov v konferencii TGrus (instrukcija po podpiske na nee - na glavnoj stranichke etogo sajta).

- Sat Dec 24 11:14:06 2005 (GMT)

494. Name: Suzanna/Sjuzanna , City: Smolensk/Smolensk ,
Home Page URL: http://www.astra.sanskrit.ru

Comments: Privet!
Lenochka ty prosto chudo!!!!!!!!!
Ty stol'ko znaesh'..., ja by hotela vyjasnit' vot takuju vesch';
mozhno li prinimat' gormony(Divigel' ili Sinestrol) ne TS, a obychnoj zhenschine, s cel'ju uvelichit' razmer grudi?
JA davno dumaju poprobovat' poprinimat' gormony, no ne znaju kak pravil'no eto delat' ne trans-zhenschinam.
Zaranee Spasibo.
Vasha Sjuzanna.
Lena: Esli by eto bylo tak prosto, to ne prishlos' by pridumyvat' hirurgicheskoe uvelichenie grudej putem vshivanija protezov. Priem obychnoj zhenschinoj tol'ko estrogena vyzovet matochnye krovotechenija i uvelichenie riska raka matki. Transseksualam eto ne grozit.
Kombinirovannyj priem (ne tol'ko estrogena, no esche i progestogena, v opredelennyh proporcii i posledovatel'nosti) uvelichivaet razmer grudi tol'ko u teh zhenschin, u kotoryh byl nedostatok estrogenov.

- Mon Dec 5 17:04:32 2005 (GMT)

493. Name: Sarasvathi , E-Mail: none@existent.org , City: far away ,
Home Page URL: http://www.nonexistent.org

Comments: Hi! ZHive!
Pomnish' menja?
Poslednij raz pis'mo ot menja bylo let pjat' nazad...
Kak vashe tepereshnoe suschestvovanie?
JA esche vernus'!!!
- Fri Dec 2 20:47:50 2005 (GMT)

492. Name: Elena , E-Mail: tyatya2003@mail.ru , City: Kiev

Comments: Uau. Menja prosto oshelomilo vse prochtennoe. JA odinakovo otnoshus' ko vsem ljudjam, no te kto tak dolgo i uporno idut k svoej celi ( hotja cel' sovsem nevinna - byt' samoj soboj!)vyzyvajut u menja trojnoe voshischenie. JA zhelaju Vam schast'ja i ponimanija. A takzhe postarajus' byt' schasliva sama.
- Fri Dec 2 11:38:51 2005 (GMT)

491. Name: Domingo Gill , E-Mail: dcmatrix69@yahoo.com , City: Dallas, Texas, USA

Comments: Hi - I just wanted to stop in to say hello and to let you know that I enjoyed reading the information about yourself. You are a very beautiful person - no matter who you are.

I hope that you do well in your country.

Good luck!
- Mon Nov 28 20:10:36 2005 (GMT)

490. Name: Joney Harper , E-Mail: joney@joneyharper.com , City: Bentonville, Arkansas, USA ,
Home Page URL: http://joneyharper.com

Comments: Nice site by a beautiful person. Thanks for sharing. Joney
- Mon Nov 28 05:27:35 2005 (GMT)

489. Name: Aleksandra , E-Mail: eskander@dscomp.ru , City: g.Kaluga

Comments: Esli kto mozhet mne pomoch' zaregistrirovat'sja budu priznatel'na. U menja ni chego ne poluchaet'sja a s finansami naprjag. Zaranie vsem spasibo.
Lena: Ot vas trebujutsja tol'ko vnimatel'nost' i akkuratnoe vypolnenie instrukcij po-russki. Pered tem, kak registrirovat'sja, nado podpisat'sja. Povtorjaju iz instrukcii po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus na glavnoj stranichke etogo sajta:
ZHelajuschie podpisat'sja napishite po adresu TGrus-owner()egroups.com vkratce o sebe i, ne dozhidajas' otveta, otprav'te po adresu TGrus-subscribe()egroups.com pustoe pis'mo.
A vy vmesto etogo esche s 6 oktjabrja vosem' raz otpravljali pis'ma na TGrus-subscribe, i tol'ko segodnja napisali o sebe lichno mne i na TGrus-owner. Nu vnimatel'noj nado byt'!
Mne pis'ma na -subscribe ne peresylajutsja, tol'ko pis'ma na -owner. JA tol'ko sejchas (posle vashego pis'ma na -owner) sdelala poisk v loge - tam dlja kazhdogo pis'ma (vkljuchaja desjatki tysjach spamov) fiksirujutsja tol'ko data i email adres, no ne tema i ne soderzhanie pis'ma.

Esche v instrukcii po podpiske ja sredi prochego napisala:
listserver avtomaticheski vyshlet Vam pis'mo c Subject: Please confirm your request to join TGrus ... Ne obraschaja vnimanija na to, chto napisano po-anglijski v tom pis'me, otvet'te na to pis'mo tuda, otkuda ono prijdet, otvet mozhet byt' ljubym (dostatochno schelknut' po "otvetit'" i srazu po "otpravit'").
A vy vmesto etogo neskol'ko raz schelkali po ssylke v pis'me i pytalis' registrirovat'sja. Nu komu ja napisala "ne obraschaja vnimanija na to, chto napisano po-anglijski v tom pis'me", a?
Sdelajte nakonec imenno eto, kak ja napisala v instrukcii po-russki: otkrojte (poslednee po date otpravki) pis'mo "Please confirm...", schelknite po "Otvetit'" i srazu po "Otpravit'". Dal'nejshie instrukcii (po-russki!) vyshlju posle etogo.

- Mon Nov 14 18:28:46 2005 (GMT)

488. Name: Aleksandr Derjugin , E-Mail: grifon_alex@mail.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Spasibo,Lena. Esche vopros: kakie gormony nado prinimat' chtoby nachali,hotja by, rasti usy,nadejus' ty znaesh' otvet i otvetish'.JA zamuchilsja uzhe prohodit' vse ekspertizy(tem bolee chto stojat oni vse ne deshevo),a tolku 000.Zaranee blagodaren,Aleksandr.
Lena: Pered tem, kak dat' rekomendacii po gormonoterapii, ja proshu prochitat' hotja by tret' arhiva konferencii TGrus. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus - na moej stranichke po vot etoj ssylke.
- Fri Nov 11 12:00:01 2005 (GMT)

487. Name: Alex , E-Mail: grifon_alex@mail.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Zdravstvuj,Lena.Pochital tvoju stranichku i u menja pojavilsja vopros. Neuzheli vse hotjat stat' zhenschinami, a esli paoborot,to ja chto psih.S uvazheniem,Alex.
Lena: Transseksualov MtF (M->ZH) i transseksualov FtM (ZH->M) po kolichestvu primerno porovnu. Pochemu FtM bol'she molchat - nado sprashivat' u FtM. :)
- Wed Nov 9 10:41:53 2005 (GMT)

486. Name: ksjusha , E-Mail: max7@boryspil.net , City: CHerkassy

Comments: Lena, privet!
My s Tejchikom propadali na dache
U menja vsjo normal'no,
tol'ko nos bespokoit:
kazhetsja, chto ochen' bol'shoj

Vsem privet
- Thu Nov 3 11:14:55 2005 (GMT)

485. Name: Vic , E-Mail: VicDocc@yandex.ru

Comments: U Vas ochen' krasivye pal'chiki na nozhkah.S uvazheniem...
- Tue Nov 1 17:33:35 2005 (GMT)

484. Name: ShadeArt , E-Mail: gorthaurf@front.ru

Comments: JA nenavizhu tebja!
Lena: Pochemu?
- Wed Oct 26 19:02:57 2005 (GMT)

483. Name: koratia-tg , E-Mail: koratia@home.nl , City: Eindhoven ,
Home Page URL: http://www.koratia-tg.com

Comments: Hi Lena.
I just did send you a long letter :-)
So I dont have so much to say now.
Just love to you and your friends an family from my lady and me.
- Sat Oct 22 21:16:12 2005 (GMT)

482. Name: Ivan , E-Mail: vorip@ukr.net , City: Kiev

Comments: Zdravstvujte,.
Menja zovut Ivan.
Mne 27 let.

Rad, chto nashel etuot forum.
Lena: Zdes' ne forum, zdes' moja lichnaja gostevaja kniga. Instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju "TGrus" dlja transseksualov, transvestitov i t.p. - po vot etoj ssylke.
U menja est' vopros, vozmozhna li v Ukraine operacija po udaleniju muzhskih zhelez - jaichkov i skol'ko eto budet stoit'.
Esli by u vas byl rak prostaty, to hirurgicheskuju operaciju udalenija jaichek vam vrachi porekomendovali by i v sluchae vashego soglasija bez problem sdelali by besplatno. Vo vseh ostal'nyh sluchajah ni odin hirurg ne soglasitsja udalit' vam jaichki, den'gi ne pomogut. To est' mogut, no ne hotjat.

JA ochen' hochu zanizit' uroven' testosterona ljubymi sposobami, vplot' do hirurgii, tak kak testosteron vedet k ogrubleniju, krupnosti i gruznosti cheloveka s vozrastom.
I bez testosterona, i bez estrogenov - vredno.

JA ne mogu skazat', chto ja hochu prevratitsja v zhenschinu, odnako nahozhu, chto zhenschiny imejut sovershennuju formu tela, bolee krasivuju.

A tak kak uroven' testosterona u zhenschin namnogo men'she, chem u muzhchin, poetomu, ja hochu posle operacii farmokologicheski podderzhivat' zhenskij uroven' testosterona, i perejti na estrogeny.
V rezul'tate u vas vyrastut grudi, izmenjatsja cherty lica i figura.
A esli vy esche i udalite volosy s lica elektroepiljaciej, to vas budut vosprinimat' zhenschinoj, a dokumenty u vas na muzhskoe imja.

Testosteron - faktor rosta.
Nekorrektnoe utverzhdenie.

Sejchas ja prinimaju finasterid i zhenskie polovye gormony.
JA nadejus' na Vashe ponimanie pri otvete.


Naschet vybora gormonal'nyh preparatov mogu prokonsul'trovat', pishite mne cherez email. Moj adres - na glavnoj stranichke etogo sajta.
- Fri Oct 21 17:12:55 2005 (GMT)

481. Name: Denis , E-Mail: denik.t34@mail.ru , City: Minsk

Comments: Zdravstvuj, Lena! JA FtM iz minska, mne nuzhna informacija. kak popast' na tvoju konferenciju? (adres mne dal Roll).
Lena: Poskol'ku za 14 minut chtenija etoj gostevoj knigi i glavnoj stranichki etogo sajta ty v upor ne uvidel, kak popast' na konferenciju, vrjad li ty spravish'sja s podpiskoj na konferenciju, uchastiem v nej i voobsche smenoj pola.
- Tue Oct 4 07:21:18 2005 (GMT)

480. Name: Deni , E-Mail: azia12@yandex.ru , City: Ulan-Ude

Comments: Zdravstvuj Lena!
JA hotel by poluchit' sovety! u menja ochen' mnogo voprosov ?
kak uvelichit' grud'? kak sprjatat' chlen? i t.d.
Lena: Sovety i otvety na eti voprosy i na drugie voprosy na etu temu est' v arhive konferencii TGrus. Instrukcija po podpiske na nee - na moej stranichke po vot etoj ssylke.
JA zhivu v Ulan-Ude i gde pokupat' gormonal'nye preparaty?
V aptekah. Kakie imenno preparaty pokupat' i po skol'ku prinimat' - ja tebe posovetuju tol'ko posle togo, kak ty vo vseh detaljah oznakomish'sja s posledstvijami (v pervuju ochered' social'nymi), prochitav hotja by polovinu arhiva konferencii TGrus.
- Sat Sep 24 07:33:17 2005 (GMT)

479. Name: Alina , E-Mail: trans_girl@mail.ru , City: Pavlodar

Comments: Zravstvujte Lena!
Ochen' rada chto nashla Vash resurs. Mne 27 let ja transeksualka MtF. Mnogie voprosy dlja sebja uzhe reshila.
Sejchas ischu informaciju po gormonoterapii - v internete pishut mnogo o razlichnyh preparatah, no opredleljonno ne odnoznachno o nih otzyvajas'. Podskazhite mne pozhalujsta chto konkretno nuzhno kupit' v aptekah dlja uvelichenija grudi (v pervuju ochered') t.e. prioritety: *effektivnost'/naimen'shaja vrednost' dlja oragnizma/dostupnost' v prodazhe/cena* - imenno v takoj posledovatel'nosti.
Ochen' nadejus' na Vashu pomosch'...

P.S. I eschjo ochen' vazhn dlja menja - Ne pozno li ja nachinaju prinimat' garmony? Hotja na reshenie eto ne povlijaet..
Lena: JA dam Vam individual'nye rekomendacii po gormonoterapii posle togo, kak Vy prochitaete kak minimum tret' arhiva konferencii TGrus. Instrukcija po podpiske na nee - na moej stranichke po vot etoj ssylke.

Nekotorye transseksualy nachinajut prinimat' gormony v vozraste za 50.
- Fri Sep 23 11:28:14 2005 (GMT)

478. Name: transtar

Comments: helo your site cool
- Sun Sep 18 23:49:12 2005 (GMT)

477. Name: tat'jana , E-Mail: TANIANA-19751@yandex.ru , City: moskva

Comments: ja rada chto nashla vas , vash adres, mne peredal, odin chelovek on rodsvenik ALDIMY iz SSHA, kstati ona peredaet vam privet i prositproschenija za molchanie, ona s malyshami na ostrovah, otdyhaet a tam net ne ochen',A teper' kogda ja peredala vam privet, hochu skazat' chto vy udivitel'nyj chelovek, ja gorzhus' vami, i ne potomu ch to vy cherez mnogoe proshli, net prosto chelovek kotoryj proshol put' i reshil osvetit' ego dlja teh kto idet pozadi, zasluzhivaet uvazhenija i gordosti, s uv TAT'JANA!
- Wed Sep 14 18:47:17 2005 (GMT)

476. Name: lana , E-Mail: said7715@mail.ru , City: MAHACHKALA

Comments: proshu vas, prokonsul'tirovat' menja po povodu togo ,chto ja zhenschina oblachennaja v muzhskoe telo.Mne uzhe 28let, no nichego ne predprinemala dlja togo chtobu privesti svoe muzh telo v normu potomu ,chto nebylo deneg ,no seichas est' s chegozhe mne nachat'. Ved' ja zhivu v mahachkale a zdes' sami ponimaete zasmejut.ZARANIE SPOSIBO.
Lena: Ne nuzhno dlja etogo mnogo deneg. V kotoryj uzhe raz povtorjaju, s chego nachat': s oznakomlenija s opytom drugih transseksualov putem prochtenija arhiva konferencii TGrus. Na moej stranichke po vot etoj ssylke est' instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus. Vypolni tu instrukciju polnost'ju, vnimatel'no i akkuratno.
- Wed Sep 14 11:40:00 2005 (GMT)

475. Name: Sveta

Comments: Vy molodec!
pravil'no sdelali
Ljudi ne dolzhny osuzhdat', teh ljudej, kotorye, menjajut pol, ili ljubjat "sebe podobnyh"
- Tue Sep 6 11:52:11 2005 (GMT)

474. Name: guli , E-Mail: guli_serova@bk.ru , City: tashent

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena.Eto JA Gulja s Tashkenta.Proshu Vas pomoch podpisatsja na Vashu konferenciju. U menja ne poluchaetsja.JA prezhde obrashalas k Vam i Vy skazali podpisatsja nv konferenciju. S uvazheniem Guja TS.
Lena: Ty i ne pytalas'. Na stranichke po vot etoj ssylke est' instrukcija po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus. Vypolni tu instrukciju polnost'ju, vnimatel'no i akkuratno.
- Mon Sep 5 21:00:44 2005 (GMT)

473. Name: Araya , E-Mail: nicolasery@mail.ru , City: Izhevsk

Comments: Lena, ne obraschaj vnimanie na vsjakih pridurkov, ne trat' na nih vremja, udaljaj takie soobschenija! Hamy vsegda byli est' i budut. JA TV, tozhe chasto stalkivajus' s agressivnymi vypadami, porazhajus' tvoemu muzhestvu i terpeniju! Tak derzhat'!
- Thu Sep 1 20:17:09 2005 (GMT)

472. Name: eto JA , E-Mail: nataska_TS@ukr.net

Comments: U menja takaja problema ja schital sebja (i do sih por schitaju)MtF transseksualom bol'she chem polgoda ja prinimal gormonal'nye preparaty no ponjal chto s moej vneshnost'ju razreshenie na operaciju nikogda ne poluchit' (nastojaschij urod bez edinogo nameka na zhenstvennost'). Pomogite pozhalusta kak mozhno vernut' sebja v normal'noe sostojanie: umen'shit' grud' (ona u menja azh 2 razmera vyrosla), obratno izmenit' lico, vernut' rost volos na tele i.t.d. Srazu spasibo!
Lena: Vo-pervyh, ja vseh preduprezhdaju, chto effekty gormonoterapii chastichno neobratimy. Vo-vtoryh, praktika pokazyvaet, chto bol'shinstvo iz teh, kto prekratili MtF gormonoterapiju, cherez nekotoroe vremja ee vozobnovljajut. I ot takih metanij tuda-sjuda nichego horoshego ne poluchaetsja. V tret'ih, polgoda nedostatochno, chtoby sudit' o rezul'tatah. Grud' rastet bystree, chem izmenjajutsja lico i figura. V chetvertyh, umenie podbirat' podhodjaschie zhenskuju odezhdu i kosmetiku prihodit ne srazu. U mnogih snachala poluchaetsja kak u devochek-podrostkov, chto na vzroslom cheloveke vygljadit neumestno i privlekaet nezhelatel'noe vnimanie. V pjatyh, gormonoterapija bez elektroepiljacii - ochen' bol'shaja glupost': imenno iz-za seroj teni na lice ot sbrityh volos (vidimoj so storony na solnechnom svete cherez ljubuju kosmetiku, v otlichie ot sebe v zerkale v pomeschenii) nikto tebja zhenschinoj ne vosprinimaet, a iz-za effektov gormonoterapii i vsjakih prezhdevremennyh detalej vneshnego vida (tipa krashenyh volos, dlinnyh nogtej, kosmetiki, javno zhenskih detalej odezhdy) nevezhestvennye okruzhajuschie vosprinimajut "golubym" i tretirujut. Vsjo horosho vovremja. Nachinat' nuzhno s elektroepiljacii na lice. Ee mozhno sdelat' samoj sebe besplatno, no nuzhno prilozhit' neskol'ko soten chasov kropotlivogo truda. Kto lenjatsja - terjajut vremja i naprashivajutsja na neprijatnosti.
- Fri Aug 19 03:02:58 2005 (GMT)

471. Name: daniil , E-Mail: enttrery@yandex.ru , City: moscow

Comments: Lena ja kprimeru hochu vygledit' kak zhenzhina nu toest' niz muzhskoj a verh zhenskij mozhno eto sdelat bez operacii podskazhi kak
Lena: A tut nado govorit' ne k primeru, a konkretno. Esli konkretno pro muzhskie genitalii i zhenskij ves' ostal'noj vneshnij vid (vkljuchaja grud' i lico) bez hirurgicheskih operacij, to kakie dokumenty ty pri etom hochesh' imet'? Ne peredelav genitalii hirurgicheski, dokumentov na zhenskoe imja dobit'sja v RF (i osobenno v Moskve) ves'ma trudno (na Ukraine voobsche zaprescheno). A zhit' s zhenskoj vneshnost'ju i dokumentami na muzhskoe imja - kak ty sebe eto predstavljaesh'? Krome togo, v bol'shinstve sluchaev potencija sil'no umen'shaetsja, vo mnogih sluchajah voobsche propadaet - tebja eto ustraivaet? I eto delo ne odnogo dnja, a pary let, i esli peredumaesh', to ostanesh'sja ne tuda i ne sjuda - potencija snizhennaja, vneshnost' ne muzhskaja i ne zhenskaja (esli ne smotret' na genitalii). Prezhde, chem fantazirovat', nado produmat' vse posledstvija. Kogda produmaesh', napishi mne cherez email.
- Wed Aug 17 13:22:37 2005 (GMT)

470. Name: slava , E-Mail: sliv76@rambler.ru , City: moskva

Comments: ty molodec, tak derzhat', vseby tak dovodili svoi dela do konca.
- Sat Aug 13 20:45:07 2005 (GMT)

469. Name: Aleksandra , E-Mail: aleksandratrans@yandex.ru , City: Sankt-Peterburg ,
Home Page URL: http://aleksandratrans.narod.ru

Comments: zdrastvuj interesnyj u tebja resurs vse podrobno izlozheno,no ja hotela u tebja sprosit' soveta , kak izbavit'sja ot lishnih volos , zaranie blagodarju
Lena: Pri podpiske na konferenciju TGrus ja sredi prochego vysylaju perechen' nomerov posting-ov (pisem) v arhive konferencii, soderzhaschih detal'nye instrukcii po elektroepiljacii samoj sebe. Elektroepiljacija s provolochkoj, vstavljaemoj vdol' kazhdogo volosa do follikula ("kornja") - edinstvennyj sposob izbavit'sja ot lishnih volos navsegda. VSE ostal'nye sposoby (vkljuchaja foto- i lazernuju epiljaciju, raznoobraznye vidy vydergivanija i beschislennye sharlatanstva) udaljajut volosy ne navsegda.
- Tue Aug 9 21:42:38 2005 (GMT)

468. Name: Ann Van Fleet , E-Mail: blefet@yahoo.com , City: Orlando, Fl.

Comments: You're Beautiful!
- Sun Jul 24 11:51:26 2005 (GMT)

467. Name: axel

Comments: du siehst ganz toll aus.
- Thu Jul 14 12:33:19 2005 (GMT)

466. Name: Minaeff Vladimir , E-Mail: vladimir.minaeff@wanadoo.fr , City: brunoy

Comments: I was very interested with your site.Congratulations ! I think that you are happy now when you go outside seeing in a mirror that you are a lady.
- Thu Jul 14 11:02:50 2005 (GMT)

465. Name: Anjelika Star , E-Mail: anjelikastar@mail.ru , City: Novorossijsk

Comments: Lenochka! JA prosto hochu poblagodarit' Vas za pomosch' v reshenii takoj duhovnoj, psihologicheskoj problemy iz-za kotoroj ljudi ispytyvajut stradanija! JA zhivu v Rossii, v Krasnodarskom krae, v Novorossijske, zdes' zhe i rabotaju v travisti-shou! K nam prihodjat mnogie s nadezhdoj ustroit'sja, no ty ponimaesh' chto, shou-balet ne rezinovyj vseh on vmestit' nemozhet! i my organizovali nebol'shuju organizaciju dlja podderzhki transov. Prosto sobiraemsja dlja pomoschi i obschenija s sebe podobnymi! Esli v koem veke nuzhna budet pomosch' v nashem krae, pishi! Spasibo chto Vy est'!
- Tue Jun 28 01:10:21 2005 (GMT)

464. Name: Yvon J. Ilsen , E-Mail: ilsen@home.nl , City: Assen, Netherlands

Comments: Hi there Lena!

A very nice site of you and about your insights!
A hope a very pleasant and a long time with you on your private site!
A still do have to learn and I'm very glad this does have you by my site!

Love from Netherlands,

- Sat Jun 25 14:29:25 2005 (GMT)

463. Name: Tjoma/Eva , E-Mail: tim05@pochta.ru

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena! Menja zovut Tema. Mne 23 goda,rabotaju v salone krasoty. JA transseksual, no esche ne reshil - delat' mne operaciju ili net. Pochemu? Strah-vot osnavnaja prichina. Mne ochen' hochet'sja uznat' adres-but' on elektronnym ili obychnyj pochtovyj-takoj organizacii kak "SHou transvestitov" ili chto nibut' pohozhego. Mne ochen' hotelos' by obschat'sja s takimi zhe ljud'mi kak ja sam, a tak zhe rabotat' v ih okruzhenii. Dlja menja eto VAZHNO!.
Ochen' nadejus' na vashu pomosch'!
S uvazheniem Tema (Eva).
Lena: Obschat'sja s takimi zhe ljud'mi mozhno cherez elektronnuju pochtu v konferencii TGrus.
- Thu Jun 16 13:06:59 2005 (GMT)

462. Name: Smert' pidaram

Comments: ZHivotnye ebanye!! Vseh vas nado perevesit'!! Suki ebuchie!!
Lena: Esche ne nagavkalsja?
Ostal'nym: sm. zapisi nomer 60 i 241.

Sledujuschaja zapis' etogo durachka:
Petuh,Lena!!! Ty takoe uebische!! Te,che baby ni huja ne davali chto li!!! Na huja huj otpelil blja!!?? A?
Davali, poprobovala. Mne eto bylo neinteresno. Mnogie drugie transseksualy M->ZH zanimalis' seksom s zhenschinami do operacii namnogo bol'she i dol'she, i tem ne menee dobilis' operacii smeny pola (eto ne prosto zaplati i sdelajut). Anal'nogo seksa (na kotoryj ty vidimo ssylaesh'sja slovom "petuh") u menja nikogda ne bylo. Ne radi traha pol menjajut. Ne mozhesh' etogo ponjat' - prosto znaj kak fakt. CHto ja nikogda ne byla krutym muzhikom - nu da, ty etogo do sih por ne ponjal? Hotja nekotorye drugie transseksualy M->ZH snachala veli sebja kak krutye muzhiki (nu naprimer shli dobrovol'cami v armiju SSHA i dobivalis' uspehov i uvazhenija), pytajas' izbavit'sja ot, kak im vnushali okruzhajuschie, nenormal'nosti. No tem ne menee v konce koncov ne vyderzhali protivorechija mezhdu etoj pokazuhoj i vnutrennim samooschuscheniem i poshli na smenu pola.
Naschet ostal'nogo - nauchis' chitat'. Na kornevoj stranichke etogo sajta i v etoj gostevoj ja dovol'no podrobno raz'jasnila.

- Thu Jun 2 10:20:00 2005 (GMT)

461. Name: Arina , E-Mail: arina_kiss@km.ru , City: Nizniy Novgorod

Comments: YA V Vosxishenii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vi- istinnaya Ledy i prosto prekrasni!!!
- Mon May 30 15:33:10 2005 (GMT)

460. Name: axel

Comments: i think, that you are a wonderful and perfect woman.
- Thu May 19 09:08:38 2005 (GMT)

459. Name: Saltik

Comments: Da, da, ja eto znaju...
No ona boitsja za menja...govorit, chto hochet, chtoby ja byl zdorov i chto primet menja dazhe v takom oblichii, no s drugoj storony ja ponimaju, chto nuzhno uchityvat' i seks...v etom tozhe problema...ved' ona getero...no vot tak vot vsjo vyshlo, koroche eto zaputanaja istorija...
Lena: Rasskazhi vsjo eto namnogo podrobnee v konferencii TGrus, a ne zdes'. Vpolne vozmozhno, chto uchastniki konferencii rasskazhut o svoem opyte v podobnyh situacijah. Nu i v arhive mnogo rasskazov ob otnoshenijah v sem'e, pravda bol'she MtF.
- Sun May 1 17:39:33 2005 (GMT)

458. Name: Saltik , E-Mail: rainboy.pinokio@gmail.com , City: Pavlodar, Kazahstan

Comments: Privet, Len!
Prochital o tebe vysheskazannoe i porazilsja...vsemu...tvoej smelosti...koroche...eto ne peredat' slovami...

JA zhe FtM...mne 19 let...est' devushka...ona znaet obo mne, no ne hochet chtoby ja delal operaciju...ja sam v zatrudnenii, chto delat'???
Lena: CHtoby ne povtorjat' uzhe dopuschennyh drugimi transseksualami oshibok, oznakomit'sja s opytom FtM i MtF v arhive konferencii TGrus. Tam zhe uznaesh', chto v sluchae FtM net takogo "operacija" v edinstvennom chisle, est' neskol'ko raznyh operacij, i mnogie (esli ne bol'shinstvo) FtM iz-za nesovershenstva falloplastiki ogranichivajutsja udaleniem.
- Sun May 1 11:28:08 2005 (GMT)

457. Name: Alla , E-Mail: hort1@yandex.ru , City: vladimir

Comments: Lena, a esli u cheloveka uvelichenie schitovidnoj zhelezy, emu mozhno prinimat' gormony?
Lena: Gormonov est' mnogo raznyh. Prinimat' polovye gormony s cel'ju smeny pola tela v takom sluchae mozhno, esli i schitovidku odnovremenno tozhe lechit'.
Kak voobsche nachat' gormonal'nuju terapiju.
Snachala prochitat' arhiv konferencii TGrus, posle etogo obratit'sja ko mne za individual'nymi rekomendacijami.
Kakih specialistov vrachej posetit'.
Nikakih (krome v tvoem sluchae lechenija schitovidki). Sredi vrachej v SNG specialistov po gormonoterapii dlja MtF net (da i na Zapade raz-dva i obchelsja). Est' vrachi, mnjaschie sebja specialistami i naznachajuschie neeffektivnye, neopravdanno dorogie i/ili vrednye i opasnye medikamenty.
Osobenno esli u tebja nemnogo deneg i zhivjosh' ne v stolice.
Minimum dlja MtF - odin dollar v mesjac. Apteki est' i v provincii, a zhivuschie nu sovsem uzh v glushi mogut vospol'zovat'sja posyltorgovymi. Lish' by dostup k Internetu byl.

K vracham obratit'sja pridetsja (operaciju sama sebe ne sdelaesh', i dokumenty ZAGSy bez bumazhki ot vrachej menjat' otkazyvajutsja), no opjat' zhe tol'ko posle prochtenija arhiva konferencii TGrus. Potomu chto sovetskie vrachi rukovodstvujutsja dopotopnymi izmyshlenijami otorvannyh ot zhizni teoretikov o trans- ljudjah, i na pravdu obychno reagirujut "ne puschat'". Im prihoditsja vrat', potomu chto svoja rubashka blizhe k telu, a vrachej uchat ignorirovat' znanija pacientov.
- Thu Apr 28 12:53:32 2005 (GMT)

456. Name: Alla , E-Mail: hort1@yandex.ru , City: vladimir

Comments: Zdrastvujte, Lena! Uzhe ne pervyj god, let s 13, ja perezhivaju nekuju diskomfortnost' v muzhskom tele i dumaju o peremene pola. S devushkami u menja vsjo v porjadke, no net nikakogo zhelanija byt' muzhchinoj vnutrenne i vneshne. JA by hotela prinjat' reshenie o tom, kak zhit' dal'she. Ljuboe Vash sovet menja interesuet. Zaranee spasibo!
Lena: JA uzhe neskol'ko raz otvechala v etoj gostevoj: moj sovet v takih sluchajah - snachala vser'ez oznakomit'sja s opytom drugih, podpisavshis' na konferenciju TGrus i prochitav ee arhiv, i prinimat' reshenie tol'ko posle etogo. V konferencii zhe i detal'naja informacija kak, esli resheniem budet smena pola.
- Tue Apr 26 13:27:56 2005 (GMT)

455. Name: Sergej , E-Mail: Lebedev.Sergey@mail.ru ,
Home Page URL: new-img.com

Comments: Vy pisali pro avtorskoe svidetel'stvo. Mozhno ob etom uznat' popodrobnee? Uznal o vas chisto sluchajno, iz konferencii mail-authors-ru@yahoogroups.com
Budu blagodaren, esli otvetite mne lichno o avtorskom svidetel'stve. Sergej.
Lena: Hotite lichnogo otveta - zadavajte konkretnyj vopros cherez email.
- Sun Apr 24 16:54:27 2005 (GMT)

454. Name: Katja

Comments: spasibo, vy vtoroj dazhe tretij chelovek ubedili menja chto nichego delat' ne nuzhno....
    spasibo vam, udachi
        s uvazheniem
- Wed Apr 20 21:36:03 2005 (GMT)

453. Name: Katja

Comments: jasno znachit nichego del'nogo vy predlozhit' ne mozhete
Lena: U menja est' dlja tebja del'noe predlozhenie i predskazanie. Predlozhenie: nichego ne delat' (transseksualy takogo sebe pozvolit' ne mogut, no ty zhe napisala "nemnogo"). Predskazanie: ty potratish' den'gi na odno iz mnogochislennyh sharlatanstv, suljaschih legkoe bezboleznennoe udalenie volos navsegda, a kogda nakonec pojmesh', chto ty pozvolila sebja obmanut' (v sluchae lazernoj ili fotoepiljacii eto mozhet byt' do 2 let posle poslednego seansa, skol'ko seansov ni delaj), budesh' molchat' v trjapochku. No pered etim uspeesh' razreklamirovat' eto sharlatanstvo drugim naivnym. Ne ty pervaja. :(
- Mon Apr 18 20:57:15 2005 (GMT)

452. Name: Katja

Comments: Izvini, a kak samoj sebe delat' elektroepiljaciju???
a eto bol'no?:/
Lena: Nu ne budesh' ty ee samoj sebe delat'. Vo-pervyh, ne zahochesh' (terpenija ne hvatit), a vo-vtoryh, dazhe esli by zahotela, ne smogla by popadat' (vstavljat' provolochku elektroda v poru vdol' kazhdogo volosa do "kornja"), t.k. u devochek volosy namnogo ton'she, chem u vzroslyh MtF transseksualov.

- Sun Apr 17 20:08:41 2005 (GMT)

451. Name: Katja , E-Mail: kate19921@yandex.ru

Comments: Zdraste, mne 12 let ja ne znaju chto delat' u menja na zhivote i nad verhnej guboj rastut volosy, ne v bol'shom kolichestve no est' nemnogo, ne podskazhet chto delat'???? bez vsjakih doktorov i epiljacij?
pozhalujsta vishite na emejl
Lena: Smotri na drugih devochek tvoih vozrasta, rasy+nacional'nosti/nasledstvennosti i stepeni razvitija (sudja naprimer po rostu grudi), vstrechaetsja li u nih takoj rost volos. Esli net, to k vrachu - endokrinologu ili ginekologu. Esli da, to libo nichego ne delat', libo delat' elektroepiljaciju. Samoj sebe vrjad li poluchitsja, t.k. volosy naverno tonen'kie.
- Sun Apr 17 16:07:54 2005 (GMT)

450. Name: Gulja , City: Tashkent

Comments: JA sdetstva sebja chuvstvaju zhenschinoj, no ja biologicheskij muzhchina.God rozhdenija 1965. Vsju soznatel'nuju zhizn' noshu skrytno zhenskoe bel'e i drugie prinadlezhnoti. Mne ne vynosimo trudno tak zhit'. JAhochu posvetovat'sja s Vami.Eto pi'smo ja pishu srytno i ochen' bystro. Po etomu janemogu dat' vam moj adres tak kak u nas eto ne proshaetsja. Esli Vy otvetite na moe pis'mo na etom sajte jabudu ochen rad.Tak kak ja nemogu ne skem podelitsja svoimi problemami.JAprinemaju nekotorye zhenskie gormony. Proshu dat' Mne konkretnye sovety i oblegchit' moi muchenija. Poroju mne ne hochetsch zhit'. S glubokim priznaniem Gulja(Guljam)
Lena: Esli vy budete prodolzhat' tak vsego bojat'sja, to vasha zhizn' tak i budet prodolzhat'sja. V konferencii TGrus est' uchastnica iz Tashkenta. V dal'nejshem ja budu otvechat' tol'ko na vashi pis'ma mne, otpravlennye elektronnoj pochtoj, a ne na vashi zapisi v etoj gostevoj knige. Potomu chto moj glavnyj sovet - snachala oznakomit'sja s opytom drugih transseksualov, dlja chego vam nuzhno prochitat' gromadnyj arhiv konferencii. Eto chtenie na mnogo nedel' po mnogu chasov kazhdyj den'. Bystro - nikak ne poluchitsja. Sozdajte sebe lichnyj pochtovyj jaschik dlja konfidencial'noj perepiski, naprimer na sajte mail.rambler.ru, i napishite mne lichnoe pis'mo ottuda. Moj adres elektronnoj pochty - na glavnoj stranichke moego sajta.
- Fri Apr 15 11:28:15 2005 (GMT)

449. Name: Olia , E-Mail: Olia_Kolmikova@mail.ru

Comments: Molodec.JA tebe ponastojaschemu zaviduju.JA sama muchajus' ochen' davno v muzhskom tele.Ochen' mnogo iz togo chto ty pisala bylo i so mnoj.Tol'ko ty smogla raskazat' rodnym o sebe,a ja net.Vot i prihoditsja teper' v tajne ot vseh odevat' svoi ljubimye livchiki,plat'ja,jubki i grustit'.Esli smozhesh otvet'.Mne bylo-by ochen' prjatno s toboj pogovorit'!
- Mon Apr 11 08:36:59 2005 (GMT)

448. Name: Lena , E-Mail: ksiuxa321@one.lt

Comments: Lena, vy takaja ze raspushenajia kak i vashe imia Lena... Ja znajiu mnogo Len oni takiji nu prosto......... Aj da vase nastojiasheje imia naverno Aliona? Da ja prava? Ved ja sama ze kak vidite Lena... Xotia nastojeseje imia Alionushka, nu praimo kak v skazke Alionushka i duraciok Ivanushka...
- Thu Apr 7 15:16:30 2005 (GMT)

447. Name: privet , E-Mail: elvin_2001@aznetmail.com , City: baku

Comments: Privet! a vy probovali seks s muzhchinoj?
Lena: Da.
- Tue Apr 5 09:30:25 2005 (GMT)

446. Name: Diane , E-Mail: peggyguex@bluewin.ch , City: Gen&#232;ve Suisse ,
Home Page URL: http://www.dianeetlesexedesanges.ch

Comments: Bonjour et bravo pour votre site vous ête formidable, je vous transmet toute mes meilleures pensées, une de vos nombreuses soeurs.Diane du sexe des anges.

Hello and cheer for your formidable site you ête, I transmits all my the best thought, one to you of your many soeurs.Diane of the sex of the angels.
- Tue Mar 29 19:29:03 2005 (GMT)

445. Name: Viktorija , E-Mail: victoriashemale@bigmir.net , City: Kiev ,
Home Page URL: http://victoriashemale.sitecity.ru

Comments: Lenochka, prosti pozhalujsta, ja tak dolgo pytalas' sobrat' vse rojaschiesja v golove mysli posle prochtenija tvoej istorii, chto dopustila v pervom predlozhenii dve oshibki, odna iz kotoroj neprostitel'naja :)
- Mon Mar 28 21:17:32 2005 (GMT)

444. Name: Viktorija , E-Mail: victoriashemale@bigmir.net , City: Kiev ,
Home Page URL: http://victoriashemale.sitecity.ru

Comments: Zdravstuj Viktorija!
JA srazu na ty, esli pozvolish'...
JA pisala tebe uzhe odin raz, v proshlom godu, ty predlagala vstretit'sja na Levoberezhnoj.
A ja propala... potomu chto esche ne byla gotova k samomu vazhnomu shagu.
Teper', sdelav ego - prinjat' sebja takoj kakoj ja est', mne ochen'-ochen' nuzhna tvoja podderzhka, hotja by odnu vstrechu.
Prosto chitaja tvoju istoriju, v kazhdom tvoem momente zhizni ja chuvstvovala sebja, osobenno to, chto ty nashla svoju polovinku tol'ko stav soboj.
JA ischu ee uzhe dolgih 9 let i tol'ko teper' prishlo ponimanie, chto ona mozhet poljubit' tol'ko menja nastojaschuju, a kak my najdem drug druga, esli ona videt Ego.
JA ostavlju u tebja odno stihotvorenie, esli ty pozvolish'...
V etih strokah - moj poisk, hot' i ne moe avtorstvo:

Prikosnoven'e rodstvennoj dushi,
JA serdcem oschuschaju slovno kozhej.
Ona sogreet i v bede pomozhet
I v nuzhnyj chas na pomosch' pospeshit.

Ee poroju ischem stol'ko let,
Bez rodstvennoj dushi nam odinoko.
Nas nekomu ponjat' i my zhestoko,
Stradaem, no hranim nadezhdy svet.

Vozvodim nevesomye mosty,
Garmoniju starajas' ne narushit',
Vpuskaem tol'ko rodstvennuju dushu
V nezrimyj mir, gde vlastvujut mechty.

Est' mnogo raznyh stepenej rodstva.
I eta, hot' ne krovnaja, no vse zhe
CHto v etoj zhizni mozhet byt' dorozhe
Rodnoj dushi. nuzhny li tut slova!

JA nadejus' na tvoe ponimanie i hotja by paru chasov tvoego vnimanija.
- Mon Mar 28 21:14:02 2005 (GMT)

443. Name: Svetlana T

Comments: Mrrr... :)
- Sat Mar 5 13:56:10 2005 (GMT)

442. Name: khan , E-Mail: khanafzal70@yahoo.com , City: Karachi

Comments: My Darling

You are too much beautiful would you like to contact me I am waiting for your reply
- Thu Mar 3 11:29:34 2005 (GMT)


Comments: I think you are the most beautiful woman i have ever had the pleasure to see.I could marry a woman like you.
- Tue Mar 1 23:43:55 2005 (GMT)

440. Name: WALEED , E-Mail: ridwolf@yahoo.com , City: jeddah

- Fri Feb 18 08:34:13 2005 (GMT)

439. Name: Alenka , E-Mail: alenka_ko@mail.ru , City: Kiev

Comments: Zdastvuj Lenochka.
Menja zovut Alenka. mne 25 let. vot uzhe poltora goda p'ju garmony no nichego ne pomogaet "Diane 35", grud' uvelichilas' no ne sil'no, golos po prezhnemu ne izmenilsja a volosy na lice rastut no ne tak uzhe bystro, a hochetsja izbavitsja ot nih navsegda. Esli mozhesh' podskazhi kak uvelichit' bedra i zdelat' ih bolee okrulymi, chtoby lico stalo bolee zhenstvennym, i teloslozhenie pomenjalos'....
Zaranee spasibo...
Lena: "Diane 35" - vrednyj, opasnyj i bessmyslenno dorogoj preparat. Est' drugie bezvrednee, bezopasnee i deshevle.
Ostal'noe ja otvetila pis'mom.

- Thu Feb 10 09:39:11 2005 (GMT)

438. Name: JAn. , E-Mail: yanuar@r66.ru , City: Ekaterinburg

Comments: Zdravstvuj, Lena! Ochen' rad, chto est' takoj zamechatel'nyj chelovek, kak ty. Ty otlichno vygljadish'! JA voshischajus' toboj!
JA podpisalsja k vam na konfirenciju, nadejus', u menja poluchitsja. Spasibo tebe bol'shoe!
- Wed Feb 9 19:57:07 2005 (GMT)

437. Name: Lida

Comments: A kak eto sdelat'? U menja vtoroj den' internet... JA nashal v poiskovike po slovam zhenschina+transseksual+smena pola - a tma dal'she byli ssylki transseksual.narod.ru - i tam fraza, "kakoj ty nahren transsksual?!"- i mne srazu rashotelaos' chto-to iskat'... Zlye tut vse, navernoe, v internete.
Lena: Vtoroj den' Internet? Nu-nu.
Nu predpolozhim. Togda nauchis' pol'zovat'sja vhodjaschej v komplekt Windows pochtovoj programmoj "Outlook Express" ili drugoj pochtovoj programmoj "Thunderbird" bezopasnee (v smysle virusov), kotoruju mozhno zagruzit' so stranichki po vot etoj ssylke (stroka Russian, kolonka Windows). Pochtovyj jaschik tvoj provajder predostavljaet. S pomosch'ju pochtovoj programmy smozhesh' chitat' i pisat' pis'ma, ne tratja oplachivaemogo vremeni soedinenija. Tebe predstoit prochitat' ochen' mnogo pochty.

Esli tebe na v'ezde v gorod popalsja huligan ili p'janica, to ty vseh zhitelej etogo goroda budesh' schitat' takimi?
- Sun Feb 6 17:30:01 2005 (GMT)

436. Name: Lida

Comments: Zdravstvuj, Lena. dazhe ne znaju s chego nachat'. JA, navernoe, kazhus' tebe duroj - takaja ja i est', navernoe, no ja prochitala o tebe i prosto byla v shoke - okazyvaetsja, ja takaja ne odnaja, ja, navernoe, ne takoj urod, kak
vse govorjat. Ty takaja prekrasnaja, takaja zhenstvennaja! JA nikogda ne smogu byt' takoj ZHenschinoj, kak ty. ne smogu - da
i pozdno uzhe :((( Nenavizhu sebja! Dura. Izvini. JA nikogda ne budu schastlivoj - navernoe, eto tak i nado. JA hochu umeret'. eto luchshe, chem takaja zhizn'. tol'ko bojus' dovesti do konca. Izvini, chto porchu tvoju gostevuju... prosto hotelos' hot' komu-to izlit' dushu. zdes' vse takie schastilivye...
Lena: Rasskazhi o sebe v pis'me na moj email adres.
- Sat Feb 5 23:28:44 2005 (GMT)

435. Name: tina

Comments: A tebe poshla by temno-krasnaja pomada bez perlamutra
- Sat Feb 5 03:50:50 2005 (GMT)

434. Name: sasha , City: KRIVOJ ROG

Comments: vy ochen' seksual'ny
- Tue Feb 1 18:46:44 2005 (GMT)

433. Name: Vika Nochka , E-Mail: Vika_ll@mail.ru , City: Kremenchug

Comments: Uvazhaemaja Lena, zdravstvujte.
U vas prosto OFIGENNAJA!!! konferencija ,bez preuvelichenij,
vot sejchas kak raz dochituju tretij razdel - Media, skol'ko informacii,
nuzhno tol'ko bol'she vnimanija i terpenija ( s moej storony),
nu ja dumaju eto pridjot. vot chitala malen'kuju zametku ,posting 9007,
o 16 letnem mal'chike povesivshimsja doma, iz-za neponimanija rodnyh,
UZHAS eto i vpravdu uzhasno, mne i samoj ne raz prihodilos' perezhivat' podobnoe,
no ja slava Bogu eto perezhila, spasibo podrugam, i vashej konferencii,
potomu chto informacionnyj vakuum nakonec to prorvalsja, pojavilis'
novye celi i smysl v zhizni, tak chto eschjo raz hochu poblagodarit' vas,
prosto za to chto vy est'.Lena vy udivitel'naja zhenschina, dazhe ne znaju
pochemu ja tak reshila, nu javno ne chto by podlizat'sja k vam, prosto takih
ljudej kak vy nuzhno eschjo poiskat', takie ljudi kak vy redkost'.
mne vsjo ravno chto vy mne otvetite, i otvetite li voobsche, no ja hochu
chtoby vy znali chto ja vami voshischajus'.

.Vika Noch'ka.

P.S. - Prostite esli chto ne tak.no vy prosto zolotoj chelovek.
- Tue Feb 1 10:42:33 2005 (GMT)

432. Name: Marina , E-Mail: gadjukino@mail.ru , City: Balakovo saratovskoj obl

Comments: Dobryj den'!
Ochen' prijatno povstrechat' cheloveka iz svoeko kruga, da esche cheloveka sposobnogo pomoch' i podelit'sja svoim opytom s temi komu nuzhna pomosch' i podderzhka.CHeloveka nesomnenno proshedshego trudnyj put'.Nas mnogo i mnogim nuzhna pomosch' i podderzhka i konechno gramotnaja konsul'tacija, mne ochen' prijatno skazat': Lenochka Bol'shoe tebe chelovecheskoe Spasibo.
Udachi tebe v novom godu, zdorov'ja i samyh nailuchshih pozhelanij. Marishka :)
P.S.ja esche zagljanu v gosti, mne tozhe neobhodima konsul'tacija, i est' para voprosov zhazhduschih otveta...
- Sun Jan 9 00:54:03 2005 (GMT)

431. Name: Aleks , E-Mail: dash20 , City: Abakan

Comments: Eto opjat' ja, prosti , Lena, chto pol'zujus' sajtom,dlja peredachi soobschenija
Menja porazila stat'ja Vali Kotogonovoj , ja hotel by vyrazit' ej blagodarnost' za stat'ju, no ni adresa, ni sbrosit' v otzyvy ne poluchaetsja, ochen'' hotelos' by znat' otzyvy drugih ljudej na ee stat'ju, ja dazhe sam hotel bylo napisat' kommentarij k stat'e , no ne hvatilo opyta i soobrazhenija :)
Stat'ja dejstvitel'no vpechatljajuschaja
Spasibo bol'shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Tue Jan 4 05:36:00 2005 (GMT)

430. Name: Ira , E-Mail: Lena: JA udalila.

Comments: Ochen' rada, chto est' takoj sajt. Mnogo poleznoj informacii. Spasibo.
Posylala zapros na forum otveta net.
Lena: Mezhdu Dal'nim Vostokom i Kievom raznica vo vremeni 8 chasov. Pis'mo na TGrus-owner bylo v 4 chasa nochi po kievskomu vremeni, a eta zapis' - cherez 3,5 chasa posle etogo. Noch'ju ja voobsche-to obychno splju. Prosnulas' - otvetila.
- Tue Jan 4 05:30:28 2005 (GMT)

429. Name: Alex , E-Mail: dash20 , City: Abakan

Comments: Zdravstvuj, Lena!
Speshu pozdrait' s novym godom!
Opozdal, pravda :), kajus'
ZHelaju vsego samogo luchshego: zdorov'ja, schast'ja, ljubvi i vsego, vsego ,,,,
Pust' vse u vas budet zamechatel'no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Da, i s nastupajuschim Rozhdestvom!!!!!!!!!!!!
I esche hochu pohvastovat'sja, mne v kanun etogo goda ispolnilos' 25, vot kakoj ja stal bol'shoj!:)
- Tue Jan 4 05:04:39 2005 (GMT)

428. Name: Roman , City: Ekaterinburg

Comments: ZHal' chto ty ne rjadom zhivesh' Ty mne ochen' ponravilas'
- Sat Jan 1 23:22:15 2005 (GMT)

427. Name: Alias , E-Mail: cursedmoon@end.net , City: Kiev ,
Home Page URL: Davajte, spam'te hrjusovskoj adres

>Potomu chto ja prilichnaja zhenschina, a ne prostitutka.

U-u-uuu, kak vse zapuschenno :-))) Prostitutki, mezhdu prochim, namnogo chestnee mnogih zhenschin.
Lena: Mnogih - mozhet byt'. No upominat' ob etom v moej gostevoj - znachit oskorbljat' menja.
No ty, verojatno, predpochitaesh' otnosit' sebja k "prilichnym zhenschinam, kotorye stojat namnogo dorozhe"(s) anekdot.
Kak govorit moja ljubimaja, stol'ko deneg esche ne napechatali.
I gordishsja, navernjaka, etim.
Etim - net. Gordjatsja redkimi kachestvami. A prilichnye zhenschiny - ne redkost'.
I mnish' sebja zhenschinoj s bol'shoj bukvy "ZH", i deti, navernjaka, dlja tebja svjatoe. A pafosa-to skol'ko.
Prichem tut deti?

>A chego adres lipovyj i imeni ne ukazal?

A chto, ty schitaesh' sebja vprave etogo trebovat'?
Email adres ja ne trebuju. Krasnye zvezdochki (obscheprinjatyj priznak objazatel'nogo k zapolneniju polja) tol'ko u polej "Vashe imja" i "Kommentarii". A dlja nezapolnivshih pole "Vashe imja" est' ssylka "esli Vy peredumali i bol'she ne hotite ostavljat' zapis'".

A zakidony naschet imeni tipichno hristianskie - "aga, ne ukazyvaet imeni, znachit, est' chto skryvat', boitsja" - skuchno.
Skuchnaja zakonomernost'.
Ili ty privykla, chto tvoi kaprizy vsegda vypolnjajutsja? Oh, kak eto ja ne zametila - ty prinjala menja za muzhchinu :-) Kak zhe ja ne dogadalas' - ved' passazhej o zavisti tvoej figure ne bylo! Verojatno, sejchas posledujut :-)
Konechno. Esli ty zhenschina, to nazvat' neploho (po otzyvam) sohranivshujusja 37-letnjuju (na foto) vygljadjaschej na 55 - o chem esche eto svidetel'stvuet, krome kak o zlobe? A zloba otkuda? Krome zavisti ja mogu predpolozhit' tol'ko takoj variant: obida na kogo-to iz T* ljudej. Dolgij interes k moemu sajtu svidetel'stvuet skoree ob etom.

Da ja esche mogu mnogo lipovyh adresov nasovat' - i nastojaschih tozhe. Vot smotri: demon@mail.ru, vaginadentata@orc.ru, deusexanus@yahoo.com, deadgod@yandex.ru - kak vidish', fantazija moja neistoschima! Hotja, ja razocharovana - ja-to dumala, ty sejchas obo mne rasskazhesh' vse, nachinaja s moego domena i zakanchivaja cvetom nizhnego bel'ja, kak ty obychno eto delaesh' po otnosheniju k tem, kto ne vyskazyvaet tebe svoe gromoglasnoe voshischenie.


Kakoj banal'nyj priem manipuljacii - neuzheli ty dumala, chto ja na nego kupljus'? :-) Na menja podobnoe i v detskom sadike ne dejstvovalo :-) Kstati, pered tem, kak pisat' - luchshe podumat'. Naprimer o tom, chego mne styditsja.
Mnogie iz zhelajuschih potrahat'sja (i ne bolee togo) s trans- ljud'mi stydjatsja etogo. A kogda zamechajut oblom (menja ne interesujut muzhchiny, i u menja uzhe est' ljubimaja), zljatsja.
Ili ty privykla brosatsja obvinenijami i provokacijami, naslazhdajas' zrelischem togo, kak na nih lovjatsja?
Ne sudi po sebe.
I , verojatno, ochen' prijatno sebja chuvstvovat' vsegda pravoj i pravil'noj - edakim mestnym guru-fjurerom? Vyskazyvat' bezapelljacionye suzhdenija, pouchat', vystraivat' otnoshenija "cverhu-vniz" i plodit' shakalov tabaki, kotorye budut pet' tebe hvalu na vse golosa.
Takih ja storonjus'. U nih neredko kamen' za pazuhoj.

Kstati, po foto ja dumala, chto tebe okolo 55. Predstav' sebe moe udivlenie, kogda vyjasnilos', chto tebe 41!
- Wed Dec 29 23:51:08 2004 (GMT)

426. Name: Debbie St.Clair , E-Mail: Debbie1950@charter.net , City: Union City

Comments: I applaude your courage. And I thought transition was difficult here!
- Wed Dec 29 22:12:43 2004 (GMT)

425. Name: Alias , E-Mail: aaaddddd@hotmail.com , City: Kiev

Comments: Nogi i lico sdelany horosho. So spinoj i nizhe - hm, neskol'ko huzhe. No, imho, ty strashnovata. Kstati, chego fotki-to takie meschanskie? Ili my hotim byt' domohozjajkoj sovetskogo tipa?
Lena: Potomu chto ja prilichnaja zhenschina, a ne prostitutka. A chego adres lipovyj i imeni ne ukazal? Stydno?
- Sun Dec 26 23:49:36 2004 (GMT)

424. Name: Nikolaj , E-Mail: Alicka70@yandex.ru , City: Kiev

Comments: Lenochka!
Ni odin iz adresov na tvojom sajte ne otzyvaetsja. Pomogi.
Lena: CHto znachit ne otzyvaetsja? Ukazannogo toboj email adresa <Alicka70@yandex.ru> ne suschestvuet. Znachit, prichina skoree vsego v tvoej nevnimatel'nosti. Na glavnoj stranichke moego sajta ukazany moi osnovnoj email adres i zapasnoj. Pishi esche raz na oba adresa. Pered otpravkoj pis'ma vnimatel'no proverjaj kazhduju bukvu v email adrese, kuda otpravljaesh'.
- Thu Dec 23 16:23:38 2004 (GMT)

423. Name: Viktoria , E-Mail: Vika)_ll@mail.ru , City: Kremenchuk

Comments: Sdrastvujtte, menja zovut Viktorija, mne 18 let,i ja by ochen' hotela podpisatsja, i poprosit' u vas pomoschi(informacionnoj) kak i gde mozhno smenit' pol, vet' ja zhe DEVUSHKA, a ne muzhik, i ja tak zhit' prosto uzhe ne mogu.
Umorljaju, pomogite...
(moj adres Vika_ll@mail.ru)
Lena: A pis'mo mne ty napisala s drugogo adresa. Vyberi, kakoj email adres ty hochesh' podpisat' na konferenciju, i s vybrannogo pochtovogo jaschika vypolni instrukciju po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus polnost'ju, vnimatel'no i akkuratno. CHerez konferenciju i poluchish' informacionnuju pomosch'.
- Wed Dec 22 01:23:26 2004 (GMT)

422. Name: Inga , E-Mail: sputnik_ss_@mail15.com , City: Moskva

Comments: Lennochka,spasibo za podskazku naschet hirurgov.A vot vypadenija volos byt' nikak ne mozhet:lob u menja vsegda byl odinakovym i volosy otlichnye,ne v nih delo-mne voobsche-to
20 let vsego.
- Sun Dec 19 02:21:37 2004 (GMT)

421. Name: Ujcnm

Comments: Eh, kak pyzhitsja transvestit lena v moderators-ru@yahoogroups.com ...
Specialist po JAhe, ha!
Lena: Po jehu (tochnee po yahooGroups) - specialist. Ty sprosi v moderators-ru mnenija drugih po etomu povodu. Tol'ko poboish'sja, raz dazhe svoego imeni nazvat' ne hochesh'. Nu i, kak obychno, nichtozhe sumnjashiesja sudit' drugih - ne specialisty ni v chem. Vot i ty - ni v komp'juterah (slovo "Gost'" v drugom registre nabral), ni v medicine ("transvestit"), ni po jehu - chego zh ty v moderators-ru ne otvechaesh' na voprosy?

Nu i to, chto ja napisala tebe v kommentarii k tvoej zapisi nomer 336 v etoj gostevoj, vidat' do tebja nikogda ne dojdet.
- Fri Dec 17 13:47:42 2004 (GMT)

420. Name: Inga , E-Mail: sputnik_ss_@mail15.com , City: Moskva

Comments: Zdrastvujte,Lena.JA TsS MtF.JA hotela by uznat',mozhno li kak-ibud' izmenit' vneshnij vid svoego lba? On u menja vysokij i
shirokij i na zhenskij sovershenno ne pohozh.JA chto-to slyshala o tom,chto lbu mozhno pridat' bolee zhenskij vneshnij vid putem plasticheskoj operacii.Mozhet byt',Vy znaete,pravda li eto i
gde takoe mozhno sdelat'?
S uvazheniem,Inga.
Lena: Ochen' nemnogie hirurgi gramotno delajut feminizaciju formy lba: Pimentel v Peru, DiMaggio v Argentine, NvdD v Gollandii, Bart v Bel'gii, Capitan+Simon v Ispanii, Suporn v Tailande, Ousterhout v SSHA. Na samom dele u zhenschin lob v srednem vyshe, chem u muzhchin. No vot tipichnaja forma linii rosta volos na lbu u zhenschin i muzhchin raznaja. Oblysenie po muzhskomu tipu nachinaetsja s otstupa linii rosta volos v uglah lba. Oblysenie po muzhskomu tipu mozhno vylechit' (po krajnej mere chastichno): v Rossii prodajutsja tabletki "Finasterid", "Vero-Finasterid", "Finast", "Penester", "Al'final", "Prosterid" (na Ukraine byli tol'ko bolee dorogie, no nichem ne luchshe tabletki "Proskar", teper' pojavilis' esche i "Prostan", "Penester" i "Adenosterid", namnogo deshevle; v Belorussii Penester, Prostan, Prosterid, Finast, Finpros). Kupite odin listik (net smysla pokupat' celuju upakovku, t.k. odnogo listika hvatit do konca sroka godnosti, dostatochno prinimat' po odnoj sotoj chasti tabletki odin raz v den' - bol'shie dozirovki ne effektivnee), najdite ploskuju metallicheskuju korobochku s kryshkoj (shkol'nyj penal, iz-pod krema, ledencov ili malen'kih sigar), sjad'te za stol, polozhite odnu tabletku v korobochku, voz'mite skal'pel' ili malen'kij ostryj nozhik, raspolozhite ukazatel'nyj i bol'shoj pal'cy drugoj ruki vokrug konchika nozha (chtoby kusochki tabletki ne razletalis' iz korobochki) i otlomite konchikom nozha ot tabletki lomtik tolschinoj millimetr-dva. Zatem lomtik tak zhe razlomite na malen'kie kusochki. Budet obrazovyvat'sja poroshok - soberite ego konchikom nozha v malen'kie kuchki, no ne delajte poroshok special'no, starajtes' delit' na kusochki. Nevazhno, chto kusochki raznogo razmera, lish' by kazhdyj kusochek ili kuchka byli ne men'she odnoj sotoj chasti tabletki. Ot odnoj sotoj chasti tabletki do odnoj pjatidesjatoj chasti tabletki, ne bol'she (chtoby ne meshat' obrazovaniju estestvennogo gormona allopregnanolone, obladajuschego antidepressivnym dejstviem). CHtoby prinjat' kusochek ili kuchku, slegka smochite konchik pal'ca sljunoj, kusochek ili kuchka poroshka prilipnet k nemu, sliznite i proglotite. Prinjali - zacherknite v kalendarike segodnjashnij den', chtoby ne zabyt' prinjat' kazhdyj den'. Vsjo eto nado delat' v komnate, v kotoroj ne zhivet moguschaja zaberemenet' zhenschina, t.k. eto veschestvo (finasterid) menee effektivno, no vsjo zhe effektivno v doze odna pjatisotaja chast' tabletki   i teoreticheski mozhet sdelat' plod s muzhskimi hromosomami germafroditom, esli zhenschina (kotoraja mozhet sama esche ne znat', chto beremenna) vdohnet obrazujuschujusja pri delenii tabletok na kusochki pyl' ili prikosnetsja k nej (etogo dostatochno). Instrukcija zapreschaet zhenschinam dazhe prikasat'sja k pokrytym obolochkoj tabletkam. Effekt na volosy nachinaet byt' zametnym cherez polgoda-god, a okonchatel'nyj effekt - cherez goda dva-tri. Prodolzhat' prinimat' vsju zhizn', dazhe posle hirurgicheskogo udalenija jaichek, t.k. ono snizhaet uroven' digidrotestosterona (v otlichie ot testosterona) vnutri kletok-mishenej (v tom chisle v follikulah volos) tol'ko do 40% obychnogo muzhskogo (hotja testosterona v krovi do 5%). Digidrotestosteron podavljaet rost volos na golove (i stimuliruet rost volos na tele) gorazdo sil'nee, chem testosteron. Finasterid blokiruet odnu iz dvuh form fermenta "5-al'fa-reduktaza", prevraschajuschego testosteron v digidrotestosteron, v tom chisle vnutri kletok-mishenej (chego analizy krovi ne uchityvajut).

Nu a ostal'noe prosche zamaskirovat' chelkoj.
- Fri Dec 17 10:03:27 2004 (GMT)

419. Name: dina , E-Mail: mohomax2005m@mail.ru , City: bobruisk

Comments: Lena ty prosila podrobnej pozhaluista.Mne s detstva let s 12 nravilos' zhenskoe bel'e mne hotelos' stat' zhenschinoj vesti sebja kak zhenschina (tol'ko ne nado pisat' chto ja otnoshus' k transvistitam)mne hotelos' by pomenjat' pol no ja ne znaju s chego nachat' kakie gormony pit'
Lena: JA prosila tebja napisat' mne pis'mo, a ne cherez etu gostevuju knigu. Nauchis' otpravljat' pis'ma, dlja nachala s sajta mail.ru. JA popytalas' otpravit' pis'mo na ukazannyj toboj email adres, no takogo pochtovogo jaschika ne okazalos'. Zaregistrirujsja na sajte mail.rambler.ru, i posle togo, kak ty vojdesh' na tom sajte s tvoim email adresom i ego parolem, tam budet ssylka "Sozdat'" (v smysle sozdat' pis'mo). Povtorjaju: moj adres elektronnoj pochty ukazan na glavnoj stranichke moego sajta. Tem, kto znajut russkij jazyk, gormony ja rekomenduju tol'ko posle prochtenija hotja by poloviny arhiva konferencii TGrus. Obschenie v konferencii - cherez email (elektronnuju pochtu). JA snachala dolzhna ubedit'sja, chto ty umeesh' otpravljat' pis'ma, a ne tol'ko pisat' v gostevoj knige.
- Fri Dec 10 13:27:37 2004 (GMT)

418. Name: no , E-Mail: anka19m@rambler.ru

Comments: JA vygljazhu, kak obychnyj paren', mne 17 let, hochu kupit' zhenskoe bel'e, ono mne nravitsja, hochu nosit', no bojus', dajte paru sovetov na pochtu, esli mozhete, kak sebja vesti, chto govorit'.
Lena: Samoe glavnoe - pomni: kto platit, tot i zakazyvaet muzyku. Vedi sebja spokojno, ubedi sebja, chto pokupka toboj zhenskogo bel'ja sovershenno normal'na, tochno tak zhe, kak i muzhskogo. Kupi kleenchatyj portnovskij santimetr, doma izmer' obhvat pod grud'ju (nu kak esli by u tebja byla grud') i obhvat talii. Esli ty hochesh', chtoby lifchik byl napolnen, to podumaj, kakogo razmera grud' ty hochesh'. K 17-letnemu telu redko idet grud' bol'she, chem 2-go (B) razmera. Snachala kupi neskol'ko lifchikov i drugogo bel'ja v second-hand, tam ty smozhesh' poryt'sja i kupit' chto ponravitsja, i esli promahnesh'sja s razmerom, to poterja deneg nebol'shaja. Prikladyvaj slozhennuju vdvoe merku (tot zhe kleenchatyj santimetr) k bel'ju, chtoby proverit', podojdet li tebe po razmeru. Esli budesh' pokupat' novoe bel'e, to razmery lifchikov vygljadjat naprimer tak: 80B, zdes' chislo - eto obhvat pod grud'ju (v etom primere 80 sm), bukva - razmer chashek (sovetskij razmer 1 sootvetstvuet zapadnomu A,   2 - B). Tebe sovsem neobjazatel'no s samogo nachala dokladyvat' prodavcu, zachem ty pokupaesh' zhenskoe bel'e. Prodavec sama podumaet, chto ty pokupaesh' podarok zhene (otkuda ej znat', chto u tebja net zheny?). A dazhe esli prodavec i pojmet, chto ty pokupaesh' sebe - nu i chto?
Dlja prodavcov den'gi ne pahnut. CHem spokojnee ty budesh' sebja vesti, tem men'she na tebja budut obraschat' vnimanie.

Na upakovkah kolgotok smotri tablicu rost-ves. Esli v kletochke tablicy, sootvetstvujuschej tvoim rostu i vesu, ukazan razmer (obychno ot 1 do 5, no u nekotoryh firm po-drugomu), kotorogo u etogo prodavca net, ili eta kletochka voobsche vne vseh oblastej raznyh razmerov, to ne pokupaj, eto budut vybroshennye den'gi. Ne ver' zaverenijam prodavcov, chto kolgotki rastjagivajutsja, ne obraschaj vnimanie na demonstracii, esli prodavec rastjanet kolgotki v rukah. Snachala pokupaj sovsem deshevye kolgotki - neskol'ko par porvesh', poka nauchish'sja s nimi berezhno obraschat'sja.

Trusiki kupi hotja by odnu paru iz ochen' plotnoj elastichnoj tkani, i ne treugol'noj formy, a pochti shortiki, nizhnjaja granica na urovne promezhnosti i sboku tozhe. V takih trusikah genitalii pri zhelanii mozhno zaprjatat' tak, chto i vidno ne budet (est' takie sposoby). Ochen' malo komu prihodit v golovu sravnit' daty moej operacii i fotok v kupal'nike. :-)

Esli u tebja est' okolo 60 dollarov (takaja cena pary protezov grudi v Kieve), to najdi v tvoem gorode proteznuju masterskuju i onkologicheskuju bol'nicu, oni prodajut "silikonovye" nakladnye protezy molochnyh zhelez (dlja vkladyvanija v lifchik, oni sogrevajutsja do temperatury tela i stanovjatsja naoschup' neotlichimymi ot nastojaschej grudi) dlja zhenschin, kotorym grud' byla udalena iz-za raka. ZHenschiny obychno pokupajut odin protez, ty kupi dva. Poprosi protezy kaplevidnoj formy, bez lepestka pod myshku. Esli sprosjat zachem tebe, to mozhesh' zajavit', chto ty transseksual i budesh' menjat' pol (nu kto proverjat' budet? A familiju nazyvat' sovsem neobjazatel'no), a protezy - eto mol poka u tebja ne vyrastet svoja grud'. Voz'mi s soboj ljubimyj lifchik i primer' neskol'ko raznyh razmerov, tam vse zhenschiny pered pokupkoj primerjajut. Ili tam zhe vmeste s protezami mogut prodavat' special'nye lifchiki s karmanami dlja vkladyvanija proteza (zhenschiny obychno odin karman srezajut, a ty ostavish' oba). Lepestok kaplevidnogo proteza raspolagaj pochti vverh, vdol' bretel'ki lifchika.
No est' al'ternativnyj variant poprosche - lifchik s zhestkimi chashechkami.

- Tue Dec 7 10:56:01 2004 (GMT)

417. Name: pasha , E-Mail: mohomax2005m , City: bobruisk

Comments: hochu stat' transseksualom no ne znaju s chego nachat' posovetujte
Lena: Rasskazhite ob etom podrobnee v pis'me mne. Moj adres elektronnoj pochty ukazan na glavnoj stranichke moego sajta.
- Fri Nov 26 13:14:47 2004 (GMT)

416. Name: LOLA , E-Mail: Lolital@bk.ru , City: Piter ,
Home Page: v processe sozdanija

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena!!!

Vsjo ochen' zamechatel'no, sajt prosto monstr po svoej informativnosti. No est' odno no...

CHerez 20 minut chtenija gostevoj prosto umiraju ot etogo rozovogo fona. Mozhno konechno pomenjat' pol'zovatel'skie nastrojki v Opere (brauzer, kotoryj ja ispol'zuju), no dumaju eto ne tol'ko ja zametila. Esli eto vozmozhno, pomenjajte bekgraund na kakoj nibud' nejtral'nyj. Pravda glaza ustajut.

Lena: JA sdelala fon svetlee.
- Wed Nov 17 02:55:43 2004 (GMT)

415. Name: slobodan , E-Mail: slobodan@caravan.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: help
Lena: A imenno?
- Sat Nov 6 21:27:03 2004 (GMT)

414. Name: Maks , E-Mail: gully_foyle@tut.by , City: Minsk

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena!

Bol'shoe spasibo Vam za zamechatel'nyj sajt. Ochen' hotelos' by obratit'sja k Vam s voprosom: s chego nachat'? Kak obratit'sja k vrachu, chto delat'-to voobsche?

Vsju zhizn' ja zatochen v zhenskom tele, kak v tjur'me, pohozhe, s etim ja ne primirjus' nikogda, ja mnogo pytalsja. Mne 24. JA vsegda stydilsja sebja, pytalsja naladit' svoju zhizn' "kak polozheno". Bezuspeshno. Bol'she uzhe ne mogu. Pereryl vse sajty po teme, kotorye nashel. Nigde net informacii o tom, kak nachat'. JA ne znaju nikogo, komu mog by otkryt'sja.

I esche... bojus', chto posle togo, kak ja predal sebja kak muzhchinu - eti otnoshenija, kotorye byli u menja, eti popytki byt' takim, kakoj ja prikljuchilsja fizicheski, ja nikogda ne smogu uzhe stat' polnocennym chelovekom.

JA blagodaren Vam, esli Vy smozhete udelit' mne nemnogo svoego vremeni i dadite sovet. JA blagodaren Vam za to, chto Vy dali mne sily ne pobojat'sja napisat' eto soobschenie.
Lena: Maks, nu Vy zhe 20 minut chitali etu gostevuju knigu. JA uzhe mnogim v nej otvechala, s chego nachat': s izuchenija opyta drugih transseksualov. Do pervogo pohoda k vracham, potomu chto nepodgotovlennym mnogie vrachi takoj lapshi veshajut, chto zhelanie svjazyvat'sja s vrachami propadaet na gody, esli pacienty voobsche ne reshajut, chto dal'she zhit' bessmyslenno. A poterjannye gody ne vernesh'. Vy pereryli obschedostupnye sajty. A daleko ne vse vystavljajut ves' svoj opyt napokaz na ves' mir. Osnovnoj ob'em informacii na etu temu - v konferencijah, zakrytyh ot prazdno ljubopytnyh i agressivnyh durakov. Pervoe, chto ja sovetuju sdelat' vsem zhelajuschim smenit' pol svoego tela ili obdumyvajuschim, stoit li eto sdelat', - podpisat'sja na konferenciju TGrus po instrukcii na moej stranichke i prochitat' arhiv konferencii. Vy dolzhny zaranee sebe horosho predstavljat' vse posledstvija etogo sud'bonosnogo reshenija. V konferencii zhe sprosite adres konkretnyh vrachej, v Belorussii (kak i na Ukraine) oni monopolisty.
A popytki zhit' "kak polozheno" (po polnoj programme) byli v proshlom pochti u vseh uzhe smenivshih pol tela.

- Wed Oct 27 09:58:56 2004 (GMT)

413. Name: Eva , E-Mail: OREIRO@inbox . ru , City: Piter

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena .Vot reshila vam napisat'.Mozhet vy mne pomozhete...JA ustala nahodit'sja v tele protivopolozhnogo pola.Podskazhite s chego mne nachat' i skol'ko eto chudo stoit.
Bol'shoe spasibo.S uvazheniem.Eva
Lena: Pomogu (informaciej). Nachat' - s podpiski na konferenciju TGrus po instrukcii na moej stranichke i prochtenija arhiva konferencii. Esli rech' o smene pola tela s muzhskogo na zhenskij i Peterburge, to esli ne polenit'sja, to eto stoit nemnogo men'she odnoj tysjachi dollarov. Elektroepiljaciju na lice mozhno sdelat' samoj sebe, zatrativ neskol'ko soten chasov kropotlivogo truda, no vsego paru desjatkov dollarov za vsjo vremja. Gormonoterapija (pozhiznennaja) - minimum odin dollar v mesjac. No eto ne schitaja novogo garderoba i zapasa na sluchaj poteri raboty.
- Mon Oct 18 23:22:28 2004 (GMT)

412. Name: Karina

Comments: Lena izvini za mojo neterpenie ja podazhdu skol'ko nado.
- Tue Oct 5 22:24:37 2004 (GMT)

411. Name: Karina , E-Mail: west32@onego.ru

Comments: Lenchik a izmenjat'sja moi ikronozhnye myshci i ljashki?A to oni bol'shie i sovsem ne zhenskie.I s nogami chto delat' nemnogo krivovatye.Ochen' hochet'sja krasivye nozhki.
- Fri Oct 1 09:04:57 2004 (GMT)

410. Name: Karina , E-Mail: west32@onego.ru , City: Petrozavodsk

Comments: Otpravila pis'mo zhdu teper' rekomendacii tvoi ochen' zhdu.Sposibo tebe za takoj sajt on nam ochen' nuzhen.Eto kak glotok svezhego vozduha v mire polnogo predrasudkov.Sposibo vsem devochkam kotorye stali i stanut nastojaschimi za pomosch.
- Fri Oct 1 09:01:38 2004 (GMT)

409. Name: oleg , E-Mail: alex_mmm@ngs.ru , City: orsha

Comments: SPAIBO za etu podderzhku, ona neobhodima, esche raz ob'jasnite shemu podpiski, pozhalujsto.
- Tue Sep 28 21:40:23 2004 (GMT)

408. Name: Karinka , E-Mail: west32@onego.ru , City: Petrozavodsk

Comments: Privetik Lenchik.Uvidela tvojo pis'mo i reshila napisat' u menja problema takogo haraktera ja hochu stat' nastojaschej zhen a u menja est' tol'ko odno zhelanie.S figuroj ne povezlo razve chto telo i to ne ochen'.JA by hotela prinimat' gormony no ne znaju kakie i kakoj budet ot etogo efekt napishi esli ty znaesh' i v kurse da koplju den'ki na operaciju po smene pola i plasticheskuju skol'ko primerno budet stoit' takie operacii.Celuju Karinka.P.S.U tebja ochen' horoshij sajt i nuzhnyj.
Lena: Esli ty hochesh' prinimat' gormony, to tebe snachala nuzhno podpisat'sja na konferenciju TGrus po instrukcii na moej stranichke. Posle togo, kak ty prochtesh' hotja by polovinu arhiva konferencii, ja naznachu tebe gormony. V arhive ty sredi prochego prochitaesh' ob effektah, o stoimosti operacii (namnogo men'she, chem u reklamirujuschihsja v sredstvah massovoj dezinformacii), o drugih neobhodimyh meroprijatijah (v chastnosti elektroepiljacii na lice i kak ee sdelat' samoj sebe besplatno), i chto plasticheskie operacii bol'shinstvu transseksualov ne nuzhny, vneshnost' menjaetsja blagodarja gormonoterapii.
- Tue Sep 28 06:52:36 2004 (GMT)

407. Name: Sangre , E-Mail: sangre@yandex.ru , City: Kaluga ,
Home Page URL: http://aronbelkin.narod.ru/index.html

Comments: Lena, ja potrjasen. Vy ochen' simpatichny, kogda ulybaetes'. :-) Pol'zujtes' etim.
Na sajte vse otlichno sdelano - prosto, no tolkovo. Rassylki prosto unikal'ny.
S uvazheniem,
- Thu Sep 9 00:57:41 2004 (GMT)

406. Name: Vera

Comments: Lena, chto eto voobwe znachit?
Pochemu ty menia vospriniala kak *vraga* pochti?
Ia plohogo nichego ne delala.
Mne prosto ochen' trudno iz-za gluhoty.
A ty... zachem tak??
Lena: Ne pozvoljat' narushat' pravila konferencii - eto znachit "vosprinimat' pochti kak vraga"? Nu, budu znat', s kem imeju delo.

Ty sama sebe sozdaesh' trudnosti tvoej nevnimatel'nost'ju. V konferencii suschestvujut tehnicheskie pravila (v pis'mennom vide, ne ustnom), kotorye sobljudajut vse uchastniki konferencii bez iskljuchenija. Postarajsja ponjat': ne u tebja odnoj est' problemy.
- Mon Aug 30 09:18:06 2004 (GMT)

405. Name: Khoo Kah Guan , E-Mail: kg_khoo03@yahoo.com , City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Comments: Hi,

You have a very interesting website, esp. the links and the info for anyone like us looking for.

- Wed Aug 18 11:46:33 2004 (GMT)

404. Name: ZHenja , E-Mail: kioty@rambler.ru

Comments: Uvazhaemyj Evgenij!
A gde etot institut Behhtereva v Pitere??
Mozhet, podskazhite adres?
U menja pochti takaja zhe situacija, i vrach pri Kibrike menja obmanul posle goda obsledovanija--zaprosili uzhe okolo 22 tysjach re.
Poetomu, mozhet obraschus' v drugoe mesto.
I Lene gorjachij privet!
Lena: Gde, a glavnoe kak podgotovit'sja k obscheniju s vrachami, chtoby ne poslali podal'she, - est' v arhive konferencii TGrus.
- Mon Aug 9 10:46:59 2004 (GMT)

403. Name: Evgenij

Comments: Zdravstvujte! Tut dovol'no mnogo govorili, o tom, chto dlja poluchenija razreshenija na operaciju prihoditsja tratit' mnogo vremeni nervov i deneg. Eto dejstvitel'no budet tak, esli Vy obratites' k Kibriku! Bolee togo, vy mozhete potratit' deneg i ne poluchit' voobsche nichego.
No! JA lichno poluchil razreshenie voobsche besplatno. V Pitere, v institute Behtereva, u doktora Pirogova. Tam zhe sovsem nedavno poluchil razreshenie moj znakomyj - Dima iz Moskvy. Dlja togo, chto b obsledovat'sja v institute Behtereva i projti tam komissiju (vse eto besplatno) Piterskaja ili Moskovskaja propiska sovershenno ne objazatel'na! No, bystro ne vyjdet, ja stojal na uchete god i 8 mesjacev, Dimka ne tak dolgo, no eto potomu, chto ja do obraschenija v Behterevku nikuda ne obraschalsja, a on stojal na uchete u Kibrika v techenii goda (Kibrik zaprosil u nego 17 shtuk rodnyh, bez garantii rezul'tata). Emu v Behterevke etot god zachli.
Bystree mozhno poluchit' v Moskve, u Matevosjana, hotja i ne besplatno, a za 500$, no bez nervov i "kidalova"!

- Wed Jul 21 14:09:28 2004 (GMT)

402. Name: Lita/Li , E-Mail: (ja udalila)@mail.ru

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena.
Mne 16 let i ja ne znaju, chto delat' dal'she.
Vo mne net nichego zhenskogo, krome tela.
JA odevajus' kak muzhchina, dumaju kak muzhchina.
Schital/a, chto stoit prosto poprobovat' s devushkoj.
Oshibka. Vsjo gorazdo glubzhe i slozhnee.
Esli mozhesh' - pomogi mne. V i-net-e ja tol'ko na vyhodnye,
inogda - para minut, chtoby nikto-nikto-nikto ne uznal.
Zaranee blagodarju, ty ochen' smelaja.
/ Napisat' "smelyj" - ruka ne podnimaetsja /
Lena: Tebe sejchas v pervuju ochered' nuzhna informacija. Vrachi tebe budut v luchshem sluchae zajavljat', chto na Ukraine smena pola do vozrasta 25 let zapreschena. Formal'no eto tak, no est' lazejki. Vozmozhen obhodnoj put' cherez Rossiju, ili esli ty projavish' dostatochnuju nastojchivost' i vopreki diktatu vrachej s pomosch'ju gormonoterapii (ee vozmozhno nachat' vopreki trebovanijam vrachej) dob'esh'sja ubeditel'noj muzhskoj vneshnosti, to vrachi mogut pojti na ustupki i pozvolit' operaciju ran'she. Dokumenty na Ukraine mozhno smenit' tol'ko posle pervoj operacii, a delat' sledujuschie operacii neobjazatel'no, mnogie transseksualy FtM (ZH->M) na pervoj operacii ostanavlivajutsja - detali pochemu eto tak tebe tozhe nuzhno uznat' do prinjatija reshenija o nachale gormonoterapii. No, nachav gormonoterapiju, ty sozdash' sebe kuchu trudnostej, t.k. zhit' neskol'ko let s muzhskoj vneshnost'ju i zhenskimi dokumentami - daleko ne sahar. Ty zaranee dolzhen ochen' horosho znat', na chto idesh'. Dlja etogo tebe nado prochitat' arhiv konferencii dlja transseksualov "TGrus" i obschat'sja s drugimi transseksualami cherez konferenciju. Arhiv sejchas v 12 raz bol'she po ob'emu, chem (dlja nagljadnogo sravnenija) roman L'va Tolstogo "Vojna i mir". Esli ty budesh' chitat' arhiv "tol'ko po vyhodnym i inogda paru minut", to ty i do 25 let ego ne prochitaesh'. "CHtoby nikto-nikto-nikto ne uznal" - s takim nastroeniem ty nikogda nichego ne dob'esh'sja. Otkuda u tebja dostup k Internetu? Tebe nuzhny tvoi sobstvennye komp'juter i dostup k Internetu. Tol'ko ni v koem sluchae ne gonis' za komp'juternoj modoj! Kupi samyj staryj, samyj "dopotopnyj" byvshij v upotreblenii (ne novyj!) komp'juter, lish' by na nem byli ustanovleny Windows 98 i pochtovaja programma "The Bat!" ili vhodjaschaja v komplekt Windows pochtovaja programma "Outlook Express". Takoj komp'juter pri zhelanii mozhno najti za paru desjatkov dollarov. Pri ispol'zovanii pochtovoj programmy (vmesto chtenija i napisanija pisem na web-sajte) dostatochno pary minut oplachivaemogo vremeni soedinenija s Internetom v den', a v ostal'noe vremja ty budesh' spokojno chitat' i pisat' pis'ma (email), ne platja za eto vremja.

Esli u tebja est' komp'juter doma, no pol'zuesh'sja im ne tol'ko ty, to ty mozhesh' ustanovit' besplatnuju programmu PGPdisk, vhodjaschuju v komplekt programm PGP 6.02 http://www.pgpi.com/cgi/download.cgi?filename=PGPfreeware602i.exe , i programmoj PGPdisk sozdat' zashifrovannyj disk razmerom, nu skazhem, 100 megabajt. Kogda za komp'juterom rabotajut drugie pol'zovateli, zashifrovannyj disk vygljadit kak odin bol'shoj fajl, v kotorom ne vidno sovershenno nichego - vsjo zashifrovano. Kogda ty zapuskaesh' programmu PGPdisk i vvodish' parol', v sisteme pojavljaetsja esche odin disk (naprimer e: ) togo zhe razmera, kak zashifrovannyj fajl. S etim dopolnitel'nym diskom ty mozhesh' delat' vsjo, chto s obychnym diskom - sozdavat' papki, zapisyvat' fajly i t.d. Pri nazhatii special'noj kombinacii klavish (ili pri vykljuchenii komp'jutera ili perezagruzke) dostup k zashifrovannomu disku zakryvaetsja, hotja informacija na nem ostaetsja v zashifrovannom vide (dazhe imena fajlov i papok zashifrovany, ne tol'ko soderzhimoe fajlov). Vzlomat' eto shifrovanie ne smozhet dazhe SBU. Ustanovi na zashifrovannyj disk pochtovuju programmu "The Bat!". Eta programma voobsche-to platnaja, no k kazhdoj versii est' kreki. Programmu "The Bat!" vmeste s krekami k nej (ili uzhe kreknutuju) netrudno najti na raskladkah, gde prodajutsja (deshevo) kompakt-diski s komp'juternymi programmami (da i v Internete est'). Sozdavaj papki Bat-a tozhe na zashifrovannom diske, nastroj Bat na rabotu s pochtovym serverom mail.ru, ukazav SMTP server smtp.mail.ru, POP3 server pop.mail.ru, email adres (etot)@mail.ru, imja pol'zovatelja dlja POP3 - nachalo email adresa do @, naprotiv polja "SMTP server" nazhmi na knopku "Autentifikacija", otmet' "Autentifikacija SMTP (RFC-2554)" i "Ispol'zovat' parametry poluchenija pochty (POP3/IMAP)". Esli ty ne smozhesh' sam sdelat' vsjo eto i nauchit'sja pol'zovat'sja programmami PGPdisk i "The Bat!", to poprosi kogo-nibud' ustanovit' programmy i nauchit' tebja imi pol'zovat'sja. Neobjazatel'no rasskazyvat' etomu cheloveku o tvoem transseksualizme - skazhi tol'ko chto tebe nuzhna vozmozhnost' perepisyvat'sja konfidencial'no. Tol'ko sprosi, kak menjat' parol', i srazu posle uhoda pomogavshego smeni parol'.

Kogda u tebja budet vozmozhnost' podolgu chitat' i pisat' pis'ma v pochtovoj programme, napishi mne.
- Mon Jul 12 14:18:08 2004 (GMT)

401. Name: Zahar , E-Mail: zoiar@optonline.net

Comments: Lena, u menja est' k Vam para voprosov, no ne hochu otpravljat' vam e-mail bez Vashego razreshenija.
Mozhno li budet otnjat' u Vas neskol'ko minut?

Zaranee blagodaren.
Lena: Lichnye pis'ma (v otlichie ot UBE - spama, rassylaemogo po mnogim adresam) na moj email adres mozhno otpravljat' bez individual'nogo razreshenija.
- Sat Jul 3 00:01:37 2004 (GMT)

400. Name: CHernobyl' 86 , City: 2:5015

Comments: Prokomentirujte pozhalusta vot eto

Lena: Snachala, prochitav tol'ko etu stranichku, ja reshila, chto eto stjob, o chem tut i napisala. No vidimo somnenija vsjo zhe byli, i ja poshla po ssylke na fotografii i ottuda dal'she. Pohozhe, chto ne rozygrysh. Sluchaj ves'ma netipichnyj.

Dlja raz'jasnenija snachala nuzhen ekskurs v terminologiju. V anglijskom jazyke ona v etoj oblasti bolee razvita, chem v russkom. Est' dva podhoda k terminam transvestite i crossdresser. Nekotorye ispol'zujut vtoroj kak jakoby men'she vyzyvajuschij negativnyh associacij sinonim pervogo, a nekotorye ispol'zujut eti dva termina dlja klassifikacii: pervym nazyvajut poluchajuschih ot pereodevanija v odezhdu drugogo pola eroticheskie vozbuzhdenie i udovletvorenie, a vtorym - komu pereodevanija dajut psihologicheskuju razgruzku, chuvstvo spokojstvija i umirotvorennosti iz-za udovletvorenija vnutrennej psihologicheskoj potrebnosti identifikacii v nekotoroj stepeni s drugim polom. Vot tol'ko vopreki poka rasprostranennomu uproschennomu podhodu, na samom dele u etih kategorij (a takzhe transseksualizma) net chetkih granic, i so vremenem nekotorye ljudi perehodjat (obychno postepenno) iz odnoj kategorii v druguju. Suschestvuet obobschajuschij termin transgendered ili transgender (ne putat' s transgenderist), sokraschenno TG ili T*.

V dannom sluchae krome TG esche mnogo chego nameshano: deklarirujuschij "voinstvujuschij ateizm" uveroval v marksizm/Lenina/Stalina i Bibliju; pri moej popytke rassprosit' otvechaet ne na tot vopros, kotoryj ja zadala; mereschitsja vsemirnyj zagovor; sochetanie nachitannosti s porazitel'noj naivnost'ju...
- Fri Jul 2 11:32:37 2004 (GMT)

399. Name: Angel , E-Mail: Angel4561@mail.ru , City: Toguchin

Comments: Pytalsja ponjat' psihologiju ljudej otklanjajuschihsja ot obschih norm zhizni,odnako vse eto dlja menja ostaetsja zagadkoj.
Ne imeju pravo vas osuzhdat'.Na vse volja bozh'ja.
- Thu Jul 1 20:21:16 2004 (GMT)

398. Name: nikolaj , E-Mail: menistrel@pisem.net , City: tambov

Comments: Lenusik....prosti...esli s moej storony eto zvuchit ne korrektno...ja hot' i morlozhe vas ja vsego lish' s 71 goda rozhdenija no usy nachali rasti tol'ko nedavno..
posle usilennogo kursa gormono terapii...ty znaesh'...
uzhe 10 let proshlo posle operacii...a ja do sih por inogda podhodja k zerkalu schipaju sebja chto by ubedit'sja chto eto vse taki ne son...i tol'ko potom svobodno vzdyhaju
ogromnoe tebe spasibo za tvoj zamechatel'nyj sajt..
hotja mnogie ljudi skoree vsego ne ponimajut..togo
chto ty sdelala dlja teh kto v etom nuzhdalsja...
a tvoj sajt mne posavetovala katenok..(eto ee obraz)
u menja est' odna ideja sdelat' svoj tele proekt
no poka s etim ne poluchaet'sja...obidno... nu vrode vse
- Wed Jun 30 14:47:19 2004 (GMT)

397. Name: ela , E-Mail: elabor@o2.pl , City: białystok

Comments: dardz dobra strona
- Mon Jun 21 12:48:18 2004 (GMT)

396. Name: Rich , E-Mail: tweaksquad@yahoo.com

Comments: You are very beautiful and have a wonderful site. Please put more pictures in.
- Sun Jun 20 11:19:10 2004 (GMT)

395. Name: Metatron , E-Mail: top101end@rambler.ru

Comments: Vpechatlenie - vzryv mozgov. S kosmetikoj, bez kosmetiki...da kakaja raznica. Nu golovoj-to hot' nemnogo i hot' izredka nado dumat'.
Lena: Esli u tebja posle vzryva mozgov esche ostalos' chem dumat', to ja za tebja rada. ;)
- Sun Jun 20 10:42:27 2004 (GMT)

394. Name: Sokol'schik M.M. , E-Mail: mdsokol@mdsokol.ru , City: Moskva ,
Home Page URL: www.mdsokol.ru

Comments: Glubokouvazhaemaja Lena i posetiteli sajta!

1.Dumaju, chto ne sovsem korrektno vyskazyvat'sja grubo o ljudjah i uchrezhdenijah, o kotoryh Vy lichno ne imeete predstavlenija. Vashe razdrazhenie i nastojchivost' v etom chuvstve ja mogu ob'jasnit' lish' obschimi psihopaticheskimi problemami individuuma i social'nym gnetom, kotoryj postojano ispytyvajut na sebe transseksualy i seksual'nye men'shinstva.

2. My nahodim ljubye vozmozhnosti dlja umen'shenija material'noj nagruzki dlja nashih pacientov. Kursy po operativnoj andrologii - odin iz nih.

3. V moej praktike est' tol'ko odin sluchaj, kogda za operaciju mikrohirurgicheskoj fallopastiki zaplatilo gosudarstvo v lice Saratovskogo oblzdrava. V Mz RF operacii po transseksualizmu na vhodjat v perechen' kvotiruemyh uslug.

4. Otsutsvie zakonadatel'noj bazy - beda ne tol'ko dlja Vas, no i dlja hirurgov. Pri etom v ser'eznom uchrezhdenii, kotorym javljaetsja Nacional'nyj mediko-hirurgicheskij centr im. Pirogova N.I. MZ.RF pridirchivo otnosjatsja k medicinskoj dokumentacii, v tom chisle psihiatricheskoj. Etim garantiruetsja juridicheskaja zaschita nashih pacientov v ramkah zakona o pravah protrebitelja.

5. Vy nedostatochno horosho predstavljaete sebe dlitel'nost' i hod operacij po izmeneniju pola.Mikrohirurgicheskaja falloplastika dlitsja okolo 5-7 chasov. Vse etapy vypolnjajutsja osnovnym operirujuschim hirurgom. Bez pomoshnikov (derzhat' krjuchki, promokat' ranu i t.p.) rabotat' ne vozmozhno, tak zhe kak i na ljuboj drugoj operacii.

6. Hochu soobschit', chto v 2005 godu v Kareize (JAlta) my (uchrediteli NMHC MZ RF i Kievskij institut urologii)otkryvaem hirurgicheskuju kliniku na 20- 25 mest. Bezuzlovno, ceny budut otkorregirovany po finansovym uslovijam Ukrainy.

Nadejus',chto k tomu vremeni zakonodatel'stvo Ukrainy po transseksualizmu budet bolee sovershennym, chem v Rossii.

Na etom my zakanchivaem perepisku, tak kak schitaem, chto osvitili vse neobhodimye voprosy.
Lena: Nu, esli pervyj argument - obozvat' psihopatom... Glavnoe, chtoby tak ne ob'jasnjalis' s Vashimi pacientami. K schast'ju, ja dlja Vas chelovek postoronnij.

To, chto pacienty vynuzhdeny snachala dolgo i nebesplatno dokazyvat', chto oni ne psihi, Vy nazyvaete juridicheskoj zaschitoj pacientov?? Nu-nu.

Operacija smeny genital'nogo pola mne   dlilas' stol'ko zhe vremeni. I prezhde, chem na nee pojti, ja izuchala raznovidnosti metodik.

Kazhdyj novyj zakon tol'ko vozvodit dopolnitel'nye bjurokraticheskie rogatki i bar'ery na puti transseksualov. Ukraina i Belorussija - nagljadnye primery.
- Wed Jun 9 09:57:46 2004 (GMT)

393. Name: Sokol'schik M.M. , E-Mail: mdsokol@mdsokol.ru , City: Moskva ,
Home Page URL: www.mdsokol.ru

Comments: Operacii po smene pola v Klinicheskom centre mikrohirurgii,rekonstruktivnoj i reproduktivnoj andrologii NMHC MZ RF vypolnjajutsja tol'ko professorom Sokol'schikom M.M., assistirujut na operacijah sotrudniki kliniki ili zhe kursanty, obychno zavedujuschie urologicheskih ili ginekologicheskih otdelenij. Tak kak vseh zhelajuschih nevozmozhno vmestit' v operacionnuju, ved' bol'shoe skoplenie ljudej narushaet sanitarnyj rezhim, my demonstriruem operaciju cherez vidiosistemu.

V nastojaschee vremja kakih-libo zakonov, reglamentirujuschih process lechenija pacientov s transseksualizmom v Rossii, net.
Imejutsja instrukcii MZ RF. Dlja nas psihiatricheskaja ekspertiza neobhodima v celjah differencirovki istinnogo transseksualizma ot transseksual'noj simptomatiki organicheskih zabolevanij psihicheskoj sfery. My kak hirurgi ne imeem dostatochnoj professional'noj podgotovki v stol' slozhnoj psihiatricheskoj probleme. Bez uchastija psihiatorov, s nashej tochki zrenija, pristupat' k hirurgicheskoj korrekcii pola prestupno.

S uvazheniem, M.M. Sokol'schik
Lena: Assistenty vypolnjajut suschestvennuju chast' operacii. Sotrudnik, assistirovavshij na desjatkah etih zhe operacij, i kursant - eto dve bol'shie raznicy. Vot ob etom ja i govorila v otvetah na predyduschie zapisi: 383, 389 i 392.

CHitateli etoj gostevoj sami reshat, stoit li svjazyvat'sja s hirurgom-rukovoditelem, kotoryj snachala utverzhdaet, chto "operacii bez psihiatricheskoj ekspertizy nezakonny", i upominaet "uchrezhdenija, imejuschie pravo provedenija ekspertizy", a na sledujuschij den' - chto zakona ne suschestvuet.

V Rossii zakona ne suschestvuet, perechen' uchrezhdenij ne utverzhden, u kazhdogo hirurga svoi trebovanija k bumazhkam (v chastnosti, drugie hirurgi ne trebujut podpisi "glavnogo psihiatra regiona"), i krome togo, nekotorye hirurgi podhodjat k pacientam i ih bumazhkam individual'no.
- Tue Jun 8 10:18:37 2004 (GMT)

392. Name: Sokol'schik M.M. , E-Mail: mdsokol@mdsokol.ru , City: Moskva ,
Home Page URL: www.mdsokol.ru

Comments: Uvazhaemaja Elena,

soobschaem Vam i posetiteljam Vashego sajta, chto rjad osnovopolagajuschih operacij po izmeneniju pola (vaginoplastika, falloplastika, uretroplastika) provodjatsja dejstvitel'no besplatno v ramkah kursov po hirurgicheskoj andrologii 2 raza v god.

My poshli na eti l'goty v svjazi s neobhodimost'ju podbora tematicheskih pacientov dlja videopokaza iz operacionnoj dlja nashih kursantov-andrologov, plasticheskih hirurgov i ginekologov.

Delo ne v transseksualah, a v metodike operacij, kotorye provodjatsja s endoskopicheskoj i mikrohirurgicheskoj tehnikoj. Eti operacii javljajutsja identichnymi dlja pacientov s anomalijami i travmaticheskimi povrezhdenijami polovyh organov.

Nash opyt - eto desjatki pacientov s transseksualizmom, travmaticheskim i amputacijami polovyh organov i anomalijami razvitija. Ne malo pacientov priezzhaet k nam s Ukrainy. CHto kasaetsja psihiatricheskoj ekspertizy, to ona objazatel'na dlja hirurgov. Operacii bez psihiatricheskoj ekspertizy nezakonny.

V Rossii imejutsja al'ternativnye NII psihiatrii MZ RF medicinskie uchrezhdenija, imejuschie pravo provedenija ekspertizy (sm. nash sajt). Na skol'ko nam izvestno, ekspertiza tam provoditsja ambulatorno v techenie mesjaca i stoit deshevle.

Krome togo, dlja nas javljaetsja legitimnoj ekspertiza, provedennaja v oblastjah, krajah ili stranah SNG za podpis'ju glavnogo psihiatra regiona i dvumja podpisjami oficial'nyh lic.
Lena: "Videopokazyvat'" s takim zhe uspehom mozhno videozapis'. CHast' metodiki operacii mozhet byt' identichnoj, no kachestvo operacii zavisit ot opyta hirurga v provedenii imenno etoj operacii. Tak chto ne pytajtes' zajavit', chto "besplatnye" (s oplatoj kojko-dnej pacientami) operacii ispolnjajut ne obuchaemye (pod rukovodstvom obuchajuschih) - ne poverju.

Ne zatrudnit li Vas prislat' mne ssylku na konkretnyj zakon, zapreschajuschij operacii bez psihiatricheskoj ekspertizy i ustanavlivajuschij trebovanija k ee zakljucheniju i perechen' uchrezhdenij?
Vot posle etogo ja by etot abzac udalila. :)

A voobsche vsja eta zapis' napominaet mne reklamnuju akciju.
- Mon Jun 7 11:29:30 2004 (GMT)

391. Name: Svetlana , E-Mail: ssvetik200469@mail.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Nedavno ja poznakomilas' s chelovekom udivitel'nym,v prjamom i v perenosnom smysle.on transseksual.Potrjasajusche umnyj,interesnyj,porjadochnyj,ljubjaschij chelovek.s nachala nashego znakomstva ja interesujus' vsem,chto mozhet mne pomoch' esche bol'she ponjat' ego,ego problemy,pomoch' emu.a problem mnogo...spasibo vam bol'shoe.vy ochen' pomogli. sama iz kieva,no sejchas zhivu v moskve.ochen' vam blagodarna!
- Wed Jun 2 19:24:55 2004 (GMT)

390. Name: rock , E-Mail: twix103@hotmail.com

Comments: hiii
how r u
i like u so much
add me icq is 84421384
- Wed May 26 00:05:35 2004 (GMT)

389. Name: Ruslan , E-Mail: mdsokol@mdsokol.ru , City: Moskva ,
Home Page URL: www.mdsokol.ru

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena.

JA by hotel vnesti nekotoruju jasnost' k zapisi 383.
Vy pishete "S Sokol'schikom svjazyvat'sja ne stoit. Besplatnyj syr byvaet tol'ko v myshelovke. Emu nuzhny podopytnye kroliki, chtoby trenirovat'sja. Vy hotite stat' pervym blinom, kotoryj komom?".
Pozvol'te uznat', chem obuslovleno takoe mnenie?
Razve Vy byli nashim pacientom ili priezzhali v kliniku?

Sokol'schiku uzhe davno ne nuzhno trenirovat'sja, i govorit' o tom, chto emu nuzhny podopytnye kroliki prosto ne etichno.

Bolee togo, vse pacienty, kotoryh my uspeli prooperirovat' v ramkah programmy po hirurgicheskomu izmeneniju pola na l'gotnyh uslovijah, poluchili to, chto hoteli i ostalis' dovol'ny.

Esli Vy, ne javljajas' vrachom, berete na sebja otvetstvennost' davat' ljudjam sovety otnositel'no hirurgicheskoj pomoschi, pozhalujsta, bud'te ostorozhny v svoih suzhdenijah.

S uvazheniem,
vrach-urolog KC MRRA
Petrovich R.JU.
Lena: JA javljajus' potrebitelem uslug hirurgov i obschajus' s sotnjami drugih potrebitelej, poetomu imeju bol'she prava sudit' o kachestve raboty predostavljajuschih eti uslugi, chem ne imejuschij otnoshenija k lecheniju transseksualov srednij vrach.

Iz pis'ma s <mdsokol@mdsokol.ru> v ijule 2003:

Rukovodstvom Klinicheskogo centra mikrohirurgii, rekonstruktivnoj i reproduktivnoj andrologii MZ RF (direktor - d.m.n. Sokol'schik M.M.) prinjato reshenie o sozdanii programmy special'noj l'gotnoj medicinskoj pomoschi licam, stradajuschim transseksualizmom. V svjazi s organizaciej Klinicheskogo centra, a takzhe sozdaniem kursa tematicheskogo usovershenstvovanija po operativnoj andrologii (kafedra urologii RMAPO, zav. kafedroj - Loran O.B.) pojavilas' vozmozhnost' gospitalizirovat' ukazannyh pacientov na klinicheskie kojki, po kotorym operativnoe vmeshatel'stvo okazyvaetsja besplatno. Oplachivaetsja lish' vremja prebyvanija v stacionare. Esli Vam interesna dannaja informacija, my byli by priznatel'ny, esli Vy razmestite ee na Vashem sajte.
(konec citaty)

Vot poetomu ja i govorju pro podopytnyh krolikov, na kotoryh prohodjaschie kurs usovershenstvovanija hirurgi trenirovalis'.

A naschet besplatnosti - ja slyshala, chto Sokol'schik trebuet napravlenija ot komissii Kibrika, a za popytku poluchenija tam napravlenija (v processe kotoroj ljubjat propisyvat' moschnye nejroleptiki i tjanut' rezinu) prihoditsja vykladyvat' gde-to mezhdu pjat'justami i tysjach'ju dollarov.
- Mon May 10 18:00:01 2004 (GMT)

388. Name: Natasha , E-Mail: magika_him@mail.ru , City: cherkassy

Comments: mne hotelos' by s vami poobschat'sja
ja devushka no chustvuju sebja parenem
mne 23
Lena: JA otvetila na tvoe pis'mo.
- Sun May 9 05:50:35 2004 (GMT)

387. Name: sarah anderson , E-Mail: neowoman20@hotmail.com , City: hamilton ontario canada

Comments: your avery beautiful woman
- Sat May 8 20:18:11 2004 (GMT)

386. Name: Ronald Willis , E-Mail: rbwillis@charter.net , City: Morristown, Tn. USA

Comments: I think you are beautiful! I love the very tender picture of you nude with the flowers in your hair. I am so very happy for you!!!
- Tue May 4 13:45:59 2004 (GMT)

385. Name: Craig , E-Mail: acynicalmind@yahoo.com , City: Monroe ,
Home Page URL: http://geocities.com/cwallace09/

Comments: hi Lena,
Nice, informative site. I am currently learning Russian/Ukrainian. I also kind of have a "abnormal" interest in intersexed people. Anyway, I'm happy to see that these groups are standing up against a world founded on tradition and conservatisim. Keep it up!
- Sat May 1 21:46:28 2004 (GMT)

384. Name: Paul , E-Mail: paul.daluz@escm.fr , City: Paris ,
Home Page URL: www.muzy.fr

Comments: Hi

Lena, I'm fascinated by your beauty. Please contact me. i'm sure I'm the one you need...

Big kiss,

Lena: I for sure need neither a spammer nor a troll nor an exhibitionist who doesn't read. The author of this record visited (via an anonymizing open proxy in Thailand) my main page (where I wrote that I'm lesbian and already met my beloved), 39 seconds after that began to write this record and never viewed my photos page.
- Sat May 1 10:08:23 2004 (GMT)

383. Name: Dana , E-Mail: dany13@rambler.ru , City: Sankt Peterburg

Comments: Zdrastvujte Lena menja zovut Dana vam pisali obo mne Sasha i Senja. Delo v tom chto schas v Moskve v Institute rekonstrukcii cheloveka nekij Sokol'schik Mihail Mironovich delaet operaciju po peremene pola (vsjo krome stacionara)besplatno tak vot ja hotela by uznat' kak on delaet i stoit li mne s nim svjazyvat'sja.
I eschjo vy nemogli-by napisat' mne kakie gormanal'nye preparaty luchshe prinimat',i kak gotovit'sja k operacii.
Lena: S Sokol'schikom svjazyvat'sja ne stoit. Besplatnyj syr byvaet tol'ko v myshelovke. Emu nuzhny podopytnye kroliki, chtoby trenirovat'sja. Vy hotite stat' pervym blinom, kotoryj komom?
Krome togo, hirurgi ne delajut operaciju smeny pola prosto tak ili dazhe za den'gi, oni trebujut esche i napravlenija na operaciju ot psihiatrov. A eto napravlenie nelegko poluchit'. Nepodgotovlennym psihiatry mogut voobsche dorogu na operaciju zakryt', t.k. psihiatry rukovodstvujutsja ves'ma dalekimi ot dejstvitel'nosti teorijami o transseksualizme.
Gormonov i operacii nedostatochno, oni ne izbavjat vas ot seroj teni ot sbrityh volos na lice, a poka vy ot nee ne izbavites', okruzhajuschie ne budut vosprinimat' vas zhenschinoj. Edinstvennyj sposob udalit' volosy s lica dejstvitel'no navsegda - elektroepiljacija, i zajmet ona god-dva, poetomu nachat' ee neobhodimo sejchas.
Gormony ja naznachaju tol'ko tem, kto detal'no oznakomilis' s posledstvijami (v pervuju ochered' social'nymi), prochitav arhiv konferencii dlja transseksualov i transvestitov "TGrus" i poobschavshis' s drugim transseksualami v konferencii. Vypolnite vsju instrukciju po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus. V arhive konferencii TGrus vy najdete i kak projti psihiatrov, i detal'noe opisanie kak sdelat' elektroepiljaciju na lice samoj sebe, sovsem neobjazatel'no platit' za eto medsestre tysjachi dollarov i terpet' zhutkuju bol'.
Dal'nejshee nashe obschenie - pozhalujsta, cherez email.

- Mon Apr 05 11:13:08 2004 (GMT)

382. Name: Rustam , E-Mail: rusttfm@inbx.ru

Comments: kak na menja, to ty ochen' interesnaja devushka ,poobschjaemsja zavtra posle 9 utra v seti ?,zaranie blagodarju.
Lena: JA ne pol'zujus' ICQ i ne sizhu v chatah, ne ljublju pustoj boltovni. Esli kto hochet so mnoj poobschat'sja - pust' potruditsja napisat' email.
- Thu Apr 1 23:56:33 2004 (GMT)

381. Name: Denis

Comments: Prekrasnyj sajt i zamechatel'naja hozjajka!
Zaviduju Vashej celeustremljonnosti.
ZHelaju Vam schast'ja!
- Wed Mar 10 02:58:29 2004 (GMT)

380. Name: Irina , E-Mail: irina.chernova()inbox.ru , City: Ryazan

Comments: Dobryj den' Lena.Kak mne podpisat'sja na konferenciju?U menja chto-to ne poluchaetsja.JA sovsem chajnik v komp'juterah.Pomogite mne.Zaranee blagodarna.
Lena: V konce instrukcii po podpiske na konferenciju TGrus ja napisala:

V sluchae problem s podpiskoj pishite po adresu TGrus-owner@egroups.com. Esli u Vas chto-to ne poluchitsja s pervogo raza, ne volnujtes', ja Vam pomogu.
- Mon Mar 8 11:40:01 2004 (GMT)

379. Name: Oksana , E-Mail: max7()boryspil.net , City: Borispol'

Comments: Lena, privet!
JA uzhe gde-to mesjac upotrebljaju gormony. Vrode by nachala menjat'sja potihon'ku (hotja drugie zamechajut lish' volosy na lice). Vozmozhno, skoro nachnu epiljaciju. Spasibo za tu vstrechu v gostinice "Turist", za to, chto rasskazali, kak nuzhno dejstvovat'. Peredavaj privet Ksane i Serjozhe. Pishi. Esli mozhesh', daj sovety po epiljacii. Budu ochen' blagodarna. Skuchaju...

Oksana iz Borispolja
Lena: Nu chego ty tjanesh' rezinu i tratish' den'gi zrja? Povtorjaju: napishi mne pis'mo iz pochtovoj programmy "Outlook Express", posle etogo podpishesh'sja na konferenciju TGrus i poluchish' vsju informaciju ob epiljacii i ne tol'ko.
- Sat Mar 6 18:23:32 2004 (GMT)

378. Name: Kim May , E-Mail: kimamay@hotmail.com

Comments: Thanks for taking the time to recommend certain things to me. I did not mean to sound arrogant in my reply.
I'm sorry. I apologise.
Hugs Kim
- Thu Feb 26 01:38:10 2004 (GMT)

377. Name: Steff , E-Mail: stephaniesullivan@orange.net , City: Manchester, UK

Comments: Hello :)
I had surgery a couple of years ago on the National Health Service here. Fortunately (and unusually from what I understand) my NHS therapist shared my own somewhat negative attitude toward the "real life test". I did actually get a job in my "new" gender several months before surgery, but that was just my own choice - the surgery had already been scheduled. I wasn't too worried about starting that job because I was already living "full-time", but I would have felt really uncomfortable if I hadn't already had my name (and most of my documents) legally altered. Good luck!
- Sun Feb 22 03:27:03 2004 (GMT)

376. Name: Kathryn , E-Mail: katspirit56@yahoo.com , City: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Comments: Hi Lena,
Just wanted to let you know that you are most attractive. I am not living full time as of yet, but do so desire to. I am a pre-op. Anyway just wanted to let you know and that I am attempting to learn the spoken russian language. Take care and God bless.
- Sat Feb 21 09:10:45 2004 (GMT)

375. Name: Mechtatel'naja Meri :) , E-Mail: dreamery@rambler.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Prijatnoe mesto.... :)
A tem kto schelkaet zubami posvjaschaju:

pochemu vy ljubite literaturu, pochemu vy ljubite poeziju? Pochemu vy ljubite zhizn'?
Prosto est' takoe ponjatie "krasota".
CHeloveki voobche ochen' ljubjat zhit', naslazhdat'sja ljubymi ee projavlenijam. A zhizn' eto vozmozhnost' vybora. ZHizn' - igra. Segodnja ja borodatyj i holodnyj roker (da prostit menja Garik Sukachev, nenavidjaschij golubiznu), zavtra ja devushka-sekretarsha (strogaja i nedostupnaja), poslezavtra ja klerk iz kontory - belaja rubashka i chernyj galstuk...
Te kto projavljaet nenavist' iz-za vneshnego vida, chuzhoj igry ne umejut IGRAT' SVOJU IGRU.
Samye schastlivye ljudi - aktery.
Oni mogut prozhit' neskol'ko zhiznej.
Vam zhe ja mogu tol'ko posochuvstvovat'...
Vy nenavidite golubyh?
Tak eto prizma obschestvennoj morali, a ona izvestnaja shljuha! Vo vremena Gippokrata ona dopuskala eto. A vo vremena Inkvizicii Srednevekov'ja ona zapreschala zanimat'sja seksom radi udovol'stvija. Tol'ko s cel'ju zachatija. Mezhdu tem ljudi i del'finy (tol'ko 2 vida zhivyh suschestv) zanimajutsja seksom esche i radi udovol'stvija, a ne tol'ko dlja togo chtoby udovletvorit' instinkty i rodit' sebe podobnyh.
Vy ne mozhete perestupit' cherez sebja?
A zachem? Perestupat'-to? Ne nado!
Prosto bud'te soboj i ne meshajte chuzhoj Igre. CHuzhoj ZHizni.
CHelovek otlichaetsja ot zhivotnyh razumom! Razum pozvoljaet delat' vybor. I igrat'.
A perestupanie ne nuzhno. Hochesh' byt' geteroseksualom - bud' im!!! Ostav' golubuju (rozovuju) suetu tem, dlja kogo eto ego (ejo) Igra.
JA vot ne ljublju Tatu....
CHto podelat'?
No mne prosto ne nravitsja ih kichlivost' i navjazchivost'. Pustye teksty. Rok sovsem drugoe delo. No ne ubivat' zhe pustyshek za glupye pesni?
Prosto ne slushaj ih i vse.
Igrajte v svoi Igry, zhivite svoi ZHizni i budte schastlivy kazhdym prozhitym dnem. :))
- Fri Feb 13 12:09:49 2004 (GMT)

374. Name: lana , E-Mail: leo-b@narod.ru , City: Arhangel'sk

Comments: Zdravstvuj Lena. Voshititel'no vygljadish' -100%-naja zhenschina.
- Tue Jan 20 22:23:12 2004 (GMT)

373. Name: Hormones Owner , E-Mail: tsdoityourselefthormones-owner@yahoogroups.com ,
Home Page URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ TsDoItYourselfHormones/

Comments: Your contributions were never rejected. The only message deleted was the one where you made a rude comment to DEE because she put "and remember, you are loved" at the end of her email. This surely wasn't a contribution, but rather an attack. That was the ONLY message EVER deleted of yours and when you didn't see this SILLY message appear, you unsubscribed and ran back to Crone. Are you a person liking to make rude commends to other people and then when things don't work your way, you tell things that aren't true to make someone else look bad because of something you did?

You're always welcome back, but your rude commends aren't.

I just tell it as I see it.

So please come back!!!
All my love,
Lena: I unsubscribed from TsDoItYourselfHormones because the group owner didn't want my contribution (rejected my message). It's all or nothing.
I continue to participate in the "Crone" group.
Lena: Everybody can judge by themselves whether that rejected message (about laser hair removal) was silly. Here it is:

To: TsDoItYourselfHormones@yahoogroups.com
From: Lena()lena.kiev.ua
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 00:25:20 +0200 (EET)
Subject: Re: Laser. (DEE)

> From: DDEKOO()aol.com

> The doctor told me I would need to do follow up every six months
> for up to three years for laser to be most effective.

Oh yeah, it'll be very effective for lining of the doctor's pocket. 12 months after the last session you'll see how masterly you was fooled. But meanwhile you fool others claiming effectiveness while your treatment EVEN ISN'T FINISHED, not to say about 12 months after the last session. You do very good advertising job for the doctor. But you are paying him instead of the opposite.

> Remember you are loved.

Save me from such love.

- Wed Jan 14 03:33:32 2004 (GMT)

372. Name: denis , City: kaliningrad

Comments: Lenochka Vy ochen' krasivy, kak vam povezlo, chto Vy smogli stat' zhenschinoj celuju Petr.
P.S Vam byla by ochen' k licu belaja bluzka i delovoj kostjum.
- Mon Jan 12 12:54:13 2004 (GMT)

371. Name: ken , E-Mail: ken5825@earthlink.net , City: citrus heights

Comments: you beautiful, sexy and interesting
- Mon Jan 12 03:31:37 2004 (GMT)

370. Name: leonid , E-Mail: alk26@list.ru , City: ufa

Comments: Vy razvraschaete ljudej,nacija i tak vymiraet...
A voobsche vy prosto pytaetes' kashmar vsej svoej zhizni peretaschit' v zhizn' drugih ljudej,prjachites'...
Lena: Vash ideal - "plodites' i razmnozhajtes'"? Eto po-vashemu ne razvrat? :)
Men'she narodu - bol'she kislorodu. :-) A esli ser'ezno, to horosho, esli odin chelovek iz desjatkov tysjach reshitsja zanjat'sja sobstvennoj zhizn'ju vmesto voploschenija chuzhih idealov.
Nu i ne vsegda odno meshaet drugomu. U mnogih transseksualov uzhe est' deti.
Vy ne transseksual, poetomu moja zhizn' kazhetsja vam koshmarom. Dlja menja zhe koshmarom byla by vasha zhizn'. V moej nyneshnej zhizni ja ne vizhu nikakogo koshmara, naoborot. CHto ja drugim transseksualam i pokazyvaju etim sajtom.
Vy ukazali o sebe tol'ko imja, email i gorod. JA ukazala vsjo eto i daleko ne tol'ko eto. Tak kto prjachetsja?

A osobenno hanzheski eta zapis' Leonida iz Ufy vygljadit   esli uchest', chto on natknulsja na etu gostevuju, sdelav poisk po kljuchevym slovam "hochu trahnut'sja ufa".
- Sun Jan 11 18:25:13 2004 (GMT)

369. Name: dina , E-Mail: tvdina@mail.ru , City: N.Novgorod

Comments: JA transvestit, kotoryj vsju zhizn' mechtaet stat' transseksualkoj, ili MtF .Mne 36/180/78 ,nikakih vneshnih dannyh,strah nachat' no ogromnoe zhelanie.Kak byt'
Lena: Nachat' s izuchenija opyta drugih transseksualov, podpisavshis' na konferenciju TGrus.
- Sun Jan 11 14:02:10 2004 (GMT)

368. Name: Alena , E-Mail: zea1974@mail.ru

Comments: Lena, u Vas mnogo rozovogo cveta. Slozhno chitat'. Nel'zja li sdelat' shrift po zhirnee ili jarkost' fona umen'shit'?
A tak - prikol'no
- Tue Jan 6 05:00:16 2004 (GMT)

367. Name: Vitaliy (Lena: sm. zapisi 363-364) ,
E-Mail: (Lena: ja udalila) , City: Kiev

Comments: Dobryj den', S Novym Godom Vas. Lena, nu podskazhite, na kakih sajtah, ili klubah ja mogu poznakomit'sja s transseksualkoj? Pomogite.
Lena: Napishite transparant "Hochu trahnut'sja s transseksualkoj" i hodite s nim po Kreschatiku.

- Sat Jan 3 10:31:28 2004 (GMT)

366. Name: Tat'jana , E-Mail: kupawa@inbox.ru , City: Sverdlovskaja oblast'

Comments: Pochitala vyskazyvanija nekotoryh tovarischej transfobov... Lena, preklonjajus' pered toboj... Vsem otvechaesh', i s dostoinstvom. JA by, navernoe, tak ne smogla.
Vseh s Novym godom - s luchshim prazdnikom v godu. Hotelos' by, chtoby u nas bylo kak mozhno men'she otmorozkov i huligan'ja. Bud'te dobree, tovarischi. Esli ne radi okruzhajuschih, to hotja by dlja sebja. Ved' istochat' zlobu, nenavist' i gnev, zanjatie, navernoe, ne iz prijatnyh.
I esche hotelos' by vsem pozhelat' bol'shogo schast'ja. Transfoby zachastuju - prosto bednye, neschastnye, zakompleksovannye ljudi. Lichno mne ih zhal'. Mozhet byt', esli oni stanut chutok schastlivee, oni izlechatsja ot transfobii?
- Fri Jan 2 19:48:18 2004 (GMT)

365. Name: Merlin Monro , City: Kiev

Comments: Dorogaja Lena!
Mechtaete li vy o detjah? Esli da, to kem by vy hoteli uvidet' ih v buduschem?
Lena: Nu voobsche-to Merlin i Monro - eto iz raznyh oper. :)
JA ne mechtaju o detjah, ja mechtaju prozhit' s moej ljubimoj dolgo i schastlivo i umeret' v odin den'.

- Wed Dec 24 15:25:28 2003 (GMT)

364. Name: Vitaliy , City: Kiev

Comments: Davno mechtaju uvidit', zanjat'sja seksom s transseksualkoj, esli dazhe prostitutka, nu i chto.
Lena: Prostite, eto ne ko mne.
A moja gostevaja - ne doska ob'javlenij "hochu trahnut'sja", ih ja udaljaju.

- Thu Dec 4 14:16:55 2003 (GMT)

363. Name: Vitaliy , City: Kiev

Comments: Dobryj den', Lena, podskazhite mne, kak najti v Kieve devushku-transseksualku.
Zaranee spasibo.
Lena: Smotrja dlja chego.
- Wed Dec 3 13:41:58 2003 (GMT)

362. Name: Andy , E-Mail: diuha@supernet.kz , City: Almaty

Comments: Kak horosho chto v internete suschestvujut takie stranichki.Udachi i procvetanija Vam!!
- Tue Dec 2 22:04:38 2003 (GMT)

361. Name: Nata , City: Israel

Comments: Lenochka, Vy Alisu Shade znaete iz Vasil'kova? JA ee videla 8 let nazad, ona togda na Pecherske rabotala, a poznakomilas' s nej na tolkinistskih igrushkah, privet ej, hotja ona menja vrjad li pomnit.
Lena:JA s nej poznakomilas' primerno 11 let nazad. Sejchas ona rabotaet na Andreevskom spuske.
- Sun Nov 30 18:22:06 2003 (GMT)

360. Name: Nata , City: Israel

Comments: zdravstvujte! ochen' za Vas rada! schast'ja Vam, Lenochka! - Wed Nov 26 17:11:45 2003 (GMT)

359. Name: koratia-tv , E-Mail: koratia@home.nl , City: eindhoven, Netherlands (Holland) ,
Home Page URL: http://www.koratia-tg.com

Comments: Hello Lena.
I did seen and read all on your homepage,and I do have to say it looks realy nice.The life in your country as a T girl is much more harder than it is here in Holland.
So I do guess that you are very brave... keep going on this way girl..
With love from koratia-tv.
- Fri Nov 21 12:48:06 2003 (GMT)

358. Name: Katja , E-Mail: KATETR@YANDEX.RU , City: Lviv ,
Home Page URL: http://katetr.narod.ru

Comments: Lenochka nu chto ja mogu skazat' ...
Vy dlja menja i ne tol'ko dlja menja, obrazec nastojaschej zhenschiny ,umnoj ,intelligentnoj ,krasivoj i prosto prosto prekrasnogo druga !
Spasibo Vam za to chto Vy est' !
- Fri Nov 21 10:36:39 2003 (GMT)

357. Name: viktoriya , City: Kiev

Comments: Zdravstvujte, milaja Lenochka! JA - VIKTORIJA (trans.)no v prostoj - nomal'noj zhizni - Vitalij. Rod. 1962 g. "Vodolej". Mne tak dolgo o Vas rasskazyvali... (Sluhami zemlja polnitsja.) I vot ja schastliv, chto nashjol, nakonec-to Vash sajt. To, chto on sdelan zamechatel'no, na njom vsjo tak krasivo i grammotno (!) govorit o tom, chto Vy chelovek ser'joznyj i v to zhe vremja tvorcheskij. V Gostevoj ne prinjato mnogo pisat'... ZHelaju Vam ogromnogo schast'ja, ljubvi, zhenskogo obojanija i uspehov vo vseh Vashih delah i proektah. Najdjotsja svobodnaja minutka - otpishite. JA postojanno rabotaju v Int-te. U menja est' rjad interesnyh proetkov i idej. Budu rad obscheniju s Vami. V I K T O R I JA g. KIEV
- Tue Nov 11 12:54:14 2003 (GMT)

356. Name: Strannyj vopros...

Comments: Delo vot v chem...
Odnazhdy moja devushka skazla chto hochet chtoby ja stal nezhnee i laskovee... Nu ja kak vse by podumal chto takogo nado v sebe ispravit' chtob vse ok bulo... A stal bolee obhoditel'nym nu i vse v etom rode... A ona vse ne unimalas'... Potom my diko povzdorili... I nakonec ona vylila mne na golovu takuju informaciju... Skazada chto hochet chtoby ja byl vneshne pohozh na devushku... Nezhnye pal'ci okruglaja popka nu i vse takoe... Menja eto v drozh' brosilo... A kak ejo ot etoj mysli otvesti ne znaju... Govorit poka ne zajmus' soboj seksa bolshe ne budet... I voobsche obeschala menja brosit'... JA ejo ljublju i ne znaju chto delat'... Stal sharit' po sajtam gde parni>>duvushek i nu nachitavis' vsego etogo mne stalo ne po sebe... Ved' perehodja ot pola k polu oni v processe uzhe terjajut vozmozhnost' k proizvedeniju potomstva...A ja ochen' hochu synochka ili dochurku!Est' li sposoby predat' muzhskomu telu zhenskie ochertanija bez gormonov... Kakie libo gimnastiki ili esche chto... Pozhalujsta napishi kak mozhno bol'she esli eto bol'she est' i kak mozhno podrobnee... Zaranee spasibo!
Lena: "Menja terzajut smutnye somnenija".
Nu predpolozhim. Togda: a chto ona govorit o schetine na tvoem lice? Kak tschatel'no ni brejsja, schetina vsjo ravno koletsja. Krome togo, seraja ten' ot sbrityh volos delaet tebja nu nikak ne pohozhim na devushku. Vot ot etih koljuchesti i seroj teni mozhno izbavit'sja, ne poterjav vozmozhnosti k proizvedeniju potomstva. Gormonal'nye preparaty kstati ne pozvoljajut izbavit'sja ot volos na lice. Vydergivaja volosy (sposobov mnogo), ne udaetsja izbavit'sja ot koljuchesti. Lazernaja i foto- epiljacija nesmotrja na lzhivuju reklamu udaljajut volosy hot' i na dol'shee vremja, chem vydergivanie, no vsjo ravno ne bol'she, chem na polgoda-god posle poslednego seansa, skol'ko seansov ni delaj. Pravil'no sdelannaja elektroepiljacija (tonen'koj provolochkoj, kotoruju nuzhno vstavit' vdol' kazhdogo volosa do "kornja") udaljaet volosy navsegda, no eto libo uplatit' beshenye den'gi i dolgo terpet' zhutkuju bol', libo besplatno i bez boli, no nuzhen kropotlivyj trud v techenii neskol'kih soten chasov. Takim obrazom ty smozhesh' na dele pokazat' svoej ljubimoj, na kakie zhertvy ty gotov pojti radi nee. Esli ty vser'ez uzhe gotov zatratit' eti vremja i trud (a ne tak, radi prikola ili "mozhet byt' kogda-nibud'"), to napishi mne cherez email, i ja otpravlju tebe podrobnye instrukcii, kak udalit' volosy elektroepiljaciej samomu sebe.

Esche byt' vneshne pohozhim na devushku mozhno s pomosch'ju horosho podobrannoj odezhdy i kosmetiki. Pri takoj postanovke voprosa ej i karty v ruki - pust' pereodevaet tebja doma skol'ko i vo chto hochet, esli ty pozvolish', pochemu by i net? Zdorov'ju eto ne povredit, dazhe korsety. Nu i volosy na golove otrastit', ves podognat' k zhelaemomu dietoj. Gimnastika ne pomozhet, naoborot - myshechnyj rel'ef ne sdelaet tebja bolee pohozhim na devushku. Rosskazni chto jakoby mozhno sgonjat' zhir fizkul'turoj vyborochno - sharlatanstvo.

A vot nezhnaja kozha i okruglaja popka - eto vozmozhno tol'ko s pomosch'ju nastol'ko intensivnoj i dlitel'noj gormonoterapii, chto s vozmozhnost'ju k proizvedeniju potomstva pridetsja poproschat'sja navsegda. A esli vy rasstanetes'? Drugoe delo, kogda chelovek hochet priobresti zhenskie cherty vneshnosti dlja sebja - s soboj ne rasstanesh'sja. :)
- Wed Nov 5 22:29:13 2003 (GMT)

355. Name: Niki , E-Mail: JA udalila - Lena , City: Odessa

Comments: Ne podskazhete, est' li transseksualy(ki)v Odesse, Il'ichevske? Zaranee spasibo. Po povodu sajta-ochen' informativno i pouchitel'no. Spasibo.
Lena: Est' konechno, ja znaju mnogih. Voobsche, transseksualov primerno kazhdyj pjatisotyj chelovek, tol'ko v SNG bol'shinstvo eto tschatel'no skryvajut, obychno i ot samih sebja.

A pochemu u vas voznik etot vopros?
- Mon Nov 3 14:16:09 2003 (GMT)

354. Name: Charlotte Belle , E-Mail: charlotte_bellets@hotmail.com , City: Nottingham UK ,
Home Page URL: http://geocities.com/ charlotte_belle2000/classic_tan.html

Comments: Hallo Lena,
I am a TS who lives in Nottingham UK. I am still pre op yet. It warms the soul to find those who are going through or who have gone through similar. It is so nice that you have succeeded and judging by your web site and the smiles in your photos it is wonderful you have becmome th woman you always felt. i run a support and social group herte in the UK. i am still reaching out to contact others around the world in the hope we can all understand that by bening there and showing ourselves we are ok that others may gain confidence as we have.

I speak a little Russian too and have always wanted to make freinds in the Russian/ Ukrainian areas.

Take care and i hope you e mail me back

hugzz lots

Charlotte Belle

PS my freinds call me Charlee
- Fri Oct 24 12:38:20 2003 (GMT)

353. Name: Valerie Lynne Johnson , E-Mail: cmorningstar01@hotmail.com , City: Pemberton NJ USA

Comments: Lena, after reading about you and the conditions required for your transition I realized that so many of us have it so easy , You have had such a struggle to get to where you are and yet you continue to give of yourself back to others who need help. Thank you

- Fri Oct 24 10:11:45 2003 (GMT)

352. Name: holly , E-Mail: dycurtis@hotmail.com

Comments: I love the way your mother stayed by you
- Tue Oct 21 20:40:20 2003 (GMT)

351. Name: eva , E-Mail: EVGESHA-68@yandex.ru , City: ekaterinburg

Comments: Privetik dorogusha!
JA mozhet ne takoj,no ochen' nravit'sja pereodevat'sja i vygljadet' kak zhenschina. Eto u menja poluchaetsja horosho, dazhe na ulice obraschajutsja kak k devushke, no ja ochen' bojus', chto kto-to menja uznaet. Elki matalki, ja bez etogo uzhe ne mogu. Hozhu na rabotu i t.d. tol'ko v bel'e.CHTO DELAT'??
Lena: Esli hochesh', chtoby tebja ne "raskusili", sovetuju elektroepiljaciej izbavit'sja ot seroj teni ot sbrityh volos na lice. Eta ten' so storony na solnechnom svete vidna namnogo luchshe, chem samoj sebe doma v zerkale. Kak sdelat' elektroepiljaciju samoj sebe - est' v arhive konferencii TGrus.
- Fri Oct 17 18:41:11 2003 (GMT)

350. Name: Jennifer McDonnell , E-Mail: jennifer000@hotmail.com , City: Michigan USA

Comments: It's a pleasure to sign your guest book. Hopefully next year I'll have a home page where I can start sharing information.

Thanks for all the support you are providing to the community.
- Thu Oct 16 18:06:51 2003 (GMT)

349. Name: Dmitrij , E-Mail: diabole@list.ru , City: JAroslavl'

Comments: Posidel,pochital.Ochen' mnogo vsjakogo der'ma na nas vylivajut,to li ljudi nastolko nedaljokie, to li ih tak vospitali.Da v fizicheskom plane ja nenastol'ko siljon kak nekotorye bezbashennye, no pochemu to slozhilos' tak chto ja moral'no vsegda byl sil'nee svoih sverstnikov.CHto by ne slozhilos' nepravil'noe mnenie ob'jasnju:ja rodilsja parnem,(kem i ostajus' po sej den')mnogie devushki sovetujutsja snachala so mnoj,a potom s roditeljami,do 17let ja mog spokojno pereodetsja devchjonkoj i pojti na diskoteku(spasibo Anzhele za ejo ljubov' k prikolam)te parni s kotorymi ja zhil s piljonok ne uznavali menja i zapadali kak na ejo podrugu.Da inogda byvaet ochen' tjazhelo, No na smenu pola ja ne soglashus' poka ne budu uveren(a)CHto smogu sama rodit' i vykormit' svoego rebjonka.A u vas ne voznikala mysl' o detjah?
Lena: Rodit' svoego rebenka - a geneticheski ch'ego? Vas ustroit rol' surrogatnoj materi? Ili geneticheski otca? Klon mozhet okazat'sja tozhe transseksualom - vy zahotite takih zhe stradanij svoemu rebenku?
Krome togo, kesarevo sechenie dlja vas tozhe podpadaet pod opredelenie "rodit'"? Esli vynosit' rebenka teoreticheski vozmozhno uzhe paru desjatkov let (no nikto vnematochnuju beremennost' prednamerenno do sih por ne sozdaval dazhe u ne-TS zhenschin iz-za bolee chem poloviny shansov umeret' ot vnutrennego krovotechenija), to bukval'no rodit' (s prohozhdeniem rebenka cherez vlagalische) na nashej s vami zhizni tochno budet nevozmozhno, t.k. iskusstvennoe vlagalische ne smozhet nastol'ko rastjanut'sja. Podumajte ob etom vsjom.

Mysl' o detjah byla prichinoj, pochemu ja reshilas' na smenu pola tela tol'ko v 33 goda, hotja mechtala ob etom s detstva i prinjala pervuju gormonal'nuju tabletku v 26 let. Tjanula-tjanula, nichego ne vytjanula i teper' prochuvstvovala, chto ja byla daleko ne pervoj i uvy ne poslednej sozhalejuschej, chto ne nachala process smeny pola ran'she.
- Thu Oct 16 10:43:26 2003 (GMT)

348. Name: andrej , E-Mail: supergey@vail.ru ,
City: moskva

Comments: Ty staraja i urodlivaja suka
Lena: Zavidno?

Posmotrim, kak ty budesh' vygljadet' v 40 let
i komu ty budesh' nuzhen.

- Sun Oct 12 00:43:49 2003 (GMT)

347. Name: Natal'ja

Comments: Zdravstvuj Lena...
Pozvol' skazat', chto ty - ne ta samaja milaja feja, kotoraja pomogaet vsem i kazhdomu... tol'ko potomu, chto ty schitaesh' menja jaroj protivnicej tranzishna, ty dala otkaz v podpiske na konferenciju... ty zloj i zavistlivyj chelovek... zavidovat' tomu, chto ja est' u odnogo cheloveka - glupo!!! v etoj gostevoj knige est' neskol'ko chelovek, kotorye mogut tebe skazat', chto mne ne bezrazlichno vse, chto kasaetsja T* - tematiki... i pust' eto budet kamnem na tvoej dushe.
Lena: Tebe zahotelos' pozorit'sja publichno? Nu pozhalujsta. JA ne otkazala tebe v podpiske, tvoj zapros visit poka bez razreshenija i bez otkaza. JA postavila tebe uslovie: ja razreshu tebe podpisku tol'ko odnovremenno s razresheniem podpiski toj MtF, kotoroj ty jakoby pomogaesh'. Ty zhe napisala, chto u nee est' dostup k Internetu. Znachit, libo ee na samom dele ne suschestvuet, libo, kak ja tebe prjamo napisala, ty vsemi silami pytaesh'sja pomeshat' ee transition, a v konferencii hochesh' tol'ko vyiskivat' argumenty "protiv", skryvaja ot nee argumenty "za". JA zhe predpochitaju, chtoby ljudi reshali za sebja sami (moja ljubimaja ne manipuliruet mnoj).
Moe predlozhenie ostaetsja v sile.

Esli zahochesh', chtoby ja udalila etot moj kommentarij vmeste s tvoej zapis'ju, to napishi mne cherez email.

Ty zhe obschaesh'sja na sajte Agnety, i vy schitaete, chto nesete T* narodu dostatochnyj ob'em informacii. Tebe chto, etogo ne hvataet?
I esche odno naschet dobroty i zloby. Nel'zja byt' dobroj ko vsem, potomu chto "na ves' mir ne ispechesh' odin blin". Nedovol'nye est' vsegda. Ty uverena, chto toboj vse vsegda dovol'ny?

- Wed Sep 24 11:38:04 2003 (GMT)

346. Name: Nikol' , E-Mail: nicole@new-job.ru , City: Krasnodar ,
Home Page URL: http://bavarskaya.narod.ru

Comments: Privet Lena!
Ochen' hochetsja napisat' chto-nibud' horoshee dlja tebja. Ty takoj zamechatel'nyj chelovek, ja prosto voshischajus' toboj. Toboj, tvoej vyderzhkoj i obrazovannost'ju. Kak ja hochu hot' chutochku obladat' temi polozhitel'nymi kachestvami, kotorymi obladaesh' ty! Ljublju tebja i zhelaju udachi vo vseh tvoih delah! Pobol'she schast'ja i horoshih ljudej v tvoej zhizni. Celuju, poka :)
- Wed Sep 17 06:36:37 2003 (GMT)

345. Name: Valera , E-Mail: lvg1975@yandex.ru , City: Usinsk

Comments: Zdravstvujte,Lena. JA transseksual, mne 28 let, i ja nahozhus' v nachale puti. U menja dazhe razreshenija net. Ne znaju, kak nachat', gorod u nas malen'kij, s vrachami tugo, o psihiatre voobsche rechi net. U nas vse zdorovy, a kto ne zdorov, tot ne zhivet. Podskazhite, s chego nachat' i kak .
S uvazheniem, Valerij.
Lena: Nachat' s izuchenija opyta drugih transseksualov, podpisavshis' na konferenciju TGrus.
- Sat Sep 13 19:02:27 2003 (GMT)

344. Name: Strannik , E-Mail: demiurg_strannik@mail.ru

Comments: Horoshij sajt. Horoshij uroven' diskussii - vo vsjakom sluchae, s Vashej storony, Lena. Ochen'...ochen' chisto vse, chto li...ochen' prozrachno - a znachit bez grjazi...prosto po-chelovecheski horosho. I dazhe dlja teh kto ne imeet k tematike prjamogo otnoshenija - interesno. Mnogoe - i ne tol'ko po trans-teme no i prosto v chelovecheskih otnoshenijah stanovitsja ponjatnee - sheluha sletaet. Spasibo, Lena!
- Fri Sep 5 07:24:39 2003 (GMT)

343. Name: TrVasya , E-Mail: TrVasya@yandex.ru

Comments: Po povodu pis'ma v kotorm parnishka zhazhdet poznakomit'sja s transi -
Lena: Rech' idet o zapisi nomer 327.
1-h Transy i tolstushki eto ne odno i tozhe
Besstydnye ljubiteli tolstushek i besstydnye ljubiteli transov - eto odno i to zhe.
2-h Est' mnogo tolstushek kotorye gordjatsja tem, chto oni tolstushki, (kak ty soboj)
Da, konechno. I chto ty etim hochesh' skazat'?
3-h A sami Transy hotjat seksa?,
A tolstushki hotjat seksa?
Nastol'ko zhe bessmyslennyj vopros. Transy, kak i tolstushki, byvajut raznye. Est' sajty s tolstushkami-prostitutkami. Davaj po nim sudit' obo vseh tolstushkah?

esli da to kak oni ego ischut??!!!!
V Internete - na sajtah znakomstv. Ili kto hochet, pishet na svoem sajte: hochu seksa. Gde ty uvidel takuju zapis' na moem sajte?
a esli ne mogut najti- tak kakogo ne rasskazat' im o teh kto sam ischet s nimi seksa (seks-eto zhiznenaja funkcija, a ne strashnoe slovo v russkom jazyke!)
Nu davaj dlja eksperimenta prjamo skazhi pervoj popavshejsja tolstushke, chto ochen' hochesh' potrahat'sja s tolstushkoj. Posmotrim, chto ona tebe skazhet.
A esli eto tvoj kompleks - to tak i skazhi vsem!
JA govorju vsem, do kogo esche ne doshlo: ne sudite obo vseh transah po sajtam transov-prostitutok.
A naschet lichno menja - esli by ty vnimatel'no prochital glavnuju stranichku moego sajta, to uvidel by, chto s seksom u menja vsjo v porjadke. I kuznec imeetsja. :) Nu tol'ko ne s molotom, a s dvustvolkoj. :)

- Wed Sep 3 07:16:28 2003 (GMT)

342. Name: Semen , E-Mail: uttername@yandex.ru

Comments: Popal sjuda sluchajno,
Lena: Gm, po ssylke s http://www.julijana.ru/cgi-bin/forum?msg=90 - eto nazyvaetsja sluchajno? Nu-nu.
no vidimo stoilo popast', chtoby ostavit' svoju zapis'. Dumaju, chto zapis' eta tak tut i prositsja.
"Po moemu chetkomu ubezhdeniju chelovek, kotoryj ne ustojal pered iskushenijami lichnogo haraktera - malointeresnaja lichnost', hot' on/ona odezhdu zhenskuju/muzhskuju budet nosit', hot' by i pol smenit.
A kak ty delish', chto "lichnogo haraktera" i chto net?
I chto takoe iskushenija - eto v smysle d'javola? Ty konechno luchshe vseh umeesh' razlichat', k chemu on, eee, kopyto prilozhil?

Vsjakoe v zhizni byvaet, vsjakoe chuvstvuetsja ili snitsja, no esli iz etogo formiruetsja soznanie, to eto odnoznachno ploho i eto odnoznachno vygljadit "neprezentabel'no".
Ty putaesh' prichinu i sledstvie. Ne soznanie formiruetsja potomu, chto "vsjakoe chuvstvuetsja", a chuvstvuetsja gendernaja disforija potomu, chto takoe soznanie (ustrojstvo mozga, esche s vnutriutrobnogo perioda).
Poetomu ne nado stesnjat'sja, nazyvajte veschi svoimi imenami. Imja androginal'nym projavlenijam v vide nezdorovyh fantazij - seksual'naja raspuschennost'.Korotko i jasno.
V SSSR seksa net! Korotko i jasno.
I prichiny zdes', vidimo, v nedostatke noral'nogo vospitanija i v otsutstvii moral'nogo sterzhnja. Vse fantazii mozhno zamechatel'no udovletvorjat' s protivopolozhnym polom.
Ty poostorozhnej, fantazija iznasilovat' kogo-nibud', govorjat, ne tak uzh i redka.
Menjat' svoj - prestuplenie pered soboj, svoimi roditeljami i praroditeljami, narodom, stranoj. I eto ne "krasivye slova", eto tak i est'.
Perenimajte opyt u Saudovskoj Aravii! Tam za pereodevanie v odezhdu drugogo pola - smertnaja kazn' putem otsechenija golovy. Eto zhe razumeetsja gorazdo vazhnee, chem prohodjaschie tam obuchenie i poluchajuschie ottuda finansirovanie terroristy.
Prosto po ukazannym vyshe prichinam ne vsem, uvy, dano eto ponjat'.
O velikij mudrec, pokazhi mne nerazumnoj, gde eti ukazannye vyshe prichiny (mnozhestvennoe chislo). JA vizhu tol'ko slovo "iskushenija" (t.e. ssylku na d'javola - ura! da zdravstvuet ohota na ved'm!) i setovanija na nedostatok vospitanija. Nu konechno, luchshe kogda gendernaja disforija konchaetsja samoubijstvom potomu, chto roditeli dolgo i staratel'no vybivali takie nepoddajuschiesja "nezdorovye projavlenija" iz svoego rebenka.
A naschet komu "dano" sm. v zapisi nomer 218.

JA schastliv, chto bol'shaja chast' Veteranov ne dozhila do nashego vremeni: ne za ETO oni svoej krov'ju zemlju poili.
Esli ty imeesh' v vidu uchastnikov VOV, to oni poili zemlju krov'ju za samouverennost' Stalina, nadejavshegosja napast' pervym, no pozvolivshego Gitleru sebja obmanut'. Pogibli v osnovnom samye samootverzhennye. Veteran, s kotoroj ja znakoma, znaet obo mne vsjo i otnositsja ko mne i k tomu, chem ja zanimajus', ochen' horosho. Ona kstati verujuschaja.
I uzhasno, chto kogda pohot' rvetsja v tela i dushi, pochemu to nyneshnee pokolenie predpochitaet ej vsjo i vseh. Prinosit v zhertvu svojo zemnoe voploschenie vmesto togo, chtoby iskat' puti protivostojanija.
Vot-vot, vsem jarostnym protivnikam smeny pola i t.p. v konce koncov bol'she ne na chto soslat'sja, krome kak na ih interpretaciju religioznyh zamorochek. Kak ja uzhe pisala, knigi tipa Biblii prodolzhajut schitat'sja mnogimi ljud'mi svjaschennymi imenno potomu, chto v nih mozhno vychitat' bukval'no chto hochesh', nastol'ko tumanno i dvusmyslenno oni napisany/perevedeny/otredaktirovany. A hochetsja udovletvorit' svoj instinkt karabkat'sja po ierarhicheskoj lestnice. Kak? Putem vydelenija kakogo-nibud' klassa ljudej, po sravneniju s kotorymi mozhno voobrazit' sebja vyshe i/ili blizhe k voobrazhaemomu vsemoguschemu vozhaku bol'shuschej stai. Propovedovat' "ne ubij", "ne ukradi" kak-to neinteresno, ugolovnyj kodeks ved' to zhe samoe govorit. A vot v tom, chto kakim-to bokom kasaetsja seksa, zakony opisyvajut ne kazhdyj shag. Tut i pojavljaetsja prostor pomoralizatorstvovat', pochuvstvovat' sebja pravee. Propovedovat' skazhem ne rabotat' v subbotu ili ne upotrebljat' v pischu molljuskov (ob etom v Biblii tozhe est') - na smeh podnimut. Raz'jasnjat', kakoj nacional'nosti rabov mozhno pokupat' ili kak prodat' svoju doch' v rabstvo (i ob etom v Biblii est') - ne pojmut. A tut prostor - pridumyvaj sebe, chto nazvat' prestupleniem pered narodom, glavnoe v kachestve misheni vybrat' men'shinstvo pomalochislennee, kak v dannom sluchae kazhetsja na pervyj vzgljad.
Poetomu, eto bezobrazie, chto v NASHEJ strane voobsche vozmozheno ftm/mtf. Pozor eto. I to pozor, chto na eto est' spros, i to pozor, chto nashlis' "vrediteli v belyh halatah", soobrazivshie , chto na etom mozhno delat' den'gi,
Besplatnye operacii smeny pola vrachi v SSSR delali s semidesjatyh godov. Ne afishiruja - pod ugrozoj byt' vygnannymi s raboty durakami vrode tebja, ne vidjaschimi stradanija ljudej.
prichjom OCHEN' horoshie den'gi.
Ty videl reklamu teh, kto zaprashivajut bol'shie den'gi, a poskol'ku lopuhov ne tak mnogo, opyta u etih hapug raz-dva i obchelsja, sootvetstvenno i kachestvo (tochnee ego otsutstvie). Delajuschie dejstvitel'no kachestvennye operacii ne reklamirujutsja i deneg za sobstvenno operaciju berut men'she, chem srednie ceny za namnogo bolee prostye operacii naprimer vshivanija protezov grudi. Osnovnye den'gi idut v kassu bol'nicy - za palatu, operacionnuju.
A nazhivajutsja samozvannye bezgramotnye "eksperty", prisvoivshie sebe (putem vzjatok chinusham Minzdravov ili prosto vnagluju) pravo puschat' ili ne puschat'.

A eschjo pozor to, chto v takoj ogromnoj strane do sih por ne nashlos' estestvennogo obschestvennogo reguljatora, chtoby dva vysheopisannyh pozora prekratit'. Vot i podumajte na dosuge...
Ty boish'sja prjamo napisat' "bej izvraschencev"? Pozor strane s prizyvajuschimi k samosudu. I eto Peterburg. :-(
My rasporjazhaemsja sobstvennymi telami. A ty hochesh' rasporjazhat'sja drugimi ljud'mi.

Ploho, ezheli ne ugomonit'sja, ezheli raznosit: "A vot my kakie osobennye", ..t'!
Ty v upor ne zametil ob'jasnenie na glavnoj stranichke moego sajta zachem on: chtoby drugim iduschim po podobnomu puti bylo chut' legche. Put' ternist iz-za takih, kak ty. I daleko ne u vseh hvataet otvagi projti etot put'. Paradoks poluchaetsja: chtoby stat' zhenschinoj, nado imet' muzhestvo. Po dannym gollandskogo issledovanija, 30% teh, komu v smene pola bylo otkazano, konchajut zhizn' samoubijstvom. Ty etomu rad? A o skol'kih sluchajah avtory issledovanija ne uznali, skol'ko ne otvazhilis' obratit'sja k vracham, skol'ko obratilis' k vracham, razdeljajuschim tvoi predrassudki/zamorochki, i poluchili nigde ne zafiksirovannyj ot vorot povorot, v rezul'tate chego poterjali doverie k vracham. Da i rodstvenniki ne sklonny afishirovat' takuju prichinu samoubijstva, chasto voobsche v upor ee ne zamechajut.
Ne osobennye, a vpolne zaurjadno bol'nye!
To est' ty prizyvaesh' k samosudu nad bol'nymi?
A mediki v techenii mnogih desjatiletij pereprobovali raznoobraznye metody lechenija transseksualizma, no smogli razrabotat' tol'ko odin dejstvitel'no izlechivajuschij: smena pola tela.

I sovetuju odumat'sja vovremja i ne brat' na dushu greha,
Ty razumeetsja na 100% uveren, chto luchshe vseh znaesh', chto greh i chto net. Mne zhe kazhetsja, chto s tochki zrenija bol'shinstva verujuschih besspornym grehom javljaetsja samoubijstvo.
ubezhdaja molodezh', chto koli u nih est' zhelanie sebja izurodovat' (hotja, navernoe, skvoz' prizmu bolezni inym urodstvo mozhet kazat'sja krasotoj...) to eto, mol, normal'no.
JA ne puskajus' v filosofstvovanija chto "normal'no" (levsha ili genij naprimer normal'ny?), ja preduprezhdaju: ne nastupajte na grabli, na kotorye do vas nastupali mnogie tysjachi raz - drugie metody lechenija transseksualizma ne rabotajut. A popytki perevospitat' sebja konchajutsja tol'ko nakopleniem disforii, a potom sozhalenijami, chto ne nachali process smeny pola tela ran'she. Krome togo, chasto za popytki perevospitat' sebja putem sozdanija vneshne "normal'noj" sem'i rasplachivajutsja suprugi i deti, t.k. daleko ne vo vseh sem'jah ljubov' nastol'ko sil'na, chto vneshnij vid menee vazhen, chem lichnost' cheloveka. :-(
Parshiven'ko eto. "N'ju-edzhem" popahivaet, propagandoj deshjovoj.
Propagandirovat', chtoby "nashelsja estestvennyj obschestvennyj reguljator, chtoby pozor prekratit'", sovsem deshevo.
Naoborot, sledovalo by pomogat' molodjozhi v ukreplenii nravstvennosti, ukreplenii stojkosti k minutnym iskushenijam demonov pohoti,
K resheniju smenit' pol tela idut mnogie gody, chasto desjatiletija. JA mechtala ob etom s detstva, a reshilas' v 34 goda.
ukreplenii soznanija cennosti sobstvennogo pola.
Nu, esli u tebja net drugoj cennosti, krome sobstvennogo pola...
Sledovalo by napominat' o dovol'no skvernoj perspektive - VO CHTO prevraschaetsja s vozrastom chelovek, tak zhestoko poglumivshijsja nad svoim telom (v invalida).
Uh ty, podelis' sokrovennym tajnym znaniem! Skol'ko naverno tebe prishlos' potrudit'sja, chtoby proniknut' v nego. :)
Net konechno, ty radostno poveril puzhalke, guljajuschej po sredstvam massovoj dezinformacii s podachi odnogo medicinskogo chinushi - transfoba. I nichtozhe sumnjashisja prodolzhaesh' rasprostranjat' dezinformaciju. Ili vsjo-taki sokrovennoe znanie? :) A to ja znaju sdelavshih operaciju i 30, i 40 let nazad - kak zhe oni uhitrjajutsja skryvat' takie uzhasy?
I dazhe naoborot: vygljadjat molozhe i starejut medlennee, chem "polozheno" po vozrastu. Vprochem, esli sledovat' rekomendacijam nedalekih vrachej (kakovyh, uvy, bol'shinstvo) i prekratit' gormonoterapiju po dostizheniju klimaktericheskogo vozrasta, ili prinimat' obozhaemyj sovkovymi vrachami samyj vrednyj i opasnyj iz vseh estrogenov (etinilestradiol), to budet "norma".

A tut kakie-to durackie vostorgi, stol' zhe neumestnye, skol' i neiskrennie.
Telepat ty nash.
I pomjanut menja nesoglasnye so mnoj sejchas, kto moju zapis' chitaet, let etak cherez ..cat', oh, pomjanut... I teh, kto podbival ih, potakal im v izvrate tozhe pomjanut!
Da, ja imeju osnovanija polagat', chto menja pomjanut.
Uveren, chto moja zapis' budet osnovatel'no zamarana krasnymi chernilami "cenzora"
Cenzura - eto kogda vymarannoe nikto nikogda ne smozhet prochitat'. Tvoj zhe tekst ja ostavila polnost'ju, tem zhe shriftom, na tom zhe fone.
(hotja takoj precedent bezapelljacionnogo, chut' li ne postrochnogo recenzirovanija chuzhih otzyvov - vesh' v Internete nechastaja,
Obychny dva varianta vedenija gostevyh: ili v gostevuju voobsche ne zagljadyvajut, ili stavjat na zhestkoe moderirovanie, udaljaja vse negativnye zapisi. JA zhe predpochitaju otvechat'. Otvechat' tak zhe, kak ja otvechaju v konferencijah, ne rastekajas' mysleju po drevu, a konkretno po punktam.
ibo vygljadit eto sklochno, melochno, neetichno po otnosheniju k avtoru,chto by on ne pisal - ved' na to eto i gostevaja kniga: gosti ne objazany podhalimnichat').
To est' ty hochesh' beznakazanno gadit' v chuzhom dome, prizyvaja v chastnosti k rasprave nad hojazevami.
Odnako, zapis' - "po suti dela", poetomu navernjaka najdutsja takie, kto ejo odobrit.
Najdutsja. "Protiv kogo druzhite?".
Adres ostavljaju, chtoby ne vygljadelo vsjo napisannoe "anonimnym plevkom". No proshu grjaz' mne na mail ne slivat': ne soglasen/sna - nebo tebe sud'ja.
Nu da, ty ved' uzhe napleval.
- Wed Sep 3 00:11:57 2003 (GMT)

341. Name: Kathryn

Comments: I have read with great interest most if not all of your postings to [crone]. I just wanted to say thanks for all the information you have amassed and the way that you offer it in such an enlightening way. You offer an invaluable service to all of us and I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to do so.
- Sun Aug 24 04:59:48 2003 (GMT)

340. Name: sarah anderson , E-Mail: neowoman20@hotmail.com , City: hamilton ont canada

Comments: lena you are very beautiful woman congratulations
- Fri Aug 22 09:57:37 2003 (GMT)

339. Name: Aleksandr , E-Mail: bigbrush@mail.ru ,
Home Page URL: http://webatman.sitecity.ru/

Comments: Milaja Lenochka.
Priklonjajus' pered tvoim muzhestvom, vyderzhivat' ataki i napadki kak v tvoju storonu tak i voobsche na T*emy.
Obidno, chto mnogie T*devushki poznav vse, projdja i vynesja stradanija i muki zabyvajut o novom pokolenii T*.
Ponjatno, chto nuzhno stroit' sem'ju, biznes i vse takoe.
No pochemu mnogie zabyvajut, kak im bylo slozhno i trudno na T*rans puti
Horosho hot' ty est', i podskazhesh' i uspokoish' i na mesto postavish'.
Blagodarju tebja, Lenochka!
- Thu Aug 21 13:43:46 2003 (GMT)

338. Name: vasya , E-Mail: asbest9@bigmir.net , City: kiev

Comments: klasniy sayt
- Tue Aug 19 08:19:13 2003 (GMT)

337. Name: Ksana , City: Kiev

Comments: Lenochka :)))))
- Sat Jul 12 09:50:16 2003 (GMT)

336. Name: Guest

Comments: vot tak i razacharovyvaesh'sja v zhenschinah.

"ZHenschina". Nu sdelal operaciju - zachem trubit' vezde. Reputaciju borca za svobody hochesh' priobresti?
Gljadish', i grand ot zarubezhnyh izvrashencev poluchish'.

ZHal', mne tebja, "Lena".
Lena: I eto peterburzhskij gosuniversitet... :-/
JA zhe otvetila na tvoe pis'mo 17 aprelja. Ty reshil popozorit'sja publichno? Nu pozhalujsta, mozhet na vtoroj raz do tebja dojdet:

Subject: Trus (bylo: [moderators-ru] Upravlenie konferenciej cherez web-by-email)
To: all2000@pisem.net

>>> --
>>> ...ZHenschiny zhivut dol'she muzhchin, no razve eto zhizn'?!

>> Gm... off-topik: komu kak - http://lena.kiev.ua
> Da, kakoe zhestokoe razocharovanie - dumali, chto umnaja zhenschina nakonec ob'javilas' v internete,
Umnyh muzhchin tozhe bol'shoj deficit. Esli by u tebja byli mozgi, to ty by snachala moju gostevuju prochital. I podumal, prezhde chem pozorit'sja. Vot eto prochital v chastnosti:
It can be hurtful and discouraging for someone to laugh or make an obviously insulting remark. Just remember though, by far most of those people are more insecure than you are and need the self-esteem boost they temporarily get at your expense.
Vot i podpisi pod tvoim pis'mom netu, i pis'mo otpravleno ne s togo email adresa, kotoryj podpisan na konferenciju.
> a okazalos'... nechto hohljackoe dlja cirka urodcev. Da esche i "lesbjanka".
> Malo poroli tebja v detstve.
A ty, kak ja vizhu, velikij specialist odnovremenno i v medicine, i v pedagogike.
> Ili eto takoj sposob den'gi zakolachivat' - sdelat' sebja flagmanom mutantov Ukrainy?
Daleko ne tol'ko Ukrainy. Po gormonoterapii naprimer ja konsul'tiruju transsekualov so vsego mira. Besplatno. Ty vo vsem vidish' tol'ko sposoby den'gi zakolachivat'?
> V nadezhde na mezhdunarodnye fondy.
"Mezhdunarodnye fondy" - eto iz razrjada skazok. Urban legends. Nu da, ty ne v sostojanii sebe predstavit', chto ljudi platjat bol'shie den'gi, terpjat bol' i unizhenija so storony okruzhajuschih dikarej, radi togo, chto tebe ne nuzhno.
Vprochem, chego ozhidat' ot rasista ("hohljackoe"). Zachem ja biser mechu...

- Mon Jul 7 22:19:44 2003 (GMT)

335. Name: Rachel , E-Mail: pergameus@yahoo.com , City: Erfurt, Germany

Comments: You look great (ochin' krasivaya)! It was very interesting to read about what TGs have to endure in the Ukraine. I wish I had some of your courage (or perhaps it was more of a need--something you had no choice in, but had to do?). I was interested in what your mother said after you told her. Best wishes!
Lena: I did have the choice.
My mother much worried when I told her in 1993 that I'm a TS but didn't intend to undergo SRS, and was very angry when I announced in 1997 that I did. She calmed down only two years later.

- Mon Jun 23 04:11:07 2003 (GMT)

334. Name: Cyrlin , City: Moskva ,
Home Page URL: http://nzyrlin.narod.ru/links.htm

Comments: Izmenit' pol na protivopolozhnyj odnazhdy i navsegda - eto, ja polagaju, dovol'no banal'no i skuchno. Gorazdo privlekatel'nee byla by vozmozhnost' menjat' pol periodicheski. K primeru, odin god byt' muzhchinoj, drugoj god zhenschinoj, a v perehodnye periody byt' odin raz germafroditom, sochetaja v sebe oba pola, drugoj raz bespolym suschestvom, tipa evnuha, poskol'ku inogda nado polnost'ju otdohnut' ot seksa. I chtoby u seksual'nogo partnera tozhe byli podobnye periody, no s nekotorym sdvigom fazy, tak chto vse vmeste eto moglo by dat' mnozhestvo samyh raznyh natural'no-lesbijsko-geevskie sochetanij.
Vot eto ja ponimaju! Vot eto dejstvitel'no bylo by zdorovo!
No, bojus', chto do takogo nauka dojdet esche ne skoro i neskol'kih tysjach dollarov dlja etogo okazhetsja nedostatochnym
Lena: Vidite li, menjajut pol (mezhdu prochim, zhertvuja pri etom fertil'nost'ju navsegda) ne dlja raznoobrazija i prikljuchenij, a iz-za nesootvetstvija morfologicheskogo i social'nogo polov gendernoj autoidentifikacii. A gendernaja autoidentifikacija vrozhdenna i ochen' stabil'na.
- Fri May 23 12:06:09 2003 (GMT)

333. Name: Tat'jana , City: Pervouralsk

Comments: Horoshaja kniga. Horoshij sajt. Horoshaja konferencija. Udachi i procvetanija!

M-dja! Est' tovarischi, kotorye sudjat so svoej kolokol'ni! Tak ili inache, u kazhdogo svoja zhizn', i vybor kazhdogo cheloveka otnositel'no dazhe ego seksual'noj orientacii nuzhno uvazhat'. CHelovek - eto zvuchit gordo, a ved' i gei, i lesbi, i transvestity, i transseksualy, eto vse ljudi, kotorye imejut pravo na uvazhenie. A te, kto oskorbljaet ih (v tom chisle i Lenu), fakticheski hotjat najti v nih te nedostatki, kotorye imejut v sebe. A Lena - chelovek zamechatel'nyj. JA eto znaju uzhe davno. Zajdja segodnja vpervye na etu gostevuju knigu, tol'ko ukrepilas' v svojom mnenii.
Vsem udachi!
- Fri May 16 14:55:53 2003 (GMT)

332. Name: LERA , City: Moskva

Comments: Lenusik!!! Ty samaja luchshaja!!!
- Tue May 13 08:30:00 2003 (GMT)

331. Name: Aleksandr , E-Mail: bigbrush@mail.ru , City: Moscow ,
Home Page URL: http://webatman.sitecity.ru/index.phtml

Comments: Zdravstvuj milaja Lenochka.
Ne perestaju voshischat'sja i udivljat'sja tvoemu stremleniju zhit'.
Daj Bog tebe ogromnogo, chistogo zhenskogo schast'ja.
- Mon May 12 14:10:22 2003 (GMT)

330. Name: Moisej

Comments: Lena, zdravstvujte.
Na sajt vash natknulsja sluchajno, no bylo ochen' interesno.
Sam ja byvshij kievljanin, sejchas zhivu v Izraile.
CHestno govorja, Vash vybor na sebja ja primerit' ne mogu, prinadlezhu k "seksual'nomu bol'shinstvu", no Vashe reshenie ja uvazhaju. Glavnoe, chtoby Vam bylo horosho, Vy byli schastlivy, a tam, kak v fil'me "Cirk", bud' ty hot' chernyj, hot' fioletovyj v krapinku.
ZHelaju udachi i schast'ja, bol'shuschego... i zhit' do 120 let (eto evrejskoe narodnoe pozhelanie takoe ;)))
- Mon Apr 21 18:53:11 2003 (GMT)

329. Name: Amberheels , E-Mail: amberheels@usa.com , City: killeen, Texas

Comments: Hi honey,

I just wanted to thank you so much! for all the
help you given me over in the ''do it your self
hormones group" you always been there for me ;)
but i have not seen you post anything for a while
and hope everything is okay? you are the best in
the group you know! i read and save all your posts ;)
you could easy write a book on being TS from what
you know and i know this! ;)

So please come back!!!

All my love,
Lena: I unsubscribed from TsDoItYourselfHormones because the group owner didn't want my contribution (rejected my message). It's all or nothing.
I continue to participate in the "Crone" group.

- Wed Apr 16 04:44:24 2003 (GMT)

328. Name: Aleksandr , City: Tol'jatti

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena JA za vas rad Sam ja tozhe transseksual tol'ko naoborot v muzhskoj Hotelos' by pobol'she uznat' takih ljudej-dlja obschenijai vozmozhno pomogat' sovetom drug drugu Mne 24-ja uzhe pochti vse sdelal NA 1etape lnzhal s devchenkojej tozhe delali 1etap(ona kak vy)Obschaemsja i po sej den' Devchenka poluchilas' klassnaja Sejcha ej 22i u nee vse horosho A glavnoe nam ja schitaju ne otchaivat'sja Vse poluchit'sja i my pobedim ZHelaju schast'ja,ljubvi s podrugoj
S uvazheniem Aleksandr
- Fri Apr 4 18:02:34 2003 (GMT)

327. Name: Andrej , City: KIEV

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena. Ne znaju dazhe kak i skazat', no mozhet vy mne pomozhete. JA ne transseksual i ne gej, no ochen' hotel najti transseksualku kotoraja vypolnjaet aktivnuju rol' v sekse. JA uzhe pereryl ves' Internet no nikakih sajtov s kievskimi transseksualkami ne nashel. Esli mozhete pomogite. Zaranee priznatelen.
Lena: Kak govoritsja, "nekotorye predpochitajut blondinok". Ili naprimer tolstushek. Predstav'te sebe, chto by vam otvetila, skazhem, zamuzhnjaja tolstushka-programmistka, esli by vy ee sprosili v gostevoj knige ee sajta, gde mozhno najti tolstushku, delajuschuju minet.
Vot schitajte, chto ja vam otvetila to zhe samoe.

- Fri Apr 4 06:26:00 2003 (GMT)

326. Name: Marcella Gonzales , E-Mail: marcella_g_1970@yahoo.com , City: Victoria, Canada

Comments: Hi Lena,

Just to say hi and how wonderful it is you found someone to share your life with. You're a very intelligent, good looking woman and a good role model for all of those among us still in the process of saving money for SRS (not covered in practice in Canada as of March, 2003).

The situation over here is not exactly much better than in the Ukraine. We can change names, but not the sex indicator until after surgery. Which means, if we need 3-5 years to save the around 12,000 USD needed and we do the name change early on, we have to live with a female name and an "M" on all our official documents -even driver's license.

Take care, thanks for all you still give to the community.

- Wed Mar 12 06:38:31 2003 (GMT)

325. Name: inkognito

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena. JA hotel by znat' chto imenno nado sdelat' chtoby izmenit' pol na zhenskij, i esche ja u vas prochial chto nado prinimat' kakie-to tabletki -zachem?
Lena: Vneshnost' menjaetsja ne hirurgicheski, a blagodarja gormonoterapii tabletkami ili ukolami (eto na vsju ostavshujusja zhizn'), takzhe nuzhno sdelat' elektroepiljaciju na lice (eto libo kropotlivyj trud v techenii neskol'kih soten chasov, libo ochen' dorogo, obychno bol'no i tozhe dolgo), obychno esche delajut hirurgicheskuju operaciju smeny genital'nogo pola (a pered etim prihoditsja dokazyvat', chto ne psih). Naschet detalej - esli vy hotite izmenit' pol vashego tela, to napishite mne cherez email.
- Sun Mar 9 15:09:08 2003 (GMT)

324. Name: imja - nichego ne znachit, a niknejm - ne hochu sebja podstavljat' , E-Mail: analogichno@ne ska.zhu

Comments: ne mogu ponjat' kto ja....hochu smenit' pol, no dlja chego - ili dusha protestuet, ili prosto hochetsja novyh oschuschenij...
hotja chasto predstavljaju sebja zhenschinoj...
znaju odno, ESLI smenju pol, to nachnu zhit' zanovo, i nadejus' zhizn' budet luchshe etogo ada
Lena: Vyberi sebe zhenskoe imja, sozdaj sebe esche odin email adres na mail.rambler.ru, ukazav eto imja, i napishi mne. No voobsche bol'shinstvo teh, kto smenili pol iz zhelanija novyh oschuschenij, ob etom pozhaleli. Smena pola izlechivaet gendernuju disforiju, no ne bolee togo. Esli tvoj "ad" - po drugoj prichine, to o smene pola ty pozhaleesh'. No obratnoj dorogi net.
da, vopros tem kto eto sdelal v Moskve dorogo eto stoit? skol'ko nuno nakopit'? 21 god, zp prosto nikakaja...
Okolo polutora tysjach dollarov (vkljuchaja objazatel'noe obsledovanie u psihiatrov), esli podojti s umom i ne polenit'sja. Podrobnosti - v konferencii TGrus.
- Mon Mar 3 00:52:59 2003 (GMT)

323. Name: Maks , E-Mail: p_maks@mail.ru , City: Tver'

Comments: Zdravstvuj,Lena.
Skazhi chto mne delat'.
JA takzhe kak i mnogie tebe pishuschie transvestit,no mne eto ne nravitsja,t.k. menja eto kak budto razryvaet.Kogda ja v zhenskoj odezhde ja hochu byt' muzhchinoj,a kogda v muzhskoj to naoborot,zhenschinoj.Pomogi mne pozhalujsta.
Lena: V konferencii TGrus est' uchastnica, kotoraja rasskazyvala to zhe samoe. Mozhesh' poprobovat' s nej poobschat'sja, podpisavshis' na konferenciju. Rasskazhesh' ob etom v konferencii - mozhet byt' kto-to chto-to smozhet podskazat'. Mne poka prihodit v golovu tol'ko odin sovet: poprobuj nosit' "bespoluju" (unisex) odezhdu - tut est' mnogo promezhutochnyh variantov, mozhet byt' ty smozhesh' podobrat' takoj, v kotorom ty chuvstvuesh' sebja komfortno. JA nosila odezhdu unisex (na samom dele zhenskuju, no takuju, chto i muzhchiny v principe ee mogut nosit') v techenii okolo goda (1997-1998).
- Mon Feb 17 00:37:11 2003 (GMT)

322. Name: JU , E-Mail: Lena: JA udalila. , City: g.Novosibirsk

Comments: Zdravstvujte, Lena.
JA kak i vy transseksual.Mne 25 let ,hochu pomenjat' pol na zhenskij ,vot tol'ko neznaju s chego nachinat' .Esli vy pomozhite mne sovetom budu ochen' priznatelen.
ZHivu so svoej sim'ej i bratom ,v kvartire.Nikto dazhe nedogadyvaetsja obomne .
S detstva lazil u mamy v shkafu,primerjal ee odezhdu ,sejchas pol'zujus' odezhdoj zheny .
Hochetsja poprobyvat' prinemat' zhenskie gormony <vtihuju>posmotret' na sebja po drugomu .
JA nekomu dovas ne otkryvalsja .Pomagite mne s gormonami pozhalujsta!
Hotelos' by ostat'sja inkognita dlja svoih rodnyh .Neznaju kak zdelat' pochtovyj jaschik.
Pishu s emajla brata.
Zaranie blogodarin JUrij

S uvazheniem,
Lena: Sozdajte sebe pochtovyj jaschik, zaregistrirovavshis' na mail.rambler.ru, i napishite ottuda mne.
- Mon Jan 6 07:39:04 2003 (GMT)

321. Name: Stas , E-Mail: 1110141@mail.ru , City: Kazakhstan

Comments: Spasibo Lena! Uzhe poluchil nemaluju pol'zu ot vashej raboty.ZHelaju vam ispolnenija vseh vashih planov v novom godu i schast'ja po zhizni.
Podpishus' na vashu konferenciju kak tol'ko nauchus' obraschat'sja s pochtoj (ja - "chajnik nachinajuschij")
JA - nichego poka real'no ne dobivshijsja MtF, no moi pervye tri vechera v seti ves'ma menja voodushevili. Ochen' rad,chto popal k vam, nadejus' i sam okazat'sja poleznym so vremenem.
Lena: Ljuda uzhe podpisalas' na konferenciju TGrus.
- Mon Dec 30 18:48:31 2002 (GMT)

320. Name: Val'en , City: Sankt-Peterburg

Comments: Zdrastvujte Lena!Hochu vyrazit' vam svoe voshischenie!VY-nastojaschaja zhenschina!!!I chtoby tam ne govorili,ja dejstvitel'no voshischena!Takie kak VY dajut ljudjam nadezhu i eto prosto zamechatel'no!Vneshne VY chem to pohozhi na moju mamu.Menja Gospod' sozdal zhenschinoj i dushoj i telom,no ja ne bezrazlichna k takim ljudjam kak VY,mne kazhetsja sredi vas ne mozhet byt' PLOHIH ljudej!S bol'shim uvazheniem Val'en!
- Sat Dec 7 09:00:33 2002 (GMT)

319. Name: Erika Rengate , E-Mail: LadyErika63@aol.com , City: Chicago, Il, USA

Comments: Hi, I have found your page through Rachel's Web. You are very pretty, and I think you would pass here in Chicago too. I wish your beloved and yourself all happiness!


- Fri Dec 6 02:05:42 2002 (GMT)

318. Name: Virgil , E-Mail: okiegodzilla@hotmail.com

Comments: Nice pics. What a lovely page you have and what a lovely gal you are. Take care of yourself and be good. Merry Christmas!
- Mon Dec 2 09:15:54 2002 (GMT)

317. Name: Josi , E-Mail: runningwave@hotmail.com

Comments: Dear Lena, You are a very beautiful woman. You can pass anywhere. I wish that one day when my transition is complete I can look and be as female as you. Thank You for the inspiration. With Smiles, Josi
- Sat Nov 30 03:27:41 2002 (GMT)

316. Name: Inna , E-Mail: ice_7@userline.ru , City: Sankt-Peterburg

Comments: Lena,spasibo bol'shuschee za to,chto ty delaesh'.Hot' ty i ne podozrevaesh' o mojom(da i ne tol'ko o mojom) suschestvovanii,no ty UZHE pomogaesh' ne veshat' nos na gvozdik i verit',chto vsjo budet horosho.Spasibo!
- Sun Nov 24 21:44:25 2002 (GMT)

315. Name: julijana , E-Mail: julijana@mail.ru

Comments: Prosto zdorovo.
- Wed Oct 23 17:29:34 2002 (GMT)

314. Name: Jennifer Jefferson

Comments: You are gorgeous!!! Zaviduju.
- Thu Oct 17 15:44:00 2002 (GMT)

313. Name: Lil' , City: Tel' aviv

Comments: Lena, eto kruto! JA samaja obyknovennaja zhenschina - geteroseksualka, sluchajno popala na tvoj sajt... Ty tak pohozha na zhenschinu, chto zakradyvaetsja podozrenie - a vdrug eto kakoj-to grandioznyj rozygrysh? JA chto, stavish' zhenskuju fotku i vpered.. Nu esli ty i pravda byvshij "Len", to ja ne tol'ko snimaju shljapu, no i golovu sklonjaju pred toboj. CHitala tvoju predystoriju.. Rjadom s nej moi obychnye zhitejskie problemy pozhuhli i uvjali.
Izvini za notku nedoverija, no glazam ne veritsja.
Tvoj sajt mozhno nazvat' "Derzajte!", tol'ko rozovyj fon kakoj-to slishkom "a lja barbi", ty uzhe v nem davno ne nuzhdaesh'sja na moj vzgljad. A tak, ty prosto SUPER!!
Zdorov'ja i uspehov v lichnoj zhizni.
- Mon Oct 7 21:15:50 2002 (GMT)

312. Name: Giulia , E-Mail: giulia_mi@hotmail.com , City: ITALY- Milan

Comments: I read yours mail i TSDoit yorselfers and I find to my question the right answer.
Thanks and best regards from Giulia
- Sat Oct 5 20:23:50 2002 (GMT)

311. Name: Anzhela , E-Mail: xtron@inbox.lv , City: g. Riga (Latvija)

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena, vot Vy pishete (zapis' 11.) "...vo vsem mire medicina za desjatki let ne smogla najti metodov pomoschi transseksualam, krome gormonal'noj i hirurgicheskoj peredelki tela pod dushu." Neuzheli eto edinstvennyj vozmozhnyj put'? Ved' ne vse mogut sebe po tem ili inym prichinam pozvolit' takoe reshenie problemy.
Lena: Kakim imenno prichinam?
Mozhet Vam izvestny sluchai uspeshnogo podavlenija svoego transseksualizma? Bylo by ochen' interesno uznat' ob etom.
Govorjat, posle dolgih poiskov udalos' najti odin rasskaz o, kak avtor utverzhdaet, uspeshnom denial. Vot tol'ko ja davnym-davno poterjala schet priznanijam tipa kak napisala mne odna amerikanka v 1999:
I am on my way in the same direction that you have taken, ultimate goal SRS, am presently living as female, find it difficult at times but very rewarding personally. For as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to be a girl, started to get into sr program when I was 18, in 1956... but allowed family, society and friends talk me out of it... terrible mistake... one that I have regreted for over 43 years... I'm proud of what you have done in your life.
Ili kak ja segodnja prochitala v odnoj iz konferencij pro MtF HRT:
When I had the third clot, I was self-medicating with 2.5 mg Premarin. At this point, I swore of HRT forever. Forever lasted about three months.
A skol'ko nervov portjat nahodjaschiesja v denial sebe i okruzhajuschim (po principu "sam ne gam, tak drugomu ne dam")... :(
- Thu Oct 3 12:49:15 2002 (GMT)

310. Name: Princes

Comments: Zdravstvuj Lena! JA ne davno tebe pisal t.e. pisala, ja reshila stat' transvestitom i mne neobhodim sovet kak stat' bolee zhenstvennoji.Esli znaesh chto-nibud' podskazhi ili mozhet est' sajty gde dajut sovety dlja transvestitov, zhelatel'no russkie. Pomogi, pozhalujsta.
Lena: Povtorjaju: podpishis' na konferenciju TGrus. Mnogie sovety ty najdesh' v arhive konferencii, smozhesh' takzhe sprosit' soveta u drugih uchastnic konferencii.
- Tue Oct 1 12:03:59 2002 (GMT)

309. Name: Oleg , E-Mail: ssv_2000@mail.ru , City: Astrahan'

Comments: JA Voshischen Vami.....

Eto skazal moj drug, posmotrev na Vas.
- Fri Sep 20 07:26:49 2002 (GMT)

308. Name: Sarafina Budani , E-Mail: sarafina_budani@hotmail.com , City: Philadelphia, USA ,
Home Page URL: http://sarafina_budani.tripod.com

Comments: Dear Elena,
You are to be congratulated for your courage and beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed your website and am inspired by your life. May you have continued success and happiness!
Best Wishes, Sarafina Budani
- Fri Sep 13 06:21:57 2002 (GMT)

307. Name: Princes

Comments: Privet, Lena. Hochu sprosit' u tebja soveta. Mne 16 let i ja ochen' ljublju pereodevat'sja v zhenskoe,no est' odna problema-
inogda muzhskaja polovina peresilivaet i mne kazhetsja chto ja ne dolzhen pereodevat'sja, hotja zachastuju ja s neterpeniem idu iz shkoly domoj, nadevaju plat'e, kolgotki, krashus' i chuvstvuju sebja devushkoj i mne eto ochen' nravit'sja. Skazhi kak mne byt', ostat'sja parnem ili stat' transvestitom.
Lena: Poskol'ku tebe hochetsja pereodevat'sja, znachit ty transvestit ili transseksual. Esli tebja volnuet vopros, ostavat'sja li tebe parnem v glazah postoronnih ili smenit' pol, to rekomenduju tebe podpisat'sja na konferenciju TGrus i oznakomit'sja s opytom drugih. Luchshe uchit'sja na chuzhih oshibkah.
- Tue Sep 10 10:55:41 2002 (GMT)

306. Name: Sheena Jannsen , E-Mail: sheena_jannsen@yahoo.com

Comments: I started hormone therapy 3 weeks ago and am just looking for others who are early into it. I lost you home page address! I hope to hear from understanding T's.
- Mon Sep 9 18:11:24 2002 (GMT)

305. Name: Lex , E-Mail: lexi125@fromru.com , City: CHeljabinsk

Comments: JA ne zhaleju, chto, nakonec-to, u menja hvatilo vremeni na "Inet v lichnyh celjah". JA FtM, ochen' ponravilas' Vasha stranichka, Lena. Dazhe i ne dumal, chto tak mnogo ljudej s takimi zhe, kak u menja problemami.
Lena: Po podschetam Lynn Conway, rasprostranennost' transseksualizma 1:500 - 1:250. No bol'shinstvo transseksualov (osobenno u nas) tak vsju zhizn' i ne reshajutsja nichego predprinjat'.
Vot tol'ko Vam v stolicah horosho, a poprobujte v nashej-to derevne pokazat' komu-nibud' svoe nastojaschee ja ...:(
JA byla znakoma s 17-letnej MtF, uspeshno pereshedshej na zhenskuju social'nuju polovuju rol' v sele (na severe Moldavii), sostojaschem iz odnoj ulicy bez nomerov domov, ee pochtovyj adres vygljadel tak: rajon takoj-to, selo takoe-to, Diane (familija).
A uzh najti svoju polovinku voobsche nereal'no. Sudja po moemu opytu zhenschiny hotjat videt' rjadom nastojaschego (fiziologicheski) muzhschinu. Ili ja ne prav?
Ne prav. :) Nemalo zhenschin ponimajut, chto "nastojaschest'" muzhchiny opredeljaetsja ne tem, chto mezhdu nog, a tem, chto mezhdu ushej. Hotja vsjo-taki chasche "vstrechajut po odjozhke".
- Wed Sep 4 12:52:25 2002 (GMT)

304. Name: joseph james , E-Mail: JJjms7@aol.com , City: Hendersonville, NC, USA ,
Home Page URL: http://hometown.aol.com/jjjms7 /myhomepage/profile.html

Comments: I am a 31yr single man. Just a regular guy in most respects. I never seem to meet the right women so I am broadening my horizons to include transsexual women.

I visited your site mainly because I am self-taught in Russian. I used to subscribe to Novoye Russkoye Slovo and never saw any mention of transsexuals or srs in Russia, Ukraine, etc. So, it was most interesting to me to read your story. Congratulations on your success. I must add that you are very pretty and don't understand how you thought you couldn't pass.

God bless
- Sat Aug 31 06:57:17 2002 (GMT)

303. Name: Evil Sword , E-Mail: evilsword@mail.ru , City: Doneck

Comments: "Smena pola"

ZHenskaja dusha v muzhskom tele... Transy eto povtorjajut kak zaklinanie... Tem ne menee ne izvestno ni kakih fiziologicheskih otlichij zhenskogo mozga ot muzhskogo.
Lena: Prezhde, chem delat' podobnye zajavlenija, pozabot'sja izuchit' predmet. V chastnosti, naschet mozolistogo tela, BSTc. Sm., naprimer, spisok literatury v konce drugoj stat'i pro BSTc.
Psihika transa vovse ne pohozha na zhenskuju.
So skol'kimi transseksualami ty lichno obschalsja?
JA sprashivaju pro sluchai, kogda ty znal, chto obschaesh'sja s transseksualom. Bol'shinstvo real'nyh transseksualov ne afishirujut etu detal' svoego proshlogo, kak i, naprimer, appendicit. A v teleperedachah tipa "Okna" uchastvujut aktery.

Oni prosto pytajutsja podrazhat' tomu kak oni predstavljajut zhenschinu.

Vse zhenschiny mechtajut stat' muzhchinami.
:) Ne govori eto drugim zhenschinam. Zasmejut.
ZHenschina v muzhskom tele vovse ne mechtala by pojti na kastraciju. Eto svojstvennoe transam voshischenie zhenskimi polovymi organami... ZHenschiny otnosjatsja ravnodushno k svoim polovym organam.
A muzhchiny k svoim polovym organam po tvoim slovam (sm. nizhe) otnosjatsja kak k dragocennosti. Drugimi slovami, ty schitaesh' zhenschin ljud'mi vtorogo sorta.
Stremlenie k operacii (po suti kastracii), kotoraja neizbezhno privedet k odinochestvu...
Ty s takim aplombom govorish' "neizbezhno", chto mozhet pokazat'sja, chto ty znaesh', o chem govorish'.
Dlja zhenschiny odinochestvo - samoe strashnoe.

Transseksualizm - grandioznoe ubeganie ot real'nosti.

Podmena soderzhanija formoj. Dazhe vneshne neotlichimyj ot zhenschiny trans vyzovet u ljubogo normal'nogo muzhchiny rvotu.
Ne govori eto muzh'jam transseksualov. Pob'jut.
Interesen povtorjajuschijsja simvol transov dlja transov - angel.
Gde povtorjajuschijsja? Ili tvoe znakomstvo s transseksualizmom ogranichilos' odnim hudozhestvennym proizvedeniem?
Predstavlenie sebja v dushe beskonechno chistym i neporochnym.
Esli kto v real'noj zhizni etot simvol i ispol'zuet (ja o takom ne slyshala), to vidimo potomu, chto po rasprostranennomu mneniju angely - sozdanija bespolye. Kakih esche bespolyh chelovekoobraznyh mifologicheskih sozdanij ty znaesh'?
Bol'shinstvo transov (za granicej osobenno) idut na na panel' do i posle operacii.
Oh, kakogo zhe breda iz sredstv massovoj dezinformacii ty nachitalsja.

JAsno, chto trans - ne zhenschina v muzhskom tele, a muzhchina, mechtajuschij imet' sochnuju rozovuju privlekatel'nuju vaginu na svoem tele. I trahat' ejo. Obladat' zhenschinoj ne inogda, a postojanno. Imet' zhenschinu vsegda, kazhduju sekundu.
Esli sledovat' tvoej logike, to vstaet vopros: pochemu zhe ty sebja v anus ne trahaesh' postojanno?
V gazete: "molodoj trans sdal svoju spermu v bank, chtoby imet' detej, kogda stanet zhenschinoj". Surrogatnaja mat'?
Ne objazatel'no. Ty v upor ne zametil ob'jasnenie, chto neskol'ko desjatkov procentov transseksualov M->ZH - lesbijanki.
No vy-to, "transiki", znaete, kak bylo by prekrasno chtoby i samomu stat' beremennym ot sobstvennoj spermy? Nazvanie knigi odnogo transa: "Sam sebe zhena". Vrode kak grubyj pidorskij jumor? Net, tochnoe otrazhenie suti. Transy osoznajut svoju beskonechnuju neprivlikatel'nost'. Dazhe esli u nih byli devushki i mnogo devushek, soznanie eto transliruet kak "oni ljubjat ne moju dushu, a telo","eto oshibka". V podsoznanii zhe - jasnoe osoznanie svoej neprivlikatel'nosti. Mnogie transy do operacii byli kul'turistami, boksjorami, otraschivali borody. Vsjo pytalis' byt' blizhe k devushkam takim obazom.
Pytalis' zadavit' v sebe svoj transseksualizm, "vospitat' v sebe muzhchinu". V anlijskom dlja etogo est' special'nyj termin - denial.
Da, takie popytki privodjat tol'ko k potere vremeni.
Nechego bol'she delat' kak stat' samomu sebe zhenoju.

Gde - to tut ja videl frazu: "Boites' poterjat' svoi jaichki? Tozhe mne. Dlja vas eto ogromnaja dragocennost'?"

Pohozhe dlja "Leny"
Lena - moe real'noe imja. Ty schitaesh' sebja znatokom podsoznanija drugih ljudej - nu chto zh, togda i ja rasskazhu o tvoem podsoznatel'nom komplekse nepolnocennosti. Inache zachem tebe bylo ispol'zovat' pretencioznyj nik vmesto imeni?
slozhno predstavit' tot holodnyj uzhas, kotoryj pojavljaetsja u kazhdogo
Ne sudi obo vseh po sebe.
normal'nogo muzhchiny pri mysli o poteri ego "dragocennosti".
Slozhno. Potomu chto "normal'nym muzhchinoj" ja nikogda ne byla.
Otrezanie jaic- sovsem ne to zhe samoe chto i strizhka volos ili nogtej. CHlen - vsegda byl simvolom zhizni i sily u vseh narodov.
A naprimer priverzhency iudaizma,hristianstva,islama dlja tebja ne ljudi?
Kastracija - eto OGROMNEJSHOE unizhenie.
Dlja tebja. Dlja menja eto bylo oblegcheniem - ne nuzhno bol'she prinimat' tabletki dlja podavlenija vyrabatyvavshihsja jaichkami muzhskih gormonov.
A strah pered unizheniem u bol'shinstva bolee silen, chem strah pered smert'ju. V podsoznanii u Leny strah, pohozhe ostalsja, iz-za etogo i viden sarkasticheskij ton frazy, kak popytka opravdat' sebja.
Pohozhe, ;) tebe bol'she gordit'sja nechem, krome kak tvoimi "dragocennostjami". Tol'ko tvoi popytki kolotit' sebja kulakami v grud' vygljadjat zhalko.
Ili eto tozhe denial?

- Wed Aug 28 18:29:36 2002 (GMT)

302. Name: Patrick Aguilar , E-Mail: patrinid2002@yahoo.com , City: Toronto

Comments: Very wonderful your process. Congratulations.
- Thu Aug 22 18:27:36 2002 (GMT)

301. Name: Roberta , E-Mail: robertacode@altavista.net , City: London

Comments: Lena,

You are a godsend! -- the one I always seek out on the Yahoo pages.

I wish you all the best.

- Wed Aug 21 21:46:39 2002 (GMT)

300. Name: Andrea Brown , E-Mail: transalba@mail.com , City: Edinburgh

Comments: Greetings to an international sister.
Love your website.
We are also fighting for equality here in Scotland, but things are better with us than you.
Keep up the fight!
- Sun Aug 18 14:49:55 2002 (GMT)

299. Name: Tamara , E-Mail: TryingTooFly@aol.com , City: Philadelphia, PA ,
Home Page URL: http://hometown.aol.com/adorabletranz/

Comments: Your are so beutifull.
I love your page and appreciate your advice.

Tamara :)
- Wed Aug 7 16:11:15 2002 (GMT)

298. Name: Yvon , E-Mail: y.ilsen@freeler.nl , City: Assen

Comments: Hello Lena love,

Saw your homepage and your pictures, and as a older, 56 years old, MtF transsexual from the Netherlands I realy must say that I'm admiring what you have achieved.
I hope my journey to womanhood wil be as succesfull as your.
I've just receintly have joined the TSDoItYourselfersGroup.
And hope you can assist me by taking the write hormones.

Hugs and kisses from,
- Sun Jul 28 21:14:24 2002 (GMT)

297. Name: Viktor

Comments: Stol'ko trudov! Vy reshili svoju problemu? Gendernaja disforija posle vseh etih mytarstv preodolena?

Lena: Da.

Vy sil'naja lichnost', uvazhaju.
- Sun Jul 28 07:07:56 2002 (GMT)

296. Name: Stella Pope , E-Mail: nztransista@hotmail.com , City: AUCKLAND

Comments: Hi Lena,

Found this site and recognized you from crone. You are as always quite the inspiration for those of us still in the middle of the journey.

Nice work, and I like the portrait at the bottom of the additional photo's page the best.

The remembering our dead link made me cry :/

Stella x
- Tue Jul 23 22:49:11 2002 (GMT)

295. Name: ZHenja , E-Mail: egen@inbox.ri , City: Moskva

Comments: Zdravstujte. ochen' interesuet vopros chto takoe "pre-op MTF TS full-time". zaranee spasibo i udachi vo vsem
Lena: JA otvetila lichnym pis'mom.
- Sun Jul 14 13:02:54 2002 (GMT)

294. Name: Harry , City: SPB

Comments: Zdravstvujte.
Ne mogu uderzhat'sja, ne ostaviv zapis' vashem gestbuke.
Porazhajus', kak v nashe dikoe vremja najti v sebe sily projti do konca.
Ladno, dozhit' do vozrasta(prichem borjas' kak s vnutrennimi protivorechijami, s nevezhestvom okruzhajuschih, tak esche i poluchiv izrjadnuju dozu chuzhdogo testosterona), kogda poluchaesh' juridicheskoe pravo vybora.
Dazhe dobit'sja SRS (hotja iz rekomndacij(N311RF,DSM US,i.t.p.) vidno, chto teh kto ih pishet, samih v pervuju ochered' lechit' nado, a o vozmozhnyh posledstvijah hirurgii i gormonov informacii pochti net).
No dal'she, samoe glavnoe - ved' eto nachat' zhizn' snachala - svjazi, kar'era, rodstvenniki(u mnogih sem'ja, deti).
Projti cherez vse eto, choby kakoj-to otrezok zhizni imet' dushenuju garmoniju - eto dejstvitel'no geroizm.
Ved' esli dazhe te, kto pytalsja kritikovat' vas zadumajutsja, okazhis' oni v podobnoj situacii, smogli by oni tak borot'sja za svoe prostoe chelovecheskoe pravo na schast'e - gluboko somnevajus'!!
Legche pozhaluj zamenjat obmanom samih sebja.
Ps. Voobshe na sajte interesovalo, gde mozhno najti veb-forum(mejl treschit ot spama)
po dannoj tematike, a to ne mogu najti otvet na vsego odin vopros (vezde vokrug, da okolo, a tochno - nigde).
Lena: Uchastniki konferencii TGrus znajut, gde, komu, kogda i chto govorit' i kak podgotovit'sja, chtoby dobit'sja SRS. Na prikaz 311 vse pljujut, a pro DSM krome nas nikto ne znaet. :) JA v konferencii daleko ne odna dobivshajasja. I informacija o posledstvijah hirurgii i gormonov v konferencii samaja detal'naja. I o kar'ere, rodstvennikah i t.p. my postojanno govorim. Kstati neobjazatel'no nachinat' zhizn' s nachala - u nas est' primery transition bez smeny mesta raboty. Na obschedostupnyh web-forumah takoj detal'noj informacii nikogda ne budet - raskryvat' svoju dushu kazhdomu prazdno ljubopytnomu soglasny nemnogie. Spama v konferencii netu, t.k. podpiska moderiruemaja (mnoju). Sozdajte sebe special'no dlja konferencii novyj adres na mail.rambler.ru, i spama tam ne budet voobsche. Vopros mozhete zadat' mne lichnym pis'mom, moj email adres ukazan na moej osnovnoj stranichke.
- Wed Jul 10 00:52:03 2002 (GMT)

293. Name: dim

Comments: ty simpatichnaja
- Sun Jul 7 21:49:46 2002 (GMT)

292. Name: Jeff Sullivan , E-Mail: iclaudio12@yahoo.com , City: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Comments: Your pictures are beautiful, absolutely soft and feminine.
You are passable, just about anywhere in the USA, although, as you can imagine, there would be bigotry and hate if certain individuals discovered your history.
Your written English is well-presented and your work experience would certainly provide you with well-paid employment here if you, and could you choose to emigrate.
I have the highest respect for your strength and wish you well, and all love, in your endeavors and passions.
- Fri Jul 5 00:28:56 2002 (GMT)

291. Name: Terry Egan , E-Mail: Terryegan!@yahoo.com , City: Ocean County, N.J. USA

Comments: You are a lovely and lucky girl. I enjoyed your pictures.
Love, Terry
- Mon Jul 1 23:20:20 2002 (GMT)

290. Name: Aleksa , E-Mail: nastialexa@yandex.ru , City: Aleksandrov

Comments: privetik.
stranichka ochen' krasivaja, mne ochen' ponravilas', tak i derzhi
ty prosto molodchina.
zhelaju bol'shogo schast'ja, nu i konechno ljubvi bol'shoj.
- Tue Jun 25 11:28:12 2002 (GMT)

289. Name: Lisa , City: Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Comments: Hi,
I'm a member of tsdoityourselfers and I want to thank you for sharing all you know.
I read your comment about not being passable in more versed countries...you'd pass anywhere. You're a doll.
Thanks, Lisa
- Tue Jun 25 00:48:59 2002 (GMT)

288. Name: Brendon , E-Mail: brendon_tina@mail.ru ,
Home Page URL: http://mucho-dyke.narod.ru

Comments: Privet! Ochen' prijatno okazat'sja na takoj miloj stranichke... "Miloj" - eto ne slovo, harakterizujuschee soderzhanie, potomu kak ono (kak raz) prodvinutoe i informativnoe, kol' schitat' po pal'cam forumy i gostevuju - a oschuschenie, ostajuscheesja posle total'nogo ego prochjosyvanija. Spasibo bol'shoe ejo sozdatel'nice. Az esm' FTM, kotoryj staraetsja delat' vklad v razvitie T-resursov v seti, no chto-to u menja poka hrenoven'ko poluchaetsja...:)
Ostajus' s nailuchshimi pozhelanijami.
- Tue Jun 18 12:35:07 2002 (GMT)

287. Name: Petra , E-Mail: petra1.kramer@planet.nl , City: Drachten

Comments: Dear Lena,

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the advice you give on Crone very much, it's great to have seen the face behind the words. You look great, by the way.
- Wed Jun 12 17:33:54 2002 (GMT)

286. Name: Aleksej , E-Mail: doubidou@mail.ru , City: Vyborg

Comments: Priglashaju vseh zhelajuschih priobschit'sja k neobychnomu teatral'nomu predstavleniju. Nezavisimaja truppa postavila v Vyborge spektakl' pod nazvaniem "Bol'shaja peremena", kotoryj pokazyvaetsja v na scene Municipal'nogo Dvorca kul'tury. Spektakl' rasskazyvaet o problemah transseksualov (kak FtM, tak i MtF). Zrelische velikolepnoe, kamernoe (rasschitannoe vsego na 40 zritelej), i smeshno, i trogatel'no, i gluboko po mysli. Blizhajshie spektakli: 13.06 v 19.30, 22 i 30.06 v 17.00 i 19.30. Stoimost' bileta - vsego 50 rublej. S'ezdite v Vyborg, posmotrite etot spektakl', ne pozhaleete. Podrobnosti po tel. 90-966 (kod Vyborga - 278).
- Tue Jun 11 10:29:33 2002 (GMT)

285. Name: Breuna Parks , E-Mail: breunap1@yahoo.com , City: Spring Valley MN USA

Comments: Very nice website and great info thanks Lena
- Wed Jun 5 01:52:20 2002 (GMT)

284. Name: Shade Art , City: kiev

Comments: Eto ja, Alisa. Kazhis', dobralas' do tebja. ZHdi soobschenij. ZHelaju Udachi!
- Tue Jun 4 02:05:53 2002 (GMT)

283. Name: wolfgang , E-Mail: wolgang-haas@chello.at , City: vienna

Comments: dear LENA !

first off all ... thanks for your cosy place.

I can imagine about the situation `cause I went to Kiew two times and it was great but hard.

you look perfect to me !

- Thu May 30 01:57:20 2002 (GMT)

282. Name: TOLJA , E-Mail: bredbred2000@mail.ru , City: astana

Comments: Zdravstvujte Lena.
Davno iskal podobnyj sajt, i ogromnoe spasibo Elle, kotoraja dala mne vash adress. JA tozhe transeksual, no tol'ko v nachale puti i poetomu u menja ochen' mnogo voprosov. Vprincipe, ja napisal vam na i-meil, nadejus' uvidet' otvet. Sdelal podpisku. Vy mirovaja zhenschina! Raz pomogli i ne somnevajus' pomozhete esche mnogim ljudjam. A pomosch' i dobryj sovet nam nuzhen. A gde zhe ego esche vzjat', kak ne u takih zhe kak i my, kotorye pojmut, pomogut.
- Sun May 19 10:03:13 2002 (GMT)

281. Name: Laura Diann , E-Mail: laura_ldc@yahoo.com , City: Nephi, Utah

Comments: Like your site. Good Luck
- Mon May 13 22:34:03 2002 (GMT)

280. Name: mateo , E-Mail: mateo02us@yahoo.com , City: split,croatia ,
Home Page URL: http://www.gayslavonija.sexidude.com

Comments: your page is for 10
- Fri Apr 19 10:34:42 2002 (GMT)

279. Name: antonio , E-Mail: discolandia@tiscali.it. , City: torino italy

Comments: ciao my name is antonio visit latvia and russia next summer i will talk with people you need help me kisses poka wait notice from all..anglisky spassiba
- Fri Apr 5 17:24:09 2002 (GMT)

278. Name: William R. Pelfrey , E-Mail: pelfrewr@cox.net , City: Macon, Ga. USA ,
Home Page URL: http://members.cox.net/pelfrewr

Comments: Dearest Lena,
Thanks for your information in the TSDIY chat group at Yahoo. I never see where you are not always thanked for your help. So I hope to say it here, THANKS for all you do and stand for.
- Wed Apr 3 13:02:03 2002 (GMT)

277. Name: larry , E-Mail: camtang@mcpmail.com , City: Mooresville, NC USA

Comments: Really, your photos is lovely, and you are one sexy woman
I wish you much happiness in your lifes endeavors.
- Tue Mar 12 08:16:10 2002 (GMT)

276. Name: Nuttycat , E-Mail: nuttycat@nuttycats.co.uk ,
Home Page URL: http://www.nuttycats.co.uk/

Comments: Great site :o)
I think you must have great strength and courage to overcome the difficulties you faced in your country.

Best wishes
- Tue Mar 5 11:25:49 2002 (GMT)

275. Name: Philip Roberts , E-Mail: centigrade31@hotmail.com , City: Portland, OR

Comments: I have just been laid off from the semiconductor chip manufacturer business. I was a machine operator making micro chips for the telecomunications industry. My job was outsourced to Japan and Malaysia. I've started to collect unemployment & think that this is a good time as any to begin my transistion. I'm 44(June 10), 6'2" tall and weigh 206 #s. I wish to lose 50 #s & will start hormones soon.
I love your site! I studied Russian in 10th & 11th grades in high school. I would love to back into it. There are many Russian & Ukrainian emmigrants in Oregon & Washington. Best wishes to you. 'Petra'
- Sat Mar 2 00:19:37 2002 (GMT)

274. Name: Billy , E-Mail: vasariahboi@yahoo.com , City: West Palm Beach,FL,USA

Comments: Privet,Lena!
First off,let me tell you that I was very surprised to see a site like yours from a former Soviet republic.You're so very brave,courageous and sincere!Your pics are awesome, feminine and sexy and your beloved is a lucky woman to have you as her girlfriend.I can tell you for a fact that there ain't too many TG girls who "pass" as successfully as you do and who have such a charming smile.*grin*
I'm a 25 y.o. gay FTM,born in St.Peterburg,Russia,living abroad since 1988,currently residing here in South Florida.I'm fluent in russian,of course,but can't type in cyrillic letters.Sorry.
If you have any gay FTM friends who would like an e-mail buddy in the US,please tell them to drop me a line.I'm very lonely right now and just about to start the hormones,so some support and a friendly word or two would always be welcome.
I wish you good luck,never mind all those ignorant a..holes who try to make you feel bad,they are just very jealous!Take care and enjoy life as a woman that you know you have always been,you deserve all the very best things in life!
Love to you and your missus,
- Fri Mar 1 09:44:07 2002 (GMT)

273. Name: Jan I Gleason , E-Mail: www.WTBJ121@AOL.COMM , City: NY NY

- Sat Feb 23 15:51:08 2002 (GMT)

272. Name: michelle , E-Mail: gkfish@webtv.com , City: chicago

Comments: your present of a woman is awsome xxxx oooo gk michelle
- Sat Feb 16 02:33:11 2002 (GMT)

271. Name: Jey

Comments: Lena, chto ty dumaesh' ob izmenenii golosa, kak opisano zdes':
http://heartcorps.com/journeys/voice.htm ?
Lena: Kak izvestno, osnovnaja chastota golosa (pitch, F0) ne javljaetsja opredeljajuschim faktorom dlja razlichija muzhskoj/zhenskij golos. Naprimer u amerikanskoj pevicy SHer golos nizhe, chem u mnogih muzhchin, no tem ne menee ee golos vosprinimaetsja kak zhenskij. Po rezul'tatam obsuzhdenija v anglojazychnoj konferencii voicets i perepiski s Patty, razobravshejsja v anatomii i fizicheskih osnovah funkcionirovanija golosovogo apparata i prichinah sub'ektivno vospriniaemoj raznicy mezhdu muzhskimi i zhenskimi golosami, ja sdelala vot kakoj vyvod: iz metodiki Melani est' smysl vzjat' vsjo to, chto ne kasaetsja togo, chto Melani nazyvaet rezonansom. A vot naschet "rezonansa" (chto javljaetsja samym glavnym, namnogo vazhnee vsego ostal'nogo) Melani ne ponjala suti togo, chto nuzhno delat' dlja dostizhenija zhenskogo zvuchanija. A sdelat' nuzhno vot chto: podnimat' vverh gortan' (larynx), vkljuchajuschuju v sebja v chastnosti cricoid i schitovidnyj (thyroid) hrjaschi, mezhdu kotorymi natjanuty golosovye skladki ("svjazki"), i kadyk, javljajuschijsja vystupom schitovidnogo hrjascha. V shee est' neskol'ko myshc, podnimajuschih podkovoobraznuju kost' v shee vmeste s podveshennoj k nej gortan'ju, i neskol'ko opuskajuschih myshc. Kogda naprjazheny opuskajuschie myshcy, vibracii po nim prohodjat ot gorla do grudnoj kletki, i kazhetsja, chto ona rezoniruet. Na samom dele eti vibracii v formirovanii golosa ne uchastvujut. Kogda opuskajuschie myshcy rasslableny, a podnimajuschie naprjazheny, gortan' vmeste s golosovymi skladkami ("svjazkami") podnimaetsja vverh, i umen'shaetsja dlina golosovogo trakta. Imenno v raznoj dline i zakljuchaetsja glavnaja raznica mezhdu muzhskim i zhenskim golosovymi apparatami: u muzhchin glotka (pharynx) dlinnee, chto privodit k men'shej chastote vtoroj formanty (F2). Formanty i garmoniki - eto raznye veschi. Imenno v osnovnom po chastote vtoroj formanty ljudi razlichajut muzhchina/zhenschina. Polozhite ruku na gorlo i glotnite. Kadyk podnimaetsja daleko vverh, potom opuskaetsja obratno. Nado pochustvovat', kakie myshcy naprjagajutsja, podnimaja gortan' (v tom chisle kadyk), i nauchit'sja naprjagat' ih vo vremja razgovora, uzhe bez glotanija. Vot eto i est' samoe glavnoe. Melani etogo ne ob'jasnjaet, t.k. sama etogo ne ponjala. A te, kto ponjali, mogut nauchit'sja delat' svoj golos zhenskim srazu, bez dolgih i obychno bezuspeshnyh trenirovok.

Krome podnjatija gortani vverh, nuzhno esche i nemnogo uvelichivat' osnovnuju chastotu (pitch, F0), no eto i samo soboj poluchaetsja, kak otmechaet Melani. I eto ne glavnoe, Melani v etom prava.

To, chto Melani pishet v svoej metodike pro metody izmenenija togo, chto ona nazyvaet resonance, - chush' (krome togo, chto eto samoe glavnoe - eto verno). Ostal'nye komponenty metodiki Melani, osobenno dynamic range (t.e. postojannoe izmenenie zhenschinami osnovnoj chastoty v processe razgovora, v protivopolozhnost' monotonnym muzhskim golosam), imejut nekotoroe znachenie, no namnogo men'shee, chem podnjatie larynx vverh.

Eto tol'ko odin iz voprosov, kotorye my obsuzhdaem v konferencii TGrus.
- Tue Feb 12 09:20:46 2002 (GMT)

270. Name: Marina , City: Ekaterinburg

Comments: Zdravstvuj, vo-pervyh! Ty uzh prosti menja za stol' derzkoe zamechanie chut' ran'she otpravlennoe... ja ne razobralas'... hochu skazat', chto eto dovol'no smelo, chto nesomnenno trebuet uvazhenija k tebe samoj i k tvoemu obrazu zhizni... ne znaju nuzhno li tebe eto znat', no vneshnost' u tebja prijatnaja, ne u kazhdoj pervorozhdennoj zhenschiny takaja imeetsja... :-) esche raz akcentiruju vnimanie vseh ne elementarnom uvazhenii, kotorogo zasluzhivaet etot chelovek... poka
- Tue Feb 12 06:54:03 2002 (GMT)

269. Name: Marina

Comments: Nu, ja v shoke... eto prosto DICH' kakaja-to.... slov net...
- Tue Feb 12 06:42:14 2002 (GMT)

268. Name: Richard Wassersug , E-Mail: tadpole@is.dal.ca

Comments: Thanks with communicating with me.
- Tue Feb 12 00:21:10 2002 (GMT)

267. Name: Erik , E-Mail: rik91@rambler.ru , City: Moskva

Comments: Lenochka! :) ty - pohozhe -profi-tak mozh ty i mne rasskazhesh' - che mne delat' to????7 menja vrode kak rodili baryshnej.. a mne - uzhe pochti - 30!!!!! ne mogu uzhe!!!!!! posovtuj, ezhli mozhesh' - chto prinimat' i kuda obratit'sja... :_) budu blagodaren... :))))))
tvoj..... :)))
Lena: Prezhde, chem prinimat' i obraschat'sja, podpishis' na konferenciju i prochitaj ee arhiv.
- Sat Feb 9 05:15:17 2002 (GMT)

266. Name: nikolay , E-Mail: olj@freemail.ru , City: astana, kazakhstan

Comments: Lena, ty prosto chudo! Ty molodec!
U menja vse te zhe problemy, prichem ja ih nachal oschuschat' v vozraste 6-7 let, no ne hvatilo sily duha ih perelomit' i sdelat' chto to chto ispravilo by oshibku prirody.
Prosto pereodevanie v zhenskuju odezhdu ne daet effekta, mne poslednee vremja krajne nekomfortno v svoem tele hot' plach',
no naverno vremja na ispravlenie sebja ja uzhe upustil.
No za tebja ja iskrenne ochen' i ochen' rad. A teh glupyh i mjagko govorja neumnyh ljudej kotoryj starajutsja pobol'nee obidet' slovami prosto ne slushaj. Bud' schastliva.
Lena: Vot i ja mnogo let dumala chto upustila vremja na ispravlenie sebja. :) V nashej konferencii est' sdelavshaja operaciju v 44 goda. Na Zapade byvaet i za 70, a za 50 - splosh' i rjadom. Krome togo, vozmozhny i promezhutochnye varianty - neskol'ko chelovek v nashej konferencii prinimajut gormony, chtoby v nekotoroj stepeni (v kakoj hotjat) izmenit' svoe telo v zhelaemuju storonu, hotja perehodit' polnost'ju na novuju social'nuju polovuju rol' i/ili delat' operaciju ne sobirajutsja (vo vsjakom sluchae poka). Priglashaju tebja v nashu konferenciju, hotja by oznakomish'sja s opytom drugih. Dazhe esli reshish' nichego ne predprinimat', smozhesh' obschat'sja s ponimajuschimi ljud'mi.
- Sat Jan 26 07:45:18 2002 (GMT)

265. Name: Stefani Ray Woods (aka Steve R. Walker) , E-Mail: Stefani@CableOne.net , City: Boise, Idaho USA ,
Home Page URL: (working on it)

Comments: Elena, (Lena)
I think you are a very beautiful woman. Your beauty is only surpassed by your incredible courage, stength of character and bravery. I admire you very much, your are a real true hero for me, honestly! I just know you have a wonderful personality, it shows in the way you write and express yourself. Our world needs more people like you in it, wish I could come and visit with you and spend an afternoon listening to you share your story. You have a sexy, enticing friendly-looking smile too. You give me courage and inspiration to proceed with my own personal transition.I have only begun recently and I will do srs too.
It would be so wonderful if we could become close firends!
Keep smiling....Beautiful Lena (softly and tenderly) your devoted admirer, Stefani [srw8121@yahoo.com TG/TS DIY ]
- Fri Jan 25 06:21:31 2002 (GMT)

264. Name: tim

Comments: My impression?? is that I think you make a lovely lady..and would love to get acquainted, but guess that's impossible
- Thu Jan 24 05:05:42 2002 (GMT)

263. Name: Karin Astrup , City: Karup Denmark

Comments: Hi Lena,
I was surprised to see how many sites you have in eastern Europe. I lived for a while in Lithuania and I have visited Ukraine (Kiev and Donetsk), but I never found any hang outs for TS/cd.
I hope you keep up your work and I will look into you once in a while.
Love and hugs
- Sat Jan 19 20:01:33 2002 (GMT)

262. Name: Verena Weiss , E-Mail: verena57br@yahoo.com.br , City: Sgo Paulo, Brazil

Comments: At first of all,I'm very grateful for your advice on HRT to me.It is working very well.I like your site a lot,I see some similarities in your life and mine.This gives me hope for my future.I hope to get SRS in the next two years.My best wishes for you.
- Fri Jan 18 02:10:50 2002 (GMT)

261. Name: jean , E-Mail: maidmarion@ntlworld.com , City: leicester UK

Comments: hope you can read english
like your site very much well done for being so honest
if you are ever in the UK we must meet
lots of love
marion (CD)
- Mon Jan 14 17:03:48 2002 (GMT)

260. Name: Sergej , E-Mail: ftservis@mail.ru , City: Penza

Comments: Zdravstvuj, Lena . JA iz nachinajuschih. Ne znaju s chego vsjo nachinat'. Kakie mne gormony nachinat' pit'. Pomogi, esli mozhesh', mne iz muzhika stat' zhenschinoj.
Lena: Rasskazhi mne o sebe popodrobnee lichnym pis'mom (e-mail). Universal'nyh receptov ne byvaet.
- Wed Jan 2 03:22:03 2002 (GMT)

259. Name: Paul (Natalya) , E-Mail: jennylynd99@hotmail.com , City: Miami, Okla

Comments: I like your story..... it is very moving
My great-grandmother was from Kiev, i use her name for my femme side
Hugs Natalya
- Tue Dec 25 20:45:27 2001 (GMT)

258. Name: Deirdre & Rosie , E-Mail: deids_787@yahoo.co , City: Harvard

Comments: We just think that you have a lot of problems. You should realize that you were a man for a reason, not just to change the will of god. If we were your parents we would be very ashamed of how you are acting and we think you will go to a bad place that we will not refer to. We're sure you were a wonderful man and think that you should have stayed that way. You may say you feel more comfortable being a woman but what you don't realize is that the "comfort" that you may feel is self implied. Get some proffesional help. What would your spouse think? Have you ever thought if you had children what they would say to the kids at school. Don't be so selfish and understand that you have responsibilities as a person of the earth.
Lena: Yeah, and surgeries on cleft palates must be forbidden because god meant these kids to be born that way. Shame on surgeons, kids and parents who approved the surgery, they all will go to hell. Right? I just follow your line of reasoning.
Read the book "Brain Sex" by Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel.
And the word is "adaptation" (you entered words "social adaption" in Netscape search engine, and it gave you a link to my page for some reason though the word was written correctly on my page).

I had to get some professional help. After obligatory month long evaluation in a metropolitan psychiatric hospital (diagnosis "transsexualism, no signs of psychiatric disorders"), the committee of 17 psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other professionals appointed by the Ministry of Healthcare approved the hormonal therapy and decided that I needed the surgery in the designated by the Ministry leading hospital.

My beloved is Christian, and she supports me. But of course you better know god's reasons, are without sin and have the right to throw the first stone.
Most of problems of transsexuals (and their kids) are from people like you who try to impose their opinions of proper morals on others.
My responsibility is to live and let live.
I just think that you have a lot of problems with education, tolerance and bigotry. "Judge not, lest ye be judged".

This record was entered from the PC with IP address via proxy "cache505" st-66-99-17-77.d50.mchenry.k12.il.us. "d50" - district #50 (Harvard), "mchenry.k12.il.us" - McHenry County (Illinois) Regional Office of Education, "k12" - schools. I'm sorry for American kids. :(
- Thu Dec 20 19:40:42 2001 (GMT)

257. Name: Artem , E-Mail: redwind@mail.ru , City: Tver'

Comments: A ja vot uzhe i ne znaju, chto mne delat', vse chego-to zhdu.
JA ochen' rad za tebja, Lenochka, chto vse u tebja sladyvaetsja, no pochemu-to ne zaviduju tebe. Predstavljaju sebe ves' etot put' po etapam.
Rad byl by poobschat'sja s toboj, esli najdesh' dlja menja vremja.
Kstati, sajt bol'she zhenskij, chem muzhskoj, da i ves' Internet po povodu transseksualizma napravlen bol'she na zhenschin v muzhskom, chem na muzhchin v zhenskom.
Bud' schastliva!...:))
- Tue Dec 11 13:13:06 2001 (GMT)

256. Name: Desideria Sweet , E-Mail: desi2000@mail.ru , City: Moscow

Comments: Lena, ja tebe tut novoe prozvische pridumala - "Rektor instituta blagorodnyh devic"
- Sun Dec 9 14:12:00 2001 (GMT)

255. Name: Diana , City: Sankt-Peterburg

Comments: Zdravstvuj Lena!!! Izvini menja pozhalujsta,no mne hotelos' by zdes' obratit'sja ne tol'ko k tebe.JA dumaju chto tebe mozhno napisat' i na imejl.I ja sovsem ne budu kratka.Menja zovut Diana,ja Tv iz Pitera.Menja prosto vzjalo,dazhe zabralo to,chto pozvoljajut sebe nekotorye otmorozki v etoj gostevoj knige, i to chto ty im esche i otvechaesh'.Vsem ne otvetish',ne nado,ih eto ne ispravit, a tol'ko razozlit.No vozmozhno rasskazav paru slov o sebe,u nekotoryh izmenit'sja hot' na kapel'ku otnoshenie k takim kak my.Nachnem s togo, chto ja absoljutno ne razbirajus' v komp'juterah,i v inete ja tretij den'.No mne uzhe povezlo-dobrye ljudi iz chata transformat.ru dali mne tvoj adres.Spasibo im.Po professii ja muzykant,no k sozhaleniju poterjavshij profprigodnost',pljus byvshij sportsmen,kak ni stranno-bodibilder.Kak i nekotorye otmorozki zdes' pobyvavshie i nagovorivshie gadostej,ja mjagko govorja ne ochen' ljublju geev,no dazhe esli oni vedut sebja epatazhno, otnoshus' k nim terpimo,i s ponimaniem.Oni imejut pravo na zhizn', dazhe hotja by potomu chto ne otnimajut ee u drugih v otlichie ot killerov,recidivistov,banditov,chinovnikov i td.Mne kazhetsja chto koren' zla tait'sja v muzhskih gormonah-gormonah agressii.Ved' inogda iz-za kakih-to melkih i po bol'shomu schetu nesuschestvennyh incidentov nam hochetsja prosto rasterzat' drugogo cheloveka.(eto navernoe otdel'naja tema).Dak vot,k sozhaleniju ili skoree k schast'ju defolt 98 goda postavil krest na kar'ere sorevnujuschegosja kul'turista(pravda ostalis' korochki trenera mezhdunarodnogo klassa)Posle etogo ja pohudela na 32kg na segodnjashnij den' i veshu 68kg.pri roste 183sm.V obraze vygljazhu kak KRASIVAJA DEVUSHKA !!!...No moja zhizn' zashla v tupik, i tol'ko prochitav istoriju Leny,ja ponjala,chto moi problemy eto lish' stebelek na pole,i chto oni esche tol'ko nachinajutsja,chto nado borot'sja,pravda poka ja neznaju kak.No znaju chto Lene bylo gorazdo slozhnee.Zdes' ja nashla celyj mir,svjazannyj s tem chto menja poedaet iznutri.Mne strashno,i horosho odnovremenno ottogo,chto teper' ja mogu prisoedinit'sja k vam i stat' odnoj iz tysjach,a mozhet i soten tysjach transov.Kak mne skazal odin hirurg-takih 10% naselenija, no mne kazhetsja uzhe chto bol'she.Mne hochetsja skazat' tebe Lenochka,ot vsej dushi i ot vseh nas(dumaju vse tozhe by prisoedinilis'):Ty dazhe ne predstavljaesh' chto ty sdelala.Ty PIONER, ty...u menja k velichajshemu sozhaleniju v moej pustoj golove kuda-to razbezhalis' vse nuzhnye slova dlja togo chtoby otblagodarit' tebja.Ljudi ne zabudut to, chto ty dlja nih sdelala.Tvoja Diana.
- Thu Dec 6 23:42:53 2001 (GMT)

254. Name: webatman , E-Mail: webatman@rambler.ru , City: Moscow ,
Home Page URL: http://webatman.sitecity.ru

Comments: Milaja Lenochka.
Ogromnoe spasibo tebe za to, chto ty est', chto ty nashla v sebe sebja , takuju krotkuju, takuju nezhnui i krasivuju devushku.
JA voshischajus' takim devochkam kak ty.
Vy, ja tak predpologaju, kak ni odna zhenschina, mozhete ponjat' i pochuvstvovat' muzhchinu.
JA ponimaju, chto mnogie iz vas teper' ne getero, a bol'she lesbi.........no eto po-tomu, chto vas esche vse zhe ochen' malo.
Vy vse zhe stesnjaetes' obschestva, ne zajavljaete emu o sebe v polnuju silu.......da i ne nuzhno vam etogo. Glavnoe, chto vy est' i eto zdorovo.
Milaja Lenochka, ja ot vsej dushi, za vseh devchonok. celuju tebja.
Pishi, budu rad obscheniju.
- Thu Dec 6 06:49:04 2001 (GMT)

253. Name: Pluutje , E-Mail: pluutje@hotmail.com

Comments: Your a fantastic woman. It's not easy living the way you do in a country like the Ukrain
- Sun Dec 2 09:34:08 2001 (GMT)

252. Name: I. , E-Mail: iris.sommer@gmx.net

Comments: Really beautiful woman - impressive pictures.
Wish you all best.
- Sun Nov 25 18:20:20 2001 (GMT)

251. Name: Aljona

Comments: Vy prekrasny...ne ozhidala takogo rezul'tata...Vy - zhenschina!I znaete, ja zametila, chto v takih sluchajah, delo v...glazah...GLAZA ZHENSCHINY...ja rada, chto u Vas vsjo poluchilos', i Vy nakonec-to smogli predstat', pred okruzhajuschimi Vas ljud'mi, tem, kem Vy javljalis' s samogo rozhdenija... JA ochen' rada za Vas...
Aljona :) Izvinite za vychurnost' i pafosnost': emocii... :)
- Fri Nov 23 04:31:16 2001 (GMT)

250. Name: Tim Burleson , E-Mail: timothytruel@earthlink.com , City: Placentia, California, USA ,
Home Page URL: http://hometown.aol.com/SquirrelyBurley /myhomepage/personal.html

Comments: Very nice and totally a Women. A+ or on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I would say you are an 11, for inside and out. Tim
- Thu Nov 15 08:15:16 2001 (GMT)

249. Name: masha , E-Mail: masha16@ozz.ru , City: moscow

Comments: Udivlen chto vy muzhchinaju.
Mne kazhetsja chto vy zhenschina i morochite golovu vsem,
libo to chto vy rodilis' muzhchinoj dejstvitel'no bylo
oshibkoj bozhiej
- Mon Nov 5 08:40:29 2001 (GMT)

248. Name: Renate , E-Mail: submit63@hotmail.com , City: Recklinghausen, Germany

Comments: Thank you for your very informative and sincere homepage. You are also a very beautiful woman. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

- Sat Oct 27 16:12:06 2001 (GMT)

247. Name: svetlana , E-Mail: aristovas2001@mail.ru , City: moskva

Comments: Ochen' interesnyj sajt . Mnogo ljubopytnogo .Prosmotrela vashi fotografii. CHestno govorja dumala ,chto vy simpatichnee. izvinite - eto vsego lish' moe mnenie .
- Wed Oct 24 11:37:30 2001 (GMT)

246. Name: Philippe Farget , E-Mail: phf_13@yahoo.fr , City: PARIS

Comments: Bonjour, Lena,
Tu es magnifique, splendde, je t'embrasse. Philppe.
He, Lena, you are very,very beautiful woman, Kss. Philippe
- Sat Oct 20 04:32:40 2001 (GMT)

245. Name: Petr , E-Mail: targl@hotbox.ru , City: Pjatigorsk

Comments: Iskrenne rad. Vy dejstvitel'no vzjali na sebja bol'shuju rabotu i, na moj vzgljad, preuspeli. A sam fakt Vashej dejatel'nosti vyzyvaet uvazhenie. Ochen' interesnyj sajt, zhal' ochen' pozdno o nem uznal. A sam ne reshilsja, smelosti ne hvatilo.
Lena: JA mnogo let dumala, chto mne uzhe pozdno dumat' o smene pola. :)
V nashej konferencii est' sdelavshaja operaciju v 44 goda. Na Zapade delajut i za 70. A uzh za 50 - splosh' i rjadom.

- Fri Oct 12 19:56:50 2001 (GMT)

244. Name: Noelle Rose , E-Mail: noellerose@aol.com , City: Cape Cod ,
Home Page URL: http://members.aol.com/noellerose/

Comments: You are very lovely, my dear! Thank you for all of the information you provide to the TSDIY list.

Love, Noelle
- Fri Oct 12 10:30:02 2001 (GMT)

243. Name: Helena Troi , E-Mail: robert.troi@ukf.net , City: Bath

Comments: I am in my fourth week of learning to speak Russian.
I like your site it is very good
- Thu Oct 11 21:05:56 2001 (GMT)

242. Name: andrea , E-Mail: andrea200140160@yahoo.com , City: Louisville,Kentucky

Comments: Good luck to you and many best wishes!
- Fri Oct 5 13:13:50 2001 (GMT)

241. Name: Pjotr Smirnov , E-Mail: Idi nahuj! , City: Moskva

Comments: Ty umrjosh' pidor, zhalko chto ty ne iz Moskvy, ja by tebja nashjol, luchshe porezh' veny sam! Bud' ty prokljat!
Lena: Tebe pora k psihiatru.
Eto dazhe ne glupost' ili nevezhestvo, ty bolen. Pojdi k psihoterapevtu sam sejchas, inache eto konchitsja tjur'moj.

- Tue Sep 25 04:40:52 2001 (GMT)

240. Name: Andrea , E-Mail: falconette@yandex.ru

Comments: Ochen' krasivyj i prijatnyj sajt . Spasibo !
- Tue Sep 18 13:51:46 2001 (GMT)

239. Name: Roo , E-Mail: roo@po4ta.com , City: Kiev

Comments: Ty - zhenschina. JA hotel by poznakomit'sja s toboj. ja ne gomoseksualist. prosto ty interesna mne. JA v Kieve. Esli hochesh', pishi na e-mail.
- Mon Sep 17 01:14:14 2001 (GMT)

238. Name: mustafara , E-Mail: mustafara@yandex.ru

Comments: Napishite mne pismo,ia tak odinoka!!!
- Fri Sep 7 13:20:58 2001 (GMT)

237. Name: Bilie_Harrold , E-Mail: Billie__H_H@Hotmail.com , City: Clinton Township, Michigan, USA

Comments: >From Billie
More power to you and your desire to follow your wishes.
I support you. May you reach your goal soon.
- Mon Aug 27 02:32:04 2001 (GMT)

236. Name: Cindy , E-Mail: PhotoCind@aol.com , City: Omaha Ne USA

Comments: I read about you and you sound like a brave and wonderful soul. I to am post op ts and was just poking around the webb. I am so glad that I stopped in to say hello.

I wish you a great day and a better tomorrow

- Sat Aug 25 15:49:20 2001 (GMT)

235. Name: Marianne Wright van boxtel , E-Mail: skywatcher@wanadoo.nl , City: Den Dungen

Comments: Nice page girl, And about passing... it's that you tell your story here, but otherwise I would say your pulling my leg. Your a wonderfull woman, can's see anything else but that.

Cu, Marianne Wright.
btw, my name was in the past Strel'cova
- Sat Aug 25 14:00:28 2001 (GMT)

234. Name: Dmitrij Martynov , E-Mail: dmart@aport2000.ru

Comments: A pochemu net vozmozhnosti (ni u kogo, krome samoj Leny)ostavit' svoi kommentarii po povodu kakogo-nibud' soobschenija, kotoraja imeetsja v bol'shinstve veb-forumov? Poluchaetsja, chto za Lenoj vsegda ostaetsja poslednee slovo.
Lena: Potomu chto eto gostevaja kniga, a ne forum. Moja gostevaja, poetomu poslednee slovo za mnoj. Gostevye knigi prednaznacheny dlja publichnogo obschenija posetitelej s vladel'cami sajtov, a ne dlja obschenija posetitelej mezhdu soboj. Napominaju: ja vedu konferenciju, prednaznachennuju dlja obschenija podpischikov mezhdu soboj, i uchastvuju v polsotne drugih konferencij.
- Wed Aug 22 16:28:17 2001 (GMT)

233. Name: Barbara Ann Coombs , E-Mail: Barbaraann1@juno,com , City: Miami FL. USA

Comments: Best wishes to you in you struggle to gain protection & a more modern approach to helping TS people by the government.


Barbara Ann
- Sat Aug 11 16:12:29 2001 (GMT)

232. Name: Allison Cleveland , E-Mail: allison@cavenet.com , City: Cave Junction Oregon USA.

Comments: Lena, It is sooooo great to vist your web site and to see your pictures . I feel that I`ve met you. You are a very beautiful woman. We, the TS community, are fortunate to have you as a member. I am very appreciative of all that you have shared with us Thank You, Love, Allison
- Fri Aug 3 20:31:04 2001 (GMT)

231. Name: Jamel , E-Mail: myturntofly@hotmail.com , City: Perth Western Australia

Comments: Hi Lena, just a long overdue thankyou for the help and advice on hormones you gave me 18 months ago. Things are are moving along very nicely, all I now have to do is save the money for the operation which seems like the greatest challenge. Hope your having a woderfull life, thanks again, Jamel.
- Tue Jul 31 20:35:04 2001 (GMT)

230. Name: Tat'jana , City: Ufa

Comments: 450099 Ufa-99 p.pasporta 542511 hotelos' by perepisyvat'sja s vami
Lena: Izvinite, no na bumazhnuju pochtu u menja vremeni ne ostaetsja. Email-konferencija dlja transseksualov i transvestitov, kotoruju ja vedu, udobna v chastnosti tem, chto mne ne prihoditsja tratit' vremja na ob'jasnenie kazhdoj noven'koj vsego togo, chto uzhe est' v arhive konferencii (tam uzhe ob'emom s chetyre "Vojny i mira" nabralos'), dazhe otvety na novye voprosy zanimajut u menja zametnyj kusok vremeni.

Mnogie ne znajut, chto suschestvuet nedorogoj metod dostupa k Internetu, pri kotorom i plata provajderu nebol'shaja (ja plachu moemu $3 v mesjac), i komp'juter goditsja schitajuschijsja po nyneshnej mode sovsem ustarevshim i poetomu deshevyj. Otkroju etot "sekret": eto dostup tol'ko cherez elektronnuju pochtu po protokolu UUCP (proiznositsja "ju-ju-si-pi"). Dlja takogo dostupa dostatochno byvshego v upotreblenii komp'jutera 286 s 1 megabajtom pamjati, vinchesterom porjadka sotni megabajt, cherno-belym monitorom, modemom 9600, bez myshki, bez CD-ROM - takoj komp'juter mozhno najti za paru desjatkov dollarov. JA mogla by kupit' polnyj dostup online, no ne vizhu smysla tratit' na eto dopolnitel'nye den'gi. Zagruzhat' i vygruzhat' web-stranichki i fajly cherez email, pol'zujas' besplatnymi web-mail i t.p. serverami, netrudno. CHerez email razve chto v chatah uchastvovat' nevozmozhno, no ja poprobovala (pol'zujas' ne moim dostupom) i mne bystro nadoelo, neser'ezno eto. Obschenie v pochtovyh (cherez email) konferencijah gorazdo produktivnee.
- Tue Jul 31 08:07:44 2001 (GMT)

229. Name: Simona , E-Mail: fidana@abv.bg , City: pleven

Comments: Ia travestit ot Bulgaria. Mne ochen' ljubit tvoj site!
- Mon Jul 23 22:38:21 2001 (GMT)

228. Name: Kalina , E-Mail: kttv@yandex.ru , City: Sofia,Bulgaria

Comments: Lena, eto velikolepno! Nakonec-to smogla svjazat'sja s TG s moej pervoj Rodiny - byvshego USSR.
Velikolepnye foto, otlichnyj dizajn, i voobsche - klass!
- Sun Jul 22 19:06:10 2001 (GMT)

227. Name: Claudine Valuche , E-Mail: 2Claudine@gmx.co.uk , City: Bevery Hills ,
Home Page URL: http://claudinevaluche.tripod.com /claudinevaluche/

Comments: Hello you very lovedlly and just to tell so, hope that things go well for you and that we will meet some day, I would love to hear from you.

Hugs and kisses.CV.
- Tue Jul 17 22:01:47 2001 (GMT)

226. Name: abby lane , E-Mail: abbylanelegs@hotmail.cim , City: jupiter, florida, usa ,
Home Page URL: http://www.geocities.com/abbyit/

Comments: Lena, i can not tell you how much i appreciate your imput in our egroups. so often i want to thank you. what you and others have gone through and are going through to transition in eastern europe and former soviet republics brings tears to my eyes. hugs and so good meeting you! abby
- Thu Jul 12 18:33:02 2001 (GMT)

225. Name: Den , E-Mail: ftm@fromru.com , City: Rus/Muscoo ,
Home Page URL: u menja ih mnogo :\

Comments: Privet vsem. Hotelos' by poobschat'sja s sebe podobnymi (sm.email), i s MtF, konechno, tozhe.
Lena, horoshaja stranichka.
- Tue Jul 10 23:32:06 2001 (GMT)

224. Name: Anja , City: Kievskaja obl.

Comments: Lenochka !
Vy vmeste s vashej ljubimoj zhenschinoj rjadom vygljadite esche prekrastnej,chem obychno!
Schast'ja Vam obeim. :-)
( Tol'ko vot ssylka na etu fotografiju pochemu to tak daleko.. Ili ja ne vnimatel'no chitala Vashu gostevuju knigu , ili Vy eto sdelali special'no , chto by foto nahodili tol'ko SAMYE ljubopytnye?) :-)
Lena: Etu ssylku my s nej vstavili 5 ijulja (pozzhe v avguste 2002 zamenili foto na svezhee). Da, dlja samyh ljubopytnyh. :)
- Tue Jul 10 10:25:25 2001 (GMT)

223. Name: Sandra Jean Brown , E-Mail: skortz@loa.com , City: East Boothbay, Maine U.S.A.

Comments: My Dear,
We folks here in the U.S. complain about how differcult it is to be a ts. We should live over your way for a while.
Congratulations for succeeding in getting to where you truly belong.

- Tue Jul 10 01:58:02 2001 (GMT)

222. Name: Jasmin Shemale , E-Mail: MSW-Studio@t-online.de , City: Frankfurt/Germany ,
Home Page URL: http://www.heshe.de

Comments: You have made a great job - I leave some kisses here and wish, that many visitors enjoy your hot page
Your Jasmin, transsexual
- Sun Jul 8 23:36:26 2001 (GMT)

221. Name: JUlja , E-Mail: razm@mowsput , City: Moskva

Comments: Privet
Rasskazhi pozhalujsta pro gormonoterapiju. JA nikak ne mogu najti podhodjaschuju informaciju.
<razm@mowsput.ru>... User unknown
Napishi mne pis'mo (email).

- Sat Jul 7 14:04:46 2001 (GMT)

220. Name: Sarah Lyon , E-Mail: sarah@main.com , City: Bloomington, Illinois USA ,
Home Page URL: http://www.main.com/~sarah

Comments: A nice home page! I've appreciated your views and comments in CRONE and I admire your pioneering spirit in achieving your goals.

- Sat Jul 7 03:46:44 2001 (GMT) put data

219. Name: It was only for you! , E-Mail: always@everywhere.it , City: On the banks of great river ,
Home Page URL: http://isnt4u.webpages.com
Lena: Ne tol'ko dlja menja, nu netu u tebja nikakoj stranichki. JA ved' proshu zapolnit' krome kommentariev tol'ko imja, a email, gorod i URL neobjazatel'ny.

Comments: Moj otvet CHemberlenu!
Ponjatie "pol" - iznachal'no social'no, ibo dlja drugih zhivyh vidov - ono ne imeet otnoshenija, a tol'ko dlja cheloveka, sledovatel'no, imenno social'no po znacheniju. A pod seksom tol'ko polovoj akt i mozhno podrazumevat'.
Dlja bol'shinstva obyvatelej russkoe slovo "pol" oznachaet to, chto mezhdu nog, i ni o kakih social'nyh aspektah oni ne zadumyvajutsja.
Ljuboe udalenie ne est' pravil'nyj metod lechenija, udaljat' mozhno tol'ko gangrennye uchastki, i tol'ko na krajnej faze razvitija, eto imenno tak, ostal'noe - eto izderzhki "oficial'no-...voj" mediciny.
Rasskazhi eto amerikanskim i dr. zapadnym vracham, ne dolgo dumaja udaljajuschim jaichniki i matku ves'ma suschestvennomu procentu zhenschin, a takzhe jaichki (sovershenno zdorovye) pri rake prostaty (vydeljaemye jaichkami androgeny stimulirujut rost opuholi). Ili zob (uvelichennuju schitovidnuju zhelezu) ili drugie dobrokachestvennye opuholi. Ili chast' nastol'ko bol'shih grudej, chto pod ih tjazhest'ju zabolevaet pozvonochnik. Ili "slishkom bol'shoj klitor" bezzaschitnym mladencam-interseksualam (tol'ko v SSHA po 6 shtuk v den') - plevat', chto chetvert' iz nih potom orgazma imet' ne smogut, glavnoe, chtoby rebenok byl ili mal'chikom, ili devochkoj, nikakih promezhutochnyh sostojanij! Ili rasskazhi eto priverzhencam opredelennyh religij, udaljajuschim krajnjuju plot' (obrezanie). Kstati, pri "operacii smeny pola" udaljajutsja tol'ko jaichki, ostal'noe hirurg peredelyvaet v zhenskie genitalii.
A v obschem, govorja o "pravil'nosti", potrudis' predlozhit' effektivnuju al'ternativu. Tvoe predlozhenie kritiki ne vyderzhivaet (sm. nizhe).

JA rassmatrivaju chelovecheskij organizm kak zamknutuju samodostatochnuju sistemu
A zachem ty odezhdu nosish', pischu gotovish', volosy-nogti strizhesh'?
s samoreguljaciej vseh zhiznennyh ciklov, a ljuboe vozdejstvie na nee iznachal'no gibel'no, s kakoj by motivirovkoj ono ne delalos'.
To est' ne nado diabetikov kolot' insulinom, pust' srazu pomirajut?
Eto znachit, chto ja ne priemlju mnogoe v sovremennoj "mat" medicine, ibo postich' princip organizacii vsej biosistemy oficial'naja nauka ne v sostojanii - eto slishkom daleko ot imejuschihsja znanij, ili bol'she napominaet mehanicizm osemnadcatogo veku.
A poka oficial'naja nauka eto postich' ne v sostojanii, lechit' nikogo ne nado, potomu chto nepravil'noe eto lechenie. Tak chto li?
Na schet vlijanija-vlivanija, zdes' ispol'zuetsja sovmestnyj podtekst, no upotrebimo pravil'no, rech' idet o vlivanii, potomu chto, po-drugomu eto ne nazovesh', vopros v dozah i vremennom periode, koroche eto slishkom dlitel'noe vozdejstvie, ono, estestvenno, zavjazanno na pravil'nom obmene veschestv i psihovoj uravnoveshenosti. Vse vzaimosvjazanno, i govorit' chto - eto ochen' dazhe nichego, mozhno tol'ko o tekuschem vremeni, no ja schitaju, chto tol'ko takaja "pischa" - iznachal'no imeet gibel'nyj harakter vozdejstvija, vcelom.
JA esche raz obraschu vnimanie, chto chelovecheskaja biosistema samoreguliruemaja i v sostojanii vyrabatyvat' neobhodimye gormony samostojatel'no, pri pravil'nom obmene veschestv.
I budet eta biosistema s samym pravil'nym obmenom veschestv, do togo samogo momenta, poka ne polezet v petlju.
Na schet moej Very, ja ne budu kasat'sja slishkom lichnogo voprosa, ukazhu tol'ko, chto otnoshenija k Hristianstvu ono ne imeet, ee istoki v Irane.
JA uverena, chto i iz etogo svjaschennogo pisanija mozhno vychitat' chto hochesh'. Bylo by zhelanie.
Otnositel'no pereodevanij - eto absoljutnaja svoboda kazhdogo, kakuju "jubku" emu nosit', ja dumaju, chto i dlja muzhchin - eto tozhe stalo sejchas priemlemo, hotja obschestvo k nim bolee konservativno, chem k zhenschinam.
CHto zhe kasaetsja "protivnogo" tela, ja ne bukval'no, a lish' s ironiej. Konechno, nado stremitsja zhit' v garmonii s telom.
Poetomu, mozhno upor v lechenii sdelat' na psihiku, a ne na "kastraciju".
Imenno takova byla pervaja mysl' tysjach psihiatrov, psihologov, endokrinologov, hirurgov, svjaschennikov, psihoterapevtov i t.d., pytavshihsja v techenii mnogih desjatkov let menjat' psihiku transseksualov, a ne telo. Vot tol'ko nichego u nih ne vyshlo.
Rabota nikogda zrja ne byla,
:-) Ty dumaesh' chto govorish'?
i sozhalet' nado ne o poterjannom vremeni, a o poterjannyh illjuzijah.
O kakih imenno "poterjannyh illjuzijah" rech'?
A chto zhe kasaetsja uslovij s "krajnej zhiznesposobnost'ju", ochevidno, chto u tebja takogo opyta ne bylo, i ty schitaesh' sovremennuju gorodskuju zhizn' vechnoj, a chto ty skazhesh', okazhis' hotja by polgoda v tajge?!
JA v tajgu ne lezu. I do nachala processa smeny pola tela tozhe ne lezla - rezul'tat byl by tem zhe. U tebja takoe hobbi gotovit'sja k zhizni v tajge, kak v Amerike est' strojaschie sebe individual'nye atomnye bomboubezhischa?
Vot i vse...
Do vstrechi Elen! <The I'm>
Moj adres, ne dom i ne ulica,
Moj adres is.not.su
CHto kht.ru, chto redcom.ru - vsjo ravno Habarovsk. Tebe do sih por neponjatno naschet proxy?
- Thu Jun 28 12:45:26 2001 (GMT)

218. Name: Bylo, Pomnish' kak-to zvali Makareshta , E-Mail: svieta@excite.com ,
City: Ne_skazhu
Lena: Vsjo tot zhe Habarovsk. Uchis' razbirat'sja v raznyh proksjah. :)
Home Page URL: Tozhe

Comments: Privet! Hot' ja i pojavljajus' krajne redko,
Po-moemu, za toboj rekord po kolichestvu vozvratov v moju gostevuju. Hochetsja (posledovat' moemu primeru) i koletsja (vydumyvaesh' sebe principy)?
no vse zhe skazhu... Nevazhno kakogo ty polu, mne eto ponjatie voobsche protivno, v poslednee vremja ego nekotorye zamenjajut slovom gender,
Gender - eto social'naja chast' ponjatija "pol".
vazhno chto-by esli ty chelovek, to byl schastliv, konechno ne v uscherb drugim. Konechno, ortodoksy skazhut, chto telo bogodannoe i ego kalechit' ne dano nikomu.
"Kalechit'" i "lechit'" - blizko ne tol'ko po zvuchaniju. Smena pola tela - edinstvennyj priznannyj medicinoj metod lechenija transseksualizma. Udaljat' appendiks ili glandy, naprimer, eto tozhe po-tvoemu kalechit'? A kolot' insulin (gormon) diabetiku neskol'ko raz v den'?
JA vse zhe schitaju, chto istorija mnogo raz prepodnosila sluchai krajne nenormal'nogo
Levsha - eto normal'no? A serdce sprava?
otnoshenija k "chlenam tela". No vse zhe znaja, chto ljubaja kastracija ljubogo hirurga tol'ko poddelka pod estestvo,
Govorja "kastracija", ty naverno ploho sebe predstavljaesh', chto takoe tak nazyvaemaja "operacija smeny pola" - eto daleko ne tol'ko udalenie. Sozdaetsja polnost'ju funkcional'noe vlagalische, seksual'no chuvstvitel'nyj (vkljuchaja sposobnost' dostich' orgazma) klitor, vneshnij vid v predelah estestvennogo raznoobrazija zhenskih genitalij, i t.d. Da, rodit' ne smozhesh' (hotja vynosit' rebenka vidimo skoro stanet vozmozhno).
i ostal'noe cherez ogromnoe psihogormonnoe vlivanie...
Uh ty, a kak eto "ogromnoe psihogormonnoe vlivanie"? Mne hvataet dvuh ukolov po 0,7 ml v mesjac. Mozhet eto opechatka, i tebe hotelos' napisat' "vlijanie"? Da, vyrabatyvaemyj jaichkami testosteron ves'ma suschestvenno vlijaet na psihiku. CHtoby izbezhat' etogo vlijanija, istovo verujuschie spokon vekov evnuhami/kastratami dobrovol'no stanovilis'. Naprimer iz Biblii: "Ibo Gospod' govorit ob evnuhah: kotorye hranjat Moi subboty, i izbirajut ugodnoe Mne, i krepko derzhatsja zaveta Moego, tem dam ja v dome Moem i v stenah Moih mesto i imja luchshee, nezheli synov'jam i docherjam; dam im vechnoe imja, kotoroe ne istrebitsja" (Is.56:4-5); "Ibo est' skopcy, kotorye iz chreva maternego rodilis' tak; i est' skopcy, kotorye oskopleny ot ljudej, i est' skopcy, kotorye sdelali sami sebja skopcami dlja Carstva Nebesnogo. Kto mozhet vmestit', da vmestit", "On zhe skazal im: ne vse vmeschajut slovo sie, no komu dano" (Matv.19:12,11). Raznoobraznye svjaschennye pisanija potomu do sih por i ostajutsja svjaschennymi dlja nekotoryh, chto v nih mozhno vychitat' chto hochesh'.
No gormony - eto gibel',
Otkuda takaja dezinformacija? Esli znat' (ja znaju i drugih konsul'tiruju), kakie konkretnye medikamenty i v kakih dozirovkah komu prinimat', to eto ne tol'ko ne vredno, no dazhe polezno - zamedljaet starenie, uluchshaet pamjat' i t.d. V ekstrennyh sluchajah mozhno i voobsche bez gormonov, no bol'she chem polgoda bez gormonov nachinaet ponemnogu byt' vredno.
a kastracija ne vyhod,
Krome kastracii, est' i drugoj vyhod - smena pola. Ili (kogo nyneshnjaja social'naja polovaja rol' polnost'ju ustraivaet) pereodevanija bez postoronnih.
ostaetsja tol'ko odno - "iskat' uteshenie v snah"...
Nu, esli ty vidish' tol'ko odno i ljubish' zagonjat' sebja v butylku - togda ischi uteshenie v snah. JA nashla najavu bol'she chem uteshenie. :)
Poetomu napljuj na protivnoe tebe telo,
Moe telo mne teper' ves'ma prijatno. ;)
postroj svoju zhizn' na drugih principah i ischi uteshenie v rabote, v poiske, v dejstvii ...
Kakoe-to vremja takoj podhod srabatyvaet. A potom prihodit sozhalenie o zrja poterjannom vremeni - i radi chego? Oh, skol'ko ja takih sluchaev videla...
Potomu chto, kaby okazhis' ty v uslovijah s krajnej zhiznesposobnost'ju, to zdes' ne do gormonov "na zavtrak", zdes' voobsche ljubaja kaplja, ljuboj glotok, i tol'ko ...
Etu frazu ja voobsche ne ponjala.
Hotja konechno, spasibo tebe za tvoju zhiznennuju poziciju, kazhdomu - svoj vybor!
Za sim proschajus', do vstrechi Elen.
- Tue Jun 26 17:46:52 2001 (GMT)

217. Name: Renee

Comments: You are very pretty, and fortunate to have such a wonderful figure. Sounds like it's very restrictive there, but you made it through and that makes it all the more of an achievement. And I think you would "pass" just as well here in Canada or the US, as you can there.
- Fri Jun 22 17:11:01 2001 (GMT)

216. Name: Kathy , E-Mail: lilacday@worldshare.net , City: Schenectady, NY, USA

Comments: Thank you for your story and pictures, Elena. I found the details of this procedure in your country quite interesting. I have difficulty even thinking about 15-20 minutes of electrolysis much less 525 HOURS!!!!!

But, my dear, it was most definitely worth it, I think, because you look very sweet. Now, don't get me wrong----I am a hetero female myself. I particularly found your red dress delightful.

You have a good day, bye.
- Thu Jun 21 02:57:06 2001 (GMT)

215. Name: Sallyanne

Comments: Nice Pictures, Lena. It has been some time since I've been to your website, and it has changed a lot.


- Mon Jun 18 23:02:44 2001 (GMT)

214. Name: Ina Kiri Claire , E-Mail: inakiriclaire@webtv.net , City: Long Island, NY, USA

Comments: Lena, your website is thoughtful, concise, and beautifully presented. To have transitioned so well under such daunting circumstances is inspirational!

Ina Kiri
- Mon Jun 18 15:11:43 2001 (GMT)

213. Name: Michelle , E-Mail: mihailoz@tgis.co.uk , City: uk

Comments: Hi ist so goood to meet you michelle
- Sat Jun 16 22:03:38 2001 (GMT)

212. Name: Chrissy , E-Mail: chuckdelco@ , City: Aston pa. usa

Comments: Hi Lena,
IM happy for you, found your site very interresting
You are a very beautiful woman, Good luck.

- Tue Jun 12 11:51:20 2001 (GMT)

211. Name: les , E-Mail: les.dix@talk21.com , City: Halifax UK

Comments: What a lovely set of pages. I think the pictures are very good as well. Thank you for shareing them with us all.
Les x
- Tue Jun 12 09:42:43 2001 (GMT)

210. Name: Riki , E-Mail: riki_rari@hotmail.com , City: italy

Comments: you are very very good

Ciao Form Italy Reggio Emilia

- Mon Jun 11 17:13:35 2001 (GMT)

209. Name: Alexandra. , E-Mail: ALEXMTF @ RAMBLER.RU

Comments: Lena, BOL'SHOE SPASIBO!!!!!!!!!
Ostavaysya vsegda krasivoy, spasibo za pomosh'. Ya tozhe transsexual MtF, ishyu druzey. Zhal' tol'ko s podpiskoy nichego ne vyhodit. Eshe raz, SPASIBO.
Lena: V nachale instrukcii po podpiske ja napisala: "napishite vkratce o sebe po adresu...". Pis'ma ot tebja ja ne poluchala.
Vnimatel'no vypolnjaj instrukcii.

- Sat Jun 9 01:33:30 2001 (GMT)

208. Name: Kontras , E-Mail: kontra@vladnet.ru , City: Vladivostok

Comments: JA ochen' rad, chto u tebja vsjo tak uspeshno slozhilos'. S ogromnym interesom chitaju tvoju stranichku. Bud' nemnozhko mjagche - kak mne kazhetsja, Ninguem De Nada popal pod press sovershenno naprasno. A hanzhestvo i hamstvo - bednye zlye ljudi... Ubogi oni v svoej prjamolinejnosti.
Ocharovan tvoim slogom! Schast'ja tebe i radosti!!!
Proshu proschenija za nekotoruju sumburnost'.
- Mon Jun 4 19:18:28 2001 (GMT)

207. Name: Sasha , E-Mail: sashha@rambler.ru , City: Syktyvkar ,
Home Page URL: poka net, no ja ejo uzhe oformljaju

Comments: Molodec, Lena! To, chto ty delaesh' ochen' nuzhno mnogim ljudjam. Ne nado nikogo slushat', delaj to, chto velit tebe serdce. JA takzhe transseksual i hochu pomenjat' svoj pol. Mne 24 goda. Izvinjajus' za korotkoe pis'mo.
- Mon Jun 4 00:13:39 2001 (GMT)

206. Name: Alisa Mihaleva , City: Sankt Piterburg

Comments: Lena sposibo tebe za tvoj sajt. ty mnogo delaet dlja takih kak ty sama i eto go ja nadejus' ne zabudut'. JA tozhe transseksualka. I dumaju na nuzhno obedinit'sja vsem vmeste chtoby sozdat' obschestvennuju organizaciju dlja reshenija svoih problem. A to obschestvo samo nekogda nas ne pojmet esli my sami ne chego ne sdelaem dlja sebja. K sozheleniju E-Mail ne rabotaet po etomu ne mogu napisat' pis'ma. Smatrela drugie sajty na temu transov zhutkie istorii, osobenno na gej sajte.
Sposibo tebe prosto za to, chto ty est'. Naverno smeniv pol ja tozhe budu lesbijankoj.
Lena: Email mozhesh' sebe sdelat', naprimer, na mail.rambler.ru.
- Sun Jun 3 12:11:32 2001 (GMT)

205. Name: Crissy Wild , E-Mail: crissywild@aol.com , City: UK London ,
Home Page URL: http://www.crissywild.com

Comments: an interesting and informative site
- Wed May 30 23:29:35 2001 (GMT)

204. Name: Alisa , City: Sankt piterburg

Comments: Lena bol'shoe tebe sposibo za tvoj sajt on dejstvitel'no pomagaet ochen' mnogim. Sposibo tebe.
- Tue May 29 12:14:46 2001 (GMT)

203. Name: Dracon , E-Mail: n_dracon@mail.ru , City: Zaporozh'e ,
Home Page URL: skoro budet

Comments: Privet!
Prosto zahotel prislat' privet.
- Wed May 23 09:01:11 2001 (GMT)

202. Name: Gail , E-Mail: gail2@prodigy.net , City: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Comments: Always enjoy your comments on the Crone list. I thought you were a doctor but alas another gifted TS programmer! :-) I was pleased to see you added your web site to one of your posts today. I clicked on it immediately. Nice to put a face with your name. You're very fortunate to be so pretty. Thanks again for all your insightful commetns on the Crone list.
- Tue May 22 04:43:57 2001 (GMT)

201. Name: melanie , E-Mail: boygluk@yahoo.co.uk

Comments: great site u seem to have made the right choices in life good luck.
- Sat May 19 08:31:04 2001 (GMT)

200. Name: marnix , E-Mail: vervaetm1@yucom.be , City: mechelen belgium

Comments: i am a travestie too, i am trying to be transgendered by taking hormones,i am older than you, much older i think.
i have my friends and they like me .
you are a beautifull woman,goodby Lena.

- Fri May 4 21:40:39 2001 (GMT)

199. Name: ???

Comments: nice
- Fri Apr 27 21:44:24 2001 (GMT)

198. Name: Anja , City: Kievskaja obl.

Comments: Lenochka , spasibo za otvet.
JA ponjala. :0)
Prostite,a vy tozhe revnivaja?
Lena: Ran'she ja dumala chto sovsem net. Teper' naverno chut'-chut' da.
- Wed Apr 25 13:45:12 2001 (GMT)

197. Name: Ty ego znaesh', , E-Mail: tozhe znaesh', , City: tem bolee... ,
Home Page URL: A bol'she Vam nichego ne nado?

Comments: Byvaja i gljadzja na onuju perepis'ku(perepalku so vsjakimi idiotami), ja hochu vse-taki porekomenduvati bol'she zanjat'sja sobstvennoj stranichkoj...
Nu eto prosto otstoj, a ne dizajn...
Za poslednie tri goda ot voobsche ne menjalsja ...
--Za sim, zhdu otveta, na izvestnyj tebe adress
Lena: Moj dizajn ("best viewed with any browser") ja menjat' ne sobirajus'. JA ego tschatel'no produmala i schitaju optimal'nym. A posle togo, kak ja napisala svoi skripty gostevoj knigi, ee dizajnom (a glavnoe, funkcional'nost'ju) ja tozhe dovol'na (ran'she gostevaja byla na guestbook.ru). Moj sajt dlja togo, chtoby davat' informaciju, a ne hvastat'sja krutost'ju navorotov.


- Fri Apr 20 20:34:07 2001 (GMT)

196. Name: Nikki , E-Mail: nik626@yandex.ru , City: g. Irkutsk

Comments: Menja zovut Nikki ja iz Sibiri g. Irkutsk ja TV s 30 letnim stazhem mne 41 god est' zhena, deti no zhelanie stat' zhenschinoj ne pokidaet menja mne povezlo zhene ochen' nravitsja kogda ja perevoploschajus' v zhenschinu ona pomogaet mne v pokupke odezhdy i dr.
JA ljublju horoshee kino , fotografiju muzyku, sama snimaju na video
Vot poka i vse!
S nailuchshimi pozhelanijami Nikki
Lena ja voshischena tvoej sud'boj i tvoim sajtom!
- Fri Apr 20 09:32:37 2001 (GMT)

195. Name: Ninguem De Nada , E-Mail: ndenada@sapo.pt

Comments: Spasibo za doverie. JA postarajus' napisat' privatno. Tema transseksualizma manja ochen' interesuet, no nemnozhko ne v toj forme, kotoruju mozhno predpolozhit'. CHto do slov - spasibo za ob'jasnenie. Mne, pravda, nado poprosit' u Vas proschenija, ja nemnozhko Vas provociroval svoimi remarkami. ZHivja v osnovnom na Zapade ja (kak mne kazhetsja) govorju po-aglicki. Voz'mu takzhe na sebja smelost' posovetovat' ne vosprinimat' nash brennyj mir tak ser'jozno - eto mnogih nervov i krovi stoit. I zadam, vozmozhno, durackij vopros - est' li u Vas v internete kakoe - libo mesto prisutstvija, gde mozhno poobschat'sja s Lenoj vne konteksta transseksual'nosti, a prosto kak chelovek s chelovekom...

Lena: JA podpisana na 17 konferencij po raznym aspektam transgender temy, 13 lists dlja listowners, 5 naschet dostupa k Internetu cherez email, 8 na GLBP temu, 9 komp'juternyh i 11 medicinskih, naverno pro esche kakie-to zabyla v etom podschjote. JA predpochitaju uzkospecializirovannye konferencii, boltovnja obo vsjom i ni o chjom mne neinteresna. Nu razve chto newsgroup fido7.ru.sexual.difference, ona est' v chastnosti na talk.ru.
- Thu Apr 19 16:03:55 2001 (GMT)

194. Name: Anja , City: Kievskaja oblast'

Comments: Lenochka,
vy davno vmeste s Vashej Ljubimoj? ( Izvinite, esli
vopros ne sovsem po teme-prosto moja zhenschina ot menja ushla). I ja hochu ponjat' kak _vy_ stroite svoi otnoshenija?
I ot chego zavisit ih prodolzhitel'nost'?
Lena: Poltora goda.

Otnoshenija stroit moja ljubimaja - ona hodit vokrug menja s dvustvolkoj i otstrelivaet vseh, kto na menja vzgljanet s interesom (ili koso). :)

U menja eto poluchilos' kak v pesne:
Ljubov' nechajanno nagrjanet, kogda ee sovsem ne zhdesh'...

Ot chego zavisit - a ot chego ona zavisit u par muzhchina-zhenschina?
- Thu Apr 19 10:28:05 2001 (GMT)

193. Name: Ninguem De Nada , E-Mail: ndenada@sapo.pt

Comments: CHto kasaetsja imeni - ne vazhno, tak poluchilos'. CHto kasaetsja neznanija russkogo jazyka - vinavat, ne russkij ja vsjo-taki. CHto kasaetsja denial ili klozet - ja i slov to takih ne znaju. Pardon.

Eto ochen' horosho - imet' svojo suzhdenie. I vyskazyvat' ego stesnjat'sja nechego. No problema v tom, chto u mnogih ljudej mnogo raznyh mnenij. I ne vse uvereny v tom chto oni sami pravy. Posemu oni pytajutsja obschat'sja i svoimi mnenijami obmenivat'sja. Eto pomogaet ljudjam uchit'sja videt' pravil'no.
Vozmozhno eto konechno tol'ko pri uslovii otkrytogo obmena mnenijami. Bez popytok sudit' okruzhajuschih na osnovanii svoego mnenija. Bez egocentristskoj modeli suzhdenij tak skazat'.

Pravo na logiku imeet ljuboj chelovek. Bez razlichija pola, vozrasta, vesa, cveta kozhi i volos, socivm er actvm, ect.
Tol'ko realizacija prava i pravo ne identichny. I u kazhdogo v rezul'tate okazyvaetsja svoja logika.
Lena: In closet - skryvat' (ot rodstvennikov, sotrudnikov, znakomyh) kakie-libo svoi osobennosti. To be in denial - otkazyvat'sja priznat'sja samomu sebe v ih nalichii. V dannom kontekste rech' idet o transgender, hotja sami po sebe terminy closet i denial bolee obschie.
Ne russkij? Nu togda ja tozhe ne russkaja. :)

Obscheniem v raznoobraznyh konferencijah ja zanimajus' uzhe 5 let, sama vedu konferenciju i prodolzhaju uchastvovat' v desjatkah drugih. Esli Vas interesuet eta tema - priglashaju k lichnomu obscheniju. JA na samom dele ne takaja agressivnaja, kak mozhet pokazat'sja. Prosto u menja uzhe prezumpcija durachkov vyrabotalas'. :(
- Wed Apr 18 15:58:14 2001 (GMT)

192. Name: Ninguem De Nada , E-Mail: ndenada@sapo.pt

Comments: A ja i ne skryvaju. Tol'ko aftomaticheskie perevodchiki ploho rabotajut. No eto k delu ne otnositsja. JA ved' ne tol'ko vankuverec i ne tol'ko prikolist. Prosto u menja pochtovyj jaschik na Sapo... A to chto cepochku adresov otsledit' legko, to eto pardon i jozhiki znajut. A chto do imeni moego, tak Vy ved' tozhe zdes' ne pod tem imenem, koim Vas mama narekla. Tak li?

JA ved' ne po povodu zhenschin i mnenij govorju. JA po povodu logiki i emocij somnenija imeju. Vy kak krasnyj komandir brosaetes' v ataku s shashkoj nagolo na vsjakogo kto pytaetsja vyskazat' mnenie ili suzhdenie dazhe ne protivorechaschee a ne polnost'ju soglasnoe s Vashim. Ochen' agressivno, ja by skazal s aktivnoj sudejskoj pozicii rassmatrivaete. Kak komissar. Ortodoksal'no. Ved' Aleksandr, kak mne pokazalos' (vozmozhno poverhnostno) predlozhil polemizirovat' teoreticheski, ja by skazal - otvlechenno. CHego by i mne hotelos'. A u Vas vse ochen' rezko, lichnostno (ja imeju v vidu ne lichno, a imenno lichnostno). I vy vsjo vremja sudite i oblichaete. Soglasen - durachkov vsevozmozhnyh nado odjorgivat'. No ne vse zhe na svete - vrazhdebnoe okruzhenie. Tut est' vrachi, uchitelja, roditeli, uchenye, deti i mnogo kto eschjo kto ischet raznoobraznogo chelovecheskogo obschenija. I zadajut inogda otkrytye prjamye voprosy bez podvoha. Prosto iz chelovecheskogih interesa i prichastnosti. Bez zhelanija obidet' ili zadet', bez zhelanija vozvysit'sja i unizit', bez zhelanija pokurazhit'sja i prichinit' bol'. Takie vot petrushka i kinza.

S tochki zrenija zhivotnogo u tela - odin ishod - v zolu. S tochki zrenija cheloveka - ishodov mnozhestvo. Mne bezumno bylo by interesno ponjat' Vashu poziciju. Poetomu ja pozvoljaju sebe zadavat' "vol'nye" voprosy. I utverzhdenija postroennye po principu - "kto ne s nami tot protiv nas" mne ne kazhutsja ischerpyvajuschimi. Mne interesny njuansy vesov v ljuboj igre pro et contra.

Proshu proschenija za mnogoslovie.

Lena: U Vas v pasporte ili voditel'skih pravah napisano "Ninguem De Nada", i etim imenem Vas vse nazyvajut v real'noj zhizni?
Mashinnogo perevoda dostatochno, chtoby dokazat' nereal'nost' etogo imeni (ne vse russkojazychnye chitateli etoj gostevoj znajut znachenie ispanskogo/portugal'skogo slova "nada"). Skryvaete (ot beglogo vzgljada) - inache zachem bylo (neumelo) pytat'sja imitirovat' plohoe znanie russkogo jazyka?
Tak vsjo-taki, pochemu anonimno? I ja poljubopytstvovala (cherez email, kak ja vsjo delaju): Google ne nashel etogo imeni, t.e. anonimnosti Vam zahotelos' imenno v moej gostevoj. Mozhet eto sluchaj closet ili denial? Na moej stranichke ukazan moj (osnovnoj) email adres.

Otvlechenno? Eto dejstvitel'no ne ko mne. JA uzhe zadavala vopros v etoj gostevoj: imejut pravo zhenschiny byt' logichnymi? A naschet emocij - mne kazhetsja, chto moja reakcija kak raz govorit ob emocional'nosti. Naverno izlishnej. :) Rezko - da, ja smeju svoe suzhdenie imet' i ne vizhu smysla molchat' v trjapochku. Hvatit, namolchalas' pochti vsju zhizn' o tom, chto vnutri menja tvorilos'.

"Bez zhelanija" - da, byvaet. No bezdumnoe slovo mozhet ranit' ne huzhe nozha.
- Wed Apr 18 06:43:55 2001 (GMT)

191. Name: Ninguem De Nada , E-Mail: ndenada@sapo.pt

Comments: Soglasen ja s Aleksandr Lishanskij.

Ne pohozhe na zhenshinu nemnozhko. Da i logika stranaja. Pohozhe na specialista po marketingu iz Ameriki - kupite eto i ne kupite to. I k razgovoru ne raspolagaet. Rublenyja frazy,
ne terpjashie vozrazhenij. Stranno. Mozhet tak i nada.

Lena: Kak eto zhenschina smeet svoe mnenie imet'?
Neee, davit'.

Sudja po tvoej maskirovke, vankuverec-prikolist ty nash, kompleksy tebja sovsem zaeli. Ne nadA.
- Tue Apr 17 07:03:35 2001 (GMT)


- Thu Apr 5 01:01:59 2001 (GMT)

189. Name: Rusty , E-Mail: Maleactress@hotmail.com , City: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

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- Wed Feb 14 08:23:40 2001 (GMT)

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Comments: Elki!
Nu nikogda ne dumal, chto zhenschina peredelannaja iz muzhchiny mozhet byt' krasivee obychnyh bab! A ty pravdu pishesh', chto byla parnem? A to prikalyvat'sja v in - te ljubjat!
Izvini - no uzh slishkom ty krasivaja! JA sebe takih sovsem po drugomu predstavljal. No esli pravda - to klass!
ZHal', chto ty lesbi.:) JA by priudaril...
- Sun Feb 4 00:31:41 2001 (GMT)

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Home Page URL: http://dragos.mos.homepage.com

Comments: Dear Lena, I wish you joy and lots of happyness in your life! I do not understand exactly why do people NEED to change their gender, but I have to say that I find some of the transgendered very attractive, AS WOMEN. By the way, I haven`t met personally, but there are on the Net some sites where I found nice pictures of them...I think I could date with a TG, but never with a MAN -another man like me-.So, I am not a gay, but I admire and find very attractive the TG.
I wish you all the good...
Live YOUR life!
- Fri Jan 26 19:45:38 2001 (GMT)

181. Name: Kim Lawrence , E-Mail: tskim1@msn.com , City: Fort Lauderdale Florida ,
Home Page URL: http://communities.msn.com/KimLawrence

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Very informative.
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Comments: Lenochka, prelest'!
Ty daesh' nam obschenie - izbavlenie ot odinochestva!
No pochemu takaja slozhnaja shema podpiski :(
Ob'jasni, ja dolzhna zhdat' uvedomlenija posle soobschenija informacii o sebe? I kuda vvodit' parol'? Na egroups kuda zhat'? Mozhet ja glupen'kaja sovsem, a? ;)
Vse ravno ty molodec! A pochemu net fotografij vmeste s tvoej ljubimoj?
Lena: JA ob'jasnila, zachem takoj porjadok podpiski: chtoby "shutniki" ne mogli podpisyvat' drugih protiv ih voli.
Naschet zhdat' - ja napisala: "ne dozhidajas' otveta".
JA tebe uzhe razreshila podpisku, i ty poluchila instrukcii, tam sredi prochego napisano, kuda vvodit' parol'.
Ona nemnozhko stesnjaetsja. No komu interesno, mozhete posmotret' foto.

- Thu Jan 11 12:45:46 2001 (GMT)

178. Name: Joni Lovinger , E-Mail: joni9074@aol.com , City: Bowling Green, Ky

Comments: Hi Lena,
Thing are pretty much the same everywhere in the world, although I respect the fact that things are much more difficult in some places than in others, your case in point,
I wish you well, I am a pre-op Ts, living full time now for the last three years, happiest period of my entire life
it is my recommendation that every one be given the opportunity to follow their dreams, whereever they happen to lead, and that they should never give into intimidation
atempting to sidetrack their heartfelt desires.
- Tue Jan 9 23:32:21 2001 (GMT)

177. Name: Sharon Kelly , E-Mail: toddlergirl@ll.net , City: Dell Rapids, South Dakota USA ,

Comments: Dear Elena,

I wish you the best of luck in the Ukraine. I have been thinking of doing it in the USA. I have always wanted to be a female since I was three. I have decided to presue this matter further since I got laid-off from construction work. I am a Male to Female Transexual. I have legally change my name already. I plan to start dressing female after I get on hormones in a couple weeks. I also wanted to commet on your website & let you know I thought it is well done.

Sharon Kelly
- Wed, Dec 27, 2000 at 01:37:47 (GMT)

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Zaviduju vashej ljubimoj!
Schast'ja vam obeim!:)
- Friday, December 15, 2000 at 03:45:40 (MSK)

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Comments: Thank you. I am a 5 year TV considering SRS. Your story is inspiring. Love Harsha
- Thursday, December 14, 2000 at 08:45:50 (MSK)

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Comments: Lenochka!
JA k vam sjuda kogda to zahodila.
Na novyh fotografijah Vy vygljadite esche luchshe. I mozhno vopros?
U vas OCHEN' izmenilsja vzgljad.
Eto ot zhizni posle operacii, ili ot togo chto Vy ne odna? ( Na portrete Vy nastol'ko JAVNO smotrite na kogo to blizkogo) :) Udachi Vam.
A figurka sovsem kak u super-modeli! :))
Lena: I to, i drugoe.
Na ljubimuju. :)

- Sunday, December 10, 2000 at 04:43:26 (MSK)

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Comments: Interesno - takaja krasivaja - i v proshlom muzhchina...
A muzhchinoj ty byla tozhe simpatichnym?
Lena: Po otzyvam videvshih moi starye fotki, togda ja vygljadela kak simpatichnyj paren'. Vneshne.
- Sunday, December 03, 2000 at 03:23:21 (MSK)

170. Name: Rachel , E-Mail: rachelannwilson@hotmail.com, City: Orange County, California ,

Comments: Hi Lena!

You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and me!


- Monday, November 27, 2000 at 13:14:07 (MSK)

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Comments: Lenochka!
Iz Vas poluchilas' ochen' milaja zhenschina!
- Friday, November 24, 2000 at 06:44:33 (MSK)

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Comments: Hi Hon,
Its been awhile since I visited. Hope your life is getting better each day. Love and hugs!
- Thursday, November 23, 2000 at 19:01:53 (MSK)

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Lena: No.
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Comments: Solnyshko, udachi tebe i ogromnogo schast'ja!
- Monday, November 13, 2000 at 13:08:46 (MSK)

164. Name: Leon , City: Germania ,

Comments: Dorogaja Lena, ne obraschajte vnimanija na glupye kommentarii. JA ne mogu ocenit' pomosch',kotoruju Vy okazyvaete ljudjam v pohozhej s Vami situacii,no verju, chto Vy delaete, chto vozmozhno. JA k schast'ju zhivu v dostatochno liberal'nom gorode, v kotorom raz v god provoditsja parad po centru goroda s uchastiem vseh transov, geev i drugih "men'shinstv" ochen' mnogie prihodjat special'no smotret' i otnoshenie samoe polozhitel'noe. Hochetsja nadejat'sja, chto u Vas na rodine tozhe proizojdut izmenenija. Vsego horoshego.
- Sunday, November 05, 2000 at 23:01:26 (MSK)

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Lena: kreml.com - eto po familii odnogo tehasca, on poluchaet pis'ma na ljuboj adres na etom ego domene. On ne obraduetsja, esli emu nachnut pisat' chitateli etoj gostevoj knigi. :)
A voobsche ot slova "komitet" menja peredernulo. ZHelaju tebe nikogda ne okazyvat'sja vo vlasti vsjakih komissij, reshajuschih tvoju sud'bu golosovaniem.

- Thursday, October 19, 2000 at 20:19:07 (MSD)

161. Name: Dndrej, , City: Kiev ,

Comments: Lena, Vy prekrastnaja i udivitel'naja zhenschina!
Udachi Vam, schast'ja i ljubvi...
ZHal' tol'ko, chto na vseh fotkah vy odna ... A gde zhe Vasha ljubimaja?
- Monday, October 16, 2000 at 05:14:37 (MSD)

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JA ochen' rada, chto nakonec-to nashla takuju zhe kak i sama.
- Sunday, October 15, 2000 at 15:13:43 (MSD)

159. Name: Andrej , City: Kiev ,

Comments: Vot snova zashel na vashu stranichku.
Vse zhdu, kogda pojavjatsja novye fotografii,
Ochen' hochetsja vse zhe uvidet', naskol'ko Vy izmenilis'.
Lena: Nakonec zastavila sebja vykroit' vremja vylozhit' (14.10.2000).
- Sunday, October 08, 2000 at 05:27:01 (MSD)

158. Name: lelja , City: moskva ,

Comments: lena vy prekrasny osobenno v kupal'nom kostjume tol'ko nogi nenado tak skladyvat' :)
- Friday, October 06, 2000 at 22:19:27 (MSD)

157. Name: Sheena Jannsen , E-Mail: Sheena_jannsen@hotmail.com,

Comments: I saw your post on ts do it yourselfers page. I am presently crossdressing in private. I want GRS but no one knows my true feelings accept my therapist. GRS is very expensive here in the US. Write me sometime.
- Friday, October 06, 2000 at 18:28:00 (MSD)

156. Name: Gian (Babs) , E-Mail: will be installed next, City: near Basle (Switzerland) ,

Comments: Hi Lena, you have a nice page. Two years ago i visit Kiev. Unfortunately i didnt
know You. Next time more about me and my interests. By
- Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 20:38:23 (MSD)

155. Name: Interesujuschijsja. , E-Mail: (JA tut proezdom, tak chto adres chuzhoj.), City: Kiev ,

Comments: Elena,
prostite zaranee za nahal'stvo. :)
A kto-to iz vashih druzej, pojavivshihsja posle operacii ZNAET o vashem muzhskom proshlom? I glavnoe - znaet li vash ljubimyj chelovek, esli on u vas est'?
A esli znaet - ne meshaet emu eto vosprinimat' vas polnost'ju zhenschinoj?
Izvinite, esli slishkom lichnyj vopros - no hochetsja ponjat'...
Lena: Vse moi druz'ja znajut o moem vneshne muzhskom proshlom. Ljubimyj chelovek znaet. Ej eto ne meshaet vosprinimat' menja zhenschinoj - ona govorit, chto ne mozhet predstavit' menja inache.
A mne v svoju ochered' ljubopytno, pochemu vas etot vopros interesuet?

- Wednesday, September 27, 2000 at 06:57:22 (MSD)

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153. Name: JUl'ka Bel'chonok ,

Comments: A chto eto za list

Lena: Odin iz listov dlja moderatorov listov.
- Friday, September 08, 2000 at 14:06:34 (MSD)

152. Name: Tanya Anne Cumpston , E-Mail: tanya.anne@bigpond.com, City: Adelaide/SA/Australia ,

Comments: You look very attractive.
I have also read many of your contributions to crone, and am
even more impressed by your intellect.
I was saddened to read of the difficulties that you and other transsexuals face in your homeland.
Things are much easier for us in South Australia, although we too have to endure the real life test without a change in documentation.
Fortunately drivers licences here carry a photo but no indication of sex, and are routinely accepted as identification.
Also we are protected by anti-discrimination legislation.
I hope things work out well for you, and you find whatever you are searching for in life.
- Monday, September 04, 2000 at 07:37:15 (MSD)

151. Name: Lida , E-Mail: byaka@ucky.com, City: Toronto ,

Comments: Lenochka, spasibo! Spasibo za Vash zamechatel'nyj sajt! To, chto Vy delaete dlja russkogovorjaschih TS --neocenimo! Svobodoljubie i velikodushie -- eto sila, pozvoljajuschaja vyzhit', zhit' SVOEJ zhizn'ju i voobsche ljubit' zhizn'.

Para slov o neprijatnyh "gostjah" 133 i 137. Eto fenomen nashego interneta. Na russkojazychnyh forumah (muzhchiny) do pervogo glagola zhenskogo roda s toboj sporjat, posle -- ob'jasnjajut! Protestuesh' -- znachit, "ogoltelaja feministka", chto, po-ihnemu, "nevmenjaemaja". Tupik.
"Muzhskoj tip myshlenija"? Da net takogo.
Interesno, po ih logike poluchaetsja, chto v shkole devochki obychno uchatsja luchshe, p.ch. u nih v etom vozraste faza "muzhskogo tipa myshlenija"?
V anglojazychnom kiberprostranstve tozhe sluchaetsja: v mae poznakomilas' s devushkoj na planetout, mesjac intensivno obschalis', reshili vstretit'sja za chashechkoj kofe -- i tut vyjasnilos', chto vse eto vremja ona dumala, chto ja MTF (umnaja bol'no). JA, ne transseksualka, ne protiv, i ona ne transfobka, prosto... Seksizm! SHokiruet on menja, Lena, vsegda i oskorbljaet. Poetomu i zdes' -- iz chuvstva zhenskoj solidarnosti -- ne smogla promolchat', kogda eti 2 zhloba na Vas nakinulis'. Schast'ja i udachi!
- Sunday, September 03, 2000 at 04:43:48 (MSD)

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- Saturday, September 02, 2000 at 13:06:23 (MSD)

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Comments: CHem mne nravjat'sja takie zhenschiny kak Lena?
Neobychnym sochitaniem zhenskoj krasoty, uma i vnutrennej sily.
Udachi vam vo vsem.
- Friday, September 01, 2000 at 06:35:07 (MSD)

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Lena: I am not shemale. Can you read attentively?
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Comments: What a truly outstanding person you are! If you are ever in the Southern US. You are welcome to stay with my wife and I. Would love to go to the Gulf coast swimming with you.
Rachel (TSDoityourselfers)
- Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 23:46:49 (MSD)

145. Name: Ira , City: Kiev ,

Comments: Lena, a sozhalenija o poterjanom net? JA ne imeju vvidu muzhskuju fiziologiju, no muzhchine legche vyzhit' v etoj zhizni, tebe ne kazhetsja? Nu tam rabota, drkz'ja bol'she pomogajut, sem'ju prosche sozdat'...
Pust' u tebja budet vse udachno i legko.
Lena: _Muzhchine_ vyzhit' legche, no dlja transseksuala izobrazhat' iz sebja muzhchinu rano ili pozdno stanovitsja nevynosimym. JA vybrala men'shee iz dvuh zol.
Spasibo. :)

- Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 22:41:55 (MSD)

144. Name: Sovenok ,

Comments: Andrjusha, a chem oni tebe nravjatsja?
- Monday, July 24, 2000 at 00:58:36 (MSD)

143. Name: Andrej. , City: Kiev. ,

Comments: Lenochka, ja voobsche-to dovol'no chasto zahozhu na podobnye stranichki. Mne interesny imenno takie zhenschiny kak Vy.
Tak chto mne konechno zhal', chto Vam nravjat'sja zhenschiny... Uspehov Vam i bol'shoj ljubvi!
Vy ochen' milo izmenili vstupitel'nyj tekst na stranichke, on stal bolee mjagkim i zhenskim.
Lena: Spasibo. :)
- Friday, July 21, 2000 at 08:06:58 (MSD)

142. Name: Kristina , E-Mail: Kristyx@mail.ru, City: Tula ,

Comments: Eto pervaja stranichka kuda ja popala. I mnogim chto teper' znaju ja objazana Tebe!
Napishi mne!
- Thursday, July 20, 2000 at 12:53:11 (MSD)

141. Name: Ljagushonok , E-Mail: kva-kva-kva, City: v bolote... ,

Comments: A ty simpatichnaja!:)
udachi v dal'nejshem!
- Wednesday, July 19, 2000 at 18:36:25 (MSD)

140. Name: Mihail , City: Kiev. ,

Comments: Spasibo tebe za vse, chto ty delaesh' dlja nas!
- Wednesday, July 19, 2000 at 06:51:15 (MSD)

139. Name: Anna , City: Kievskaja oblast' ,

Comments: Lena!
Vot mne by tvoju figurku!
Ty priderzhivaeshsja diety?A na schet togo, chto nravjat'sja zhenschiny... mne tozhe. :)
Udachi tebe vo vsem!
Lena: Priderzhivajus'. Spasibo. :)
- Monday, July 17, 2000 at 06:55:47 (MSD)

138. Name: Aleksandr Lishanskij , E-Mail: alexl@surfree.net.il, City: Hajfa (Izrail') ,
Home Page URL: Net.

> Vy procitirovali zapis' 133, a moih
> kommentarija i voprosov pod etoj
> zapis'ju (krasnym) v upor ne zametili?

Nu pochemu zh? Zametil. No ne citirovat' zhe vse. Nomer ja dal, sut' repliki dlja udobstva chtenija tozhe dal, vrode dolzhno hvatit' dlja poiska originala. JA i sejchas ne planiruju vse citirovat' (dal'she vidno budet), "i eto pravil'no, i dumaju, chto use menja podderzhat", kak mog by koe-kto skazat'.

> Ochevidno dlja Vas (da i voobsche dlja
> muzhchin) zhenschina, delajuschaja vam
> zamechanija po tehnicheskim voprosam, -
> so strannostjami.

Da vrode i zamechanij mne ne bylo. Vy podtasovyvaete fakty. A esli by i byli zamechanija - ne pro nih ja pisal, a pro stil' myshlenija. Vy snova podtasovyvaete fakty.

> Naschet polusharij - po samoj
> rasprostranennoj sejchas teorii,
> polovaja autoidentifikacija zavisit ot
> gipotalamusa, t.e. ne ot polusharij.

Opjat' zhe ja ne pro "polovuju autoidentifikaciju" pisal, a pro myshlenie, interesy, podachu materiala, kvalifikaciju, i t.d. Tretij raz Vy otstupaete ot pravil ritoriki.

> "Ne ponimaju i ponimat' ne sobirajus'",
> no vyvody delaete.

Vo-pervyh, eto ne ja pisal, ja tol'ko soglasilsja s avtorom etih slov. A Vy citiruete eto v vide moih slov. CHetvertoe otstuplenie ot dobrosovestnosti v spore.
Vo-vtoryh, sposobnost' delat' vyvody - eto u cheloveka v krovi. Dazhe ne do konca ponimaja, my vsju zhizn' delaem vyvody i na ih osnove prinimaem reshenija. Tak ustroeno.
JA ponimaju Vashe ogorchenie ot napominanija nerushimoj svjazi s proshlym (do konca ponjat', konechno, ne smogu, no o svoem sochuvstvii - zajavljaju). Zato v etoj replike ja nadejus', chto chem-to Vas poraduju. Ibo stol'ko otstuplenij ot logiki javno svidetel'stvujut o pobede Vashego nastojaschego.
Lena: Zametili, no porazmyshljat' nad moimi voprosami ne zahoteli.
Zamechanie bylo po povodu kodirovok i kodirovanija.
JA vstrechala logicheskij sklad uma i u drugih zhenschin.
Ritorikoj ne zanimajus'.
Esli Vashe muzhskoe dostoinstvo postradaet bez poslednego slova za Vami - vpered, otvechat' ja bol'she ne budu.

- Sunday, July 16, 2000 at 05:32:35 (MSD)

137. Name: Aleksandr Lishanskij , E-Mail: alexl@surfree.net.il, City: Hajfa (Izrail') ,
Home Page URL: Net.

Comments: JA zashel na etu stranicu, poskol'ku zainteresovalsja stilem pis'ma i uvlechenijami ego avtora (mailng list [st-org]). Inymi slovami, polnost'ju podpisyvajus' pod slovami avtora zametki 133: "...JA - nichego ne ponimaju v dannoj tematike, pravda i ponimat' ne sobirajus' :)). Menja zainteresoval stil' izlozhenij myslej avtora v st-org. On - ochen' neharakternyj dlja zhenschiny, tem bolee, zhenschiny v Internete..." Koroche govorja, ne vse mozhno peredelat'. Struktura polusharij mozga i pereraspredelenie ih rolej ostajutsja. JA, pravda, ne imeju nichego obschego s medicinoj i, vozmozhno, napisal i prodolzhaju pisat' sejchas polnuju ahineju, no mne kazhetsja, chto pri prinjatii reshenij u zhenschin dominiruet pravoe polusharie, a u muzhchin - levoe, v sootvetstvii so specifikoj etih chastej. Primechatel'no, chto bol'she ja ni k komu iz togo lista ne zahodil (na stranicu) i zahodit' poka ne sobirajus' - u drugih avtorov net strannostej i kazhuschijsja harakter cheloveka bolee ili menee ne protivorechit replikam. A vot na etu stranicu zashel, poskol'ku, kak i Evgenij, pochuvstvoval, chto chto-to mne ne jasno v Lene. I ne oshibsja.
Lena: Vy procitirovali zapis' 133, a moih kommentarija i voprosov pod etoj zapis'ju (krasnym) v upor ne zametili?
Ochevidno dlja Vas (da i voobsche dlja muzhchin) zhenschina, delajuschaja vam zamechanija po tehnicheskim voprosam, - so strannostjami.
Naschet polusharij - po samoj rasprostranennoj sejchas teorii, polovaja autoidentifikacija zavisit ot gipotalamusa, t.e. ne ot polusharij.
"Ne ponimaju i ponimat' ne sobirajus'", no vyvody delaete. Mda...

- Saturday, July 15, 2000 at 16:58:27 (MSD)

136. Name: Komandir , City: Brovary ,

Comments: Privet!
Ved' esli ty delala konferencii dlja takih muzhchin i zhenschin kak sama ( ochen' izvinjajus', neznaju pravil'nogo nazvanija,)
to poluchaetsja, chto Vas mnogo???
A pochemu togda pishut tol'ko pro Danu?
A esche fotka u tebja v zhurnale KLASNJUCHAJA!!
I kaketo oni ugovorili tebja snjatsja?
( Hotja vygljadit ochen' dazhe prilichno)!!
CHego ty ee ne vylozhish' na stranichku?
Da, ty o sem'e ne pishesh', ty chto, odna?
Nu... izvini, zavalil voprosami...
Pust' u tebja vse budet horosho.
Lena: Mnogo: transseksualov odin chelovek iz porjadka desjati tysjach, a transvestitov voobsche bol'she procenta vseh ljudej. No v uslovijah nashego vse esche totalitarnogo (vo vsjakom sluchae v etoj oblasti) gosudarstva i vospitannyh im predrassudkov transvestity prjachutsja ot vseh i vsja, i malo komu iz transseksualov udaetsja dobit'sja smeny dokumentov i operacii (ostal'noe mozhno sdelat' i bez chinush). Sredstva massovoj dezinformacii pishut malo potomu, chto bol'shinstvu iz nas pablisiti ne nuzhno. Fotku (ljubitel'skuju) ja dala v zhurnal sama potomu, chto po nej menja na ulice ne uznaesh' - lico sprjatano (ne special'no, tak poluchilos'). Spasibo za kompliment. :) Vylozhit' sobirajus', vse ruki ne dohodjat.
Naschet sem'i - u menja est' roditeli i ljubimaja zhenschina (ja lesbijanka).

- Friday, July 14, 2000 at 06:30:55 (MSD)

135. Name: luck , E-Mail: iiiiiiii@usa.com,

Comments: Eto prosto chudo! JA vostorge! Vljubljajus'!
- Saturday, July 08, 2000 at 03:14:17 (MSD)

134. Name: Andrej. , City: Kiev ,

Comments: Lena, a bol'she vy ne fotografiruetes'?
Vy napisali, chto fotografii " dostatochno starye"... - pochemu? Interesno posmotret', kakaja ty sejchas.
A v zhivom obshenii bylo by esche interesnej,ty ochen' simpatichnaja!
Esli ne protiv, ja esche zagljanu!
Andrjusha. :0)
Lena: Est' horoshie fotki, esche v fevrale snjatye, ruki ne dohodjat vylozhit' - vsjo na voprosy otvechaju.
- Friday, July 07, 2000 at 06:29:47 (MSD)

133. Name: Eugene , City: Ukraine ,

Comments: JA - nichego ne ponimaju v dannoj tematike, pravda i ponimat' ne sobirajus' :)). Menja zainteresoval stil' izlozhenij myslej avtora v st-org. On - ochen' neharakternyj dlja zhenschiny, tem bolee, zhenschiny v Internete. Stil', svjaznost', logika izlozhenija etc. Stalo interesno i reshil uznat' pobolee pro Lenu iz Kieva i moderiruemyj eju list. Tak ja i popal sjuda i srazu vse stalo jasno :) (nichego obidnogo ja ne podrazumevaju).
Lena: Vam ne vstrechalis' umnye logichnye zhenschiny, umejuschie svjazno izlagat' svoi mysli?
Vam ne vezlo. :)

Mne interesno, chto by Vy reshili, esli by ja ne rasskazala na stranichke o detaljah moego proshlogo, a tol'ko vyvesila moi fotki i stranichki encr i mail2ftp?

- Thursday, July 06, 2000 at 14:13:13 (MSD)

132. Name: Charlotte Engelbert , E-Mail: Charlotte317@aol.com, City: Seattle WA USA ,

Comments: And I thought I have a rough road to transition. Dealing with what you have had to for as long as you have would try anyones sanity. Good luck on your future and never give up.
- Sunday, July 02, 2000 at 08:28:54 (MSD)

131. Name: Al Makareshta , E-Mail: svieta@excite.com, City: Far Away from you ,
Home Page URL: http://www.fe.ru/

Comments: Hospoda o tovarisxi! Dami, TransDami y nonDami!
Ce vi vorkuieti pri He-Lene, vidimo ii taki ustraivaje ...
A sxo pro vi, je bujxe durno vospitane...
Za sim spasybu, doviedanie, roznie pani o panowie!!!
Salute a Sxidnia ...
P.S. Helen, eto ja toe same, budj laska priszli mne vestoczku ot sebie ...
- Saturday, July 01, 2000 at 07:45:43 (MSD)

130. Name: Kim Lawrence , E-Mail: tsKim1@earthlink.net, City: Ft. Meyers ,

Comments: Glad weve met, you are being most helpful with hormone info, Thanx,Kim
- Monday, June 26, 2000 at 22:48:04 (MSD)

129. Name: Theresa Vesta , E-Mail: Terri@theresavesta.com, City: Baltimore, Maryland, USA ,
Home Page URL: http://www.theresavesta.com

Comments: Hello, Lena.

I want to again thank you for your answers to the questions I posted on crone.

Take care,
- Tuesday, June 20, 2000 at 01:59:08 (MSD)

128. Name: Sasha , E-Mail: atuak@cat.com, City: Mariupol' ,

Comments: Zdrastvuj, Lena.
JA dazhe ne podozreval, chto takoe v zhizni byvaet, no " Esli zvezdy zazhigajut'sja -znachit eto komu -nibud' nuzhno?"
Interesno, posle operacii tebe stalo legche zhit'? I vsrntila li ty cheloveka dlja dal'nejshej sovmesnoj zhizni? I esche.
JA dumaju,chto chuvstvo ljubvi u muzhchin i u zhenschin otlichaetsja. Ty po sebe eto zamechaesh'?
Pus' u tebja vse budet uspeshno.
Lena: Posle vsego (vkljuchaja operaciju) - da, stalo legche.
A naschet otlichij - ved' u menja tol'ko telo bylo muzhskoe, tak chto v etom voprose ja byt' sud'ej ne mogu.

- Friday, June 16, 2000 at 06:10:37 (MSD)

127. Name: Lena , E-Mail: bj490@lafn.org, City: Los Anzheles ,

Comments: Privet, Lena. JA uznala o tebe ot Ljuby. Schitaju tebja sil'noj. ZHelaju ispolnenija nadezhd!
- Friday, June 16, 2000 at 04:18:16 (MSD)

126. Name: Melanie Koch , E-Mail: sweetmelly@gmx.net, City: Kassel, Germany ,

Comments: Dear Lena,

its great to see that there are sisters in Russia who have the courage to make there coming outs in the Internet. I hope your will find your luck because that is the most important thing.

Best wishes

- Friday, June 16, 2000 at 00:58:50 (MSD)

125. Name: Tat'jana , City: Penza ,

Comments: Lena!
Vy unikal'naja zhenschina!
Projti cherez vse i dobit'sja svoego - eto nado sumet'!
Udachi vam i v dal'nejshej zhizni.
- Thursday, June 15, 2000 at 05:41:12 (MSD)

124. Name: Oleg , E-Mail: Kiev,

Comments: CHestno govorja ja dalek ot temy tvoej stranichki, i zagljanul dostatochno sluchajno. No stranichka ne plohaja i na tebja prijatno smotret'. ( Osobenno tam gde ty na pljazhe). Hochu pozhelat', chto by tvoja lichnaja zhizn' slozhilas' uspeshno.
- Tuesday, June 13, 2000 at 05:47:37 (MSD)

123. Name: Desperado ,

Comments: Blja vali geeev i transov..izvraschency blja
Lena: Sm. zapis' 60.

Ty, konechno, znaesh' luchshe, chem VOZ.
A za publichnoe podstrekatel'stvo k soversheniju ugolovnogo prestuplenija mozhesh' i srok zarabotat'.

- Monday, June 12, 2000 at 16:31:35 (MSD)

122. Name: muzhik.ru , City: Rostov-na-Donu ,

Comments: nu i dura, durak, a muzhikom bylby luchshe
Lena: tebja ne sprosila
- Monday, June 12, 2000 at 08:35:48 (MSD)

121. Name: mark , E-Mail: markjames8@hotmail.com, City: new zealand ,

Comments: hi ,you look beautiful, great body ,beautiful smile ,mmmmmmmm very nice x x x
- Sunday, June 04, 2000 at 14:29:02 (MSD)

120. Name: GENNADIJ , E-Mail: LIGOVKA@yahoo.com, City: Piter ,

- Sunday, June 04, 2000 at 06:13:30 (MSD)

119. Name: Pamela Anne Miller , E-Mail: pam1@mindspring.com, City: Goleta, CA ,
Home Page URL: http://www.geocities.com/pam1anne

Comments: Hi!

Long time since last we chatted. Your looking great! Time sure goes by fast. I had surgery in 1994, can hardly believe it. You sure have come a long way....
- Wednesday, May 31, 2000 at 09:34:28 (MSD)

118. Name: Aleksandra , E-Mail: shurik13@mtu-net.ru, City: Moscow ,

Comments: Privet Lena!
Popala na tvoju stranicu vpervye i vse
ochen' ponravilos'.ZHelaju vsego horoshego.

S privetom Sashen'ka!
- Monday, May 15, 2000 at 20:44:19 (MSD)

117. Name: Marika , E-Mail: italia71@hotmail.com, City: Pennsylvania ,

Comments: Ahoj, ako sa mas? Som Marika. Your page is Velmi Crastne. My Slovak is not very good.
Cheers! Dobre Vecer!
- Sunday, May 14, 2000 at 13:02:24 (MSD)

116. Name: JUl'ka Bel'chonok , E-Mail: yulka@zmail.ru, City: Moscow ,

Comments: Lena!!

I gde fotografii??

A Ksana mne pisala, chto ty nachala vykladyvat'.
- Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 02:21:14 (MSD)

115. Name: Deutschland , E-Mail: DieDeutscheSprach@t-online.de, City: Koln ,
Home Page URL: http://www1.inetservice,de/djmisha

Comments: Hallo! Wie geht es denn so? Was machst du um sonst. Ich bin nur durchgelaufen, also. Tschuss, bis dann.
- Tuesday, April 25, 2000 at 06:01:09 (MSD)

114. Name: Michail , E-Mail: Dj@djmisha.cjb.net, City: Germany, Bonn ,
Home Page URL: http://www.djmisha.cjb.net

Comments: Zdraste!
- Tuesday, April 25, 2000 at 05:58:17 (MSD)

113. Name: Rainer Ackermann , E-Mail: Lackfinger@ibexnet.de, City: Goslar ,

Comments: Sehr schcne fotos. Kiss Rainer
- Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at 19:24:51 (MSD)

112. Name: Etella ,

Comments: Oksanochka, Serezha,

JA dumaju stoit prekratit' etu perepisku s Tata i Sovenkom. U vseh nas svoi problemy. U Tata vot problemy s podgljadyvaniem v zhenskom tualete. ;o))))) Kazhetsja eto ego davnjaja mechta ;o)
U Sovenka... Nu mne kazhetsja eto prosto stil' zhizni takoj ;o)
A Lena, kak mne kazhetsja, v zaschite ne nuzhdaetsja. A kazhdoe novoe pis'mo eto pochva dlja prodolzhenija "disskussii". Dostatochno neprijatnoj.

Nezhno celuju,
JA ;o)
- Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at 02:22:51 (MSD)

111. Name: JUl'ka Bel'chonok. , E-Mail: yulka@zmail.ru, City: Moskva ,

Comments: So spammerami - Bog s nimi - kak-to ne do nih,
a vot ja tebja po-svoemu budu muchat': fotografij
tvoih na stranichke net do sih por.
Ladno - Bog s nim, s fil'trujuschim skriptom dlja gestbuki
((s) Ellochka ;))
- nikuda on ne ubezhit, daj zhe ljudjam pomotret' nakonec,
chto ty vse-taki krasavica, a ne tol'ko tolstushka-hohlushka
v kupal'nike. Vse-taki, a?
- Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at 01:30:25 (MSD)

110. Name: Tammy Byrd , E-Mail: jbyrd@enid.com, City: Enid,Okla ,

Comments: I hope some day I will be all female? Whats it like to be all female is it nice
Lena: For me it is very nice. But I had to overcome many obstacles.
- Friday, April 07, 2000 at 17:17:14 (MSD)

109. Name: Kotenok ,

Comments: Lena ja poshu, na menja ne serdit'sja, etot vopros pro sistemschikov zadan byl s umyslom, JA proshu Vas menja prostit', esli chem-to obidel ili oskorbil.
Lena: Vam izvinjat'sja ne za chto.
- Tuesday, April 04, 2000 at 09:42:27 (MSD)

108. Name: Travis , City: Sydney - Australia ,

Comments: Thankyou for sharing your story and experiences with us all. I admire you and your confidence to put up such an open and honest web site.
Best wishes.
- Saturday, April 01, 2000 at 13:40:46 (MSD)

107. Name: Kotenok ,

Comments: Vopros mozhno: ochen' interesno pochemu sredi T vseh vidov Bol'she vsego sistemschikov i elektronschikov?
Po meej versii iz za Neobschitel'nosti T
JA Naprimer JUrist CHto budet nado razyschite
Lena: Sredi T ne bol'she vsego sistemschikov i elektronschikov. Sredi imejuschih dostup k Internetu - da.
Na derevnju dedushke. JA ne budu pisat' v KTZ. :)

- Thursday, March 30, 2000 at 17:10:08 (MSD)

106. Name: Kotenok ,

Comments: Horoshaja ideja
Mne ochen' nuzhna pomosch'
- Wednesday, March 29, 2000 at 10:53:26 (MSD)

105. Name: Sova ,

Comments: Eeeeej!!!!! Na shhune, pis'mo tebe!!!
Oslep ali cho?
Lena: Ochevidno, mne neinteresno obschat'sja s temi, kto sistematicheski menja oskorbljajut.
- Tuesday, March 28, 2000 at 18:32:01 (MSD)

104. Name: Sova ,

Comments: Tam tobi pis'mo ot Sovy
- Tuesday, March 21, 2000 at 16:17:53 (MSK)

103. Name: VLADa , E-Mail: sokolad@aport.ru, City: LATVIA ,

Comments: JA tebe zaviduju....
- Friday, March 10, 2000 at 18:26:21 (MSK)

102. Name: Nancey Joy Gourley , E-Mail: nanceyg@pacbell.net, City: SAN DIEGO ,

- Friday, March 10, 2000 at 11:44:24 (MSK)

101. Name: michelle , E-Mail: jdickins@chello.no, City: Oslo ,

Comments: nice photographs, pretty lady, and very informative text well put together.
it is a pity more people don't take as much care constructing web pages
be happy
- Tuesday, February 29, 2000 at 21:34:22 (MSK)

100. Name: Svetlana , E-Mail: svetkatv@geocities.com, City: Kiev ,
Home Page URL: http://www.geocities.com/svetkatv/

Comments: Privetik Lena ! ;))
Skazhu chesno - ty molodec u tebja mnogoe poluchaetsja. ZHelaju tebe uspehov v tvoih nachinanijah. Da i esche, hochu, chtoby ty znala, chto ty ochen' nam vsem nuzhna.
Poka. Svetka.
- Tuesday, February 08, 2000 at 18:48:46 (MSK)

99. Name: Helen Peil , E-Mail: Helen.Peil@mail.ee, City: Rakvere ,

Comments: I`m to transexual.
Kak dela.
- Monday, February 07, 2000 at 13:08:30 (MSK)

98. Name: Helen Peil , E-Mail: Helen.Peil@mail.ee, City: Estonia ,

Comments: ich liebe dich
- Monday, February 07, 2000 at 13:04:33 (MSK)

97. Name: Bakhodir Negmajanov , E-Mail: nazar@online.ru, City: Samarkand ,
Home Page URL: http://www.online.ru/people/nazar/

Comments: Spasibo Vam, Lena, chto Vy est'.
Za Vashu pomosch' tem, kto v nej nuzhdaetsja.
S uvazheniem prof. B.B. Negmadzhanov
- Friday, January 21, 2000 at 19:20:55 (MSK)

96. Name: Dmitrij , E-Mail: poka net, City: Kiev ,
Home Page URL: tozhe net

- Sunday, January 16, 2000 at 02:29:54 (MSK)

95. Name: Vladimir S. Kotlyar , E-Mail: vkotlyar@aport.ru, City: St.-Petersburg ,

Comments: Privet, skol'ko let, skol'ko zim!
Elena - rulezz forever!!!
- Sunday, January 16, 2000 at 00:13:56 (MSK)

94. Name: Thomas , E-Mail: SauronNine@aol.com, City: Naples Fl ,

Comments: You are very exotic and lovely why are still in Kiev? Berlin,Paris,NewYork,Miami Would love you
- Thursday, January 06, 2000 at 03:28:26 (MSK)

93. Name: Michaela , E-Mail: michaela8@gmx.de, City: Swiss ,
Home Page URL: http://cdresser.friendpages.com

Comments: Hello I com from Swizerland

very good your Home Page
- Thursday, December 30, 1999 at 20:46:53 (MSK)

92. Name: Andre , E-Mail: ascherer@rtl-online.de, City: Luzern ,

Comments: Hi Lena,
I have seen your very nice picture in the Internet! Congratulations! Is it possible to visit you or you me?
Lena: Thanks, no.
- Friday, December 24, 1999 at 10:55:05 (MSK)

91. Name: Rachael , E-Mail: Rachaelxd@aol.com, City: Miami, FL USA ,

Comments: I'm a Ukrainian-American tg/cd, found your site on Ukie links page.
- Saturday, December 18, 1999 at 16:38:27 (MSK)

90. Name: Barbara (Bobbi) , E-Mail: bobbur@sccoast.net, City: Green Sea,SC, USA ,

Comments: Hi Lena:
I am a friend of Vita and just wanted to say hello.
I'm always looking to correspond with other T-Girls from other countries.
- Thursday, December 16, 1999 at 05:00:34 (MSK)

89. Name: John H Jenkins , E-Mail: doubbles@hotmail.com, City: Valaraiso ,

Comments: Hi
You look great it's nice to see girl like you come out in the open. you can keep any man at hand, keep up the good work
- Friday, December 10, 1999 at 16:51:59 (MSK)

88. Name: Harlafa Makareshta , E-Mail: svieta@excite.com, City: Far Away from you! ,
Home Page URL: http://www.nonexistent.org/~svieta

Comments: Helen!
Excuse me, Kak tol'ko razgrebus' s delami, postarajus' otvetit'.
Vot i vse, posmotri i na sej raz moj IP.
Sincerely yours, Adam (for my friends)
Lena: Otgovorki. Ne bojsja, ne ukushu.
- Monday, December 06, 1999 at 10:52:54 (MSK)

87. Name: Sarah Weber , E-Mail: Crzlady88@mindspring.com, City: Sacramento, CA ,

Comments: Hang in there Lena! It looks like are succeeding and I can relate, I am also post-op
- Sunday, December 05, 1999 at 19:39:33 (MSK)

86. Name: Katheryne D. Gaynor , E-Mail: KDG62@WEBTV.NET, City: Palm Harbor, Fl. U.S.A. ,

Comments: Feel very sorry for you in your younger years, but happy for you now that you have gotten where you want to be !!!!
Love, Katherne
- Sunday, December 05, 1999 at 18:21:55 (MSK)

85. Name: Natali , E-Mail: badboy999@mail.ru, City: Moskva ,

Comments: Lenochka, voshischajus' tvoim geroizmom...
Rasskazhi kak tebe udalos' preodolet' vsju tu negativnuju reakciju okruzhajuschih?
Kak ty nachinala svoe stanovlenie zhenschinoj?
O sebe: Oschuschaju sebja zhenschinoj s rozhdenija, tochnee s 14 let... Proshu soveta i pomoschi,t.k ne znaju kak i s chego nachat' svoe esli mozhno tak skazat' vtoroe rozhdenie...
S uvazheniem...
Lena: Natali uzhe podpisalas' na TGrus. ;-)
- Sunday, December 05, 1999 at 02:17:26 (MSK)

84. Name: Gezel' , E-Mail: lanna@glasnet, Home Page URL: http://www.parkline.ru/Library/ koi/URIKOVA/gesel.txt

Comments: Privet, Lena
Mne by hotelos' znat', byli li u tebja posle operacii seksual'nye kontakty s zhenschinami i byli li oni prijatnymi dlja tebja?
Ved', soglasis', chto seks mezhdu muzhchinoj i zhenschinoj vse-taki prijatnee, chem mezhdu dvumja zhenschinami.
Kakie chuvstva ty ispytyvaesh' pri etom?
Net li sozhalenija o tom, chto utracheno?
Ili ty predpochitaesh' svjazat' svoju sud'bu s muzhchinoj?
Lena: Byli, ochen' prijatnye. :)
Ne soglashus' - ja lesbijanka.
Seks s muzhchinoj dlja menja ne nastol'ko prijaten, kak s zhenschinoj.
Sozhalenija net.
Ne mogu predstavit' sebe zhizn' s muzhchinoj.

- Saturday, November 20, 1999 at 21:32:11 (MSK)

83. Name: debbie kelly , E-Mail: dave@lathamo.demon.co.uk, City: runcorn ,

Comments: Hi lovely photos myself only cd member of northern concord and liverbirds in uk e-mail you soon debbie
- Sunday, October 17, 1999 at 19:49:35 (MSD)

82. Name: Jaye Burke , E-Mail: jburkeffld@earthlink.net, City: Fairfield CA USA ,
Home Page URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~jburkeffld/

Comments: Privet Lena,
Your pictures are VERY nice! I saw your posting on the [Passing] list and I find the "AA to A" comment rather difficult to believe. I'm able to display all the Cyrillic characters, but only wish I could actually READ them! I know, translation's right nearby, but I'm kind of a Language nut! Lena, you're beautiful!
Poka ...
- Wednesday, October 06, 1999 at 21:36:17 (MSD)

81. Name: Franklin 'Frances' Widman , E-Mail: zookpr@ptw.com, City: Lancaster California USA ,

Comments: Lovely, lovely site. By the way, welcome to the Full-time list! Am looking forward to your postings.
- Monday, October 04, 1999 at 18:04:23 (MSD)

80. Name: Renee Woodard , E-Mail: ReneeM92orlezrenee@aol.com, City: Tempe, AZ, USA ,

Comments: Hi Lena,
I was on crone list and (I think) TSlesbians with you. Your web site looks great. Congratulations on your surgery! I hope everything works, looks and feels just great. You deserve it.
- Friday, October 01, 1999 at 05:44:50 (MSD)

79. Name: Igor' , E-Mail: garyzil@mail.ru, City: Moskva ,

Comments: Zajka! Kak zhe ty horosha! Kak zhal', chto ty ne v Moskve, do Kieva ja doedu ne skoro. Skachal tvoi fotki kachestvo - g. hotelos' by pokruche. Mechtaju najti takogo plana moskvichku. Tebe spasibo ogromnoe za sajt, za fotki,za smelost', za to,chto ty est'.Po krajnej mere, teper' mne est' o kom mechtat'. Bud' zdorova i schastliva.Ochen' tebja hochu i nezhno celuju Igor'
- Monday, September 27, 1999 at 16:43:57 (MSD)

78. Name: Victoria , City: Almaty ,

Comments: Eto tak zdorovo, chto ty smogla dobit'sja svoego! A ved' kak podumaesh', skol'ko ljudej ostajutsja neschastnymi i konchajut zhizn' samoubijstvom tol'ko potomu, chto ne smogli najti sebja :( Pozdravljaju! Ty prelest'! A o takoj figurke ja mogu tol'ko mechtat' :) Udachi tebe!
Lena: Spasibo za dobrye slova. :-)
A v TGrus est' podpischica iz Kazahstana (Lana),sm. ssylku na moej stranichke.

- Friday, September 17, 1999 at 23:09:38 (MSD)

77. Name: cdjooe , E-Mail: joe_sex@excite.com, City: colorado ,
Home Page URL: http://cdjooe.nightsites.com

Comments: nice site
- Thursday, September 16, 1999 at 02:13:40 (MSD)

76. Name: Denise A. Eckert , E-Mail: AlarickE@aol.com, City: Scranton,PA.-USA ,

Comments: Thank You for all the work and info. you have given to the rest of us!!
Luv Denise
- Sunday, September 05, 1999 at 02:36:10 (MSD)

75. Name: Joni Lovinger , E-Mail: joni638@aol.com, City: Bowling Green, Ky USA ,
Home Page URL: http://www.freeyellow.com/members8 /jonilov/index.html

Comments: From one sister to another, I'm proud of you!
- Friday, September 03, 1999 at 07:24:43 (MSD)

74. Name: willow , E-Mail: WWillow2@aol.com, City: New York City ,

Comments: Hi Lena,

You are very femnine! I am much like you in that I am ready to start hormones, are tall, and a littel afraid of passing. But you give me encouragement to not worry. Love Willow
- Sunday, August 08, 1999 at 01:05:06 (MSD)

73. Name: Michelle Broyles , E-Mail: shell@diamondtouch.com, City: Prescott, Arizona USA ,
Home Page URL: www.diamondtouch.com

Comments: A sweet hello.
- Sunday, July 18, 1999 at 08:27:32 (MSD)

72. Name: Cybele Cachia , E-Mail: gallae@casagrande.com, City: Casa Grande, Arizona, USA ,
Home Page URL: http://www.casagrande.com/~gallae/julia.htm

Comments: Zdrastvuite, Lena!
I am delighted to see your web page and to hear of the excellent work you have done to help our sisters in your part of the world.
Sending you our Brightest Blessings!
In friendship and sisterhood,
- Wednesday, July 14, 1999 at 06:09:07 (MSD)

71. Name: Elaine , E-Mail: kelaine@uswest.net, City: Eugene ,
Home Page URL: http://www.users.uswest.net/~kelaine

Comments: I have enjoyed your site, Lena. It is very informative. I didn't realize that things were so difficult for transsexual people there.
- Wednesday, July 14, 1999 at 03:31:02 (MSD)

70. Name: Aleksej , City: Finland ,

Comments: Sorry, no gorod poka ne pishu, tol'ko stranu.
Spasibo. Mnogo poleznoj informacii. Vsegda hotel byt' devushkoj. V poslednee vremja eto oschuschaetsja osobenno ostro. Kstati, hotelos' by poluchat' rassylku...
Lena: Hotite poluchat' - podpisyvajtes'. :)
- Friday, July 02, 1999 at 19:46:21 (MSD)

69. Name: Dylti , E-Mail: dylti@mail.ru, City: Kazahstan ,

Comments: Lena lichno ja prosto voshischajus' toboj i mne ochen' prijatno , chto est' takaja stranica v internete. JA muzhchina i mne eto nravitsja ,no u menja est' navernoe otklonenie ja ljublju zhenskoe nizhnee bel'e i mne nravitsja narjazhatsja v nego i v etot moment mne hochetsja byt' devochkoj i imet' seks s muzhchinoj vot takoj ja . Naverno ja izgoj obschestva. Noja takoj kakoj est' i menjat'sja ne sobirajus'.Eshe raz hochu skazat' chto ty ochen' sil'nyj chelovek.I mne hotelos' by zavesti stoboj perepisku. Zaranee spasibo Dul'ti
- Thursday, July 01, 1999 at 13:47:30 (MSD)

68. Name: Koti_kla , E-Mail: koti_kla@hotmail.com, City: Kiew ,
Home Page URL: http://members.tripod.de/TanjaK_A/tanja.html

Comments: Lena, zamechatel'naja stranichka.
Ochen' interesno bylo by s toboj poobtshat'sja..(sorry za translit, no u menja na eto swoi prichiny).Twoj postupok schitaju podwigom, tak kak sdelat' to, chto hochetsja i ubedit' ostal'nyh w neobhodimosti etogo, tolerirowat' neponimajutshih, brezgujutshih i prosto glupyh - ne kazhdomu pod silu.

Umniza, dawaj druzhit'...:)

- Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 20:21:46 (MSD)

67. Name: Alexey G. Sheshukov , E-Mail: shag@cspi.ucr.ac.ru, City: Chelyabinsk ,

Comments: neplohaja stranichka !!!
- Wednesday, June 09, 1999 at 14:02:53 (MSD)

66. Name: Lone Ohms , E-Mail: Lonie@forum.dk, City: Roskilde/Denmark ,

Comments: Hi
It`s a great page, I don`t have one. Internet is a great invention.

Hugs Lone/tv
- Tuesday, June 08, 1999 at 21:20:32 (MSD)

65. Name: Frederiq , E-Mail: biteater@dds.nl, City: Purmerend-Holland ,
Home Page URL: http://huizen.dds.nl/~biteater

Comments: Hi, nice to meet you here.
Hope you are well.
I do like your homepage and hope to visit soon again.
Greetings, Frederiq
- Tuesday, June 08, 1999 at 19:46:43 (MSD)

64. Name: Laura Seabrook , E-Mail: c9704057@studentmailbox. newcastle.edu.au, City: Barnsley ,
Home Page URL: http://freeweb.digiweb.com/people/lauraanne

Comments: Just thought I'd brouse your pages after seeing a reference to them in TG-Folks(Oz). A nice effort Lena.
- Monday, June 07, 1999 at 07:38:57 (MSD)

63. Name: Vladimir , E-Mail: stomnt@akcecc.kiev.ua, City: Kiev ,

Comments: Lena, kak v dal'nejshem Vy hotite ustroit' svoju lichnuju zhizn'. V seksual'nom plane kogo Vy hotite - muzhchinu ili zhenschinu ili mozhet eto zhelanie otsutstvuet voobsche.
Lena: ZHenschinu. 40% MtF transseksualov lesbijanki.JA mnogo raz chitala ob izmenenii seksual'noj orientacii v rezul'tate gormonoterapii, transition (perehoda na novuju social'nuju polovuju rol'), operacii, no po sebe etogo (poka?) ne chuvstvuju.
- Sunday, May 30, 1999 at 00:52:54 (MSD)

62. Name: Vanessa , E-Mail: vanessam@mail.ru, City: Tula ,

Comments: Ochen' horoshaja stranichka!!!
Vseh blag i pozhelanij!!! :-)
Esli budet vozmozhnost' to napishi mne.
S uvazheniem,Vanessa.
Lena: Vanessa uzhe podpisalas' na TGrus.
A Vy? ;-)

- Monday, May 17, 1999 at 20:20:07 (MSD)

61. Name: ^svet^ , E-Mail: sd_eon@yahoo.com, City: S.-Peterburg ,

Comments: Zdravstvuj, Lena!
Rada,chto u tebja poluchaetsja, to o chem ty mechtala,i chem ty zhila se eto vremja.
Nesomnenno, v etom tvoja ogromnaja zasluga.
I esche ja rada, chto kazhetsja u tebja nachal menjat'sja i sposob tvoih vyskazyvanij.
Esli chelovek, hochet ponimanija k svoim problemam,to on dolzhen byt' terpimym i k ostal'nym. Sposoby obschenija tipa: "oko za oko" vedut tol'ko k plohomu.
Slava bogu, chto ty ponjala problemy "cheloveka iz Habarovska". Hotja po-moemu,eti ego problemy skvozili s samogo pervogo pis'ma. Prosto nado bylo ne zaostrjat'sja na oskorblenijah, a popytat'sja stat' na mesto etogo cheloveka. Nu da ladno.
I esche, po-moemu, Set', eto mesto,gde chelovek dolzhen chuvstvovat' svobodu. A esli na ch'ih-to domashnih stranichkah otslezhivajut periodichnost' ego zahoda na nih, to eto napominaet funkcii nebezyzvestnoj organizacii. Tebja interesuet poseschaemost' stranichki - postav' schetchik,a bol'she, po-moemu ne stoit.
Po povodu tvoego predlozhenija o podpiske: ja dumaju,navernoe sozreju. :)
Udachi. Bud' terpimee k ljudjam. :)
Lena: Eta zapis' byla vvedena 28 aprelja, no potom iz-za tehnicheskogo sboja okazalas' neprednamerenno udalennoj - kogda ja eto zametila, ja etu zapis' (i Vanessy) vosstanovila.

Moj otvet:
Naschet terpimosti - voinstvujuschee nevezhestvo ne vizhu smysla terpet'. "S samogo pervogo pis'ma" - chto u cheloveka problemy, dejstvitel'no bylo jasno srazu, no chto imenno takie - eto ty zadnim umom krepka. Tracker ja postavila potomu chto bylo ljubopytno iz kakih stran moju stranichku smotrjat, chasto li iz Kieva, a takzhe gde est' ssylki na nee. "Harlafa Makareshta" zhe menja zainteresoval - naverno, intuicija srabotala. Krome nego/nee individual'nyh zritelej ja ne otslezhivala.
Sozrevaj bystree - uznaesh' menja luchshe.

- Monday, May 17, 1999 at 19:43:03 (MSD)

60. Name: yaroslav , City: lvov ,

Comments: PEDRILO,GANDON , GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU
Lena: Prichiny gomofobii:
1. Religioznoe tabu so vremen, kogda smyslom zhizni bylo "plodites' i razmnozhajtes'".
2. Glupost' i nevezhestvo. V etom smysle gomofobija nichem ne otlichaetsja ot rasizma, nacional'noj, klassovoj rozni i drugih vidov ksenofobii - projavlenija stadnogo instinkta: "oni ne iz moej stai". JAroslav, ty rasist? Esli da, to voprosov bol'she net. Esli net, to k tvoemu svedeniju: schitat' geev zasluzhivajuschimi prezrenija - takaja zhe dikost'. Esche odno svidetel'stvo tvoego nevezhestva - to, chto ty ne ponimaesh' raznicy mezhdu seksual'noj orientaciej (gomo-, bi-, getero-) i polovoj autoidentifikaciej (trans-). Mezhdu prochim, ja lesbijanka. :-) Femme i predpochitaju femmes.
3. Ty ochevidno nesposoben najti drugoj sposob samoutverzhdenija krome kak unizhat' kogo-nibud', pokazyvaja na ves' mir tvoju durost'.
4. Samye jarye gomofoby - eto ljudi s sobstvennymi podavlennymi gomoseksual'nymi tendencijami ili drugimi kompleksami v seksual'noj sfere. Sudja po tomu, chto ty ne ukazal ni e-mail, ni URL, u tebja skoree vsego ne hvatit muzhestva vser'ez, ne dlja "galochki", pokopat'sja v tvoej sobstvennoj dushe.

- Friday, May 14, 1999 at 16:05:05 (MSD)

59. Name: tech , E-Mail: tech@donetsklink.com, City: donetsk ,

Comments: molodec!
- Saturday, May 01, 1999 at 03:03:18 (MSD)

58. Name: Svetlana , E-Mail: sanm@triak.vinnica.ua, City: Vinnitsa ,

Comments: zdrastvujte, lena !
ja ochen' voshischajus' vashim postupkom .
nedavno posmotrela fil'm pro transseksualov i ponjala vpervye o tak nazyvaemoj probleme smene pola . sejchas ja bolee terpima k ljudjam s drugoj orientaciej,ne tak kategorichna v svoih suzhdenijah. ja rada ,chto vy dobilis' svoej celi ,chto u vas mnogo edinomyshlennikov.vy prekrasnaja zhenschina!
udachi vam i bol'shogo schast'ja v lichnoj
- Monday, April 26, 1999 at 20:35:57 (MSD)

57. Name: Stefi , E-Mail: stefani-fe@geocities.com, City: Sofia ,

Comments: Dear Lena,I just want to say how great this site is and I want to say e-mail me anytime even to just say hello! I love hearing youve got mail when i turn on my computer! Bye for now.With love Stefi
- Saturday, April 24, 1999 at 17:30:00 (MSD)

56. Name: Terri Anne Zholyn , E-Mail: terriann45@hotmail.com, Home Page URL: http://www.geocities.com/westhollywood /heights/6940/home1.html

Comments: Hello!....so nice to find a Ukrainian sister on the web!..{{BIG HUG}}Would love to hear from you...
- Wednesday, April 14, 1999 at 01:25:59 (MSD)

55. Name: Paige Sommerset , City: Vancouver ,

Comments: Enjoyed your page very much. I hope to see more. Thank you. *P*
- Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 18:23:37 (MSK)

54. Name: Alexander , E-Mail: zachem?, City: Moscow ,
Home Page URL: net

Comments: Lena!
Spasibo vam. Blagodarja vam ja, navernoe, budu terpimee.
O sebe: standartnoj orientacii.
- Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 03:47:49 (MSK)

53. Name: Lena , E-Mail: lanna@glasnet,

Comments: Mir tak prekrasen, potomu chto on d'javol'ski raznoobrazen. Potomu chto ja ne pohozha na tebja, a ty na menja. No esli ja ne takaja kak ty, eto esche ne povod dlja vozmuschenija. JA prishla v etot mir, takaja, kakaja est'. I trebuju k sebe uvazhenija!
Lena: Pozzhe tezka utochnila cherez e-mail:
Mne uzhe ne odin raz prihodilos' oshibat'sja v Internete. Verojatno, eto prosto neumenie vyrazit' slovami svoju suschnost' ili individual'nost'. To, chto ja tam vjaknula pro uvazhenie k sebe - eto, estestvenno ne v tvoju storonu, a skoree v otvet tem damam, kotorye neprilichno rugajutsja. Nu i navernoe eto i pro sebja tozhe.
- Thursday, February 25, 1999 at 08:55:52 (MSK)

52. Name: Irina , E-Mail: ira_@chat.ru,

Comments: Informacii na moej stranichke mnogo ne nasobiraesh', a vot s pribambasami mozhno poigrat' :) Da i prosto hotelos' popraktikovat'sja...
Spasibo za sovet i posting-i.
- Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 22:44:56 (MSK)

51. Name: Swetka , E-Mail: svieta@excite.com, City: Town_at_sea ,
Home Page URL: http://nonexistent.org

Comments: Hochu! Nu Ochen' Hachu gljanut' na tvoi obrezannye JAjca :))
Da vot, uzh kak ne nravilis' by
vse eti vyskazyvanija, a vse
eto ot durnoj zhizni s toboj delaetsja...
I pover' mne kak by ne pojavljalis' by u menja chuvstva i
mysli shozhie s tvoimi, ja ih gonju proch'!
Menja rodili s tem polovym i individual'nym proiznakom,
i do konca zhizni tak mne i predstoit prozhit'.
A byt' polumuzhikom ili baboj
ja ne hachu!!!
ZHelaju tebe zdravstvovat' i pochasche vspominat' svoi obrezanye jajca:))
Lena: Eto uzhe tret'ja zapis', sdelannaja odnim i tem zhe chelovekom iz Habarovska - sm. esche zapisi Harlafa Makareshta ot 20 ijul 98 i Saraswathi ot 25 dek 98. No teper', kazhetsja, situacija nemnogo projasnilas'. On/ona, pohozhe, kak minimum TV, a vozmozhno i chastichno TS, iz-za religioznogo tabu (i/ili dezinformirovannosti) postojanno podavljajuschaja svoj transseksualizm (in denial). Vopreki rasprostra'nennomu mneniju, transvestizm i transseksualizm - javlenija ne vzaimoiskljuchajuschie. Slushaj, napishi mne cherez e-mail (tvoi domeny i t.p. ja i tak znaju). U nas est' chto obsudit' v chastnom porjadke, ne na ves' mir.
- Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 22:08:58 (MSK)

50. Name: Andy , E-Mail: bananabig6@hotmail.com, City: Cologne ,

Comments: Hi Lena,
I am an FtM-TS and I'm really happy that I've found something about TS in the former SU. I've lived there for some time but never found anything about TS at that time. The reason why I write in English and not in Russian is that I can read the Russian characters on this computer but not write them.
I wish you all the best for your future

- Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 17:24:20 (MSK)

49. Name: Lena , E-Mail: lanna@glasnet, City: Moskva ,

Comments: Nu pochemu... nu pochemu? JA vizhu na fotografii ocharovatel'nuju zhenschinu, a kogda ona nachinaet govorit' (kogda ja chitaju, kak ty otvechaesh' na soobschenija v guestbook), ja ne mogu predstavljat' tebja inache, muzhchinu? Mozhet byt' eto gljuki Interneta?
Lena: Ocharovatel'nuju - spasibo. :-) A pochemu - eto gljuk moej otkrovennosti. Esli by ja ne rasskazala o svoem proshlom, ty by ispol'zovala drugoj epitet. ;)
- Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 07:49:07 (MSK)

48. Name: Carolyn , E-Mail: carolyn@angelworld.org, City: Topeka, KS ,
Home Page URL: http://www.angelworld.org

Comments: Thank you for telling us so much about the problems of TSs in your country. I had no idea that conditions were so difficult, and anyone who had the courage to transition must be a very special person.
- Monday, February 22, 1999 at 14:06:06 (MSK)

47. Name: Irina , E-Mail: ira_@chat.ru, Home Page URL: http://www.chat.ru/~ira_

Comments: Privet Lena!
Reshila poprobovat' svoi sily v sozdanii domashnej stranichki. Esli est' vozmozhnost', posmotri, pozhalujsta. Ne hochetsja izobretat' velosiped :)
Mogu lazat' po WWW, no pochtu zabrat' ne poluchaetsja (proksi) :(.
Lena: Kogda ja pisala svoi stranichki, ja special'no ne ispol'zovala frames; buttons, borders i t.p. kartinki; raznye shrifty, drugie pribambasy; sdelala minimal'noe kolichestvo stranichek, pozabotilas' o sovmestimosti s ljubymi browser-ami. Po-moemu, chem prosche, tem luchshe. No na vkus i cvet tovarischa net. :)

Naschet proxy - sdelaj sebe adres na servere ne POP3, a web-based e-mail, a chat.ru kazhetsja mozhno ispol'zovat' v rezhime forwarding. Esli pervyj popavshijsja server web-based email ne budet rabotat' s tvoej proxy, to pereprobuj vse servery web-based e-mail, perechislennye v www.ipclub.ru /free/ub/free.html, www.digiweb.com/~maxlee /FWPReview/fep.html, www.emailaddresses.com /email_web.htm, www.thefreesite.com /email1.htm i www.netfreebies.net /free/email.shtml - ja uverena, chto kakoj-to zarabotaet. Podpishesh'sja s etogo adresa na TGrus, a ja tebe vyshlju to, chto ty propustila.

- Friday, February 19, 1999 at 22:04:59 (MSK)

46. Name: Nataly TS , E-Mail: natalyts@usa.net, City: Lugansk ,

Comments: Lena! ty prekrasno vyglyadish'. Tvou stranichku y prochitala uzje davno i mne kak to ne udobno za to chto y ne ostavila zapis' v guestbook. Y rada za tebya i to cho ty sdelala SRS. Spasibo tebe za vse i cho ty delaesh' pomogaesh' drugim naiti sebya i svoe y.
Zjelay tebe uspehov i udachi. Nataly
- Friday, February 19, 1999 at 08:04:21 (MSK)

45. Name: Tata ,

Comments: E,,iy, io ou niaoiie - y oied-ath id-inoi. Eaeia iineaaiaa neiai? ss //oi a caea noaa? Yoi ai-iad-auo. A ai-aoid-uo, y //oi-oi ia iiiith, //oia y oaay eae-eeai ad-ycuth iaeeaaea. Ou aunoaaee naie oioee ia Eioad-iao aey iaicd-aiey e iiianoee eieao aeaeia e id-aaeiaeaiee aey //aai? Ou oioae ociaou iiaiea ethaae i naaa e oaaa yoi iiaiea ia aacd-acee//ii, eia//a, ou au ia aunoaaeye naay ia iieac. Right? Oae aio y, ii naiae aeaineie id-inoioa e iaeaiinoe, acyea aa e iaienaea oi, //oi aeaeo a d-aaeuiinoe. Oae //oi ou oi//aou io iid-iaeuiie aeaiueiu? Eiiieaiaioa? Ou iieo//aaou eiiieeiaiou io naieo oiaaoeuae-od-ainnaenoaeia. E oieuei... Au ad-oa ad-oao aaeaaoa eiiieeiaiou iiaaaad-eaayy ad-oa ad-oaa, //oia eaa//a auei iaiaiuaaou naieo naay. A iiaiea ni noid-iiu - ia oad-iaoa. ss aaau, eae ecaanoii, naiia iauaeoeaiia iiaiea - yoi iiaiea ni noid-iiu. Au aio ooo niaaeieee naie naeoeoee ieed-ineiie//aneea, eae aiaid-eony, together e d-aaoaoanu aoa-oi aan iiiai. A ia naiii aaea? Aio au e aaeaaoa yoe iiad-aoee ad-oa aey ad-oaa, iioiio //oi iid-iaeuiua aeaiueiu ieeiaaa aan ia aoaoo n//eoaou ca naieo. ss aio id-i//eoaea ia oieuei oaie naeo, ii id-eeeaaiiuo oaieo "iiad-oaeae" ioaeanoaaiiiai aeaa... Io, oioiad-aoee... e //oi? Iiyou-oaee, auaaoeaaaoa eo ad-oa aey ad-oaa. Au aaau oaeea aea aiaieiee, eae e y. Au ie//aai i naaa oieeie ia aiaid-eoa, iioiio //oi nouaeoanu. Iaid-eiad-, ou iaienae, //oi aeeaaou n iaiie. O iaiy nd-aco aea aiciee aiid-in - a //oi iaia aoiaao ii anaio yoiio iiaiao. Eae iia d-aaaed-iaaea ia oaie ionooieaiey io naiaai ioaeneiai anoanoaa, eiaaa ou aue iiad-inoeii? Iaoaeaee iaiad-yea e d-aaiaaeanu? Eee iiaeao iia n//anoeeaa ai oaeana, //oi ou 10 oaad-aey iod-aaeaou naaa //eai e iia inoaiaony iaanaaaa aac iaaaaeau oaeaaou aioeia - ed-iaeiea io ed-iaeiee? Ou aea ia iaieoaou id-aaau ia yoii. Right? Eee, iaid-eiad-, oaie iaiieeanieee...eae iie e oaaa ioiineeenu a oeiea ? Oiaea iaiad-yee? Eee iiaeao ou a oeiea aue aua iid-iaeuiui iaoaiii? Iiaeao aaaea aethaeyeny? Oieuei a eiai, aio a //ai aiid-in, a iaeu//eea eee a aaai//ae? Ie//aai iao ia oaiai naeoa aeyiid-iaeuiuo ethaae. Aaoe ieed-ineiie//aneea naeou au aaeaeoa ENEEP
- Monday, February 08, 1999 at 23:59:13 (MSK)

44. Name: call me Nallya , E-Mail: ASEP09, City: USA Brooklyn NYC ,

Comments: dear i like u pic i am 29 m russain i alwayse love to dress since i was 10 years old i like how u look like
- Monday, February 08, 1999 at 10:32:53 (MSK)

43. Name: Tata ,

Comments: Sluhaj, LEONARD, ty menja nasmezhil do slez... Chtob tebe zavidovat'- ty v svoem ume? Chto kasaetsja moego e-mail, to mne i v golovu ne prishlo tebe ego davat', chtob ty moj pochtovyj jaschik musorom zabrasyval. Esli ja i ostavljau e-mail, to tol'ko kogda chto-to pokupau na Internete. Nu, ladno, na segodnja hvatiyt. Posmotrim na skol'ko tebja hvatit, chto ty menja ne otkluchil ot svoej geustbook. LOL... Chao.
Lena: Nu kakaja zhenschina priznaetsja, chto pozavidovala vneshnosti drugoj zhenschiny? Mnogie dazhe samim sebe nikogda ne priznajutsja. Ty i dal'she budesh' polivat' menja grjaz'ju vo chto by to ni stalo.

Iz stat'i v odnu iz konferencij:
It can be hurtful and discouraging for someone to laugh or make an obviously insulting remark. Just remember though, by far most of those people are more insecure than you are and need the self-esteem boost they temporarily get at your expense.

Pisat' tebe cherez e-mail ja ne sobiralas'. JA hotela tol'ko podcherknut', chto ty pozabotilas' o svoej anonimnosti v namnogo bol'shej stepeni, chem ja. Hochesh', chtoby poslednee slovo ostalos' za toboj? Pishi, perebranivat'sja ja s toboj ne budu.

- Monday, February 08, 1999 at 05:33:56 (MSK)

42. Name: Tata ,

Lena: Posmotrela moi fotki, pozavidovala figure, i zahotelos' oblajat'. Harakternaja cherta nekotoryh zhenschin s rozhdenija. Nu i poskol'ku chuvstvovala, chto nespravedliva, ne podnjalas' ruka napisat' ne tol'ko svoj e-mail adres (@aol.com :), no dazhe gorod. ZHivesh' v SSHA, amerikanskoe hanzhestvo uzhe skazalos'.
- Saturday, February 06, 1999 at 03:25:37 (MSK)

41. Name: Denise A. Volovar , E-Mail: d_volovar@juno.com, City: San Antonio, Texas ,

Comments: I have a site which might prove useful to you- I'll e-mail you shortly with it.
- Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 01:42:48 (MSK)

40. Name: Irina , E-Mail: abramov@srd.saratov.ru, City: Saratov ,
Home Page URL: http://www.halyava.ru/koc

Comments: Spasibo, Lenok! Ochen' interesnyj u tebja sajt. A vseh ortodoksov priglashaju v svoj klub, gde ochen' interesno i veselo. Pravda, znakomstva staromodnye, t.e. muzhchina-zhenschina. No vse ravno romantichno i pikantno. ZHdu!!!! Irishka.http://www.halyava.ru/koc
- Monday, January 18, 1999 at 13:29:38 (MSK)

39. Name: sexy , E-Mail: boy_24@chat.ru, City: Kiev ,

Comments: Lenochka! Eto prekrasnaja stranichka! Spasibo, chto ona est'. Mozhet, blagodarja nej, mne napishet kto-to iz Kieva, kotoryj hochet poznakomit'sja s 24-letnej studenkoj, zhivuschej na kvartire, i vneset v ee zhizn' nemnozhko radosti.sexy boy_24@chat.ru
- Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 01:42:51 (MSK)

38. Name: JUlja , E-Mail: dima_sch@usa.net, City: CHeljabinsk ,

Comments: Privet Lena! Pozdravljaju tebja s osuschestvleniem mechty. JA iskrenne tebe zaviduju. Hotela by s toboj poobschat'sja. Napishi mne kak pojavishsja.
Lena: JA napisala. Teper' JUlja sredi nas v TGrus. Prisoedinjajtes'!
- Friday, January 15, 1999 at 14:31:36 (MSK)

37. Name: JUlja Kuznecova , E-Mail: ulenka_solnce, City: Moscow ,
Home Page URL: http://members.xoom.com/ulenka

Comments: Lenochka! Esche raz s prazdnikom :) Snova posmotrela tvoi fotografii.. Oni v menja vseljajut uverennost', chto vse poluchitsja :) Fotografii - Klass! ZHelaju tebe udachi! Celuju :)
- Friday, January 08, 1999 at 19:25:11 (MSK)

36. Name: walter lemke , E-Mail: waltdog_75@yahoo.com, City: hopewell VA ,

Comments: i like you web page
- Friday, January 08, 1999 at 03:23:22 (MSK)

35. Name: Katja , E-Mail: katja_i@yahoo.com, City: Daugavpils ,
Home Page URL: http://www.geocities.com/ FashionAvenue/Salon/3144/

Comments: Lena , ty vygljadish' prosto prekrasno ! Spasibo tebe za vse ! Za TgRus - otdel'noe spasibo ;) Pozdravljaju tebja s nastupajuschim novym godom ! Schast'ja tebe, radosti i zdorov'ja !
- Tuesday, December 29, 1998 at 15:58:40 (MSK)

34. Name: Saraswathi , E-Mail: saraswathi@hotmail.com, City: LosAngelos ,
Home Page URL: http://www.eastlight.com/private/~saraswathi

Comments: Amica! Bon Vente! Skazhi a tebie nie strashno za svoi postupki pered Bohom, ia dumaiu shto kakoi-to rok tolkaiet ludei na samoistiazanie, kastrirovanie, zhelanie vo shto by-to nistalo perestat' vygladet' po staromu; no mnie kazhetsa, shto eto ot lukavago... Luchshy sposob kak govoriat v Tibete, sadiat dvukh ludei raznogo pola i posle seansa oni razmenevaiutsa dushami. A vobsche nado smiritsa s tem kakim ty rodilsa , na to ugodno svyshe! Nu bud' laska, Arrivedercci
Lena: Privet, "Harlafa Makareshta" iz Habarovska. :-) JA zametila, kak ty posmotrel na moi novye fotki. I ne odin raz - druz'jam pokazyval?

Ljubish' komandovat' drugimi? Davaj ja toboj pokomanduju: vybros' iz golovy vse eti skazki naschet boga, rok, lukavogo, pereselenija dush i t.p. V otlichie ot tvoih skazok, v kotorye mozhno tol'ko verit', transseksualizm - eto priznannyj medicinoj diagnoz, pri kotorom suschestvuet tol'ko odna effektivnaja metodika lechenija: gormonoterapija, perehod na novuju polovuju rol' (dlja nevezhd - eto ne oznachaet seks), operacija. Nichego drugogo v obozrimom buduschem ne predviditsja. Naschet kastrirovanija - ty, konechno, ne znaesh', chto kastraciju zhenschinam (udalenie jaichnikov) delajut dovol'no chasto po medicinskim pokazanijam. Da i muzhchinam pri rake prostaty. Ah, dlja tebja jaichki - dragocennost', vtoraja po vazhnosti detal' tvoego tela...

- Friday, December 25, 1998 at 15:42:05 (MSK)

33. Name: Lauren Jane , City: Boston, Massachusetts, USA ,

Comments: Hi Lena, I'm a crossdresser from just outside Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. you look great, good luck reaching your goal.
- Sunday, November 29, 1998 at 06:36:33 (MSK)

32. Name: Masha , City: CHeljabinsk ,

Comments: Zdravstvuj, Elena! JA davno slezhu za toboj. JA tebe zaviduju! Ty pozvolila sebe eto!, a ja vidimo nikogda... . Tol'ko vot v vyskazyvanijah tvoih proskakivajut inogda muzhskie notki. Ne hotelos' by priznavat' tebja muzhepodobnoj zhenschinoj. Izvini... Ochen' hochetsja poobschat'sja, no dolgo ne znala s kem. Pisala Fantazery - ne poluchilos'. Tebe pisat' poka robela. CHto-to ty otvetish'? ZHdu.
Lena: Pochemu robela? Pishi (e-mail), ne stesnjajsja. A naschet muzhskih notok - chtoby stat' zhenschinoj, nado imet' muzhestvo. :-) Esli by ja byla passivnoj, bojazlivoj, slaboj duhom i bezyniciativnoj, ja by tak i ostavalas' neschastnym parnem i zavidovala by drugim TS. Esli by voobsche zhiva ostalas'.

Dopolnenie 22.2.99: naschet muzhestva - sm. www.gender.org/remember

- Saturday, November 14, 1998 at 11:15:25 (MSK)

31. Name: Arina , E-Mail: Arina@rotfl.com, City: Kiev ,

Comments: Spasibo za sovet.Poprobuj sjuda. Kstati ty ne znakoma s Alisoj iz Vasil'kova - kak u nee dela?
Lena: JA napisala v pis'me.
- Monday, November 09, 1998 at 11:14:49 (MSK)

30. Name: Oleg , City: Ekaterinburg ,

Comments: Nu ty daesh', v nature.
- Sunday, November 08, 1998 at 20:45:34 (MSK)

29. Name: Kim Ciara , E-Mail: KimCiara01@sprynet.com, City: Austin, Texas, USA ,
Home Page URL: http://members.wbs.net/homepages /k/i/m/kimciara.html

Comments: Hi, Lena! Nice pages! I wish you the best, that one day, you help change the ancient views of your politicians... Im sure youve already had an impact!Love to you--Kim
- Sunday, November 08, 1998 at 02:49:43 (MSK)

28. Name: Arina , E-Mail: net, City: Kiev ,

Comments: Lena - ty umnica. Napishi pozhalujsta gde kogo mozhno vstretit' v Kieve - ja ne mogu popast' v konf - u menja Proksja Spasibo
Lena: Pereprobuj vse perechislennye v www.digiweb.com/~maxlee/ FWPReview/FreeEmail/ (FWPReview.home.ml.org /FreeEmail/) i www.netfreebies.net/ free/email.shtml besplatnye servery web-based email. S kakogo-to iz nih ty smozhesh' otpravit' pis'mo mne.
- Wednesday, November 04, 1998 at 17:13:46 (MSK)

27. Name: Janine , E-Mail: jwestermann@t-online.de, City: Giesen ,

Comments: Best greetings and wishes from germany Janine
- Tuesday, November 03, 1998 at 23:31:47 (MSK)

26. Name: ALEX , E-Mail: a_llex@yahoo.com, City: TEL-AVIV ,
Home Page URL: http://www.yahoo.com

Comments: BbI PREKRASNbI
- Thursday, October 15, 1998 at 09:56:46 (MSD)

25. Name: Deenie , E-Mail: twinkiestl@aol.com, City: Maryville IL USA ,

Comments: Lena, I like the picture of you sitting by the small lake in Kiev best. You have a wonderful smile in that one. You do look good! I hate you :-) dena
- Tuesday, October 06, 1998 at 02:28:54 (MSD)

24. Name: Darrell Rich , E-Mail: drich@interlimits.net, City: Okla. City, Oklahoma--usa ,

Comments: Just passing through and saw your photos and i think your a very lovely woman. Keep going for your dreams and you will get them. Well i have to go, so bye and good luck. Darrell
- Sunday, October 04, 1998 at 05:00:37 (MSD)

23. Name: Claudia M. Nielsen , E-Mail: claria@bigfoot.com, City: Copenhagen ,

Comments: Hi Lena Greetings from Denmark, a Danish TS friend
- Sunday, October 04, 1998 at 01:13:46 (MSD)

22. Name: italo , E-Mail: italo@hol.gr, City: athens ,

Comments: you are a very distinguish lady very nice and sweet. a kiss from an italian living in greece
- Sunday, September 27, 1998 at 00:24:07 (MSD)

21. Name: Caylin , E-Mail: tiggeress7@hotmail.com, City: New Baltimore, Michigan USA ,

Comments: I am glad you can get most of what you need. I will send good thoughts hoping you will get ALL you need. I have only discovered my TG possibly TS state last year. I feared it so much that I covered it until then. I have not had the courage (or the practice) to try to pass yet. Soon I think.
- Friday, September 25, 1998 at 03:41:13 (MSD)

20. Name: John , E-Mail: Notoldto@yahoo.com, City: 29 Palms ,

Comments: I am happy to see the day when I can share your story when not long ago it would not have bee possible. You go girl.
- Thursday, September 24, 1998 at 10:37:33 (MSD)

19. Name: Dana Ann Duclon , E-Mail: dduclon@isd.net, City: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA ,

Comments: Lena, You are a brave woman to be so open in your country. Things are not as closed to *us* in the United States, and internationaly TSs are starting to becoming recognized as human beings and human rights are starting to become universal. Sadly some of us are to old to reap imediate benefits of changing perceptions. But the ones who come after us should see the attitudes soften and be more accepting. You are quite lovely in yyour photos and I wish you well on your journey. Good Luck, Dana Ann Duclon (48 year old pre-op m-f TS)
- Thursday, September 24, 1998 at 08:42:47 (MSD)

18. Name: Valerija , E-Mail: valerija@geocities.com, City: Novosibirsk ,
Home Page URL: http://www.geocities.com/ westhollywood/stonewall/5457

Comments: Lenochka, eto apofigej!!! Voploschenie zhenstvennosti :) Zamechatel'naja reklama tvoih uspehov. ZHal' tol'ko chto kupal'nik zakrytyj, i kak vidno iz foto ne chasto udaetsja pobyvat' na pljazhe(ne shokoladka odnaka :)) Nu da eto moja zhenskaja suschnost' ot repliki ne uderzhalas' :)
Lena: JA special'no ne zagoraju - mne kazhetsja, chto mne idet belaja kozha. A esche ja ljublju pushistye veschi. ;-)
- Monday, September 21, 1998 at 11:20:09 (MSD)

17. Name: Diane Walters , E-Mail: DianeBflo@AOL.com, City: Buffalo NY USA ,

Comments: Hi
- Wednesday, September 16, 1998 at 02:44:46 (MSD)

16. Name: Terri McDonald , E-Mail: ratraces@msn.com.au, City: Melbourne.vic.Aust ,

Comments: Hi lena hope all is well Gee!! I didnt realize how well of we are here in Australia I hope the situation there with the attitudes toward us changes there in kiev!! Love & friendship Terri
- Sunday, September 06, 1998 at 12:00:50 (MSD)

15. Name: Dmitry , E-Mail: noE-mail, City: moscow ,

Comments: Zdravstvuj, Lenochka! Vse ochen' zdorovo, ja rad za tebja, za to, chto ty est', chto ty krasiva i zdorova. Celuju tebe ruku, darju cvety i zhelaju uspehov!
- Friday, September 04, 1998 at 04:14:10 (MSD)

14. Name: Valery , E-Mail: Valery@omsk.org, City: omsk ,

Comments: Privet Lena. Stranno chitat' grubye zapisi v etoj knige. Slovno ljudi s dalekogo severa neponimajuschie togo pochemu aborigeny po afrike polugolye begajut. A vdrug moroz, da i zima na dvore. Tebe Lena pamjatnik pri zhizni stavit' nado, a ja by prosto cvetov tebe podaril. Vsego tebe samogo nailuchshego, a glavnoe chtoby tebja okruzhalo bol'she prostogo, chelovecheskogo, dushevnogo ponimanija i tepla. CHego u nas v strane ne ochen'to mnogo ostalos'. S uvazheniem Valerij.
- Monday, August 31, 1998 at 18:12:34 (MSD)

13. Name: Vika (Viktor) , City: JAroslavl' ,

Comments: Privet Lena , ja rada za tebja,po siti svoej ja TV ili TC (?) K sozheleniju u menja net postojannogo dostupa k Internetu,a tak hochetsja poobschat'sja,zabegu v gostevuju knigu zavtra vecherom.
- Friday, August 28, 1998 at 17:35:46 (MSD)

12. Name: SHashechka , E-Mail: sashechka@geocities.com, City: Moskva ,

Comments: Slishkom uzh kategoricheskie utverzhdenija. Neuzheli neobhodimo kazhdoe negativnoe utverzhdenie vstrechat' v shtyki ? Idet vojna narodnaja ili kuda ? Prosche nado byt' :) I vaasche, che eto ja tut pishu. Eto ved' gostevaja kniga, a ne BBS :)
- Thursday, August 27, 1998 at 02:25:35 (MSD)

11. Name: Sanja , E-Mail: natvik@sgaice.ru, City: N.Urengoj ,
Home Page URL: http://www.sgaice.ru

Comments: JA ne znaju, kak otreagirovat' po etomu povodu, no ja dumaju, chto pervoe pis'mo Viktora bylo pravo. Eto libo nenormal'no, libo perezhitok Zapadnoj kul'tury, poetomu ja voobsche-to protiv etogo... No voobsche-to takih ljudej nado ponimat', i ja tebja ponimaju... :)
Lena: Upomjanutoe "pis'mo" bylo ne ot Viktora, a ot Vitalija, i ne pervym, a v hronologicheskom porjadke togda poslednim. Neudivitel'no, chto takoj verhogljad, nichego ne ponimaja, dazhe ne pytaetsja razobrat'sja, no uzhe sudit. A vot "protiv" i v sledujuschem predlozhenii "ponimaju" - takaja kombinacija dlja menja nepostizhima. Nenormal'no - vo vsem mire medicina za desjatki let ne smogla najti metodov pomoschi transseksualam, krome gormonal'noj i hirurgicheskoj peredelki tela pod dushu. V blagopoluchnyh Niderlandah 30% teh TS, komu v etom bylo otkazano, konchajut samoubijstvom, u TS posle operacii etot procent suschestvenno ne otlichaetsja ot takovogo dlja obychnyh ljudej. Sanja, ty hochesh', chtoby ja povesilas'? O stradanijah govorit' bespolezno - razve ty pojmesh' real'no, a ne na slovah, s ulybkoj...
- Tuesday, August 25, 1998 at 12:36:28 (MSD)

10. Name: Vitalij , E-Mail: vitaliyk@hotmail.com, City: Moskva ,
Home Page URL: http://antisekta.da.ru

Comments: Takih kak ty lechit' nado!!! Eto nenormal'no! Bog sdelal tebja muzhchinoj - bud' im. Iz-za ubozhestva televidenija zapadnaja propaganda povlijala na tebja. Ty - bol'noj. Tebe srochno nado obratit'sja k batjushke v Cerkov' (hristianskuju) i raskajat'sja pered gospodom nashim za razvrat nami tvorimyj. Tam tebe posovetut chto delat'. Ochen' tebja zhal'...
Lena: Beregites'! Net opasnee vragov dlja transseksualov, chem religioznye fanatiki. Ljubopytno, chto etot schitajuschij sebja absoljutno pravym nevezhda postesnjalsja napisat' svoju familiju i pol'zuetsja anonimnym hotmail vmesto real'nogo e-mail adresa.
- Tuesday, August 18, 1998 at 02:32:07 (MSD)

9. Name: Marija , E-Mail: mariamay@netscape.net, City: Sankt-Peterburg ,

Comments: Dorogaja Lenochka! Ty vygljadish' prevoshodno! Ne mogla by ty napisat', chto i kak ty prinimaesh' iz gormonov? Marija, SPb, c nezhnost'ju.
Lena: My s Mariej i drugimi obsuzhdaem etot vopros (i mnogie drugie) v TGrus. Prisoedinjajtes'!
- Thursday, July 30, 1998 at 11:04:28 (MSD)

8. Name: Rico Gubler , E-Mail: rico.gubler@internetplus.ch, City: Z'rich ,

Comments: Gute Seite mit Intressanten Informationen 'ber dein Land und dich wie dein Situation, Kenne Kiev Selbst auch. Gruss Rico
Lena: Sorry, I don't understand German. K sozhaleniju, po-nemecki ja ne ponimaju.
- Sunday, July 26, 1998 at 10:31:09 (MSD)

7. Name: Janet Marie , E-Mail: blubrd@iswest.com, City: Westlake Village, CA ,

Comments: Love your web site. Thank you for your help with HRT. You look so pretty in your pictures! Warm Hugs.
- Thursday, July 23, 1998 at 21:43:27 (MSD)

6. Name: Kris Casper , E-Mail: Tufsx1@worldnet.att.net, City: Canton, ohio ,
Home Page URL: http://www.Talkcity.com/ ConnectionPt/Womyninred

Comments: I too am a transexual and proud to have had surgery in 1992..If I can be of any help e-mail me Note I am a Pschologist and will have a chat room soon called Psch
- Tuesday, July 21, 1998 at 00:29:07 (MSD)

5. Name: Harlafa Makareshta , E-Mail: PengLieHuo@yahoo.com, City: Manila ,

Comments: Miss?! Ask me, are you thruly wanting to become a castrated man, whose called yourself as woman??? Its a stranged thoughts, Im pity for you. Think about it !!! Wish you happiness in your life...
Lena: This record was entered from the ivan.fessl.ru domain, so "Harlafa Makareshta" and "Manila" are a silly lie. I reply in English for readers not knowing Russian. Naming of post-op MtF TS as castrated men is savage ignorance. Study English better and think before writing, you contradict yourself.
- Monday, July 20, 1998 at 14:11:18 (MSD)

4. Name: KOSTIK , E-Mail: dom_sks@chat.ru, City: Rjazan' ,

Comments: Privet! JA Kostik,BS! Ty krasivaja! Nemogla by pomoch' najti druga,transeksualku! Pishi! Celuju! Kostik!
- Friday, July 17, 1998 at 15:05:01 (MSD)

3. Name: Gray Canard , City: Moscow

Comments: Ofiget', smelo. JA konechno ne otnoshus' k transseksualam, no uvazhaju takih ljudej. Derzaj, Lenka!
- Friday, July 17, 1998 at 10:54:35 (MSD)

2. Name: Dasha , E-Mail: dashatv@geocities.com, City: Moscow/Russia ,
Home Page URL: http://www.geocities.com/ WestHollywood/Village/2521/

Comments: Lena! Rada videt, chto tvoya stranitsa razvivaetsya :) Uspehov! Ne zabyvay - zaglyadyvay i ko mne.
- Sunday, July 05, 1998 at 23:42:04 (MSD)

1. Name: georgina (Gina) nye , E-Mail: gina-n@snet.net, City: norwich CT. usa ,

Comments: nice page if i find any info you can use i will foward it to you
- Saturday, June 20, 1998 at 17:31:03 (MSD)

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